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Author Topic: Jason's RP Ideas  (Read 1984 times)

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Jason's RP Ideas
« on: June 06, 2014, 11:10:37 PM »
Jason's RP Ideas thread

This thread is one fully devoted to role-play ideas I've came up with that I want to try out. This will be a one-stop place for them, too, as I will be updating this thread with new ideas. Pretty simple, no? Some will be purely written, some will have images to supplement the writing, and some will simply be images on their own as inspiration. You may see some twice if they overlap in two different themes.

If you end up interested in an idea, great - PM me to post your interest, and I'll shoot you up. Be sure to read my O/Os thread, though.

If you're not, best of luck finding a plot that suits your interests.

Plots I'm Pining for:
The Holy Cups
Nature Unleashed
Mr and Mrs Super

Pictures for Inspiration
Characters for Him
The Black Knight
The Legendary Ronin
Bjorn the Boulder
Characters for Her
Goddess of Beasts
Goddess of Snow
The Jungle Queen
The Siren under the Sea

- As you can probably see, things are being moved around and created. Will be regularly updated.
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Breast Expansion Plots
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2014, 08:35:10 PM »
Breast Expansion Plots

My favourite fetish, so they get their own damn section ♥. They're a little more smutty by nature but potentially fun, cheesy, and could even get into a lot of story too.

Breast expansion stories are fantastical tales of women’s busts being enlarged by air, food, magic, medicine, alien technology or some other unseen force. Generally, the amount of enlargement is limited only by the imagination of the author, from as little as a cup size to as big as room-filling and beyond.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice
You were born a frail girl in your humble little village, but you always admired one - the great and powerful wizard who protected your town from dangerous beasts, healed the ill, and even on occasion used his wise magic to entertain! He was always a wonderful man, and you wished to be able to do what he does, to cast spells and make miracles happen.

Eventually as you come of age you ask him to take you on as his apprentice. You didn't really go through puberty too well in the eyes of the Sorcerer whom, with a smirk and a twinkle in his eye, agreed to take you on under the condition you'd do as he said. Then suddenly, he casts a spell on you - and transforms you into a busty, curvaceous wonder of a witch. He told you once you learned the spell to reverse the effect, you would have completed your training.

You notice a few things. Why does your master have a dungeon beneath his tower? Where does he disappear to every full moon? Why does he retain his magnificent youth, his beautiful guise?

A rather dom/sub situation that could be taken very sexually, or simply light hearted and comedic with steamy scenes. A fantasy role-play, therefore my favourite - breasts would grow up to a max as conveyed in the gif to the right during certain instances. About a good 5 chapters estimated for this story.
The Sorcerer's Amazoness
The Amazoness Bursts through her Armour
In the same setting as the above, we have here an amazoness, a gladiatoress of power unbridled. She's slain countless beasts, defeated evil lords. She has confidence, power, and sheer swagger at her side. Trusting in her blade and her might she happily makes her way through the region.

Late one night, though, you're hungry and you see a nearby tower in the forest. You figure it is abandoned, and so you delve inside to find, on the ground floor at least, a nice hearty meal ready for eating. On the road you haven't had such a luxurious meal in a while - so you go right to wolfing it down. You relish in the taste.

But your consequences arrive swiftly after.

The owner of the tower leers at you as he demands to know what is going on - but he's no ordinary sorcerer, but the a menacing foe. He forces you out of your armour with a simple means, by having your tits swell to the point of bursting out of your cups. The sudden new weight completely ruins your balance and you are left at the mercy of the sorcerer.

Much more dom/sub than the above. A stockholm syndrome infatuation could develop, I suppose, or a very dom/sub romance. This'd be a solid good 6 chapters.
A Swell Holiday
What was in that water...
  Summer is here, but this year you've gotten very, very lucky! By chance, you lucked out on a VIP ticket to a brand new resort opening up on a tropical island. So, you and a couple of your friends make haste to the Florecimiento Island Resort. A nice vacation of sun, sea, sand, and anything else that the resort has to offer you

Perhaps you take a dip in the pool, and notice a need to go shopping?

These and many more things could be yours when you take a trip into the sun - but you'd want to reap every advantage you can get!

