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Author Topic: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)  (Read 5427 times)

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Hello my lovelies!

Okay so it's been quite a while since I've updated this thread with ideas of my own. With my new job and such, I haven't been writing a lot of plot-heavy or intense stories as I used to in the past. That being said, I can't quite say that the thrill of writing little amusing scenes that occasionally tickle my muse or cause an itch has completely left me. I decided that since these little inspirations are starting to pile up, I ought to save them somewhere in case someone else finds themselves intrigued with one of the ideas.

So I'd like to say that the ideas below are not intended to require pages of setup or hours and hours of writing to establish a complex plot-driven story. These inspirations are generally scene-specific and a bit flexible, but all in all, they're designed to scratch an itch. If an idea appeals to you as a writer, you'll know it the moment you read it, or it'll stick in your muse a bit and tickle it like it does mine. If the idea doesn't appeal at all, you'll know immediately as well haha!

***In all the following scenes, I'd be playing the dominant seductress (or seducer) looking to enjoy a beauty just entirely in over her head. If you think you'd like to play a character opposite my dominant seductress, and if any of the ideas below specifically tickle your muse, feel free to drop me a line!***

A Queen's morning treat.

Plot: Very simple for this. I imagine a warrior queen (Dragon Rider) who freely roams the land of either newly acquired territory, or a place soon to be invaded. Heavily inspired by Game of Thrones but with a more battle-inclined warrior queen, I imagine a local warrior or huntress who's out for a hunt of her own only to be swept off her feet quite literally as she draws the eye of the warrior queen flying around overhead.

Content and general feel: Very open to what my partner would enjoy for this, but I'm imagining dub-con with a potentially playful lean toward non-con for the most part. The idea here would essentially be a beautiful warrior that just grabs the attention of an impulsive flirtatious warrior queen, who in turn grabs her. After all, there's a reason this place isn't abuzz with people given the more frequent appearances of the Queen riding her dragon. This particular warrior just happens to either not care, or feel like she isn't in danger of being caught. Whether it includes some light bondage, or playful wrestling, simply imposing her will, a catch and release of the warrior queen who returns the feisty warrior after enjoying her company for a bit, you name it.

Inspiration: So this is highly inspired by the above picture and the overall 'feel' of Game of Thrones though it's not necessary to have seen the show to understand the feeling of this kind of world. A queen who could be 'returning home' and has access to dragons (so is able to fly freely over lands that other invaders would have to ride through or march through) allows this queen to come and go. To swoop down and pick up beautiful prey would be completely within her realm of activity and behavior, so whenever the shadow of a dragon emerges, people go for cover, or people tend to stay in anyway. Others may view her soaring above with fascination and waiting to welcome her arrival. All in all, this picture makes me think of a beautiful flirtatious warrior queen who enjoys the pure bravery and coy attitude of another beautiful warrior who'd dare to be out and about as she flies around. To be beautiful enough to catch the queen's eye and amuse her to the point that she'd like to swoop down, scoop this woman up and fly off with her is something else entirely hehe!

Throwing down the Gauntlet
Idea: Throwing down the Gauntlet!

Inspirations: This idea is inspired by a couple of works including, infinity war, Thanos, Wonder Woman 1984 (a bit), Careful-what-you-wish-for plots, and 'Aladdin' a bit. And understanding of the 'infinity stones.

Basic outline of relevant information: Thanos's Gauntlet is something that became pretty iconic. As an amazing device that allowed Thanos to reign in the power of 6 stones. Possessing them all, he could do whatever he wanted. Thanos decided he would use his power to end half of all life in the universe. However, what really intrigued me about the idea of his gauntlet was the way individual solutions to heroes and heroines could be implemented with relatively little effort from him. My thought is, what if someone with that power had naughtier, sexier, more 'creative' ambitions? What if it wasn't some universe-conquering monster, but rather some horny guy who realized he could have whatever he wanted? Far from wanting to kill half of all life in the universe, his desires are more... primal. His interests are more... local. The 6 stones are:

- The power stone: (that makes someone extremely powerful, able to do whatever they can imagine 'themselves' doing.)

