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Author Topic: Rotochron's Ever-Expanding Emporium of Enticements  (Read 3105 times)

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Rotochron's Ever-Expanding Emporium of Enticements
« on: June 03, 2014, 11:07:43 PM »


This thread has undergone some revisions and cuts (mostly cuts, if we're being honest here), to try to make your 'attepting to RP with Roto' situation more tenable. I have plenty of ideas, likes and dislikes, kinks and habits, words in my lexicon that I might use more than others, but really you'd find all that out eventually. More about me can be found in my OnOs-thread and that can be found just around the bottom of this post! How convenient is that, eh?

So anyway, I want you to know that you can contact me about these ideas either around here at E through the PM system or through Line, which I'll give out in PMs if needed.

Here's some parsed information from my OnOs-thread, so you can't say you weren't warned.

1) I'm not in it for the easy smut, not all the time anyway. Once in awhile that'll work, but for the majority of my stories I like plot with collaborative focus on expansion and development of the relationship between characters and the world at large.
2) One liners don't do it for me; the surest way to lose me in an RP is to shoot off a crappy post really quickly. If you want to take some time to give it some spit and polish, please do so! I promise I'll appreciate it all the more!
3) Hopefully you'll be able to reply fairly regularly. I try to make it to E at least once a day to hit up any RPs I'm a part of, but I'm not asking that of you. A couple times a week and I'll be fine! Also please let me know if you're taking a break so I don't figure you just up and don't like me and/or my style.
4) Tell me what will make the story fun for you! Do you like/dislike this, want to start a new RP, etc? No problem, just ask.

Sudden Ideas!
It came to me in a dream, and I forgot it in another dream!

Stone by Day, Stone by Night
"Sometimes you just aren't cut out for the world that you were born into. Or rather, the world you were born into isn't equipped to handle you. In a world of magic that seems more dominated with people decrying it as a sort of superstitious nonsense, the very fabric of reality is often difficult to untangle from the skein of disbelief. Still, if one tries enough one can find time to find themselves a place in this world or any other. Mine is here, of course, it always has been and always will be but that does not mean that I am precluded from searching for a satisfying way to fill this yearning, the yawning gulf within that cries out always for more." -excerpt from the journal of Beauregarde, date unknown

Created by a mage of considerable talent and boundless ambition, Beauregarde stands as one of the enduring legacies of magic in a world not quite ready to admit that it was ever more than a fairy tale. Restricted to a life haunting the dusty halls of a long-abandoned and shunned castle estate, the gargoyle is the last surviving mind given life by the magics of his long-departed creator. Driven by a need to fulfill his purpose, whatever that might be, the gargoyle spends much of his time simply wiling the hours away with study and arcane practice, though the latter does not come as easily to the gargoyle as martial skill, as he was created to be more of a bodyguard and guardian than any sort of magician.

Named Ideas!
These ones are a little more fleshed out!

Careful What you Wish For - Far to the East, not so far as the Forbidden Reach but nearer, before the Carthis' Expanse and yet beyond the Aldbright Range lie the countless tracks of the Hinjo Sandsea. There, among the exotic spice merchants and cruel taskmasters of the salt mines, amid the buzz of marketplaces and the low hum of the wind over the dunes exists a land of mystery and forgotten magic far beyond that which might otherwise be known to the rest of the world. While kings and emperors fight their petty battles over border lines and skirmishes, the sands swallow all and leave naught but weathered stones for the trouble. While the world turns and ages come and pass, the sun bleaches the bones and tans the skins of those who reside in that hard land and, try as it might, the Sandsea can never quite wring the last drop from those people.

Amid the people of Pavel, a bustling little town settled snugly against one of many oases along the route to Carthis' Expanse lives a man named Garth. Where others ply their trades as merchants and explorers, adventurers and merchant guards, Donovan finds his calling more suited to telling the fortunes of others. Through a magic not quite understood Garth reads the threads of fate for anyone whose money is good, stashing his takings for the day when he finally figures he has enough to get away from there. Unknown to the man though is that somewhere lies an artifact capable of harnessing not only his latent power but enslaving him to its owner, a lamp much like that possessed by the genies of legend.

