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Author Topic: CRAVING! F seeking M for medieval roleplay plot  (Read 423 times)

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Offline ladia2287Topic starter

CRAVING! F seeking M for medieval roleplay plot
« on: June 07, 2014, 07:43:49 AM »
For some time now, a war has raged between two rival kingdoms. One of the two has been absolutely destroyed, its people forced to hide wherever they can. Their King is dead and his only child, a beautiful Princess, has not been seen for days. Many fear she died in an attack that reduced the royal castle to rubble.

The victorious army sweeps through the broken city-state. Men are killed on sight and women and children are captured. Among the prisoners is a young beauty who refuses to give her name or even to speak, and none of her fellow captives seem to have any clue who she is. It is decided that she will be presented as a gift to the victorious King who, upon learning her identity, orders her to be killed. But he has a son. One who, upon seeing her, decides that he wants her for himself and persuades his father to let him have her instead.

This could go one of two ways. Does the Prince take pity on his prize and treat her kindly, freeing her from the Executioner's block out of compassion? Or is he as selfish and cruel as his father, only sparing her life to force her to serve his needs? It's up to you :)

Please take note of my O&Os, which can be found at, and also of the following:

1: My post length does vary. Sometimes quite dramatically. Whilst I will try to avoid posting a single sentence, because I know how irksome it can be, sometimes the nature of the scene or the style of the other player gives me little other option. My posts can vary from a couple of sentences to four or five paragraphs, depending on the scene. If you're one of those players who insists on all posts being a minimum length, then I'm afraid there's a chance role playing with me won't work. You're likely to get annoyed at me based on length of replies alone, and I'm likely to get annoyed at you for getting annoyed at me when I am actually putting thought and effort into my role playing.

Please also note that I tend to find miles-long posts difficult to follow unless they are broken up into appropriate-sized paragraphs. There's no point giving me a nice, juicy, long post to read if it isn't formatted well or contains a lot of 'noise' that doesn't need to be there, because it's going to take me longer to sort out which details I do need to have in order to continue the story.

2: Communicate with me, please. Making it up as we go along is great, I love it, but roleplays last longer if we are on the lookout for potential plot twists and suggesting said twists to each other. Also, please have enough courtesy to let me know if you have to leave or might not post for a while, and I will endeavour to extend that same courtesy to you. I don't enjoy staring at my computer screen and wondering why you suddenly stopped replying.

3: Please, no Godmodding. This includes meta gaming and power play. Easiest way to get me to lose interest in a game is to take away my right to describe how my character will respond in a given situation.

4: If you're going to leave my character somewhere, please at least take up an NPC for me to interact with. It's not that hard. It can be anyone; a servant, a passer-by, even an animal. Just give me something to work with.

Offline ladia2287Topic starter

Re: CRAVING! F seeking M for medieval roleplay plot
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2014, 02:41:51 AM »
Re-opening this idea