- The reality stone: (able to allow someone to bend reality itself, mold it to their vision. Laws of physics, gravity, everything you think you know can be altered to fit the desire of this stone's holder for a time.)

- The time stone: (Able to turn back time a short while, the holder of this stone can unmake any mistake, or undo any success an adversary may have at a given time.)

- The mind stone: (The ability to know what those around you are thinking, to hear their very 'thoughts' as if they are spoken in a different tone, as well as the ability to guide one's thoughts and influence them)

- The space stone: (The ability to teleport. To be anywhere, to send someone anywhere.)

- The soul stone: (Alright so I'll admit I have no idea what this thing does lol. I know it was important in the movie but for the life of me it just seemed to be a mcGuffin I ever really fully grasped. Fortunately for me, this fantasy and RP I imagine doesn't require anything to do with it. :)

Synopsis:  An unlikely character (doesn't have to be some chiselled warrior, or some over-the-top bad-ass figure) finds himself (or herself) in possession of the infinity stones. This could be an stereotypical nerd, a young(ish) geek, or just a character in general who wouldn't have a chance with women even remotely in this league that the heroines are in. This young man (or woman) is a nerd's nerd, and the idea that he would be a threat to heroines around the world is laughable.


Well... you must know where this is going by now!

This person manages through magic, divine sorcery, evil shenanigans, or gods-playing-with-mortals plot points to acquire the power of these stones. While the universe is not going to suffer any vast loss of life on a cosmic scale, the beautiful women who dress up and go to fight crime, or even just cross this person's path on a day to day basis are about to find themselves subject to unimaginable fantasies. An enthusiastic fan of these heroines, the power of these stones excite this person and truly have them feeling like the luckiest person in the world. They get to play (in every sense of the word!) with their biggest crushes, and their absolute fantasies.

Comments: So this idea is very much an 'open sandbox' of potential. Deep in depth knowledge of heroines from comic books, movies, shows is not needed. Really if you enjoy a heroine's general theme, her appearance, and simply want to 'slide into her character' for a bit, that works.

I will say that this story will range from non-con to dub-con quite a bit with the mere fact that this young man looks to enjoy using an astonishing power (that really, no one has any business wielding) to become an ultimate game-master for the women he's had a total crush on or just fantasized about before, but can now 'do' something.

My partner's kinks and cravings would be a big driving force behind what characters are involved, and what erotically enticing perils and kinky situations those characters find themselves in. Their confrontation could result in straight up capture and one-the-nose enjoyment at the hands of this horny unexpected character... or a slew of misadventures as his ability to bend reality itself allows him to generate intricate challenges for his favorite heroines specifically.

Thank you all for your time.

- Kristen -

Older ideas
Nothing but the best for her 18th Birthday.

- Alright so this was an idea that really captivated me for a time and it was on the roster to be a fun chapter in a preexisting story. For the time being that story's ground to a halt and I've found myself contemplating it as a stand-alone pitch for a one-shot.

- The 'setting' for this world is the heroine-villain genre, but with relatively little focus on heroines and villains being the actual emphasis here. Instead, the world is one where Wonder Woman is indulging in proclivities and interests befitting of a powerful Amazon Goddess here on earth. Does she serve the greater good? Yes. Does she fight the bad guys and save the day? Absolutely. It's just... you know... she does other things you don't quite expect from a noble heroine.

Save a gorgeous hostage? Steal a kiss. Why? Wrong question. Why not is the better one.

Helping herself to fun moments of selfish indulgence, to the unexpected or even originally 'unwanted' pleasure or an adversary, of a nuissance, or of a pesky do-gooder who can't help but share their opinions on how Diana shouldn't be acting the way she acts while being a heroine make Diana a bit more of a teasing, taunting, 'neutral heroine' in this world. She still does great work, it's just... she indulges as well, because she can, and why shouldn't she?

That's the world of this story.