Be the Hero, Save the World! - MC is a veteran of a recent civil war that rocked the kingdom of Valmoor and left its people distant from one another and fearful for the future. Jaded by dirty combat but skilled in many different and disparate ways, MC is unaware that he will play a pivotal role in saving the very realm from being consumed by the encroaching darkness. But not as a Hero, no. MC received a Telling from a local Oracle that YC would enter his life and it would be his responsibility to put YC on the Path to Greatness and aid in YC's cause by training them to be a True Hero. Can YC be the Hero the world needs or will they just turn out to be like every other yutz that's come and gone? It'd be interesting to see where this went really, but I have some endgame ideas for what could happen. In the meantime all sorts of stories could play out. I have the most experience in a Dungeons and Dragons sort of setting or Pathfinder etc., but this could be adapted to be a cyberpunk sort of scenario as well. In any case it doesn't have to be romantic/sexual but it could be! We can always hash that out.

The Aces and Eights Flies Again! - Space is a terrible place. Dark, dangerous, always looking for new and terrifying ways to kill you. But hell it's profitable and that's why folks even bother leaving the comfort of the First Union for the craziness of the Borderworlds. The Aces and Eights is an old girl, clunky by today's standards but reliable as all get out. Fitted with old school kinetic weapons and ablation shielding the Aces stands out in a crowd. What she lacks in stealth though she more than makes up for in balls out determination. It's said that her Captain can coax the old girl to heights beyond even today's modern fleets if the timing is right? Who can say? The humans of old Earth are a weird lot, not that there are all that many left since their planet was Consumed along with their star.

But hey, if ya hear from Cap'n Lance, you tell him I ain't forgot what he owes me.

Monster, Monster - Edmund DuLac, a foreign expatriate, has lived what some might describe as a less than charmed life. A veteran of several conflicts and not given to making all that many friends, the man is an outcast. Rarely if ever seen during daylight hours, or by most people, he has become something of a mystery. What no-one knows, or knows for long, is that Edmund has been living with a curse the likes of which are typically only heard of in faerie stories and nightmarish folklore. Bidden to sup on the blood of the living in order to extend his unholy existance, Edmund is what most people fear and few people deign to recognize as a reality. A vampiric monster haunting the shadow and preying upon the stragglers, the weak of flesh and weaker of will, the time has long gone since he could claim much more than a scrap of his former humanity. But somewhere beneath the facade of monstrous indulgance lies a spark of the man who used to be; whether or not that endures however, is another story.  Call me small-minded but I don't like today's vampires. I'd rather play a bloodthirsty supernatural predator than a sparklypoo X-Man with a hair product fixation. ;)

I Come From the 'Net - In every system there are constants, whether closed or open to the entirety of the Web there are constants. Users who bombard systems with game cubes, presumably out of some sick pleasure. Viruses who usurp the very Code of a system, twisting it to their own aims and bending reality to their will. Guardians who defeat the Users at their own games and defend systems from viruses and their ilk. But for every constant there is an exotic difference, something that doesn't make sense in the grand scheme and must be adapted to. Renegades, rogue Game Sprites, Codemasters and Websurfers, Hackers and who knows what else wander the ebb and flow of information among the systems and above it all there are whispers of some kind of User above all the others who wants to shut down everything. Forever. In this game we'd figure out a couple of characters relating to the ReBoot series and hopefully come up with some kind of overarching plot relating to the canon. OCs or in-canon characters would be fine for this.

Roto's Fandoms! AU or canon these are fine by me. Just listing characters I know I can play off the top of my head.

Final Fantasy
- Barret Wallace (FFVII)
- Zack Fair (FFVII)
- Rufus ShinRa (FFVII)
- Locke Cole (FFVI)
- Jecht of Zanarkand (FFX)
- Delita Hyral (FFT)
- Edgar Figaro (FFVI)
- Gogo (as Daryl) (FFVI)
- Biggs (FFVI or VII)
- Maduin (FFVI)

Steven Universe
- Greg Universe
- Lars

Kim Possible
- Ron Stoppable
- Dr.Drakken

Teen Titans
- Cyborg
- Beast Boy

- Ryu (Breath of Fire II/III/IV)
- Guardian Garr (Breath of Fire III)
- Rei (Breath of Fire III)
- Link (Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Between Worlds)
- Ridley (Metroid)
- Bowser (Super Mario RPG series)
- The Hunter (Monster Hunter)

Loose Ideas!
Best fleshed out with some input from potential partners!

Modern/Medieval Fantasy Pairings (listed in order as Me/You, related notes where applicable. Unless noted otherwise pairings'll be MxF here.)