This is an idea I've had - a holiday gone unexpectedly well - with you taking the role of the guest, whom all of a sudden gets this spontaneous and sudden bust growth, with which she decides to put it to good use. From simply hunky locals, to naughty masseuses, perhaps even a doctor? Romance is definitely possible here if wanted. This idea is a short term one, roughly 5 chapters long.
A Gift from Outer Space
A Young Man's Dream
  Who'd ever think aliens existed? Well it would seem that they made contact with a perverted young man, who relishes in a breast expansion fantasy. "Ooh, what I wouldn't give to get girls to grow!" he groans in his room at night. Little did he knew he was being peered at by a trio of aliens whom're simply visiting the planet.

That's when a bet was made. One of the aliens wagered the boy'd put such a power to good use, another to a bad use, and the third to no use whatsoever, lacking faith in the chap. Suddenly, the boy awakes from a big flash of light, and after a booming voice bellows in his head he realizes his fantasy has came to life - but after the week ends, the aliens will return to see what the boy has done.

He had gained the power to telepathically cause a woman's breasts to grow.

This lewd senior has a girl on his sights - and he's going to make damn good use of his powers and see where they take him!

You'd be playing the role of the girl, arguably the victim of this boy's power. Perhaps you're the first he's trying it one - a close friend who thinks he's kidding around, or perhaps someone who teases him a lot? Maybe you've heard rumours and want to see if they were true? Are you his tutor, who in an after school session gets a major bust size boost? Hey, maybe you two get serious and end up having fun bra-shopping?

This idea would be 7 chapters long, and is likely to be cheesy and anime/manga-themed (such as chibis, etc.)
Shapeshifter Cam Girl
You're a long-distance sweetheart who knows something your beloved does not. You're in a relationship with this guy across the pond and in truth you adore him to bits. Maybe it is the way he cheers you up whenever you're feeling down, or maybe it is how he's always trying to be optimistic no matter what?

One thing for certain is you treasure him because he doesn't, well, mock you for who you are. You do think he thinks you're a crazy person, but the fact he accepts you for it nonetheless just makes him all the more sweet and endearing to you.

You're a shapeshifter. You've told him so many times, and you've tried to show him on occasions too:

He said you changing your eye colour may simply be contacts.

He thought your hair colour could've been dyes, length being extensions.

But now, you'll prove him wrong - over the webcam you're going to show him, in real time, just what you're made of. Appearing to him as a frail petite girl, you prepare to leave him speechless as you become voluptuous before his very eyes.

A romance story without a doubt, where you can explore an existence above and beyond mere physical lust. A good 5 chapters, too.
The Mysterious Masseuse
What is his secret?
The Holy Cups
Alice, from the Chalice
Alice gushing with Holy Water
An adventurer stumbles upon an ancient kingdom, whom worshipped a strange chalice. Perhaps he found this place as a quest from another, or maybe chanced luck. Point is he is searching around and discovers something about this place - that it holds a secret. A source of life. A source of youth. The fountain of youth.

To great surprise, then, for him to discover the fountain, or rather fountains, are bound to Alice, a semi-immortal once worshipped and revered by the ancient civilization that once lived in this temple. The fountains? Her breasts. The waters of youth? Her milk.

Another great thing is that, once awoken from her sleep, her tits swell and expand if she cannot secrete her sacred essence. Yummy!

The issue is, Alice is also a wanted woman for a number of reasons. Her body alone makes the adventurer have a hard time keeping other men from her, while her holy essence and nature is desired by demons, whom wish to capture her and create an ageless army to destroy the world above.

So begins the great journey of the Adventurer and Alice. Very likely a sweet love story, but what if the hero can't keep her from other men?
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Re: Jason's RP Ideas
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2014, 10:52:58 PM »
Your 'Wedded to a Wolf' idea has certainly grabbed my attention. I've been looking for a roleplay with a higher focus on the relationship rather than the sex. Your chapter writing system sounds interesting as well. I'd like to discuss this further with you at your convenience.

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Fantasy Plots
« Reply #3 on: June 11, 2014, 08:20:23 AM »
Fantasy Plots

Realism is boring in excess, plain and simple. If you are the type who's going to write fiction, but refuse to stray from the rules of realism whatsoever, I will not be interested in role-playing with you. Whether it be Sci Fi or Fantasy, Role-plays are a chance to explore fiction, not hinder it.

