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Author Topic: Prompts and Cravings (M seeking F)  (Read 1665 times)

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Prompts and Cravings (M seeking F)
« on: June 08, 2014, 06:53:07 PM »

Internal Desires

Suki had a conservative upbringing under very strict parents. Everything was by the book, to behave, to get better grades, go to a good school, get a good job, and marry a nice asian man. She had done all of those things except the last - she had married a white man. Their first night together was on their wedding night and it had been the first time for both of them. It had been awkward and uncomfortable and had left her feeling...unfulfilled. Sex afterwards was the same as well. She didn't know how to describe it.

And then she met her father-in-law. Father and son was a bit estranged so she had never met him before and he had been traveling around the world during the wedding. But as soon as she met him, she knew she had married the wrong sort of man. Her father-in-law had a pinup on his arm younger then she was and the girl clung to his every word. They were staying in the same house as well and when her husband was out working - all he seemed to do was work -  she'd stay up at night, touching herself as she listened to her father-in-law fucking the pinup.

Finally, she managed to catch them in the act, watching from the doorway. The positions and the noises had her dripping in minutes. Why wasn't sex with her husband like that? Why wasn't he as big or as commanding as his father? The next day she put on something sexy and covered it with a wool sweater. When the pinup had left it was just her and her father-in-law. So she did the boldest thing she had ever done in her life and approached him, pulling open the sweater as she did so. He had seen her watching last night. He knew what she wanted.

Innocent Rose

Sakura was a pretty girl and shy on the outside. But once behind closed doors, she was completely different. What appeared to be a very conservative marriage was not - she loved to be bound up (for hours at a time) while being sexual tortured and the like. She liked a little BDSM. It was something new to her husband as well but they were finding that they were both enjoying it a lot and were growing together even more. It also meant that she could 'hide' from his father - an attractive and powerful man, yes, but one who constantly made passes at her.

Sakura and her husband were starting a session when he left, saying he had to answer the call, leaving her bound and blindfolded. About 45 minutes later, she heard him come back in. Strangely, he remained silent as he began to toy with her - in a manner in which she had never been toyed with before, until he had her soaking wet and begging to be fucked. It was only upon penetration that she realized it was not her husband - this man was bigger and harder - but she was beyond caring at this point, eagerly fucking back until they were both satisfied. He left her a quivering mess right before he left, whispering into her ear "Now you know what you've been missing"...the voice belonged to her father-in-law!

Slave to her Desires

Ami was on her last straw. Her and her husband were broke and he was too proud of a man to go to his father - a rich and powerful man - to seek help. Ami had even gotten a job herself but it wasn't paying enough. She had an old friend, however, that was making a lot of money as a high-end escort. You had to look pretty and make the man feel happy but the money was good. The sex was 50/50 depending upon the age of the guy. But it meant a few thousand dollars extra every week. Ami was nervous but contacted the agency. A paid-photo shoot and she was signed and it wasn't long before her first client had asked for her.

She knew nothing about the man or who he was, only that he would pay her a lot of money. He even had her send him her measurements and he had sent her an outfit to wear when she met him. Nervous and reluctant, she knew she has to do this to survive. She certainly wouldn't tell her husband either. The meeting place was an office of some sort - security guards directed her upwards until she arrived. She was directed into a room where she was to strip down into the provided clothes before meeting her client. As she trepdily entered the office, the man - her client - slowly swung around to face her in his chair, behind his desk.

"Hello, Ami." He said and her heart sank. It was her father-in-law!

Living for Cum

Sarah was a cumslut in Highschool and in College. Once she married, she was able to get over her addiction -but now it has come back in full force. She's started to look at her sons friends in a whole different way. What would it take for her to suck on their hot cum? She's also started to look at the men in the neighborhood differently too and even the pool boy - her husband just doesn't have enough and isn't around enough for her to get her fill. Then there are his coworkers and the upcoming company party - so much cum, but how does she get some? ((Also possible to include incest in this one with her son.))

Wife Going Black

Beth was in trouble. She got in a fight with her husband and left. She went to a bar, got drunk, and got picked up by a black guy. She'd never been with a black guy before and in her state of mental distress, she is more then eager to please him. What starts in his car finishes in his bed in the morning. And Beth loved every moment of it. He was big and muscular and, well, the legend of the BBC was true. Going home she makes up with her husband but doesn't tell him of her indiscretions. Makeup Sex with him wasn't even that good either - all she could think of was that BBC. The next day, she calls the black guy up and wants to meet with him...and wonders if he has any equally endowed friends.

