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September 18, 2021, 02:58:05 pm

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Author Topic: Incest, Looking for Dom M or F willing to possibly play multiply characters.  (Read 448 times)

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Hey everyone, I am looking for someone to help me with a craving I been having lately. Normally I am not one for incest, but lately its been attracting my attention more so lately. I was hoping to find a partner, or partners whiling to play out this different incest based cravings.

I will be playing the solo female, I love being seduced into sexual play, or tricked. Most of my female characters are submissive, but that doesn't mean they will just do what ever you say when you say. I like to play characters that have a bit of a back bone, and fiery spirit. I like the idea of being broken, but not in the normal forceful way. More of the tricked and lead into giving into the Dom's wishes. Sensuality and kink are things I love most, if you like this same things and think we can play things well together give me a shout.

There a few different ones, I been craving, the first  is a brother x sister story.

Growing up away from home was hard for him, but his parents wanted the best for him. He was smart, talented, and handsome. So for high school they sent him to the most prestigious private school money could buy then off to the best university on top if it. So for the last few years he only come home for holidays and summer break. Though even during some break he didn't see his younger Sophie much. She become so quite and inverted, though he wasn't sure why. Yes he was gone, but she had been such an out going artistic young girl, he saw no reason for her personality to change or why she had become so in closed in on herself.  He was lucky to see her at the dinner table, all dressed up in a heavy black huge sweater, and a pair of buggy grey sweat pants. Those lovely brown curls pulled up into a messy bun, pieces lazying hang around her pale cheeks, that used to be kissed lovingly by the suns hues. Sophie used to love bring around people, and out in the sun, playing with him when they were kids. Though ever since he left for school every year she saw less and less of her with each visit. Though what made him angry was his parents didn't seem to care. They didn't even give her 1/4 the push or attention they always seemed to give him. Though now that he finished school for the summer, he swore he'd pull Sophie out of this dark funk she'd found her away into. Though he wouldn't truely understand what she been doing until he would find his way into her room.

Now I see the sexual attraction coming a long in the from of him accidentally walk in on her as she taking her clothes off to get into a hot shower. Were he would realized his little sister wasn't so little anymore. That her body had grown much more then he had ever realized, that she had goddess body that she was hiding under all those baggy clothes.  I was hoping to turn this one into a long term d/s heavy story with possible pet play laced and twisted into it.  I am looking for a Dom lit male to play Sophie's older brother. There still lots of things we can hammer out together, like were would see the story going, like maybe he ends up convincing her to move into his dorm with him etc. I was thinking maybe she really a closet genius, not allowing her parents to realized just how talented and smart she really was, because she was afraid they would send her away like they did her brother. So she had printed a fake her report cards making her grades just below average, it worked well and they after a year or two of bad grades they just left her alone to her own thing.  Now she a computer hacking artist, who in love anything videos and anime.

I could also see, this being played fxf maybe..

I also like a story were the older siblings are twins, I am looking for the twins to be a dom and a switch. Preferably it being a Male and female twin, the male being the Dom. Because twins do everything together, he had at a young age fallen in love with his twin sister, as well as her body, so they did everything together first as well as having sex. Now he had made his sister into his sex pet and lover. Though now that he had reached his goal of taming his sister into the perfect pet, his eyes finally saw what was in front of him all a long, his younger and much more attractive sister Serena. She was the quite book worm type, who had nothing to do with guys or girls for that matter, her books were her only friend and lover. She had always played on her own as a child because the twins never asked her to join in, so she had just gotten used to having no friend and put herself into the world of fantasy that her books gave her. But it be way to late for her when she realized her twin siblings have plans to throw her fantasy worlds into chaos.

I can also see the twins being two males, one or both being bi, or not depends on the partner. Or the twins being two girls.

I know this are messy idea's but if you wanna come hammer then out with me and start something very fun and interesting give me a pm. I do forums, pm, email and IM though Im is more for  short based stories for me any way.
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