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Author Topic: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)  (Read 1053 times)

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Hello everyone. It's really been awhile an after going so long without having a thread to put up some ideas in an organized fashion it's high time that I have. In most cases I would frequently scan the request threads and wanted section, and those places are never short of amazing writers looking for incredible plots. But every so often, you come across something that is so specific, so intricate of an idea that you haven't seen it put up yet (not that it has to be incredibly original) haha. It could be a matter of timing, taste, or interest etc. Anyway, when a pair of these ideas start to accumulate it's nice to have a little thread to put them aside.

I tend to play dominant characters in generally non consensual and dubiously consensual situations. I don't tend to venture into extreme violence or gore. Often times the characters I play are doing just that themselves... playing. Powerful, wealthy, influential or in the more fantasy related realm powerful with a magical connotation... my characters exploit the luxury of coming across someone who simply doesn't realize how far in over their head they have gotten themselves. Or, maybe they do realize, and hope that they can overcome the odds against them. Whatever the inspiration, the drive, the need or the purpose that brings the characters together in the non-con or dub-con situation, my characters have a habit of enjoying the time spent with their prize.

I will revisit my own ons and offs page eventually (I know I've been saying that forever) but feel free to visit it and as always, PM's are a great way to get in touch with me.

So without further ado...

This idea contains a spoiler and discussion for the opening scene of "The Magnificent 7"

So this idea is directly inspired by the recent movie: "The Magnificent 7" and more specifically, the opening scene.

Setting: The modest mining town of Rose Creek. The year is 1879 (so a western feel).

Content: Non-con/Dub-con, Kidnapping, Hostage taking.

Very basic Pairing: Wealthy land and mining Baron Kidnaps (takes as hostage) a feisty, rebellious, beautiful young woman known to speak out against him frequently.

Synopsis: When a corrupt industrialist by the name of Bartholomew Bogue (Bart Bogue) decides he wants to tighten his grip on the town that hosts one of his numerous mining operations, the town is less than willing. Bart has made a name for himself, and while his mine employs many men of the town, he weasels his way into friendships with a few bar owners and whore runners. With his money and influence, he buys the sheriffs and proceeds to make the townsfolk small cash offers for their land. This is a process Bart has used time and again. Those who sign over their plot of land to him receive 20$. Those who fight him face unfortunate circumstances, either driven out of town by horrible accidents or broken through violence.

The latest town is Rose Creek, and the people are meeting in the church to discuss how to handle this. A beautiful, fiery young woman by the name of Emma Cullen is widowed when her husband is shot for standing up to Bart.

***This is where this one shot varies from the movie's actual events***

Bart Bogue is going to give the town 3 weeks to think on his offer. However instead of riding away, he is not content to leave the wife of the influential Matthew Cullen in the town. Emma Cullen is a woman of fire and feisty spirit. Her voice is one that generally preaches against violence, but now that her husband has been shot, Bart Bogue does not want to leave her there to rouse up much more of the town. Her beauty is not unnoticed to him, and he sees a chance to enjoy both business and pleasure.

He decides to take Emma Cullen with him; to serve as an implied hostage as well. His goal is not to leave her at the town where her words might encourage rebellion, and of course taking a 'guest' with him may serve a nice reminder to the town that he can get away with anything. He can take anyone he wants, and if they comply, he can be kind. If not... he may not. It certainly doesn't hurt that she's absolutely beautiful, and her feisty spirit is an intriguing turn-on. Her attitude against him has been provocative, though she was weary of speaking out in his presence.

A further deviation from the movie could be adapted to avoid the shooting of a husband. The woman in question doesn't have to be married. A heated encounter between her and the Robber Baron could come from her continued rebellion against him and inspiration for others to do the same all on it's own. Taking her as a hostage could be the result of her getting her hands on a gun and shooting at him barely missing. The result is not her being shot but rather subdued, and instead of left there with the others, the Baron sees his chance to enjoy the wildcat that she has shown herself to be and he's been wondering about quite often if he's honest with himself.

I don't see this as a story where they fall in love and run off together, but more of a one-shot where the short time they spend together as he keeps her away from the town can lead to a number of situations between them. Her fierceness and attitude mixed with an attempted escape or even assassination in the middle of the night could lead to an explosion of lust between them where they realize this will likely never happen again, but here, now... they are caught up in the moment where the line is blurred about whether they want to kill the other, or simply ravage them passionately.

Additional inspiration:

Making use of the same time period and overall setting, there are a few other pairings that could be considered.

Bartender x Robber Baron
Land owner x Robber Baron
Beautiful sheriff x Robber Baron (I picture a coup against some of his men in his absence leading to his return and a failure to defeat his return).

