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May 21, 2018, 10:19:55 AM

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Author Topic: Two adventuresses in Spiderland [System, NC, EX, Exotic] - needed: one F, one GM  (Read 625 times)

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Offline AurelieCatenaTopic starter

Imagine two adventuresses, linked together by some twisted, semi-consensual dom/sub, lesbian relationship. One is tall and muscular, skilled in martial arts and swordfight. She is the domme. The other is smaller, weaker but also faster and very skilled at escaping from all kinds of restraints. They travel together, in part because Miss Strong holds Miss Escape on a short leash. They sell their services to fight all villains and monsters that scour the world.

In their next adventure they are going the den of Arachne where they will face dangerous large spiders, giant spiders and driders (spider/woman hybrids). They will have to fight their webs, their bites and their venom, and even risk having spider eggs oviposited into them. Their venom is a kind of drug. It is quite painful but at the same time it makes its victims addict to it, transforming them into pain-zombies if injected too many times.

For this game I shall play the role of Miss Escape. I am looking for someone to play the roles of the ennemies (spiders and driders). I am also looking for someone to play the role of Miss Strong but I am also ready to play both roles if I can't find someone for this.

This game will use a simple d20 system, mainly a set of rules to deal with fight, bondage and escape. We are going to play the mission Into my parlor. This mission is not totally described but it has all the rules for webbing and oviposition specified, along with the spiders and driders. This will leave to the Spider player some freedom about what is going to happen to the two adventuresses.

The dice rolls will be made on Elliquiy. I'd like players who are skilled in deriving stories from dice rolls. They should be able to post several times per week, mostly from Monday to Friday.

This will not be first-come-first-served.

Please contact me if you are interested or if you have any question.

Offline AurelieCatenaTopic starter

Miss Escape (my character) is an Escape Artist. This class is based on the Rogue, with the following modifications:

Escape Artist

Passive: Escapology
You have a permanent +1 to your struggle rolls and a +2 to assist rolls.

Agile fingers
Self-Buff, Special
Use your agile fingers to free your legs or an ally's bondage. You must not be mittened. Can only be used once per fight (afterwards, your enemies are careful to place the knots out of your reach). Instantly remove 1d4 levels of bondage from your  own legs or from any bondage of an ally.

Agile toes
Self-Buff, Special
Use your agile toes to free your arms. You must not be incapacitated. Can only be used once per fight (afterwards, your enemies are careful to place the knots out of your reach). Instantly remove 1d4 levels of bondage from your  own arms.

Self-Buff, Special
Focus your skill to defeat your restraints! Make a single immediate struggle check at +4 and apply that roll to all your bindings. Cool-down of 5 turns.

Those three special skills replace the Rogue's Cheap Shot, Retort and Ruthless Blade. Escapology replaces the passive skill Skillful Precision

Offline AurelieCatenaTopic starter

Update about this: Chrystal will take the role of "Miss Strong". So we only need someone to play the spiders/driders to start the game.

Offline Chrystal


My character is going to be a Berserker type ...

Female half-orc half-human.

Her orcish side actually finds the spider bites to be quite - well, uh... pleasurable, shall wesay?

What we need, is a nice evil lady to play the spiders please?

Someone who can use the dice bot for preference, although that's actually very easy to learn.  Come on Gals, where's your desire to entrap, inflict pain and lay eggs?

Offline AurelieCatenaTopic starter

Unfortunately, this game has come to a halt.

Is anybody interested to start a new one with me?