Mage or Summoner/SummonedMonsterGirl Succubus, SlimeGirl, Anthromorph Monster (like DragonLady, ChimeraGal etc.) Could either be fantasy (swords and sorcery!) or modern (some geek/outcast summoning something to get revenge, but it turns out it's SEXY *gasp!*)

Minotaur/Gladiator Or is is Gladiatrix if it's a girl? Anyway! Whether it's a DubCon scene in the middle of the crowded arena or something to comfort a lonely beast in the dead of night, more monsters is more better!

Old Thread Contents

Stuff here is intended to be a springboard for ideas to lead into other ones. If you want to ask anything, PM me, I'm happy to talk!

Newest Stuff
Newest ideas will be here.

Original Setting
Non-copywritten ideas will be here.

The Knight and the Girl | Tags: medieval-fantasy, naga, MxF, D/s-possible, NC-unlikely

Sir Ramses isn't your everyday knight, even within the Cerulean Bulwark, a knightly order known for strangeness. Still, raised within the order and trained in their ideals and techniques, Ramses has managed to become an accountable man of action even with his monstrous heritage and predatory nature.

Now Ramses is a fully-pledged member of the Bulwark and travels the land lending aid to those in need and guidance to those who are lost. Of course, the fact that he's a naga isn't lost on those he professes to help and more often than not Ramses finds himself confronted with angry mobs, torches, pitchforks and errant monster hunters.

On just such an occasion, a woman (magic-user, combatant, rakish rogue, your choice!) finds herself intrigued by the man's drive to render aid unto others (whether she finds it commendable or not) and takes pains to introduce herself to the knight.

Notes: Ramses' race aren't poisonous or all that exotic when it comes to powers and abilities, though his tail is exceptionally powerful and usually used to coil around things and crush them to death. He's first and foremost a predator and carnivore; hunting and killing for food, typically animals but sometimes monstrous beings if they wind up being edible. Naga are excellent climbers (much like many snakes) though his weight would be a problem if he tried to clamber onto something too small. His favourite food is mice.

Sleep with the Fishes | Tags: medieval-fantasy, merman, MxF, D/s-possible, NC-possible

Captured long ago as a child by some poacher or another, Mesarthim (Mez) has grown up unaware of his place in the world, instead existing within the thick domed glass of his home and prison. Certainly he's been treated well, but he's a curiosity at best, the only known ocean-dweller to have ever been caught. The hows and whys aren't important, as Mez doesn't really remember his homeland, though his ownership has changed hands quite a few times. Most recently he has been purchased by an aristocrat to be the showpiece of his/her menagerie, to be kept as a trophy to impress those otherwise too jaded by the fantastic to have much else in their lives that wows them.

Still, trapped in a tiny home and bored leaves a lot to be desired and when someone (either the aristocrat herself or perhaps a daughter or maid or something, s'up to you) takes interest in Mez he immediately responds in kind. He hasn't had many friends in his life and it's nice when someone treats him as something other than a caged pet for their amusement.

Notes: Mez can survive for a few hours' time outside of water but then he begins to (painfully) dehydrate, especially along his tail, which cracks and flakes in that instance. A bathtub or small bathing pool would be equally amenable to him as the giant fishbowl he currently inhabits, so prospective partners needn't be water breathers in order to enjoy him. :p

Fandom Setting
Whether AU or not, if it's owned it's here...

Chummin' the Waters | Tags: cyberpunk, Shadowrun, dub/non-con, possible-gore, possible-cannibalism, possible-death/snuff etc.

Streetshark is a beast of a troll in a world where being that sorta guy either makes you a target or makes folks give ya a wide berth. In Seattle where the streetgangs run rampant and the lust for a mechanic capable of tunin' anythin' to anythin' else runs high, you might be thinkin' that you're safe if yer skilled. 'Fraid not chummer, leastwise not if yer as conspicuous as a troll sportin' them shiny ass chrome augments that everyone and their brother'd want taken out at a back alley chopshop.

Addicted to beetles (that's BTLs for you ain't in the know) and longin' for a time before the magic came back, Streetshark's a force to be reckoned with whether he's sober or not. See, where some might think a troll'd be a big dumb asshat with a chip on 'is shoulder the size've an Ares Predator's blast signature, you'd be wrong 'bout ol' SS. See, he's the dreamer type, I'd say he wanted to be some kinda swimmer, professional-like, but then the reality set in that when yer over eight feet of hulkin', horned muscle with bones dense'nough to take a full on slam from an angry van, well, you jus' don't swim chummer. S'why he buys my beetles. Least I can do's provide muscles there with a little bit of a wakin' dream. Least he can do for me is take that monofilament saw've his to anythin' I need... disposed of. We've got a workin' arrangement, see?