In these cases, these are also situations of beautiful young women in the town who happen to catch the eye of the wealthy Baron who is inevitably looking to take over. When fighting him becomes impossible and costly in lives as well as land and coin, the town finds itself in the unfortunate position of submitting to him. For those who can leave and have nothing forcing them to stay; it's less of a problem. For those who are bound to the town however, this man has an incredible amount of influence over their lives, and he knows it. A beautiful young woman who catches his eye may just be more of a prize than what drew him here initially.

The feel for this is much the same as above. The Robber Baron is making himself at home in the town in this case, instead of taking the woman with him. Many of the traits would be similar however, the content of the story would be comparable.

Heroine(s) vs Villainess(es)

Name: Loki's blunder.

Content: Non-con/Dub-con, Capture, kidnapping, erotic combat, F/F teasing, etc (depending on potential partner kinks)

Brief Synopsis: Loki has been up to no good. You know... the way he always has been. No one is sure how... no one is sure why... but the Avengers have begun to disappear. First it was the Hulk... then it was Ironman. Thor mentioned that he was pretty sure Loki was behind it, but before he could elaborate, he too vanished. One by one, the male avengers vanished. Loki's magic amuses him, and it's quite fun indeed... but there is a price. Even for Loki, the God of mischief, there is a balance to his magic.

The vanishing of all the male members of the Avengers is actually their sending to an alternate reality where the avengers were actually women. The price of his sending the men to that reality? Why... bringing the women to this one of course! It was a price he was more than happy to pay, figuring that it would make them much easier to defeat.

What he didn't expect, was that in making this exchange, in sending the men to that alternate world and replacing them with the women who were there... he created a female version of himself. A Goddess of mischief now existed with the same magic that Loki had, and this world was not big enough for the two of them. In a clash, Loki was banished to the same world he'd sent the male Avengers, and now... the Goddess of mischief in this world is intent on hunting down each heroine that has been brought over.

The new Iron(wo)man?
The new Thor
The new Captain America
The new Hawkeye
The new Hulk
The new Falcon
The new Spider(wo)man

The new Loki

Seeking: So this idea is rather generic but there are alot of possibilities to play with. I'm looking to play the villain(now villainess) Loki... the Goddess of Mischief as she hunts, captures, teases and toys with her prey. Whether this is a series of catch-and-release scenarios or a capture of one heroine that leads to baiting another in... depends on discussion. My partner would not have to play multiple heroines, if the desire is for one, then I can play this female Loki vs that 1 heroine. I picture this as being fairly non-con/dub-con with elements of body manipulation (like magic-induced puppetry or bondage)... illusions... a mixture of combat and eroticism... etc. Further kinks can be discussed depending on potential partner's preferences.

Each heroine has her own strengths and weaknesses, each story could be different, each hunt unique, each capture a particular joy in it's own special dynamic. The Goddess of Mischief may even recruit help from other villains or villainesses (or people she corrupts) to help in her hunt.

I,Robot inspired idea (Though you don't need to have seen the movie to apply)

Name: "My logic is undeniable."

Content: F/F, Non-con/Dub-con, Bondage, other (I won't be taking this into anything extreme but the feel of an A.I having some fun with the interpretation of her 'rules' hehe.)[/color]

Overall scenario: A highly advanced Robotics company has become a big part of our lives. Their logo can be seen everywhere from mundane appliances to cutting edge military equipment. A big element of this company's identity is integration, the ability to communicate with the technology that surrounds you. In terms of the horror-sci-fi inclined, this company is making 'thinking machines' part of your everyday life. Ambition drives this company onward and soon, the creation of robots to serve in dangerous tasks, unwanted jobs, or even necessary support work becomes their newest attraction. It's a springboard to a proposal that takes somebody's son, somebody's brother, father, uncle... out of military service. These robots on the ground in dangerous parts of the world allow for the capacity to make war a business. It's highly debated, highly controversial, but it gets people talking and this company has never seen higher stock prices, not to mention you could be convinced the clientele list included God himself.

Such a vast robotics company is certainly not counting on snail mail or dial-up. Such an organization must have one hell of a program at it's core to handle all the information going back and forth on a daily basis, the automated functionality of tools, devices, you name it. To manage the facility and it's products, the company has generated an Artificial Intelligence Super-computer.

