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Author Topic: LostInTheMist's Misty Ideas (M seeking Anyone)  (Read 445 times)

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LostInTheMist's Misty Ideas (M seeking Anyone)
« on: June 07, 2014, 01:00:13 PM »
So this is kind of a first for me. I don't usually put down my own ideas, and actually seek out other people's ideas that appeal to me, but there are a few ideas I've had over the course of my life that I'd like to try out, that I haven't seen from anyone else. Check out my ons/offs (in my signature), and my role-play preferences, and be aware that so long as you ask, I might be willing to incorporate my dislikes (though usually not my nevers) into an RP.

1) I should mention that while I really love a good story, I'm quite willing to eschew plot in favor of smut, if that's your desire. If you'd prefer a good story, that's fine as well. All I ask is that you put down as much (or close to as much) as I do, and we'll be fine. A one-liner here or there is okay, especially if we're speed-posting, but don't make your responses constant one-liners.

2) When I do an in-universe roleplay, I VASTLY prefer original characters. I just like the setting.

3) I don't care if you're male, female, or other as a player.

4) I prefer third-person past-tense over any other tenses. It's not a complete deal-breaker, but if I get two requests for one RP, the one willing to do third-person past-tense is going to win out over someone who won't.

5) Please! Use the attached spellchecker. It's not perfect, and it won't recognize some words, but there's no real excuse for misspelling common words these days. Grammatically, you don't have to be perfect, but a good grasp of the English language's more common traps and pitfalls is good. (There/Their, To/Too/Two, Your/You're, It's/Its, etc.)

6) I'm flexible. If something below is close but not quite your cup of tea, talk to me and we can work it out.

7) I won't do MxM character-wise. I'm sorry. It's just not something that I find sexy.

8) I say optional (but preferred). Doesn't mean you HAVE to go all or none on the optional tags. We can pick and choose.

The Alien Invasion
Tags: Futa/F, Transformation, Body Modification (Light), Mind Control, Corruption, Vaginal
Optional (But Preferred): Anal, Incest, Initial Reluctance
Story or Smut: Moderate to heavy story over smut

The Story: An alien species is planning to invade the Earth, but before it can do so, it must have an army of humans willing to do its bidding. On her way home from school, a regular high school girl, who happens to be disgusted by the way the world is being run, is beamed aboard their ship. They explain to her what they intend to do, and that they intend to have her become their first soldier. They promise they will take better care of the Earth than the humans currently are, that they can reverse climate change, and that it won't affect the lives of most of those on Earth. She may need some persuasion beyond this, but she agrees to let them change her. She is returned to Earth transformed into a stunning beauty with a hefty cock between her legs, and under the mental control of her new Alien masters. When she has sex with someone and cums inside them, she can turn them into a mindless drone or a fellow futa with the same abilities, and under the mental control of the aliens. She returns home, where her mother and her sister will be her first targets.

Notes: I can play the aliens and the victims, or I can play the girl/futa.

Firefly: Verses from the 'Verse
This story is based on an old RP of mine that has since fallen by the wayside

Tags: FxF (preferred) OR FxM, Consensual, Bondage/Domination, Mistress/Slave
Optional (But Preferred): Body Modification (Light), Lactation, Fetishwear
Story or Smut: Can range from story-heavy to smut-heavy

The Story: Katherine Lancaster (played by yours truly) was brought up in an incredibly wealthy planet on a core world. Her mother doted on her daughter, sending her to balls and parties, and always seeking the perfect husband for her young daughter. Secretly, Katherine fell in love with an older gardener (Henry), running away from her mother with him, using money she had hidden away in numerous accounts to escape. They were married, and for a year they were happy together, but then Henry died suddenly. Fearing that her mother had been behind it, Katherine ran away again. She bounced around from planet to planet for months, and finally signed aboard a battered transport as a crew member. Katherine's got a silver tongue for negotiations, and can cook magnificently, even with limited resources, and the crew wanted and needed both. Shortly thereafter, Katherine begins a relationship with the ship's captain.

