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Author Topic: Picture Plots with Katie~ (F seeking M)  (Read 829 times)

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Offline KatieSparksTopic starter

Picture Plots with Katie~ (F seeking M)
« on: June 10, 2014, 11:13:00 am »
Old plots spring anew!

Many of these plots involve multiple characters... I'm always interested in playing with more than one person, but that can always be a bit of a hassle! In the ones involving 2F I will play both female characters, and for the ones with 2M I expect a partner to either play both or to be open to someone else playing too.

Not opposed to females playing males or males playing females!

If you like a plot here and would like to add to it or change some details, please suggest anything! I'm just dyin' to hear from you. <3 PM me if you're at all interested!

And quite importantly, these pictures are NOT SAFE FOR WORK! So don't peek at em while you're at your desk.  :P

Sugar on Top

Hannah's had her share of wild fun, but she has finally settled down with a nice fellow. Of course, knowing her, there's always a catch... he's ten years older than she is. While it's not like they're from two different worlds, her man has slowed down considerably when it comes to sex... and she's always dying for a little somethin'. Not only that, but having recently been laid off from her job, Hannah finds her days filled with free time. When her boyfriend finally comes home and sits down to relax, he finds a randy blonde hopping into his lap whether he's in the mood for it or not. Whether or not he is entirely able to satisfy her cravings isn't a question, as she is forced to take care of herself during the days... but he does his best. The real question is, how much is he willing to do to keep her happy?

Dangerous Liaisons

Sarah and her best friend have always been an adventurous pair, but recently things have taken a naughty turn. It started with them going to a friend's party and getting all over each other in the bathroom... to giving him a blowjob in a movie theatre... to fucking in the dressing room at a store in the mall. They keep getting more and more risky with their choice of location, and for some reason, she couldn't be more pleased. Having sex with her best friend is more amazing than she ever could have imagined, and the thought of getting caught only pushes her over the edge. Of course, there's a catch - they're not just in danger of being caught having sex in a public place - they're also both in relationships with other people. They're the first to admit that they're not angels, but now things have stepped up to a whole other level.

College Cash

College Cash

Emily had found out all too soon how expensive college can be. With no help from her parents and not enough time to make the money she needed through work, the college freshman found herself needing an alternative source of income by the time her first semester was over, her student loans not enough to live
on. Fortunately, there is one thing she can always rely on - a steady number of guys dying to get into her pants. Emily decided to put a price on those pants and began living very comfortably after that.

Father & Son's

Father & Son's

Kelsey has been seeing her new boyfriend for a while, but a reason he doesn't know, she won't have sex with him yet. He knows that she isn't a virgin - she did it with her last boyfriend, a number of times. What he doesn't know is that her last boyfriend was in his 40's... and she is more attracted to her boyfriend's middle-aged father than him. One day he catches them together, his own married father buried in his girlfriend... and rather than scream him away, she invites him to join in and give his dad a hand.

Bird's Eye View

Bird's Eye View

Jackie's boyfriend has been asking her for what seems like forever if he can videotape them having sex - but she is reluctant to indulge the idea, not because she opposes it, but because he insists on having someone else tape it so that they can have an actual video from multiple angles. Eventually, though, she is willing to give him what he wants - but only if their friend Madeleine can be the one filming it. Unbeknownst to her, Madeleine has had feelings for him for a long time... and a situation like this is the best chance she'll ever get to express them.

Bonding Agent

Bonding Agent

Zoe's boyfriend has always been one for unusual social situations. Luckily for him, she's always been willing to entertain his notions. She may be his one and only love, but he's entitled to his friends... and most of them are male, and not immune to her charms. Her boyfriend knows it, too, and he's never afraid of a little male bonding... even - or rather, especially if that involves sharing his beloved girlfriend. The prospect of being with two guys was daunting at first... but after a first try she quickly warmed up to it, and now Zoe looks forward to her boyfriend spending time with his pals.