So what about this particular chapter? Well... that's where my partner would come in.

YC is a beautiful student turning 18 who, having been saved by Diana during one of her routine busts, is now even more infatuated with her than before. Always having been a fan based on what she's seen, and a bit excited by the rumors that Diana might even be a bit inclined to taunt and dabble in a few teasing desires of her own, your character makes a rather flippant offer on social media. Announcing to Wonder Woman that she'd like the heroine to 'be her first' on her 18th birthday, she puts out an open invitation.

Maybe she doesn't think Wonder Woman will see it, maybe she doesn't think Wonder Woman would ever care. Maybe in most cases Wonder Woman truly wouldn't be bothered, but it just so happens that Diana's schedule this night is free... and well... your charcter is absolutely gorgeous. What's a Goddess to do but surprise her and take her up on her offer?

- An alternate take on this idea with a bit of a non-con dub-con tease would be the introduction of this ambitious 18 year old's beautiful guardian. It could be her aunt, it could be her mother, it could be an older sister you name it. In this alternate take on the scene, this guardian is not only concerned and outraged that their charge would make such a reckless offer, but they're offended that Diana would take her up on it. Wonder woman should know better! It's not right-... right!?

In this particular version of the story, Wonder Woman shows up to the excitement of the 18 year old Birthday Girl, but her guardian is quite verbal and is intent on convincing Diana not to follow through with this. Diana finding her spirited resistance to be impeccably attractive instructs the 18 year old to 'go back to her room and wait for her'. Of course, her guardian also tells her the same thing. Go to your room, don't come out. She intends on talking Diana out of this idea altogether.

Wouldn't you know it, the more she tries, the more Diana finds her attractive as well.

Diana's lips curl into a grin as she enters the house. The objections and attempts to talk her out of it are quite fruitless as Diana makes herself at home. The guardian can't quite make it to a phone, and Diana proves to be quite fast, powerful, and yes, handsy in toying with her as she engages in seducing the guardian through massaging, teasing touches, a blend of firm tugs and pulls, dancing manipulations of her body, playful shoves and intimate mocking holds where her power negates the guardian's ability or will to break out of it. All the guardian can find herself doing in time is squirm and try helplessly to fend off the Amazon's playful taunting advances as she realizes she's barely slowing her down.

And the only success in slowing her down is that Diana happens to find her amusing enough to play with instead... for the time being.

Content: Dub-con, F/F, sensual overpowering and methodical arousal and foreplay, possible binding (not over-the-top heavy chains, etc, but a fun practical entanglement of clothing or use of Diana's lasso), dub-con or non-con fading in the face of a relentlessly sensual onslaught (as the seducer in this case is just physically stronger, faster, able to impose her will, and when her will is to make your body shiver with anticipation and excitement despite your attempts to fend off the sensations, you're in for one hell of a good time hehe.

Naughty Magic.

- Very simple setup for this one. Based in a light version of a Harry-Potter or Sorcerer's Apprentice setting, this takes place in a school of beautiful girls training and testing themselves for magic. We're not talking summoning animals or generating massive fireballs, or even just throwing people across the room however.

- This scene is inspired by the notion that one of the most gifted, elite girls in the class has learned that she can trigger arousal in others. That's... effectively it at the start. The arousal can be mundane, it can feel a little testing at first, barely more than a feeling or a sensation. But it can ramp up to something overwhelming and impossible to hide. This particular chapter's inspiration is the evolution of that tantalizing spell as the elite student uses a vulnerable but beautiful crush as her experiment and guinea pig.

- Turning her on in class, affecting her dreams at night... causing daydreams during the day, even succeeding in summoning an orgasm on demand at the height of her skill at one point. This spell is not exactly intimidating or terrifying compared to what we see in movies of the genre, but in this scene, to this girl being affected, it's quite a ride as she's helpless to stop what the other girl is doing to her with growing ease and efficiency!