In this instance, it is fantasy, with magic and supernaturals taking the front stage. Do you fancy slaying a dragon? Go right ahead. Want to fulfil an ancient prophecy to become a royal? Who's gonna stop you? Mostly medieval, though can be modern or post-modern, fantasy is a very popular genre for damn good reason. These plots will attempt to explore them.

Wedded to a Wolf
Sir Ulfric's Mortal Form
Sir Ulfric's Wolf Form
I have no idea why they're popular, but here we are - werewolves. Set in the lovely Silverpine Meadows, I have two ideas for this currently:

  1 - You are a noble's daughter, and it is a darn shame but in these times, noble women were merely regarded as trading chips to wed away in hopes of wrestling power between families. Maybe you're well aware of this and have a taste of cynicism in your mouth, or maybe you're not and simply wish to be married to a handsome prince, brought up as a good girl.

  2 - You're a peasant's daughter, living day by day. There's nothing really interesting about being a commoner, however, and in feudal times there is little that can be said about it. But you dream of a prince charming, a noble, handsome man taking you from the humble lands to their manor. You can always dream.

  Whether it be a dream came true, or an arranged marriage, your father decides to have you be married to the Knight, Sir Ulfric Adalwulf, as depicted above, who happens to be the last remaining knight of the nobles' cadet branch. With this in mind it is very obvious what Ulfric wants of his new wife. You could have an elated lifestyle learning about chivalry from the knight.

But Ulfric has a deep dark secret. Very rarely is it shown, but there is much hints towards it - from his hound coat of arms, his ornate wolf armour - even the large twin wolf head gargoyles that loom over the dining hall to his keep. Does curiosity get the better of you?

This plot, as stated above, can go in many ways. Do you wish to "enjoy" his werewolf attributes? This might be even more for you but it isn't necessary in that context. A very relationship-heavy role-play here, could be long-term.
The Legendary Ronin
Nero the Legendary Ronin
You are a princess in exile, now but a tradeswoman, whether a wealthy jewellery trader who's clientèle consists of nobles and the wealthy, or a simple food merchant catering to the needs of the common folk. Normally your trade route between the towns you cycle would let you reach the next place to sell by the afternoon, but this time things were a little bit different.

Maybe because of a broken wheel needing mending, maybe the horses were a bit tired, maybe the driver had been paid off, but you find yourself and your valuable wares at risk under moonlight. In a matter of mere minutes, you hear noises and, soon after, a band of mercenaries raid your caravan. These men could be employed by those who've kept you from your throne for so long, and now they're after your blood.

As fate would have it, you ditch and run. Though the mercenaries fell every single one of your guards, perhaps a few comrades or two, you escape the slaughter for a while, until they notice you're not there and begin pursuit for the missing target. But you bump into a large beast who whinnies from the fright, and a stern voice calms the horse.

You see before you a man, armoured with gear of an exotic land, but the face of your kin. But the mercenaries are coming. Convince him to aid you, or perhaps face imminent death.

This one can be taken in so many directions. Perhaps you're after a tale pretty well seen here - the princess hires the ronin, whom devotes himself to her and her cause, perhaps leading to returning her to royalty if she should desire such. Maybe you want it more smutty, the princess offering herself for the ronin's security. Even more smut, maybe some bondage? The ronin simply takes the princess, and makes her his toy thing. After all, the masterless did resort to banditry.
Queen of the Jungle
The Jungle Queen
Think of Tarzan, but in with the gender roles switched.

You're a woman of unimaginable beauty from noble birth who was tragically separated from your parents during your early years, being forever lost in a vast jungle. But fate had different plans for you. Fate did not wish for your life to be claimed just yet. You were meant for great things.

You were found by the most unimaginable creature: a great Dragon. Yet the creature took mercy on your life - while most would simply devour you on sight. The dragon took you, and raised you through your years from infancy, to childhood, to adolescence, all the way through to womanhood. The dragon raised you with two powerful gifts, one supernatural and the other groomed.

