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Author Topic: EvaRose's Extreme Ideas  (Read 830 times)

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EvaRose's Extreme Ideas
« on: June 06, 2014, 06:22:09 AM »
This thread is for my more extreme roleplay ideas.

What I like:

-Please reply once a week at least. Me, I would like some freedom at this time to do just that, and I'm not going to say I'll reply every day because I most likely won't. I'm learning to live by my limits instead of trying to stretch them.

-Most pairings except ones with FxF.

-I enjoy roleplaying over threads the most, if the plot is really good and I'm craving it a lot then I can do private messaging. I won't do roleplays over emails, IM's or anything else though.

-My females may be switch everywhere except the bedroom, in which they are usually submissive.

-My males are dominants, plain and simple. They aren't going to submit to people, at least sexually. In other scenarios maybe, but in the bedroom they tend to dominate.

-Please send me a pm instead of posting on the thread. You can either give an introduction if you wish or info about what you want in the roleplay.

-My f-list is in my signature, with all the Yes' s, No's and everything in between. The Maybe's can be touched, just ask if it seems necessary.

-My O/O Thread

-I argue that nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes with grammar and spelling. I think faster than I type and I know I do it, as long as a reply is coherent it is fine.

-If you have any questions then just ask me.

What I want to play:
Each role in bold is the one I want to play.
What I wanted to play the most is defined by a series of ★'s.
Five or more of these means that I'll be thrilled to play this plot and one is the least that I will give one.
For some plots that have different "routes" the amount can change.
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Original Ideas
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2014, 08:27:40 AM »
The World After
Setting: Supernatural Futuristic
Pairing: (m)Arch-Demon x (f)Half-succubus
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Story behind it
The war between angels and demons was fought, but it didn't come out to a stalemate for once and angels didn't win. The demons won. For years, they flooded out of hell and into the realm that humans called home for so many years. When they came, the humans could do nothing against these strange creatures. They feared them instead and all who did try to fight were soon killed, making any and all resistance appear futile. Whether they wanted to or not, humans had to accept the fact that demons were just better than them. Maybe the creatures didn't use "weapons of mass destruction" or even a simple pistol, but these things couldn't kill an army of them no matter how much the humans tried to fight.

That is why, 200 years later, the world has been changed. Zoos are no longer a things and the animals that were once within have moved to places they can survive in, needing to now live side-by-side with the demonic creatures the humanoid demons brought up with them. Schools aren't something for the humans, only for the demons who want to learn a thing or two about the past of their kind or just to learn how to fight. It is usually the children of archdemons that are allowed to go to school, and they are taught how to lead an army during times of war. The cities have been destroyed and burned years ago and the time in which humans ruled this earth has become nothing more than a story.

The humans live in nothing more than villages that are maintained by lesser demons. Each continent is ruled by an archdemon, of which there are always seven. The archdemons are usually bored things, and so they have each decided that a contribution of some kind is meant to be given from each village at least once a year. Most of the offerings are nothing more than food grown by the humans themselves. They have forgotten years ago about being great beings.

Your character is one of those archdemons. As always, on the last day of October, it is time for the villages within his domain to bring a offering to him. There isn't anything unusual about anything that day, until it seems as though one of the village representatives didn't come for once. It isn't until late that they arrive, once he has grown angry with impatience. They finally come, four men leading an ox that is pulling a cage. Within is a succubus woman. It is the first time that such a thing ever happened. He takes the offering but kills the humans that brought her anyway. He keeps her, deciding to use her as a slave for his enjoyment.

My Character
Name: Nadira Stern
Age: 20
Breed: Half-Succubus
Family: Mother - Dead
            Father - Might still be alive
About her: Virgin - Yes, her mother did well to keep her from having sexual contact with anyone and anything.
                Fears - Heights, spiders, and rodents
                Likes - Anything that taste sweet
History: There isn't much to say about her. She spent much of her life in the mountains with her mother, hidden away because the woman feared what would happen if others found out that a human gave birth to an incubus's child. The mother died once while going out to try and find food for her and her daughter.