Content: Magic, spell casting, clothing manipulation, and generally the use of a spell that allows my character to do with her imagination, the things a person would need hands to accomplish. Your character, unable to help it, finds herself being the test subject of my character's magic as she enjoys causing your character to feel sensations that vary from light quivering, lib-biting pleasure distractions, to mind-blowing, relentlessly potent and vivid orgasms. Very straightforward here.

A take with a non-con tease with light-hearted manipulation could exist if your character finds that my character's spell could also manipulate her body a bit in terms of causing her to slow down, feel sluggish, feel a blissful haze, or even a short term, temporary paralysis in a moment of otherwise feisty defiance. Of course, this temporary state of helplessness just means she's all the more vulnerable to a very hands-on tease from her tormentor and (now, not-so) secret crush.


When Lady Luck smiles on you this broadly...

Short Synopsis: A young man, freshly let out of prison due to a magical element at play and a deal with a crafty trickster finds that his 'buried treasure' he expected to be waiting for him has been replaced by a magical camera. This camera has the ability to slow a subject's movement remarkably, almost freezing them in time (but still leaving them able to speak and communicate initially). In a near comical situation, looking to use this camera to earn some money through a few more thefts, this young man finds himself on the run from a handful of guards, not wanting to confront them knowing he probably can't take the pictures of each of them before one of them would get him. He's forced to flee.

He flees to a nearby event where the Victoria's Secret Models are in town. Having managed to successfully lose the guards chasing him, he decides to stay at the event, and take advantage of the fact that he's surrounded by absolutely gorgeous women, armed with a magical camera that can allow him to have almost any fantasy imaginable at his fingertips.

Longer Synopsis
Synopsis: My character is a young man with a checkered past, falling in with the crowd and finding himself on the wrong side of the law when a theft goes wrong. Long story short, he does a bit of time for refusing to give up his friends, at least, thinking they were his friends. He follows the rules, does his best to get through his term, holding his tongue, keeping his discipline, ever encouraged by the thought that when he gets out, there will be a stashed payday waiting for him to help him get his life back on track. Cue a cheesy but ominous visit from a dream figure. An offer of freedom, but at an unknown cost, would he accept? At first he thinks nothing of it, waking up, chalking it up as a bad dream. This happens for 2 more nights, but on the 3rd night, he ends up accepting, finding this dream to be extremely vivid. He wakes, thinking again that it was nothing. But then, he is granted a surprise release one day, sooner than he thought, but when he goes to find his money, he's surprised to find it gone.

Instead... there's a camera with a message.

The most valuable gift of all.

This camera seems useless at first, worthless even. He should have had a few hundred grand stashed here, and it's gone. Valuable his ass! However, he's surprised to find that the camera has an incredible magical quality. Taking a picture with the camera results in the subject of his photo being momentarily slowed in time. They can still speak, but movement is either tremendously slow, or almost impossible until he takes a 2nd picture. There's just something in the snapping of it. The flash of light gives this magical spell-like property.

Well-! This... this is something he can work with.

With his new camera, he opts to make up for some of his losses by gaining a few more jobs, this time working on his own. That takes us up to this night in question. When confronted by a single security guard or passer-by, he's able to easily freeze them or slow them tremendously by using his camera, allowing him to carry out his theft unhindered. This night however, he's taken advantage of a large event in town. The Victoria's Secret models are in for a show!

Looking to take advantage of this, he tries a theft at an adjoining building, only to find he's chased out by a handful of guards. Acting on instinct, he looks to lose them in the crowd of the large event nearby. It starts as an instinctive getaway, where he uses a combination of smooth talk and rushed focused camera flashes to get inside. He loses the guards, everything seems fine... he's able to call it a night, even if it wasn't a successful theft.

Except... he can't help but feel like a kid in a candy shop. He has this magical camera, he's managed to get into this Victoria's Secret show... and he's surrounded by absolute Goddesses! Shenanigans ensue as he decides to stay awhile.

