Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)

Started by Kristen, June 03, 2014, 11:03:21 PM

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Hello everyone. Things are still relatively hectic with me but I've had an idea knocking around in the back of my head I haven't been able to clear out. After a conversation, it's only become more prevalent and I figured I'd make a pitch about it.

"Welcome, my dear."

Themes: Fantasy (superheroine, or traveler, etc) non-con, F/F, erotic lesbian foreplay and sensual, provocative sexual captivity.

General Synopsis: A beautiful adventurer/heroine/traveler is caught in a setting that is all too easy for her to access, and all too seemingly impossible to escape. The hostess of this setting has a blend of magic (meta-human or enchantress/demoness, etc) that she employs to capture and enjoy her uninvited guest.

This magic includes:

- Vine manipulation
- Aphrodisiacs
- Body manipulation or puppetry (video examples to be provided below).
- A light haze of hypnosis. (The videos will also contribute to this but to be clear, this isn't a 'yes mistress, I love you with all my heart and will do whatever you ask' type of hypnosis so much as it is a more of a feisty compelled obedience that she can maintain her opinion about, even if her body is forced to go through the motions.

Inspiration: Inspiration for this setting comes from the likes of Van Helsing, Poison Ivy's garden, and Kaa (the hypnotic serpent)'s jungle.

Possible variations:

Idea #1: Poison Ivy's Garden - This is a setting of a lavish garden where the beautiful adventuress (your character) could be a heroine who goes in and gets caught, or an every day citizen of the city who is involved in the Media, or the police force, anything really where they have a grievance with Ivy and most importantly, she has a reason to enjoy their captivity.

Idea #2: Van Helsing - The inspiration almost comes directly from the movie. The idea of this isolated town, not necessarily easy to get to and a community that has grown used to the existence of monsters in their midst. Primarily potent among these entities are Dracula and his brides. An uneasy peace exists between the town and the monster where the town accepts that the Vampires will feed based on their need to quench their hunger. It's an unfortunate acceptance but to fight back and (heaven forbid!) kill one of the monsters means they could start to kill for revenge! In this setting, your character could again be an adventuress, a traveler, or some heroine intent on hunting these monsters.

Her fate of course... is that she ends up becoming a plaything to a provocatively sensual and teasing seductress that just ends up being out of her league. If only she'd understood the extent of her task's nigh-impossibility!

This is an idea that fits a very niche craving and I understand it won't be for everyone. I wanted to leave this pitch open enough that various ideas can be inspired, but the specific elements I'm looking for would be present among them with details varying depending on what a potential partner would like to see implemented and what feel they may prefer.

(Two videos (both safe for work) that demonstrate the body puppetry/light hypnosis vibe)

Clip from Van Helsing
This goes to a youtube video from the Van Helsing movie.*Spoilered for presence of children at the dance*

Other Info: So I'm really not expecting this to be something that takes forever or even be an obscenely long story. I'm imagining this as a light fun scene with a gorgeous sensual captor who just can't pass up the thrill of a beautiful prize that falls right into her arms, or lap.

A few images/gifs that capture the mood

Older ideas
Hello everyone. It's about that time again. RL has been catching up with me a bit and I've been quite limited in my ability to play very long stories or plot-intensive material. I've had a few one-shot inspirations that have been burning a hole in my muse's pocket for awhile so I figured I'd update my idea thread here. A lot of these are very simple synopsis descriptions based on an image inspiration. The ideas are not overly complex but are more grounded in the fun interactions between characters that could take place in a world we craft relatively quickly. I'd be looking to play the dominant or playful predator character in the ideas below.

Edit: These ideas are predominantly F/F.

One-shot inspirations:

Give it some time or a refresh for the images to work as I've included a fair number of them. Some of the images are extra large and I've resized them to 300 height but it will make the inspirations unreadable, so if you click the images after the page has finished loading it should allow you to full size them. Sorry for any inconvenience! I'd like to say a lot of these come from browsing Deviantart for a bit, so all credit for these amazing works go to the appropriate individuals who've done such masterful work!

Talia Al Ghul captures Black Cat and Catwoman (9 parts)

The perilous adventure of Black Cat and Catwoman!

Have you heard about the time Black Cat and Catwoman teamed up? No? Well... let me Talia all about it!