             Nadira stayed in the home for many days before trying to go out and find herself some food. By then, she was so hungry that she raided a village. It kept going on into the next year. She would go into the village during the night, the hellhounds guarding the area leaving her be since they could feel the power in her. She killed their cattle, partook of the food meant to sustain them until the next year. One day, she ate a plant that had been poisoned and fell asleep. They captured her during that time and locked her in a cage. One demon tried to confront her but was killed. So, they let her starve, bringing her to the brink of death and only giving her water so that she would continue to live. That's how she is when they bring her to the archdemon, unable to fight because of the lack of nutrients and wishing for some kind of release.

Where this can go
1) The archdemon that is her father comes around and recognizes that Nadira is his daughter because her scent is similar to his own. He is angered over the fact that another has been using his daughter and demands that YC hands Nadira over to him. YC doesn't however and the angry archdemon declares war on him.

2) The angels aren't gone yet. They are still around but growing in numbers. They start by attacking the archdemon, an entire army against him and his servants (which consist of both demons and humans). The battle doesn't end well and they have to flee to another continent. Despite this, during the war that ensues he is in command of a fleet, keeping her around so that she can give messages to commanders within the demonic army, forcing her to get over her fear of heights at the same time. During a battle that she witnesses, he is seriously wounded and his fleet is taken captive. Will she risk her life for the demon that enslaved her or join the angels in hopes that she can live peacefully?

3) This would be with your character as an angel instead of a demon. The angel is one of many about to overthrow the demon that currently has my character in his possession. Instead of killing her, he takes her with him once he sees how much she doesn't want to be there. She soon finds that the angel isn't nearly as good as he ought to be. If it wasn't for his species then he would be exactly like the demon she was given to.

4) Of course, it can always go to the archdemon starting to train her to be a good slave for him. He starts to breed her. Any children are taken away to be raised by others.

In the Heat of the Moment
Setting: Modern Fantasy
Pairing: (f) Student x (m) Teacher
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Two packs of werewolves live in the same city, two packs are always at each others throats because they live so close to one another. Even the humans know about them and keep their existence secret from the rest of the world. It isn't a big deal to them anymore. They know to lock their doors during full moons and to keep out of the way while two of them fight. The humans and werewolves go to school with one another as well. They don't mix the gym classes, knowing how much harder it'll be for the humans to keep up with the werewolves.

With tensions between the packs rising, the two alphas meet and come to a strange agreement. Their children shall be wed to one another once they graduate from school. The son doesn't mind because he had his eye on her, but she does. She thinks he's nothing but a brainless thug. With the alphas having set up times after school for the two to meet, she starts to spend more time there. It doesn't become a problem until her eighteenth birthday. She goes into heat while in her final class of the day, and stays after just so she can flirt with her werewolf teacher. Things get a little out of hand, and soon she's naked and being satisfied.

It doesn't stop there either. They start to meet in secret, coming together even during assemblies, when they rest of the school is in one place and they usually can have an hour together. They start acting different though, him more protective and her more flirtatious until others find out about their relationship. She's soon blackmailed, using her love of him to benefit the werewolf she's supposed to wed. He goes back on his promise though, and the teacher is exiled, never finding out that she had been pregnant with his child.

Years pass and she has yet to forget her first love. That's why when he appears, with a pack at his command, she's more than elated. What ensues is a war between the two packs, betrayals and the death of loved ones. Hunters begin to show up in the town and everyone is in danger. Will peace ever return?

The Island Loves You
Setting: Fantasy?
Pairing: (f)human x  Whatever I can think of
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Oviposition, tentacles, and animals.

So, your character is flying overseas(visiting parents/husband, maybe going on a vacation, etc.) when a storm appears out of nowhere. The people on the plane start panicking of course even as the pilot searches for land and tries to reach someone via radio. Without warning, the plane shuts off altogether, then starts to fall. After the storm lets up, YC finds that everyone else has disappeared from the plane, leaving without a trace. Their luggage and food is still on the plane, but not the people. The plane crashed into the water, but the water was close to an island and not deep enough for the plane to go into with doing some damage to the nose.