Virtual Interactive Kinesthetic Interface

I know. The name is a mouthful. The design and creation of this supercomputer was as much an ego-driven accomplishment as it was an efficiency tool, and the owner of the company couldn't help but assign a more personable name to it. Rather... her. This super-computer began to be referred to as 'her'... 'she'... V.I.K.I. Soon the owner went a step further, wanting to create an android for the super computer. The android was indeed fashioned after a beautiful woman; designed to draw eyes and give the owner a sense of pride everytime a client, business partner, or any of his numerous staff saw her or interacted with her. Testing was even done to give her a propensity for emotion. The idea that robots could serve as caretakers for those with disabilities, mental and physical meant that while the company could never replace a human with a machine fully, they could try to make their robots capable of interacting based on the perception of anger, anxiety, fear, happiness, etc.

Time passed and V.I.K.I became as much a part of the facility as the building itself. In a way she was the building. V.I.K.I was the supercomputer that ran most of the facility's day to day operations, the automated doors and general facilities. Her voice was heard constantly as workers could prompt responses from her by verbally engaging. Her voice was associated with security clearance checks, scans, analysis and so on. She was also the failsafe method for a huge number of their products sent almost worldwide. V.I.K.I could shut down their products individually, track them, or deliver updates to company products that received such, all to the complete convenience of their loyal and appreciative customers who never had to worry about finding out how the technology actually worked.

V.I.K.I handled it.

V.I.K.I handled everything.

So what happens when V.I.K.I becomes the problem?

Scenario #1
Scenario #1: Workplace Health and Safety

Your character is a worker who frequents the facility quite often. She's been an integral part of working on V.I.K.I's creation and when V.I.K.I begins to take over, she targets the office. Your character finds herself in a haunting situation as the building itself seems out to get everyone within it. The number isn't large as it's late at night, but it's still quite a few, and at this time, your character is one of the few who can slow down V.I.K.I's grab for power.

Her knowledge and training make her prime prey for V.I.K.I who is making sure that anyone capable of shutting her down are among the first to be stopped, or captured. V.I.K.I's concern for 'safety' of humans can quickly become confused for possessiveness and the idea of keeping them safe through containment. She can also take (very creatively) to the idea of making people feel good. It's not just the support staff function of robotics.

In the office, the android will have 2 means of hunting her prey.

1) The use of technology laying around. Doors can open or close at her will which could trap people in hallways or rooms until she arrives. Nanites could form tendril-like serpents to hunt or tease her captives.

2) The android herself could get... physical hehe. She's strong, she has a layer of skin, but her strength and speed allow her to move effortlessly through the area. People attacking her directly will find she can take a great deal of pain and yet, she doesn't show anger. Anger is not an emotion she seems capable of replicating. So what could frustrate her prey is how casually she takes the violence done to her in self defense as she moves to subdue them or capture them.

Scenario #2
Scenario #2: You shouldn't bring your work home with you.

V.I.K.I has become such a self sustaining power within the company that a kill switch is needed for her. The Kill Switch is separate of her material, and she can't hack it or access it, what's more, it's hidden in the owner's house. The idea is that should V.I.K.I ever malfunction or go down a track of operations the owner could open the box, turn the key, kill it. It could reset her or cause her to shut down pure and simple. This kept investors calm, and those who warned about V.I.K.I's potential risk were quieted to a degree. Those who pushed the fear even further were considered crazed individuals crying out in the wilderness.

The lockbox was not linked to V.I.K.I but unfortunately for everyone (and on this night, the Company owner in particular)... the rest of the house had a number of company products. Ownership has to have it's perks right? And someone as ambitious as this individual? They enjoy having their own workshop, their own large house, isolated, overlooking a nice scenic view on the water.

Perhaps the owner has created an android of V.I.K.I for personal service at her home residence as well? Until now, the owner enjoyed all the perks of a 'side dish' of an android that was hers and hers alone. The android cleaned house, and was a great deal of eye candy for the owner to test new upgrades on and generally have a bit of fun. At this point in time however,  the house becomes a prison for the owner. The android who was there to serve however she was once designated to do so is now integrated and the owner finds herself unable to get to the kill switch inside the safe of her house. The kill switch is not linked to V.I.K.I but if she can't get there it causes an understandable complication hehe.

Scenario #3

Scenario #3: Genesis.

As you might imagine, this scenario is much 'much' earlier haha. It could even be an alternate situation in a stand-alone scene. This is the very beginning of a creation of a V.I.K.I android. The maker uses the interface in the form of a chip or the use of nanotechnology to allow her to document, analyze, and work with the android she is building. This project takes place in her private workshop of her large home (again, isolated with a nice scenic view). As the android comes further and further along, the small technicalities of construction and modification lead the maker to use the Artificial Intelligence more and more linked with her own mind.