The first was the tongue of the dragon, with which let you speak to your animal brethren. You could communicate to them through your dragon's speech, the voice of the king of beasts, and you too could understand, read, interpret an animal's speech and thought. The second was the domineering willpower of the dragon, the charisma which you soon used to make your father proud - you asserted yourself as Queen of the Jungle, the master and unprecedented ruler of your domain.

This is where the story splits:
- The Barbarian King: Soon word comes to you of a barbarian horde who's men march in the direction of the jungle from the vast plains they once resided in. Your scout tells you he seeks to claim the woodlands as his own and he will dominate and destroy all those in his path. Does the Queen find such a strong man alluring, and rather invites him to rule with her as her King? Or perhaps she will fight back, and perhaps lose, becoming the prisoner of the Barbarian King, his whore.
- The Knight: A Knight stumbles into your realm. You know little about him, but too care little. He, however, sees you as the most beautiful visage he has ever bared witness to. He asks to prove himself to you. A potential romance story blossoms as you teach him the ways of the jungle, as he teaches you to read and write, and all these other foreign things. But, do you stay in the jungle? Do you go to his Kingdom? Do you compromise, and have an estate between your Queendom, and his duties?
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Sci-Fi Plots
« Reply #4 on: June 13, 2014, 06:24:35 AM »
Sci-Fi Plots

Realism is boring in excess, plain and simple. If you are the type who's going to write fiction, but refuse to stray from the rules of realism whatsoever, I will not be interested in role-playing with you. Whether it be Sci Fi or Fantasy, Role-plays are a chance to explore fiction, not hinder it.

In this instance, it is sci-fi, with space and science taking the front stage. Do you fancy piloting a fighter? Go right ahead. Want to go on a galactic conquest for a federation or empire? Who's gonna stop you? All plots are set in the distant future, whether in deep space, a distant planet, a huge space ship or station, etc. These plots will attempt to explore these settings.

The Bounty
The Bounty Huntress
Behold, you're a bounty huntress. You're deadly, ruthless, vicious. Did I also forget to mention you're sex on legs?

You play a voluptuous beauty of a huntress who, quite simply, is on a mission to bring someone in, dead or alive. The pay is big, so you might have competitors on the way. Nothing that you can't gun down, though, right?

Depending on how big you want things to go, this could range from a megacity sprawl to an intergalactic hunt. This is one of those plots though in which I would play a number of different male characters.

Sex in this would likely come, from likeliest to least, bribing for information, infiltration, getting drugged, and lastly having a beloved one before you go off on a hunt.

Can also be used in conjunction with: Space Piracy, Nature Unleashed. Would enable a much longer story arc to develop.
Space Piracy
Captain Barbossa
You are a most recent prisoner of the space pirate lord Barbossa, one of the most ruthless bandits who's spilled more than a hundred's worth of blood. From theft to blatant murder, this pirate scum has scourged what federations have spent years to strive for.

Perhaps you fall prey to Stockholm Syndrome. He uses you, but you cannot help yourself coming back for more. Does he drug you? Is his alien cock simply that tantalizing? You become a concubine to a pirate lord, his playboy.

Perhaps you plan a mutiny! Working, fighting and/or sleeping your way through his crew to earn their loyalty, you kill the pirate lord from the inside out. Though, traitors aren't trustworthy, so securing your place as Captain might be a difficult task.

This can overlap and serve as a later arc for The Bounty, if you want to play a long-term game.
Knights of the Federation
Sir Ian Kerridan
In a time of strife, true chivalry guides those to a path of righteousness.

The Federation of Planets have initiated a new organization. The Knights of the Federation - Super Soldiers, bio-augmented warriors clad in some of the heaviest armour known - have been initiated into battle. These Knights follow principles of new chivalry founded by the Federation, fighting for greater justice, clad in plasma-proof armour and wielding energy-swords in battle to cleave through the enemy.

Are you Sir Ian's Squire? A young woman who follows him into battle, with spare gear and a rifle for yourself. You follow his words and teaching, perhaps become more than simply Knight and Squire. He is a super soldier after all, and he's well equipped in a number of places.