Anyway if yer lookin' to get t'know Jaws there a little better I can setcha up with the right things t'say an' the right reasons an' contacts 'cause like as not he's in a business and ain't got time for no two-bit Johnson wannabes. Can't stay up all night swimmin' the sea an' then shirk yer job an' since he's got the best fingers this side've Redmond, well, guy's in somethin' of a demand when it comes to combat bikin'.

2BA Master | Tags: pokemon!verse, trainer, anthro-pokegirl, MxF, D/s-possible

Thomas "Tommy" Gallant is a rather skilled Pokemon trainer, though he has entered a rut and needs a push. He came to Kanto at a young(er) age to begin his Pokemon Journey following in the footsteps of other would-be greats like Red, Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak. Departing Pallet Town almost immediately after receiving his Pokedex from Prof. Oak, Tommy fought his way through the Kanto Pokemon League, becoming more wise and able as he went. Soon, he found that his tastes diverged from those of other trainers aiming for the Indigo Plateau, to where he began noting that he would come to do anything for his Pokemon. They were his friends, companions, guardians and wards, all in one, and were the most important thing in the young man's life.

Forsaking human companions, Tommy became more reclusive as time went on, only coming back to civilization when he desperately needed to, such as in the case of a Pokemon being hurt badly and in need of a Pokemon Center. Most of the time, he survives by hunting and gathering with his Pokemon, living a solitary life at the foot of Mt.Moon, training his friends and trying to figure out his place in the world. Given no other interaction, Tommy will likely never realize that he is in a rut, and will not continue his Pokemon Journey!

It Was a Dark and Spooky Night | Tags: vampire/vampire-like, SaGa Frontier!verse (flexible), MxF, MxFxM, D/s-possible, NC-possible

The Mystics, while not many, were varied in their personae and abilities. Common among them was an insatiable lust for the powerful emotional responses present in humanity, which could be gained in many different manners. Further, all shared a seeming immunity to the rigors of time, remaining forever powerful and full of vitality so long as they were not damaged beyond their superlative powers of regeneration. Finally, each mystic seemed to be focused on an aspect of the universe that not only shaped their powers but gave rise to powers beyond the scope of imagination, at least in those spheres. Mystics of note are Orlouge (Charm Lord) who possesses vast qualities of mind-altering magic and rules over Fascinituru from his palace Chateau Aiguille, Time Lord (prior name unknown) who invented the very concept of magic that could effect time and rules over a region enveloped in the stasis brought about by that very magic, Virgil (Ring Lord) who infused nearly a dozen rings with earth-shaking magics and rules the Mystic-inhabited region of Mosperiburg and Zozma, a Mystic who aided a legendary half-Mystic and who possesses the gift for an enigmatic magic known only as "Evil" magic, to name but a few.

Jean de Rocca (known only to his subjects as Dark Lord) is a reclusive Mystic who has spent many years of his ageless life wandering the regions looking for what his purpose may be. Certainly skilled in the magic common to Mystics, he hasn't yet invented anything earth-shaking or enchanted anyone beyond what might otherwise be possible. He ostensibly rules over a dimly lit land on the fringes of Omble where he stewards the many lost souls who have failed in the attempt to gain the gift of Shadow Magic so blatantly that they never quite made it back to their bodies. Of course he is rarely there at any given time, though whenever he does leave he leaves behind a shadow of himself to handle affairs.

Though I Know I Should Be Wary | Tags: ghost/ghost-like, Beetlejuice!verse (combination of movie and cartoon), MxF, D/s-possible, NonCon/DubCon-possible

Before the crisis with Barbara and Adam, the ghost known as Betelgeuse (Beej to his friends) was pretty much the best thing to ever happen to the Neitherworld; amazingly topical powers, context-sensitive abilities, great at parties and with a mortal friend who pretty much got the job done whenever he couldn't, Beej surely was the Ghost with the Most! Unfortunately the majority of his adventures with one Lydia Deetz happened less in reality and more in a weird Neitherworld dimension that vanished almost as soon as Lydia would awaken from her sleep. For Beetlejuice though (that spelling's just more common, he'd agree), the memories were real and he'd do anything to get back to that girl who'd so captivated him.

