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May 26, 2018, 02:40:39 PM

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Author Topic: Two plots wanting to take a different path (F lf M)  (Read 302 times)

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Offline wolventearsTopic starter

Two plots wanting to take a different path (F lf M)
« on: June 05, 2014, 01:41:45 PM »
I have versions of these stories already in progress but I'd like to see if I can get a different variation of them going. I had thoughts and ideas for them spring up in my head but we are already to far along to change them, soo, here goes.

My Brother's Best Friend
Maxine had gotten a phone call from her brother that day. He only ever called when he needed something so outright, she asked him what he wanted. Turned out his best friend had come home after being in the army. He had been stationed overseas for the first four years than had come back to the states and had been at a base across the country for the last 3. Now he was home, in the town he had grown up in.
Growing up, she had been cute, but had been somewhat flat chested and had what she thought was called a pixie haircut. But her brother's friend told her she looked like a boy and had even taken to calling her Max.
She had thought him cute but he had always been so mean to her. Not physically, but verbally, making fun of her at every chance he got.
When he had finally moved away for the army, she couldn't have been happier. She was two years younger than her brother and his friends, so the rest of high school had went well.
And while he was gone, she had come into her own. Her body had filled out, giving her hips and the breasts she hadn't had before. And at the age of 23, she was definitely not mistaken for a boy and she had let her hair grow out.
Turns out the friend had watched her grow up and had gotten a soft spot for her. But as she was his best friends younger sister, he felt that he couldn't do anything about it and did his best to turn her against him because when she would come into his friends room to ask for something, just the angelic look about her or the soft lilt of her voice always got to him. He didn't want to do anything stupid, so, he thought it'd be best to make her hate him even though when he said those hurtful things and he saw the hurt in her eyes, he wanted nothing more than to pull her into a hug and apologize.
Now, since his best friend can't give him a place to stay until he gets on his own two feet, Max is going to be taking him in. And what he sees when that door opens, leaves him speechless.

You're Not A Dog?
Lyndsey would be coming back into town, the highway surrounded by woods. She drops her cell in the floorboards and as she is the only person on the road, goes to pick it up. When she manages to find it and grab it, comes back up to see a wolf running across the road. She slams on her breaks to avoid hitting it but since she had been going at such a high speed, she hits the wolf anyways. She literally runs over the wolf, his large body rolling underneath her car. Once she comes to a stop, she looks in her rearview and sees it laying in the road a ways behind her. Freaking out, she gets out of the car and runs over to it and to her surprise, it's still alive. It's chest expanding as it pulls in air and slight whimpers. She can't just leave it there, so she decides to take it in to a vet. She pulls her car close in by it and goes to pick it up. But damn, it's huge. It has to be bigger than any wolf she had heard about, possibly a new breed, but it was definitely a wolf. Maybe a wolf/domestic dog hybrid. She wasn't sure but after a bit of trying she manages to get it in the back seat. She hurries into town and as it is already so late, the veterinary office is closed. So she decided to take him back to her place and keep him there. She'd take him in, in the morning. She gets called into work the next day and had to go, so she leaves him sleeping on her floor. But while she's gone, he awakens, his fast healing having kicked in. He's not completely healed but close. Yet when he manages to awaken, he is awakened by a scent that calls to his wolf and whispers one word. Mate.

I need a male, preferably dominant, especially the werewolf plot, for either of these. Please PM me if interested.