What I'm looking for: As you might imagine, this idea is going to be fairly smut-heavy. It's designed as a simple inspiration, without very much plot-heavy requirement. The idea is that the camera allows this young man to be conceivably the luckiest man in the world on this night. Content can range from dub-con to non-con or light(ish) to dark though I don't see this going extremely dark. This idea would be heavily based on cravings or inspirations discussed via PM, centered around a number of potential scenarios involving one or more models, or it could even include personnel confronting him who end up caught in the freezing flash of his magical camera and end up being temporarily taunted or teased at his mercy.

An example of something I envision is this conversation with a gorgeous model as he playfully helps himself to her jewelry and valuables. She may be frustratingly slow to move, or even unable, but still able to talk to him or be fully aware of what's going on. The way his hands linger, the way he may toy with her clothing a bit, massaging or fondling, posing her playfully... and so much more. Or he could end up tying someone up knowing that in time they'll be able to move again very soon and that'll be inconvenient for him, etc. The chance to enjoy flustered, furious, or flushed beauties who's tongues and words may remain sharp but who's bodies are affected by the magic flash is something he just can't waste!

A scoundrel with a chance to help himself not just to the greatest payday of his life in terms of jewelry or merchandise, but also to enjoy having these models at his fingertips is just incredible. If there's no desire to play a model, then a site security guard, or an event organizer, or another beauty who crosses his path trying to stop him is another possibility to discuss for sure!

- Scarlet Seduction

- Alright so very straightforward here, this is a bit of a simple inspiration where Scarlet Witch and Black Widow find themselves at odds with each other, and to Black Widow's amazement, Scarlet Witch's powers negate her othwerwise downright effective martial arts training.

- This is a bit of a scene inspired by Thanos's attack on a group of heroes in the infinity movie. In this case, Scarlet Witch's powers allow her to do a number of things she'd imagine to the body of the beauty trying to get to her.

- Her weapons are cast aside, or crumpled and rendered useless. Her zipper, annoyingly won't stop slipping down. Her attempts to dart toward Scarlet Witch are halted by the fact that she simply floats a few inches from the ground. Unable to find solid footing, unable to gain a pure stride to attack, her body is entirely at the mercy of the magic of a meta-human.

- And well... the two being absolutely driven by lust as the engagement progresses could be absolutely great.

***Content for an alternate take on this could be Scarlet Witch enjoying a number of young, beautiful, but perhaps naive or over-confident heroines or girls trying to stop her from achieving a goal. To their shock, her telekinetic power allows her to stifle their efforts and enjoy them like so many playthings! (An example of this inspiration is the iconic scene in Aladdin when Jafar manages to stop each of the protagonists's allies from helping. Abou is turned into a toy. Raj is turned into a harmless kitten. Jasmin is imprisoned in an hourglass filling with sand, the magic carpet is literally unraveled, all the while Jafar gives us the amusing 'puns' of each of his little victories as incident after incident makes victory seem further and further from possible for our protagonist). In this case, the idea of a beautiful but naive group of girls finding themselves overwhelmed by Scarlet Witch when they weren't prepared for her, and now find themselves being seduced and aroused by her teasing foreplay is just... a delicious visual.***

- Tantalizing Tentacles

- The notion that Ursula may have had a more taunting desire to grant the lovely mermaid legs and use her very wish against her in the most erotic and teasing of ways may well be beneath the theme and strengths of this iconic story. However, in terms of a fun little scene where a beautiful prize finds herself at the mercy of ravaging tentacles, this is more of a conversation starter.

- A serpentine seductress enjoying their prize...

- An arachnid-themed beauty setting a trap for an adventurer who gets overwhelmed, having encountered more than she bargained for?

- Again, just a conversation starter, with the general theme here being found around an adventuress helplessly toyed with by the entity she attempts to best or even kill.

Thank you all for your time in reading and if any of these ideas appeal, feel free to drop me a PM.

- Kristen -

Specific comic-inspired oneshots

An evil seductive Nurse who finds herself betrayed by a partner? Bimbofied?

Like Thief in the Night (comic) inspiration

Twists and turns when a heroine ends up being quite naughty after dominating her adversary?

