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Author Topic: Demons and Tengu oh my~ (M for F)  (Read 347 times)

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Demons and Tengu oh my~ (M for F)
« on: June 04, 2014, 03:04:55 PM »
Hello all~ Koibito here with a new idea.

It's a bit underdeveloped and nothing is set in stone but I have a couple thoughts that I think could come together to be a really cool story idea.

For starters a main character:

I'm tossing around the idea of a demon associated character, more so a human character who can use multiple demon powers. I was thinking perhaps this is a character reincarnated from a demon, or maybe reincarnated in a line of reincarnation of all demons. Or one who somehow otherwise carries the souls of multiple demons, either way something along the lines of a demon version of the Avatar haha. Of course these ideas are all left open so me and a partner can come up with the ideas together~

As for a lead female, who my partner would play, it's definitely up to them but my base idea is an over the top demoness companion. I'm entirely inspired by some new DoA5 female Tengu character found here:

It doesn't have to be a Tengu (I just find that idea unique and attractive), it doesn't have to look like her (though I really like this type of appearance), it can be anything really but basically my idea for a starting character dynamic would be an unknowing human and an overwhelming, over the top demon. Something like in the video, an eccentric, out there personality.

Of course a plot needs to happen for these (and probably more characters) but I think it'd be best to have a partner help come up with it so I'm not controlling everything.

As for plot ideas I do have I'm thinking of a few specifics (of course none that are set in stone):

A young human boy who discovers he has a long heritage of powerful demons, each more powerful than the last. When the last of the line mated with a human in ancient times the powers of these had ceased for the most part, creating a semi-normal line of a human family until the modern day when by the latest descendant of the family has had all demon blood weeded out. Mysteriously enough, even though the latest descendant is fully human, he is the only one in his human family tree to exhibit any abilities, but not just that -- it seems that all the famous abilities of his ancestors have manifested within him!

I'm thinking maybe this power is coveted by some sort of force and my partner's character is a demoness looking to harness, protect, or take the power somehow by helping him develop it. Of course the over the top character would stay at his home, go everywhere with him, pretty much take over his life. For some more depth I'm thinking maybe the character has a female friend who is a priestess or something of the sort who suspects the new girl is a demon of sorts, could definitely end up with some fun bits there.

As for more possible characters, the idea of magically created/necromanced zombie characters intriguing and sort of kinky, as in the non rotting, preserved and sustained kind.

I would also be willing to play the female characters, perhaps the main character is a female for a yuri action type of story or even if the main character remains male I could play the girls (less likely to do that one though). I'm definitely looking for smut but just as much plot and action for this, sorta if one were to combine hentai with shounen jump haha~

If anyone is interested, please PM me! I'd love to hear your ideas and come up with something together.

My O/O's are in my signature, hope to hear from you soon! <3
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Offline KoibitoTopic starter

Offline KoibitoTopic starter

Re: Demons and Tengu oh my~ (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2014, 01:35:30 AM »
Updated the idea.

Offline KoibitoTopic starter

Re: Demons and Tengu oh my~ (M for F)
« Reply #3 on: June 09, 2014, 06:51:40 AM »
Added more possible story directions and character possibilities.