Notes: Katherine needs to submit to someone, and shortly after her relationship begins, she'll ask the Captain to take her as a slave. This relationship would, at least initially, stay in their cabin, but would eventually be revealed to the rest of the ship.

Pleasant Valley
Tags: Extreme, FxF, FxM, FxMultiple, Incest, Master/Slave(s)
Optional (But Preferred): Harem, Twins, Anything Else
Possibility: I could take two characters to play each one of the (optional) twins. Or I could take one player to play both.
Story or Smut: Light to moderate story, lots of smut 

Story: Somewehre in the Pacific Northwest, on a road off another road, far from anywhere noted on any map, is the town of Pleasant Valley. Secluded from the outside world, things in Pleasant Valley are very different from the way they are in our world. In Pleasant Valley, the birthrate of women is significantly higher than that of men (3.5 to 1), but men retain all the power. All women are slaves. They are trained from birth to be slaves, and on their 18th birthday, they are either kept by their father (or perhaps given to their brother), or sold. Some women are taught to read, but most are illiterate. A Master can do absolutely anything with his slaves, and a Father can do absolutely anything to his daughters that doesn't permanently harm them before they turn 18. All women are conditioned to believe that it is right for a woman to be a slave and to obey their owners; they don't resist.

Notes: I'd really prefer for this to be a pair of twins (blonde hair, blue eyed, big breasted, and virginal, thus very valuable) sold by their Father to a Master (played by me). The Master would be wealthy and could either have a harem already, or the twins could be his first slaves. If I can find two players willing to play twins, that would be great. If I can find one player willing to play two characters, that would be great. But if it has to be a single girl, that's okay as well. Also, I am willing to explore a number of extreme themes (including possibly a never or two), but we should discuss before we make any decisions.

The Ship
Tags: FxF, FxM, Training, Body Modification (Light to Extreme), Pet/Pony Play
Optional (But Preferred): Incest, Threesome, Orgy, Gang Bang, Bukkake,
Story or Smut: Moderate to heavy initial story, followed by heavy smut

Story: Earth ran out of resources. Pooling what little remained, humanity has gone into space, on Massive Ark ships but has not yet learned how to travel faster than light. 500 years into its voyage, Ark Ship 92 has changed. Children are schooled eight hours a day every single day in everything from hydroponic farming, to zero-gee mechanics, to physics, to piloting. Aptitude tests are given to all children the day they turn 16 (or 18, if you prefer) and they are assigned the jobs they are best suited for. But some 10% of all students are determined to have no particular aptitude. Most of these become laborers, but the pretty/handsome ones are taken to a special education center where they are trained to serve as pets, either cats, dogs, or ponies. Their bodies are modified (to one extent or another), augmented in certain areas, and their minds are re-made until they become more animal then human. Then they are given as pets to families aboard the ship.

Notes: I'd play the trainers and the family that gets the pet. Also, sex on the ship is pretty wide-spread, and incest isn't a taboo (provided you're okay with incest) thanks to 100% effective contraceptive methods. Population control is pretty harsh. Genetic modification has eliminated almost all diseases and resulted in the ability to control endowments. (You can choose how big or small you want to be, and you become that size when you're fully developed. Pets don't get a choice and are usually enhanced.)

Learning to Share
Tags: FxM or FxF, Incest, Consensual, Romance and/or Bondage and Domination and/or Master/Slave (or Pet)
Optional (But Preferred): Anal, Roleplay, Public Sex
Story or Smut: Could be story-focused or smut-focused

Story: Brother and Sister (perhaps twins) or two sisters, go off to college. They happen to be going to the same college, and their parents will pay for a nice apartment, but not two. The siblings initially argue and fight almost constantly, but one particularly heated fight turns into sex. The fighting stops. This could go almost any direction you want it to go from romantic love to physical need, to dominance and submission, etc. Perhaps they are discovered by a third party, and have to deal with that. Perhaps they meet some like-minded individuals. I'm really flexible.

Notes: I'd prefer to play the brother if we go FxM.