Friendship turned to obsession and yes, lust, as years passed in the mortal realm and centuries seemed to drag by in the Neitherworld with Beej having no real outlet until the deaths of Barbara and Adam in the sleepy community of Winter River. Their confusion at their situation and their anger at their home being invaded by mortals led Betelgeuse to offer his services as a Bio-Exorcist and all that he had to do past that was convince Lydia to speak his name those three times. Of course he wasn't able to complete the master plan and marry the girl of his (her?) dreams, winding up banished back to the Neitherworld, but the idea always stuck with Lydia that he was there, lurking until needed, an ace in the hole.

Now the community seems to be changing. Lydia is of age and her parents have left her with the house, citing reasons like preferring the city life, Adam and Barbara have ascended to their next plane of existence and that left Lydia pretty well alone with her thoughts. Patience seems to be wearing thin amongst normally friendly people and dark magic haunts the roads. Something awful is about to happen to Winter River and unfortunately without a link to the Neitherworld Lydia can only look on unless she does what only she knows how to do anymore.

Though I know I should be wary, still I venture someplace scary. Ghostly haunting I turn loose; Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!!

Of course Beetlejuice's obsession hasn't waned in the slightest and this time Lydia must make a deal with the Ghost with the Most in order to save the little town, but what could he want of her?

No games for these ones, but lemme know if you wanna change that!

Tristan E. Korso




Cocksure and 'gifted' with an optimistic view of the universe. Takes things too seriously, especially when it's a slight on his abilities or skills. Egotistical but quietly, not given to bragging too much but rather the type who would do something difficult, smirk and buff his nails on his chest Darkwing Duck style. Collected when piloting, not the most put together in a gunfight. More than willing to throw a punch in a taproom brawl or galley slugfest, though unlike others he would hold a grudge based on what happens there. Passionate as youth tends to be, untempered by jaded cynicism but somewhat troubled by somewhat shallow things. Trustworthy though, not the type who would betray a friend or ally, even if he tends to look out for Number One.

Korso stands about five-foot nine inches tall and weighs anywhere between one-hundred fifty to one-hundred sixty pounds depending on the time of year. He exercises regularly and watches what he eats in order to maintain his physical health, well aware that with his heavy interest in virtual reality, that could easily slip through the cracks. He has midlength black hair that he wears swept back and combed and is typically clean-shaven, though the odd shadow of stubble happens from time to time if he's been working long hours or was otherwise distracted. Of particular note is a small tattoo that Korso has on the inside of his left wrist of a sword through a thorned ring he calls the Qu'utchaa which represents 'Victory through Persistance'. Besides that, Korso tends to err toward the side of cleanly in both his hygienic practicalities and his living conditions, aiming for a sense of professionalism without being overly worried about it. Everything in its place, he'd say, even if places aren't nonfluid.

When on duty, Korso wears a combination of flotilla uniform and casual wear. Typically he can be found wearing a fitted flight suit with sturdy boots and a faux-leather bomber jacket with the cuffs of the sleeves turned up away from his wrists and onto the forearms. Cinching the suit at the middle is a thickly woven web-belt that sees use usually to hold the man's gloves since he prefers not to wear them unless he has to. Always present whether on duty or not are a pair of goggles that, when worn, overlay Korso's field of vision with an HUD detailing various vital statistics about himself and highlighting paths and probabilities via predictive software. The goggles are built to be able to be plugged into a ship's control rig to allow for smoother pilot operation while in use and are among Korso's most valued and treasured posessions.

When in possession of his goggles and using them, the difference is like night and day. Korso moves more confidently and fluidly when he can see what the AR programs are up to and definitely uses every bit of information to his advantage, while without them he seems to be less stable on his feet, more prone to clumsiness and generally experiencing what anyone else would call vertigo.
Korso's inherantly keen senses as well as his exhaustive piloting and navigation training have resulted in a cunning man capable of rather daring dogfight manoeuvres even under stress and pressure, keeping his wits about him even at the toughest times.
  • SimSense Savant - Korso spent much of his early life immersed in virtual reality training, gaining skills piloting anything that the flotilla had the software to train him in. As such, he gets along best when reality is augmented by virtual constructs (such as iconography and information overlays, predictive elements, a standard HUD) and finds reality without such benefits to be somewhat dull and mundane ('switched off') by comparison. Without some form of SimSense active, Korso often feels cut off from what he considers to be the full experience, which leaves him at odds with himself, snappish and anxious.
  • Eternal Optimist - To Korso, the clouds don't just have a silver lining, they're silver through and through. Nothing keeps him down for long and even if it's too soon, Korso always finds a way to see the light in people and situations. Sometimes this annoys others, other times they don't take him seriously, but ultimately if you want to know why a situation isn't the worst, why you'll be able to get through that maze or bypass that lock, Korso's your man.
  • Mad Genius - Korso spent his childhood bathed in the cold light of science and progress, rifling through the flotilla's memory banks at an advanced rate, always trying to cobble together the next great advancement in spacial engineering and space travel, though he didn't limit himself simply to subjects of interest. To that end, while the man is knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects, he often splices words and phrases into his lexicon that don't make sense to others, not to mention when he suggests that engine output could be enhanced with a simple mixture of chemicles added to the fuel rods. The forty percent chance of parabolic combustion is worth a two percent increase in velocity, right?