General storyline (according to the images): Catwoman and Black Cat have teamed up. Unfortunately, they've stolen from the wrong villainous vixen. Talia Al Ghul has tremendous resources at her disposal, not least of all the army of the league of shadows. She ambushes Catwoman at home, and while Catwoman can give her the old "I don't know what you're talking about!" complaint, it is unfortunate that Talia has access to her safe and finds the very gem that proves Catwoman is caught red handed. Catwoman's defiance can shift to the fact that Talia won't get away with this because someone will come to rescue her. That someone being Black Cat may be a confidence booster to Catwoman, but it's a short lived confidence as it's revealed Black Cat is also caught. Gagged, bound, her outfit in tatters demonstrating that her capture was probably as physically rough if not more so than Selena's (Catwoman's) own... both beautiful thieves find themselves caught by Talia and taken on a ship. Intent on drowning them, the thieves are blessed to find a get-out-of-jail free card in the form of one of Zatanna's magic emblems. Zatanna rescues them, they apprehend Talia Al Ghul, and walk away not only doing the right thing, but being rewarded for it by stealing the gem all over again. Happy endings all around.

Synopsis inspiration for this idea: Catwoman and Black Cat are master thieves. Nobody disputes this, they're downright fantastic at, well... cat-burglary. Much like in the general story here, I envision a hot capture sequence, a binding, overpowering, physically exciting capture but instead of opting to kill them, I love the idea of Talia keeping them for awhile.

Thoughts: I'm flexible on this, from having a catch-and-release mindset to this idea being seen more as a one-shot. I don't necessarily see a need for a dark end though if my partner is looking for one, I can certainly see it fitting the scene.

Characters: In this particular inspiration, the characters are Black Cat (Felicia), Catwoman (Selena) and Talia Al Ghul (featuring Zatanna as the magic magician for the little story). I'm not necessarily bound (no pun intended) to these characters, it's more or less the idea and setup I really like, so if a potential partner has a preference for other characters (or even characters they come up with) who they feel would be exciting to play in the above situation/adventure, it could work. Despite the rescue being magical, I don't see the RP being very power-focused or ability-centric. The idea is essentially two sexy thieves caught by a beautiful seductress Queenpin of sorts... and enjoyed luxuriously as her playthings for a bit.

There's Nobody Here But Me labs

Synopsis: A beautiful tenacious and ambitious captor is enjoying lovely captives in a setting that is downright pristine. Who the prize is can be entirely up to my partner, but the idea would be that my character has incredible resources and a high tech (AI-operated) facility at her disposal. Using a variety of physical and chemical restraints (bondage or drugs that allow her to maintain control of her subject), my character conducts tests and comes out with impressive products.

Those products, of course... are nefariously sultry. Erotic, arousing, blending sexual torment with frustrating efficiency, her subject is in for the time of her life!

Characters: So this is really up to my partner and who they think they might enjoy playing in such a situation. Is your character:

- A pesky reporter?
- A vindictive rival or someone employed by said rival to try and steal proprietary tech?
- A snooping family member or friend of a previous subject? Someone sure that something sketchy has happened?
- A private investigator?
- A detective who goes out of her way to dig as deep as she can before being forced to drop this case?
- A 'boss' or 'investor' who throws their weight around, feeling their money gives them power over my character?
- A heroine who gets caught?

Whoever your character is... do they go above and beyond to get into this place and snoop around to steal? Get information? Record evidence? They shouldn't be there, they're not supposed to, but if they did what they were supposed to, people like my character would get away with everything! So your character is more than willing to break a few rules to serve a greater good, and perhaps line her own pockets in the process.

Unfortunately, this also means your character has interestingly little in the way of recourse or help when she gets caught snooping in! My character is always on the lookout for new subjects, you see. And so it's quite fitting that even with a very advanced security system and high tech facility, getting in can feel oddly easy, getting out... not so much.

Picture perfect!

Synopsis: A beautiful cat-burglar targets an equally gorgeous woman to rob. Unable to deny that part of the big selling point for this particular theft was the ability to tie up such a beautiful victim, the cat burglar is really in her glory. She's downright gleeful about not just getting a great payday, or enjoying the thrill of the theft, but also being able to enjoy some naughty time with the captive.

Unfortunately for the cat burglar, there's no honor among thieves, and she's not the only one with the plan to be here tonight. She finds herself caught and tied up as well by someone who's got a fairly similar MO. Instead of stealing, most of the time, this character takes pictures. Incredible photographs with a bondage-themed inspiration. It just so happens tonight that both people were going to target this woman. The cat burglar showed her hand first, and gets caught.

