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Author Topic: The Dock Of The Bay (F/F)  (Read 287 times)

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The Dock Of The Bay (F/F)
« on: June 11, 2014, 11:47:06 AM »

Another one I started to post as a one-shot request but it out-grew the definition of a one-shot.

Name: The Dock Of The Bay

Content: F/F, Romance, Pathos, possible N/C. Could go extreme if desired.

Setting: San Francisco docks - or Liverpool, Le Harvre, Marseilles, Naples, Perth, Kowloon, Bangkok, in fact anywhere there is a massive rift between the haves and have-nots, and there is a seaport.

Scenario: A teenage girl from a well-to-do family, raised as a Christian with good Christian values, visits the dock area of the city, possibly on a school trip or maybe to see some relatives off on a cruise,  or for some other reason we can come up with. She is young and impressionable, and has her eyes open to the world around her. She sees, in the corners of the docks, the homeless people huddled, hoping for some scraps, or some hand-out, possibly even some freighter captain to say he's short handed and offer them a job.

Mostly, they just sit there, beg, and raid the dumpsters that are unloaded off the cruise-liners for scraps.

Our heroine goes home determined to do something about this. The next time she is in church she gives an impassioned speach, imploring the congregation to help.

Moved by the girl's passion, or more accurately, shamed by it into doing something, the church leaders contact the port authority, and to their surprise are given permission to set up a "soup kitchen" for these homeless people.

The thing is though, that our young lady is not being entirely altruistic. While there on the docs, as she looked at the ragged homeless people, a face caught her eye. It was a handsome face, a friendly face, a young face. And it winked at her. She had blushed of course, and looked away, but every time she looked back, those eyes were looking at her and that mouth was smiling.

She is determined to help this young man who so clearly  was not weighed down by his troubles. She helps out in the soup kitchen every evening after school - after all it's her project, funded in part by her parents as well as church funds and donations from ship's crew and passengers and a small contribution from the dock authorities. Soon enough she gets talking to him, finds she really likes him, learns his story...

And of course, falls in love.

Boy is she in for a surprise...!

(Hey, come on, this is me. Since when do I do F/M plots?)

The young woman ran away from home, why we can decide depending on her back-story and the actual setting. She was recieving unwanted attention from men, and so wisely disguised herself as a boy. She got as far as she could go, reached the docks and stopped. She was always hungry, always cold, but never dispirited. She had considered selling her body, but decided that was an absolute last resort. The soup kitchen actually saved her life. The girl who started it was the same girl she had seen that day on the docks, and they soon became friends.

The young homeless woman wants nothing from this girl, except the charity she is offering to all the dock's homeless, some of whom, now with good food in them and somewhere to sleep, actually start actively seeking work, much to the Dock Authorities surprise and relief. The young woman wants to do so too, but knows that if she does she will reveal her secret. She does not ask the girl to fall in love with her, but when the young benefactress starts showing more than friendship, the young woman is forced to play along or reveal her disguise.

Of course, it is only a matter of time before things go too far...

Requirements: A female player please. I would prefer to play the homeless girl, but will play the Christian girl for the right partner. You must be willing and able to move the story forward, and not just react to my posts, please.

Please read my ons/offs page before contacting me about this.

Other info:

Inspired by Otis Redding...

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