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Cleaning up (finally!)
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Re: Witches, Lesbian Vampires, Curses... Oh my. (F x F)
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2014, 05:30:12 am »
Sorry for coding issues. Hoping this is at least a little better for now.

- Kristen -

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Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's idea thread, F/F mostly)
« Reply #3 on: April 25, 2016, 09:11:03 am »
Testing... oh goody. It worked.

Please do not post on this thread, rather send me a PM.  ::)

- Kristen -
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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #4 on: September 06, 2016, 11:00:00 pm »
I can't seem to get coding to work haha.
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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #5 on: September 27, 2016, 03:28:54 am »
Testing (bump?)

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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #6 on: September 27, 2016, 04:30:36 pm »
These are some really cool ideas; would you mind if I PM you about one or more of them?

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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #7 on: December 22, 2016, 06:56:21 pm »
Thanks dear. :)

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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #8 on: June 18, 2017, 09:38:26 pm »
Thought I should do a little tidying despite work being positively insane. Since I haven't updated this since December I'm hoping it's okay. Given some of the PM's I've received about this idea, I thought I'd clarify what I'm looking for is something more playful with the non-con element to it. I'm not picturing anything excessive and overly 'cruel' or 'nasty'. The feel of this is an entitled gangster's daughter and sister who simply has power over a man who owes money. She lucks into the fact that he has a beautiful daughter present at the time she's coming to collect and has every interest in indulging in this prize for a couple of days.

- Kristen -
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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #9 on: August 25, 2017, 10:53:26 pm »
Added a Game of Thrones inspired pair of scenarios. 

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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #10 on: April 08, 2019, 06:29:27 pm »
Replaced old ideas with 2 rather particular one-shot themed interests heh.

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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #11 on: August 03, 2019, 01:31:11 pm »
Removed old ideas, placed a few little tidbits that my muse has been nibbling on lately!

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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #12 on: September 03, 2019, 07:19:40 pm »
Added "Rogue Wonder Woman". For this idea I'm thinking of something more teasing, erotic and fun.

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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #13 on: December 09, 2019, 02:16:39 pm »
Merry Christmas everyone. Added a very basic one-shot inspiration that is flexible. I'm not looking to play multiple versions of this idea or extend it into anything over-the-top. It's really just a fun little encounter. :)

The visual inspiration for the sister, obviously, I view as portrayed by the lovely Nina Dobrev. The model for my partner's character in the story can really be based on the vision you have of the character.

- Kristen -
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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #14 on: January 27, 2020, 05:29:55 am »
I suppose better a late bump than never. :D

Very specific inspiration here based on a rather popular movie (albeit a bit older). A beautiful adventurer finding herself overwhelmed by the task of taking down the notorious Countess of Transylvania, could end up being absolutely stunning prey herself.  ::)

- Kristen -

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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #15 on: April 08, 2020, 05:28:04 pm »
Put a few ideas that my muse has been nibbling on lately up here in a place to store them. :)

- Kristen -

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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #16 on: May 22, 2020, 10:41:34 pm »
You guys are fantastic. I just wanted to put here, I'm really not into the whole 'snuff' thing. It's really not a huge issue. To each their own. It's just not my cup of tea so that's one of the kinks I really don't see this seductive teasing flirt of a scene including. :)

- Kristen -

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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #17 on: September 05, 2020, 12:51:08 am »
Added a new idea, simple but possibly a bit of fun heh! It's got a bit of that magical manipulation vibe to it, but looking to play a thief who goes from being down on his luck to becoming quite possibly the luckiest man alive when he acquires a magic camera with the ability to give him all the time in the world with a bevy of beauties!

It's a bare bones setting designed to be expanded upon via PM depending on a partner's craving or direction of interest. :)

- Kristen -
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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #18 on: January 14, 2021, 10:11:38 am »
Image resizing.  ;D

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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #19 on: February 17, 2021, 04:26:27 am »
Just a reminder to reach out via PM as opposed to posting in this thread. Thank you all so much!

- Kristen -