Becoming a Pet
Tags: FxM, Bondage, Incest, Non-Con, Enslavement, Master/Slave, Master/Pet
Optional (But Preferred): Anal, Public Nudity, Body Modification
Story or Smut: Mostly Smut, Could be Modified for Significant Story as well

Story: A young woman's (16-18 years old) Mother and Father are killed in a car crash, and she is taken in by her older brother (20-22) who has dropped out of college and has not had much contact with the family since he did so. To her surprise, he's living quite well, though it's not exactly clear how he makes his money. After a few days in the house, she ventures into a room her brother has told her never to enter. Inside she finds all sorts of bondage devices and cages. Her brother finds her there and tells her how he makes his money. He takes women and turns them into pets for their husbands, fathers, brothers, or anyone else who wants a female pet. He is well-paid for this, and because she saw it, he's going to do the same to her, but he is going to keep her as his own pet.

Notes: I'd prefer to play the brother. Also, some modifications could be made to her body to make her into a better pet, but it's not required.

Angelic Dreams
Tags: FxM, FxF Bondage, Corruption, Enslavement
Optional: All sorts of things
Story or Smut: This could really focus mostly on the story with only a few sizzling sex scenes thrown in, or it could be almost entirely smut with some story thrown in, whichever you prefer.

Story: A young angel (your character) is having dreams about things happening on Earth. Dreams that confuse and excite her. In her dreams she is tied up, whipped, fucked, and humiliated. After several months of frustration in which she has a hard time focusing on her work, she takes human form and visits a BDSM club where she experiences all these things and more, becoming a devoted submissive in her spare time. One day, however, a demon who occasionally visits the club sees her and immediately recognizes her as an angel. He takes the role of her dominant for the day, eventually revealing what he is to her. He is such a good dominant, however, that she cannot help but return to him day after day. Slowly, he twists her mind and corrupts her, until she serves him and only him, rather than God or Heaven.

Notes: I can play either the angel or the demon. I'd kind of like to explore ideas of dominance and submission. What makes the angel want to go back to the demon? Why does the demon have such a fascination with the angel? Etc.

New Uniform
Tags: FxM(+), FxF(+) Group Sex, Gang Bang, Semi Non-Con, Nudity
Optional (But Preferred): Non-Consent that becomes Consent, Incest, Bondage, Collaring
Story or Smut: I'll be honest, this one is mostly smut

Story: The prestigious private school Preston Academy has always been a world-class establishment, offering admittance and scholarships based on academic merit so that only the best and brightest get in. Some of these bright students are wealthy, but most are from poor families who would never be able to afford the tuition without the scholarships. Girls outnumber boys about three to one. But things have started changing at Preston. At first it was just changes in teaching methods, and then new uniforms enforcing shorter skirts and tighter shirts for female students. At the same time students gradually became more deviant and less inhibited, sneaking off for sex between classes, or even sneaking quickies in class. Just before the school year began, a new uniform became policy. In order to hide any sense of a student's social or economic status, all students would have to attend school naked. Much to the surprise of many of the students, most of the parents fully endorsed this idea. Now it's the first day of school, and your character is getting ready to attend.

Notes: As I said above, this one is mostly smut. I can take on a large number of characters who would interact with the (female) character. It will turn out that the uniform rule is only intended for (and enforced on) girls, and men seem to have the run of the school. Your character could be a last "pure" girl at the school, trying to resist her ever-increasing desire to give in to the depravity that her school now supports. Or she could be an eager convert, ready to get with the program and fuck with wild abandon.

This game is based on "Ashford Academy", developed as a sort of "Hentai High School" style graphical game, which can be found at: )

Well, that's all I've got in my bucket o' cravings for now. If you've got something you'd like to try, go ahead and PM me. My hours are highly irregular, but I am usually able to get online and post every day, usually more than once a day.

Please don't respond to this thread. PM me.
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Re: LostInTheMist's Misty Ideas (M seeking Anyone)
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2014, 11:14:12 PM »
Three new ideas (the bottom three) added!