The island looks normal for the most part, with strange fruit on the trees that looks like a apple but is soft like a peach and as big as a human head. Each fruit is either green or red, and every animal can eat from them. Red fruit are for meat eaters, and the green ones are for animals who eat plants. The fruit are high in the trees and low to the ground, perfect for all kinds. In the middle of the island is a large, extinct volcano that houses a large dragon. It rules over the island and calls itself Diros(combination of Dionysus(Greek god of ecstasy) and Eros(Greek god of fertility)). She confronts your character at first, telling her she cannot go into the jungle and must stay on the shore. Maybe she doesn't want to listen or grows curious when she sees something strange and goes into the jungle.

The fruit that are in the jungle have both nutrients needed for animals/insects, but also a pheromone that makes them lustful. The animals tend to have sex with whatever moves, and they soon start to go after her. The animals are all bigger than their normal sized counterparts, meaning that there is none smaller than a foot in height when on their hind-paws. The closer to the volcano one gets, the stranger it gets. The plants start to have fun as well, trees sprouting tentacles and implanting green seed into her. The insects are in on it too, wanting something else to lay their eggs. It isn't long before the dragon finds YC again, this time interesting in breeding with them.

Setting (don't ask me to post the introduction for this because this is literally all I'll put) -
The island was warm, always warm enough so that none of the creatures that called it home would freeze to death. In the middle of the island was a large volcano, it was the home of the person that ruled the island and kept the animals that lived on it safe and well fed. Around the volcano was a tropical forest with trees and bushes and shrubs and flowers. The only fruit that grew were green and red ones. The green ones were for all the herbivores while the red fruit was for the carnivores. The night before however, there was a storm that brought something strange and metallic to the shores of their little island. They didn't know it but that was an airplane. There was only one human who made it however, though none on the island knew it yet.

Who's in Charge Now?
Setting: Fantasy
Pairing: (f)Half-Dragon Princess x (m)Dragon Slave
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My Character
Behind her
Many things in the world are not as they seem. Valene was one of them. She was born an elven woman whose skin was a strange shade of grey. Her peers picked on her because of this anomaly. The elders let it be for they feared that she would be the end of them all. They were afraid of her because of her strange skin color, her hair that was white as the snow and her heterochromic eyes. Her mother could do nothing much to comfort the girl as she grew older and more spiteful each day. It was only when she turned eighteen that the others were able to find out the truth about Valene. Horns sprouted from her forehead and a tail from her spine. Finally, her eyes became more reptilian in appearance, showing that she was part dragon. It turns out that her mother had been raped by one of these beast and later gave birth to Valene.

The dragon that is her father felt the presence of its young and appeared before the elves. They were defenseless against the dragon and she was stolen from her home. She was taken away and to her father's home, a world away from the one she knew. She was taken to a valley full of the creatures but found out something about her father. He was a royal dragon. He was the king of the dragons. As such, she was given a single slave that would both serve and protect her, a dragon taught to fight just for this reason.

The dragon is larger than her. Something that she said made him snap one day though. He took her that day, raping her because he was the only one around to watch her at the time. Things change after, he is in control and she is the one supposed to do as he says. Now, he is the one in charge.

You Animal
Setting: "Otherworld" Fantasy
Pairing: Wolfboy x Wolfgirl
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My character, this is a anime picture so those who don't like them just tell me and I'll try to look for one that is realistic.

Their world is a different, one where there were humans and other creatures, living together in harmony. These creatures were what humans referred to as half-beings. They could walk and talk like humans, but retained the features of a animal. A good example are nekos, the human-like creatures with cat ears and tails. The ones above them all are the lunas. They, like nekos, look like humans but keep the ears and tails of a wolf. Like the nekos, they have forgotten about their days as wild animals and prefer to stick to this mostly human form. The ones who wish to go back to that... Well, they usually aren't heard from after their opinion is made public.

