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Author Topic: Two cracks at Insanity [Seeking Females]  (Read 267 times)

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Two cracks at Insanity [Seeking Females]
« on: June 09, 2014, 11:55:42 PM »
My muse is far too filthy for it's own good. It went off on a lovely spree cooking up a couple of devious little plots but now I fear its scared away all of the fairer sex. For those brave souls who manage to find their way in here, the parts in bold beckon. If nothing else, I hope you enjoy the read!

Door Number One

The protagonists would be my character, his mother and her fiance. The time of the wedding is upon them and though he has been quite helpful with everything that was asked of him - he'd even agreed to walk her down the aisle - but the eve of the big day proved a little too much for him. He is angry. He's possessive. He's virulently opposed to this change.

His mother discerns his tantrum as a fear of becoming irrelevant. And maybe it was being on the cusp of a new life, or the couple of drinks she had indulged in, but she confesses a long kept secret to him. She unearths a tattered video tape and the contents leave him a touch flabbergasted. He was aware of her dabbling in softcore movies - but what didn't know was she had insisted on her male partner being called his name in every single movie. And that he be younger than her. He pieces two and two together and mother and son become exquisitely more.

As long and painstakingly detailed as that was for what is arguably a wafer-thin premise, the fiance is what I'd love you to worry about. I'd envisioned her partial to women, but her new family seduces her to enjoy the other half as well. The story will be about her and how she is tempted into the forbidden. Somehow, I see immense potential in this. My enthusiasm even begot the first scene - mother and son sneaking away hours before the 'I do' for a dirty quickie and the bride knocks on their door to check if everything's alright (I suppose this is where I confess I'm a bad, bad boy?) And so on and so forth...

Door Number Two

The protagonists would be my character his aunt, her best friend (Naomi, for simplicity's sake), his older (possibly even twin) sister and his wife (who incidentally will be Naomi's daughter). >:)

Now I held back the reveal (if I might call it so) of the wife because I'd like to construct the plot around her. The setting would be just before their wedding and the significance for that is the family would have made an agreement that until the big day they are free to indulge in their illicit lust. Until the final seconds before the "I do", auntie, Naomi, sis and the egregiously lucky bastard I'm going to be playing would not be able to keep their hands off each other. But after that, zip. They go back to being a normal family. That's the deal. And he thought they would keep to it, considering he was marrying Naomi's little girl.

But the ticker is, old habits die hard. They've attempted this same vow multiple times: when the boy had to go away for college. It seemed an air-tight plan until the other three seduced the landlord of his apartment, who promptly lent them the penthouse suite no questions asked.

They are notorious for not being able to hold back, but he loves his wife. For the first time, he wants to live true by her. But his mother-in-law, aunt and sister torture him. They know he has an easily lit fuse and unleash their considerable talents upon him - skimpy clothes, stolen grazes, dirty little kisses among themselves and other various cock teases. I'm hoping we can concentrate on this aspect properly so as to lead up to the next - he breaks and they all decide to welcome the wife properly into the family

Well, there it is. The terrible concoctions of an insane mind. What do you think? Do PM me for details and discussions -bites nails frantically-
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