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Author Topic: Something Spicy (F4M)  (Read 514 times)

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Offline CinnamintTopic starter

Something Spicy (F4M)
« on: June 09, 2014, 06:50:09 AM »
Thread 3.11B
Cinnamon + Mint

Slots Available: 1

Quote from: Cinnamint
All characters are above 18
Sometimes I do not take my crazy pills
All plots can be modified

* Post Rate frequency decreased from 1/day to 3/week
* Age increased from 22 to 22.333
* Formatting improved from an arbitrary percent to a slightly larger arbitrary percent.
* First instance of Post Length minimum improved from 5 to 8 paragraphs. (Minimum rate of remaining instances still 4)
* Had to change all the pretty colours into not so pretty blues

No Interest In:                    
• Futa
• Pee
• Feces
• Pregnancy
• Incest
• Any fandom
• Body Modification
• Bimbo
Considered On Request Only:                   
• Feet
• Violence
• Gore
• Multiple females
Currently Craving:
• Beasts/monsters
• Excessive cum
• Cunnilingus
• Restraints   
• Leans submissive > dominant
• Reverse Suspended Congress           

Loading Plots...

Sentient 1 X Sentient 2
Picture a country town out of straight an 18th century poem; straw roofed, sturdy houses brimming with flora twisting up walls and against the edges of the paths worn like a schedule of the villagers. Add pigs and normal village things. Great.

To the forest/jungle/some other establishment, the other sentient beings lay their home. More beast than human, but intelligent. It’s a peaceful relationship; one of mutual disregard. Trade, passing, but little cultural interactions.

Submissive Route:

[My character] becomes engrossed in their wild demeanour and the quiet taboo dividing the new nations. Late one night she takes to the forest. An observer at first, simply enthralled being able to watch them interact near her. She finds herself caught, tracing the details of the male above her, equally curious as she is scared.

Something about her made [your character] approach, touch her, manhandle, test her willingness. It will be easy. A chance to be stuffed with a cock. You watch her ease into your touch, letting the fear seep away as you pleasure her, threats of what to come. You’ll promise more than a man will give for her enthusiasm. What that means, I’ll leave to you.

                                                    Dominant Route:

Pick your partner sentient [♥] [♥] [♥]. I’m not heavy into being a furry, so terribly sorry if you wanted a female werewolf. Setting will change according to where they fit.

Similar circumstances, though [my character] equals your strength. She’ll seduce [your character], toy with him, taking what interests her. The first time, it’s the taboo, exotic. Enough to pique her curiosity, her action. Humanoid, as you are, it’s a quick thrill. A favour for you, a way to pass the time for her. Come up with more to please her, she’ll do the same.

Alien X Scientist
On earth, there are humans. Stake claim to the planet, at some point it’s about your prints against the soil. Then came them. It’s far too far in the past, but [species 2] resides on the same ground as the humans. Stronger, intelligent, more adept at the terrain. They’ve colonized, yet humanity has lived far too long against the scene. Placed their technology, claimed the resources, hold control.  It was far too late to compete so [species 2] picked at their morals, gained refuge rather than death.

Submissive Route:                                                      

Pick your alien race. I’m sure we can find a place for you to stick your joystick [♥] [♥] [♥]. A bit of diplomatic force and another of consent, you’ve taken possession of a female alien for the good of a common scientific benefit.  You and a small selection of a facility are the sole contributors of converting human medicine for use on your sister species. However, while your partner has left an excellent mark on the progress of medicine your interest are more inclined to reproduction, and [my character] seems more than willing to help in return for reading material here and there.  All this with the idea my character has freedom to move around the facility and reject your advantage.
                                                    Dominant Route:

[My character] is a female scientist. As side project, she has taken interest on the male aliens, and presumably a preference in their…asset. Asserting her power and superior technology takes hold of a sample. Bond to a wall in the private laboratory she relieves herself from a hard day’s work, training him to please her. At first, held tightly to the wall, deprived of movement, she shows him what she wants. Basking, enjoying the anger, the pathetic struggles, laughing as he eases into the pleasure of her body realizing why she’s taken him. The more you obey, the more freedom you have to enjoy her body. The taste of her pussy, her hands guiding your body against her, so on.

Role Reversal:

Female human scientist, male alien beginning similarly to the dominant scene. With an added bonus that while under her control, she refuses to allow your orgasm and secondly, you’re in a weakened state. Just something she enjoys. Over the weeks, you regain back your strength, your good behaviour meriting better food and water. You wait to break your chains and take her. A night, soaking her in cum. From there it’s your choice: Drag her to peek, let her slave over your cock, make her beg and deny as she has done to you. Perhaps, you prefer quite the opposite and let her enjoy it, until she cannot differentiate between orgasms. 


Three entries in a table with 2 rows and 2 columns made my fingers all weird feeling, I didn't really like that feeling. So, I felt the sudden urge to fill this said space so it would look all prop'a and sorts. I left a warning about my crazy pills. Usually, I'll write a bunch of hay wash privately to myself, but I couldn't take this empty space. I warned you about the pills. You may want to be careful when you let me name the thread too. Look at my post history, it hasn't gone over well for the most part. I like pretty colours. Good news is I only need another line or so of writing before the boxes even themselves out, so you don't have to hear me ramble any longer.

Warrior X Slave
[Your character] is the toy of the king. A warrior turned side show, to put it simply. In extravagant rule, the king has taken claim to all the land he needs and has replaced the vigor of wars with a coliseum show. How he struts his strongest warrior. The others show their worth. Prisoners, freedom, against the king’s old army, glory. But you, too valuable to lose. You execute the other enemies. Politicians against his rule, spies, the ex-royal families. No, not a swift death. Always extended for the crowd. For show. You’re a show. He would not place your life against something that could take it away. You’re too valuable, you do such a good job entertaining. You have your perks, however.


A four walled prison. So large you can’t see one wall from the distance of another, but a prison all the same. It mimics your home from the trees down to the rock sediments. [Your character] lives next to the coliseum, a door leading straight into the arena. But here, you are alone and in privacy. 

The king has flattered you with a gift. Your choice, a women. List the traits you want and the next day, the king delivers. Is it your desire to let her free through the confines of your home? No escape, you rile yourself up by finding her. Lengthening her chase, tearing clothing piece by piece, punishing her when she tires. Perhaps, hold her down and savor the look on her face close up as you tick away at her innocence. Is she your pleasure after a day’s work? No time to play. Train her. Sucking on command, how you enjoy it, how to fuck and play with herself to please you.

Man to man, you’re single. One day, you return blood soaked to a slave trader, requested to stay at your door. One slave in consideration of the work you do. Sweet and quiet, she can cook, massage, clean, and appeal you in talk. She’s shy, but obedient. Another, exotic, personality coloured like the country she was taken from. A sophisticated coyness mixed with her wild movements, a flaring hate for the king, but knows how to play her position. She’ll cooperate if it’s in her best interest, but do enjoy the general distaste for everything you want her to do, as it’s coming from you.

The final, an off-the-boat slave there to fill in the missing parts of the hair-skin color spectrum. You can train any of them, but this one is a clean slate. One that screams. You’re allowed one. The one you choose will be clean and fed before becoming your possession by the time you return from your next battle. She will be delivered clothed the way you desire, at the place you desire, the way you desire.

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