A couple were executed years ago because they did this. In the woods, they left a child where nobody could find him. He was raised by foxes, a boy knowing only of the forest and glancing at the world others like him loved so much. One day while in the area near the castle, he finds himself face-to-face with the princess. The two start to walk to one another. They continue to meet like this for days until he asks her to join him for one night in the woods. And she does. Then, everything goes wrong. As soon as they return, he finds himself tossed into the dungeon, accused of trying to kidnap her. Once it is found out that they slept together, he is tortured.

He snaps one day and kills the king himself. In his anger, he proclaims himself king and takes her as his bride (whether she likes it or not). Night after night he forces himself on her, binding her if she happens to struggle. As he lust escalates, he yearns for her more, wanting to turn her so that she could be as lustful as he.

((This is more sexual than anything, really. I would like to give him a harem, or for there to be just one more female. Since I know most don't like it though I kept it down to just the princess.))
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Taken Ideas
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2014, 01:47:59 PM »

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This Dragon Be...
Setting: Fantasy
Pairing: (m)Dragon Morph x (f)Dragon Queen
Inspirational Picture

Idea involves multiple cocks, dragons, oviposition, etc...

Things are nice within her land. She lives happily and peacefully with dragons that would put themselves on the line for their queen. The woman trains and raises each of the dragons after birth. One that she took care of for eighteen years has been a strange thing, understanding things before others and able to do things she never thought possible. It isn't until he returns two years later that she starts to understand why he is so different. As soon as he reached her home, he changed to the form of a human. It turns out that he was born to rule over the rest of his kind, dragons that could not change to the form of humans like him.

The dragon has had feelings for her for some time. Instead of banishing her from the land that is now his, he keeps the immortal woman and decides to make her his true queen. Even if she tries to fight back, to tell him that she doesn't want to be with him, he forces himself on her and breeds her, taking her in both his human and dragon form.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Life's Too Short
Setting: Supernatural
Pairing: (m)Demon Gang Leader x (f)Human or Otherwise
Character Picture
Many strange things can happen to people once you don’t see them for some time. Age gets to them and they get older, maybe even wiser. Perhaps that’s what happened to Logan. Logan is the man who left their small town at the age of fifteen and just came back after ten years so he could take over his father’s business. Not many thought that he would come back after the way he was treated when he first lived there. Back then, things were different for him however.

He was a short, weak and bullied teenager with only one friend that he could talk to. That friend was dating the quarterback of the football team. Unfortunately, the person she dated was the person bullying Logan the most. All Logan was ever picked on about was the fact that he was heavyset, a bit of a pimply and awkward teenager as well. Well, there’s no way he can be bullied about something like that now. Logan has slimmed down, cleaned himself up and even got the body that many men won’t ever have. The only thing that truly stands out about him are his icy eyes that used to be so full of life. It’s a lot different than the look of joy and glee that used to show in his eyes.

His looks aren’t the only thing about him that’s changed. There is something off about him. As soon as he returned, the man went to visit his old friend. By then, she married her high school sweetheart, a young man still trying to reach the same heights he did as a teenager. She is loyal to him and doesn’t make a move on her old friend while he’s alone in the house with her. She doesn’t know about how Logan’s “business” happens to be a gang.

One day, he snaps after a young gang member is killed at his side. The bullet was meant to kill Logan, and he knows that. He realizes that life is short and begins to freak out a little. Instead of going to his own home, he goes to hers. The man doesn’t do much… besides raping her, saying life is too short to wait. Things go on for some time after this, him using her to let go of his daily frustrations. The man is not who he says he is however. He’s something worse than a gang leader, he’s a demon and there are people after him.
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Re: EvaRose's Extreme Ideas
« Reply #3 on: June 21, 2014, 09:10:12 PM »
Added: Life's too Short & You Animal

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Re: EvaRose's Extreme Ideas
« Reply #4 on: December 29, 2014, 11:09:29 PM »
As I'm searching for new roleplay partners, I am going to bump this topic up.