    I see the world more clearly than anyone else here, for what it could be, and you're tryin' to tell me that your way's the only way? Please.

Th'name's Tristan, but it'd be better if ya called me Korso.


Born and raised on the flotilla ship 'Alkaiser', Tristan lived about as normal a life as a young boy adrift in deep space, fleeing the ever-advancing tide of the Phage could. He had friends and rivals while growing up, attended what passed for school on the ship and even came out of it with a rather extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the navigation and control systems of most models of flotilla vessels. Space travel (really any kind of vehicle) fascinated Tristan from a young age and to that end he did everything he could, academically or otherwise, to secure himself a position taking the helm of the Alkaiser and seeing it to wherever the ruling bodies of the flotilla decided that they would go. This included immersing himself in the VR training programs available on the ship from a young age, at first on the down low but as his skill with VR improved the young man would write his own scenarios meant to test his skills and hone them, eventually securing himself an impressive array of piloting and navigations skills.

Still, a life sequestered on a (relatively) small spacecraft wasn't quite the same as one lived under an open sky and while many of the rigors of space travel were seen to and marginalized, a young boy with big dreams often wound up weaving hopelessly floral opinions of the world around him. Hated this but loved that, wanted to make a big change, help people, that sort of thing. Tristan even had a sweetheart, though when the time came and he actually worked up the nerve to ask a little more of the woman, she all but blew him off, leaving the headstrong boy in the dust of rejection. Keyed up on being shot down, Tristan soon heard that there was word going out that a crew was to be assembled for a mission away from the flotilla, something exciting, dangerous, right up his alley. With nothing to hold him back (his words, the dumb kid), Tristan marched off to sign up for the mission, unconcerned with such words as 'suicide' or phrases like 'never return'.

Quote from: Notes
1) Any and all images used in this post or any other of mine of course belong to whoever owned them before the Google Image Search brought me to them. Sorry if you don't like me using your stuff, if you want it taken down lemme know and I'll find something else!
2) These aren't concrete ideas but merely nascent RPs in progress; things can be changed as needed and they're by no means all I'm interested in, simply all I've put down and have been satisfied enough with to include here.
3) {This Space to be Filled as Needed}
4) {That's what she said!)

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Re: Rotochron's Ever-Expanding Emporium of Enticements
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Games That I Really Enjoyed!
these serve as good samples of what I bring to the table

The Prince in Distress with Melusine
The Return with Divine Tenacity
To Climb a Mountain -or- Forging the Alliance with Melusine
The Skull and Bones Over Aces and Eights with CutiebyNight
Peace is a Lie, My Passion Shall Free Me with Andronica
Akkan's Travelling Train of Wondrous Oddities with Atroxa
A Halfling's Misfortune with Inerrant Lust
Nice to meet you, partner. with Lowfoam
The Sky's No Longer the Limit with Atroxa

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Re: Rotochron's Ever-Expanding Emporium of Enticements
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Added a coupla new scenarios!
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Re: Rotochron's Ever-Expanding Emporium of Enticements
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March bump!

Had a couple partners drop out so I'm lookin!

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Bumpin' it up with a new urge heh

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Added in a little "Games I Enjoyed" section to the second post to serve as inspiration to possible partners. <3

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Re: Rotochron's Ever-Expanding Emporium of Enticements
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Boopity bump aw yiss

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Bimp bamp bump

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Bump with a new plot

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Thread necrodancey! Nothing new, just renewing a spot.

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Re: Rotochron's Ever-Expanding Emporium of Enticements
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Bump. Added a new story idea, moved another down the list.

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Re: Rotochron's Ever-Expanding Emporium of Enticements
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New game, older one moved to relevant section. Added another game to the Hall of Fame.