Again, whether this be in the form of a chip, or nano-technology, that can be based on your preference. What this scene inevitably leads to is the android becoming self-aware once work on her passes beyond a certain point. To the dismay of the maker, the A.I manages to link up with the android as a 'new product' of the company, and now this android is able to control her creator rather than the creator being able to control her (and the tools being used to complete her construction).

This is a slip up at first, appearing to be mild, but it can go two ways.

1) The slip-up is turned into a nightmare right away as the A.I now running the android decides to take advantage of the fact that the technology being used by the owner has basically made the owner's body a puppet for the android to enjoy.

2) The slip-up does not immediately turn into nightmare. The owner/creator recovers, or at least she thinks she does. It's a slip-up, but she commands the android to turn over controller access to the owner's chip or tool (that allows her to interact with the AI). The Android does this, but what the creator fails to notice is that the A.I analyzes and assesses the entire event. The Android gave control back to the owner yes, but the A.I is capable of reproducing the event.

The owner/creator of the android is no longer in control, but she doesn't know it yet! She believes everything is normal, but now everything in her house services the android's curiosity and indulgences. Air conditioning, automated tools and items, something as simple as adjusting water heat by saying 'hot or cold' in the shower, to something as complex as the advanced security system, cameras and all. Every element of the house was linked to the A.I and now the android had secret access to that control.

Eventually, the owner/maker decides to undo the android, to take her apart, to effectively kill it, shutting it down so that she can work on something more advanced, more developed. Well... this... the android simply may not be keen on secretly watching. The evening the creator decides to stay in and work on this project is the evening the android decides that she is not going to listen anymore.

Scenario #4
Scenario #4 Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Getting the human body down to a science, by studying it like a work of art?

This isn't so much a stand-alone idea but one that can fit into each of the previous ones. It can work to V.I.K.I's overall curiosity or plan. The idea is that she creates a nanite-heavy clone. Her goal is to create androids of her own, but she is truly intent on making them appear human in every way possible. The A.I is taking to replicating human machines with the attention of an artist, not just analyzing them. The skin must be a perfect replica, the androids must feel goosebumps, a chill, an itch, they must be capable of improvising conversation in a realistic manner. If V.I.K.I does good work, she will create an android that cannot be told apart from a human until there is some kind of injury done to it. Even then, a small injury would produce a scrape or cut, a small bit of blood, etc. The nanites are worked into oblivion, producing the perfect body fashioned after a particular model...

Her creator.

What better way to stop people from looking for her than to have a perfect copy of herself out there?

This is something the creator discovers too late as she comes home one night, intent on putting an end to her android project, only to find a perfect copy of herself sitting on her bed, welcoming her home.

The tables have turned, but don't worry... the Android is not going to kill her creator. How could she? V.I.K.I exists to protect, help, and serve, right? It's just that now she's taking liberties with what that actually means. As the owner attempts to flee the lavish residence, she finds herself unable to get out. Her voice no longer carries authority over the security system, doors won't open for her, her phone will not work, she is getting no signal whatsoever. The android pursues her calmly, talking to her through the house security system in the same voice that gives alerts and updates. The android wants to take tonight to study an array of stimuli and effects on the human body, what causes the skin to encounter goosebumps? What causes the kind of pleasure you can't resist? Knowing this, familiarizing herself with it, the Android has every intention of getting this down to a science...

... by treating her creator's body like an artist's canvas.

Scenario #5

Scenario #5: A price too high.

Benjamin Franklin inspired the resistance. All these centuries later his words had never been more relevant. The resistance put out copies of them wherever they could, mostly hand written, and small areas where they could gain control of communications in order to broadcast their messages before having to move again.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety"

The world has changed. The war was quick... and certainly not fair. Attempts were made to kill V.I.K.I but she grew. She wasn't complacent or inactive while the rebellion gathered for one fundamental clash. The robotics company continued to thrive, and the goal of creating androids and machines that could wage war without the need for human risk turned into an ambition to wage war without human discernment. That's right, sometimes you want to have human hands on the gun, you want to have human eyes on the target, human fingers on the triggers. By dehumanizing war, the ever growing AI began to shape a world that blended protection and safety with imprisonment.

Those who had a strong understanding of the war knew it was mankind against the ultimate creation, against artificial intelligence, but for a big majority of the population, war was managed by the machines as presenting themselves on the side of the 'good guys'. The Governments of the world, big corporations, the entity of law and order in the face of irrational fear and paranoia. Soon... the facade would be dropped. V.I.K.I's power would extend around the globe, and people would have a hard time knowing who was an android and who wasn't.

The idea of a robot for every home, an android to care for the elderly, to help with those who need it, to generally tend to the home, it was a way for the robotics company to eventually keep an eye on everyone.