Are you an enemy? A prisoner of war kept for intelligence. Perhaps the Knight isn't as chivalrous as he makes himself out to be, and uses every inc of his super soldier body to "get intel" from youu, through as much euphoric means as he possibly can.
Nature Unleashed
The Beast
You're a scientist. Your assignment was to create the ultimate amalgamation of life and machine, to create the ultimate life form. You searched planets, searched until you found the species you were looking for, and taking an Alpha back to the lab, you made him better.

You evolved him.

But things went horribly wrong.

Your alumni progressed too far, and the Beast became too smart, too strong, too Alpha. With his enhanced body, you attempt to put the laboratory on lockdown, but then the horrendous is discovered - you find yourself locked in a facility, with a monstrous Alpha male, and you just so happen to be his mate in target.

This could be interesting - I could see it playing out as a horror game, somewhat, with suspense created from this Alpha slaughtering colleagues and staff, but not you, oh no. Every time your character fails to be hidden, she gets absolutely dominated by the beast. Worse yet, the beast is the ultimate life form in too many sense and you can't not enjoy it. Perhaps the more he catches and claims you, the more in heat you become. Transformation could occur too.

Can also overlap as a later arc for the bounty huntress, her being locked in here instead of a lead scientist.
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Cheesy Plots
« Reply #5 on: June 21, 2014, 02:28:10 PM »
Cheesy Plots

Realism is boring in excess, plain and simple. If you are the type who's going to write fiction, but refuse to stray from the rules of realism whatsoever, I will not be interested in role-playing with you. This time, rather than Fantasy or Sci-Fi, let's have a look at something fun: cheesy!

Corny? Yes! Fun? Hell yes! These ideas are cheesy to the core specifically because, well, writing isn't always needing to be a serious form! Why can't two over-the-top superheroes fight a bad guy and come home for dinner and delight? Who says a cop couple can't be badasses and deal with high-octane risks as a power-couple? Let's cut loose, and have a lot of fun with this!

Mr and Mrs Super
Mr Superhero - The Fist
Mr Supervillain - Tremor
Somewhat a parody of Mr and Mrs Smith, we find ourselves with a really great original Superhero premise, with original implying no Marvel or DC. Everything is fictional, including both characters.

We play our individual supers of choices. Perhaps I am the Hero, and you're the Villainess. Perhaps I'm the Villain, and you're the Heroine. Heck, we could even both be Superheroes! Point is, while their superhero selves are independent and soloing it, their secret aliases, ergo faces in public, also just so happen to be a married couple.

Imagine the shock and drama that would stem from one of us having been the villain all along!

What suspense as our characters feel such horrific guilt when they cheat on each other with themselves!

As you can clearly see, the potential here is hilarious, limitless, and just plain great! I would seriously recommend the following artists' gallery for a character appearance, his work is fantastic and should be credited:
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Smutty Plots
« Reply #6 on: June 28, 2014, 11:43:16 AM »
Smutty Plots

Realism is boring in excess, plain and simple. If you are the type who's going to write fiction, but refuse to stray from the rules of realism whatsoever, I will not be interested in role-playing with you. This time, rather than Fantasy or Sci-Fi, let's have a look at something fun: smut!

This is an Adult Role-Playing Forum. Sex is a thing. These stories focus on the downright dirty of it. They're mostly one-shots, so do keep this in mind. I do not believe anyone would like to play a Smutty Story for any longer than a one-shot. Any story that is not a one-shot will be explicitly stated.


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Fandom Plots
« Reply #7 on: June 28, 2014, 11:44:46 AM »
Fandom Plots

Realism is boring in excess, plain and simple. If you are the type who's going to write fiction, but refuse to stray from the rules of realism whatsoever, I will not be interested in role-playing with you. This time, rather than Fantasy or Sci-Fi, let's have a look at something fun: fandoms!

Everyone has that crush on that one character from that one franchise. These are mine, obviously. If they're not to your liking, that's really unfortunate. If they are, then you might've came to the right place after all! Keep in mind that most of these will have your character prescribed and already fleshed out. None of these are plots in a sense, solely characters that I would enjoy a pairing with.

Aki Izayoi , Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds, /w Yusei/OC
Asuka Tenjoin, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, /w OC
Princess Peach, Super Mario, /w Mario/Bowser
Rosalina, Super Mario, /w Mario/Bowser
May, Pokemon, All Grown Up, /w OC
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