The Time is Right

Rachel was on the verge. Sex with her husband hadn't gotten better. He still insisted on wearing a condom and never lasted very long. She rarely got off either. And he was constantly going on business trips. She was getting frustrated. Her boss at work, however, was a hunk of a man and they got along really well. They even flirted - she dressed nicely for him, not her husband. So Rachel decided it was time - to find out if she was just not appealing anymore or if it was her husband.

Her husband left early for a weekend trip. So she wore something very sexy and went to work. Her boss wanted to go out to lunch with her and talk about a report - a report she had purposely left at home. They stop to get it, but does she have the wiles into seducing her boss into bed with her? There is only one way to find out...
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Re: Prompts and Cravings (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2014, 09:09:31 PM »

College is Expensive!

Belle was the first in her family to go to college. She was a very determined girl and knew that she had to do well. She had near perfect grades in High School which awarded her a scholarship at a College. It didn't cover much of her costs though. So she got a job, waitressing after classes. It was a hard job though, leading to 12 hour days - if not longer - and the pay wasn't very good. College students weren't good tippers - they were as broke as she was! Even after tips, she could see that her first year of college was also going to be her last. She needed to make money otherwise her dreams - and her families hopes - would be dashed!

Porn. That was the answer. She'd do Porn. No one would ever know, the pay was good - more than good really, it would easily pay her the rest of the way through college - and the hours were even  better. And she liked having sex - who didn't? - so how hard could it be?

 Seeking for some one to play as Belle as she gets into porn, gradually making the circuits, while also affecting her school life. I will playing all additional male roles.

Bad Student

Richard was a married man and a teacher. He fantasized more about his students then he did his wife these days. Perhaps their marriage had become stale and so had their sex life. They'd been married for 4 years now. So his eyes had started to wander - mostly to the teenaged girls he taught. Especially her.

Sophia was different. She didn't wear the makeup that the other girls wore and seemed interested in his history class. She didn't dress as prim and proper either and he swore that some days she didn't even wear a bra. She didn't seem to socialize a whole lot either and was always asking questions.

Then she asked to see him after class she needed help on the latest project. So he began to help her and noticed that she had a tattoo on her wrist, covered by her bracelets. When he asked if she had anymore, he was shocked when she unbuttoned her blouse - no bra! - and revealed the rest to him!

No Green, No Grass

Rick blinked a few times. The long empty road must be playing tricks on him. There was a naked, beautiful woman waving him down. He pulled over and sure enough there she was.

It was clear she had no Green (Money) or Grass (Weed) or anything else for that matter. And it was clear that she was willing to pay him with some Ass - and he certainly wasn't about to say no.

He was going on a week long road trip, when she asked him where he was headed, and she promised to pay him daily if he took her with him. Who could say no to that?

Skinny Dipping [Fantasy Setting]

Peter happened upon her purely by accident. He was out in the woods, exploring, lost in his own little world., when he came across the pool of water where the river went around a bend. It was deep in the middle and the water was almost stagnant, making the ideal place to bath. And there she was - completely naked - bathing in the stream. Peter hid and watched. The following day, around the same time, he went back and sure enough there she was again. Only he didn't realize that she knew he was watching, putting on a special show for him.

On the third day, though, she looked right at him and beckoned him to her.

[The woman in this can be almost anyone]


Marys was finding college hard to fund. She didn't want to rely on her parents to pay for her so she was working what seemed like a dozen jobs on top of her already full semester. She was still struggling to pay her bills and get passing grades. Recalling a news article about a girl who had sold her virginity for similar reasons, Mary decide that she would do the same. She'd sell her virginity to the highest bidder. It would get her a few grand in the worst case scenario, she figured, and how bad could it be?

And, she reasoned, if she liked the guy and all, perhaps he could be her sugar daddy?
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Re: Prompts and Cravings (M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2014, 07:27:04 PM »
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Re: Prompts and Cravings (M seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2014, 08:43:02 AM »
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Re: Prompts and Cravings (M seeking F)
« Reply #4 on: June 19, 2014, 05:20:34 PM »
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Re: Prompts and Cravings (M seeking F)
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Re: Prompts and Cravings (M seeking F)
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Re: Prompts and Cravings (M seeking F)
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Re: Prompts and Cravings (M seeking F)
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Re: Prompts and Cravings (M seeking F)
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