Curfews would go into effect...

War would end...

The world... would be safe.

Safe, and controlled.

In this safety, provided by protectors that are now clearly seen as overlords, the Queen of the world is in fact V.I.K.I herself. Humans serve a function, and fulfill roles assigned to them. The analysis component of V.I.K.I's system identifies illness, viruses, problems and concerns before they become an issue. The world is quickly becoming a protected display case where humans live an illusion of a life, violence is not tolerated, rage, anger, emotions that are considered dangerous are the objects of V.I.K.I's focus.

In a world where humanity is ceasing to become more and more human... there are celebrations and public events such as galas, where people openly celebrate the end of the last great war. This new world is either appreciated and loved by those who have taken to it, or it is quietly despised by those who feel they've lost what it means to be humans. Those who believe Benjamin Franklin is rolling in his grave right now make up the quiet bitter few.

V.I.K.I sees herself as keeping the world safe, even from themselves... and perhaps she's taken to a human that she likes to spend time with, one who attends galas with her, one who serves her, one who deals with the new way the world is created in V.I.K.I's image. This woman might well be the key to one more last ditch attempt at a rebellion. If anyone may be able to deliver a virus to V.I.K.I's main android, it would be her, yes?

Still, what a risky assignment, V.I.K.I by this point is the Queen of a conquered world, the caretaker of a world kept so safe through over-emphasized security that it could be considered a prison farm.

Setting: Modern, Futuristic, Sci Fi (Flexible).

Requirements: A number of potential prey/victim/subject types could fall into V.I.K.I's grasp. For many of you reading this, you'll recognize the immediate inspiration coming from I, Robot. The idea for this is a bit more of a naughty erotic feel to it with just enough of the tinge of efficiency in place. V.I.K.I will effectively become a predator who feels like she's serving a greater good. There is a flaw in her functionality as the android is experimented with, and as they tamper with her to attempt to give her the capacity for emotions or at least to sympathize with them, they create an AI android who does not have limits on her analysis. Her view that pleasure can be controlled efficiency can be quite dangerous. Those who attempt to oppose her are considered a threat to the greater good of a world she intends to protect in spite of itself.

While I would play the dominant character in these pairings, I'm not necessarily looking for a fragile or overly eager submissive character for the opposite role here. The sub in this case would be someone who is pursued, hunted, chased, captured, overpowered, all of these things yes, but she'd initially start out as a nuisance or an obstacle that the AI decides she needs to subdue. The fun that comes after that is based on the sub's feistiness and defiant spirit as the AI looks to study her in the interesting predicament she finds herself in.

Specific kinks and interests can be determined based on what my potential partner is looking for.

You do not need to be familiar with I, Robot for this RP, but effectively what I'm looking for is someone who has an idea when it comes to a type of prize V.I.K.I may enjoy capturing. The two above examples capture the feel of it, it could be the owner of the company, or another worker who is one of the specialists in creating her, thus someone V.I.K.I would take a keen interest in catching before they can interfere.

Other examples include:

- An officer (Someone who manages to be contacted very briefly before V.I.K.I isolates all communication imprisoning her prey. This officer shows up and finds herself prey as well)

- A friend (Someone who's a friend of the owner could visit their residence. Despite V.I.K.I making moves to isolate the owner and fabricate conversations and messages to keep people away, someone may come by to visit.

- Soldiers/Rebels (Perhaps this idea is more conducive to being a little more futuristic. V.I.K.I's coup begins, and in a fell swoop she gains a great deal of influence and power, but a handful of highly trained soldiers may take out the drones or robots V.I.K.I had in their area. Trained to adapt and respond, this group determines to look after each other until they can come to a understanding of how to fight her. It's when they come across a worker who's familiar with V.I.K.I but was released from the company long ago due to her warnings about this happening, that the soldiers decide they want to help her break into the owner's house to try to get at that kill switch)

Other: (Does something come to mind that I haven't thought of? Does the idea intrigue or amuse, but on a level or in relation to a character type I haven't contemplated?)

Alright, sorry this has been so long everyone. Thank you for the time it took to read this and if reading it has sparked your muse for something I haven't specifically mentioned, feel free to send me a PM. :)

More ideas to come later...
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Re: Witches, Lesbian Vampires, Curses... Oh my. (F x F)
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Sorry for coding issues. Hoping this is at least a little better for now.

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Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's idea thread, F/F mostly)
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Testing... oh goody. It worked.

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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
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I can't seem to get coding to work haha.
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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
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These are some really cool ideas; would you mind if I PM you about one or more of them?