You can imagine the line from the person gagging her and tying her up.

"Thanks for doing half my job for me-!"

Now this photographer break-in artist has got two lovely ladies for their photo-shoot.

Characters: For this particular inspiration, the idea is that one sultry beauty is intending to playfully victimize another elegant and beautiful subject, only to be caught. It seems unfair to her but she doesn't have a leg to stand on. It's quite difficult to be outraged and claim the moral high ground when she happens to fall to someone doing the same thing to her she was going to do to someone else (not exactly the same, but close enough).

Of course, that doesn't mean she can't have her indignant ouburst. The lucky photographer break-in and bondage enthusiast is going to find it all that much hotter!

Content: Bondage, pleasuring, arousal, sexual torture (essentially taking great pride in exhausting their subjects with this uncontrollable erotic attention, toys, and... for good measure... photography. Because you know...

--pictures, or it didn't happen.

The bounty hunter and her beauties.

Confucius once said: "Choose a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life."

Synopsis: Very simply put here, a beautiful huntress is getting paid a great deal of money to collect lovely women who are either in the wrong place at the wrong time, or making wealthy and elite people in the city nervous. In this case, a lovely heroine is caught, bound, gagged, but she is not the main target. Or she's not the 'only' target. As it should happen, she's the bait for a trap, and our villainous huntress is proving to be very adept at... well... hunting.

Using the first catch to draw out the 2nd, a special non-lethal round is fired. You can imagine the defiance and feistiness of the prize as she insists my character will get her comeuppance, and is bound to fail. Someone much stronger is going to come, someone faster, someone considerably more difficult to take down!

My character's aim is to prove that 2 out of 3 is not enough.

Faster? Sure.

Stronger? Absolutely.

Harder to take down? Well...

Characters: This is very open ended in regards to the characters in play. My character specifically will be a bounty hunter who really enjoys her job. A professional assassin in a former life, she uses her gifts and well honed skills to much less lethal ends these days. She takes bounties, makes great money, and most satisfyingly, enjoys the hunt. Honestly, the work isn't that different. She still has to study her prey, familiarize herself with them, get the drop on them, neutralize them. The only thing these days is that she completes the capture alive and she has someone she can talk to and play with if she's done her job well, prior to delivering them and collecting her payday!

Content: Shocker, this can include bondage, foreplay, seduction, taunting arousal, sensual manipulation and arousal, etc.

Black Cat captured in the B.E.C.TUBE

Masked desire

Synopsis: Doc Ock and Carnage have 'kidnapped' Black Cat from a scene by impersonating medics and stealing her away in broad daylight. Using the paramedic equipment and gear, she's put under, sent into a delightful slumber. When she awakens from it, her world is, well... turned upside down.

Alternate synopsis: Due to the medic equipment and the setting of a lab, this could also be connected to the aforementioned plot idea (Introducing the B.E.C.Tube) where a beautiful scientist/psychologist/doctor is experimenting on subjects she collects for products she produces.

Characters: So I'm flexible here too. The overall idea is a beautiful woman who gets in over her head. She could be a heroine, a snooping do-gooder, a persistent pest... or someone who simply doesn't know when to stop digging, and now finds herself kidnapped in order to be 'removed from the board' for a little while. As such, this leaves her plenty of time to be helpful to whoever caught her, enjoying her in various ways.

Content: Certainly elements of bondage, playful sexual taunting and torture, (torturously good, not looking for anything gruesome or off-putting) but very open to what a potential partner may be craving here.

Fantasy Island

Synopsis: A group of beautiful women crash land on an island they are investigating. The Island doesn't show up on any map, but clearly it's there. Suspicious in nature, it's decided the island will be investigated. Upon landing there... it's revealed (too little too late) that the island is shielded by magic. Technology becomes very unreliable, and stops working. Similarly, the 'powers' of meta humans or superheroines who land on the island are greatly nerfed, or removed altogether. The only power present on the island is Chaos Magic.

You may know where this is going.

Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlett Witch... a specialist in Chaos Magic, a dark magic, which allows her to alter reality and control various forms of mystical energy... has turned this island into her garden of Eden, her paradise. What she wants... she has. She needs only imagine it, and she can alter the fabric of reality to make it happen. It could even be that the island itself was generated by her, created by her from nothing, which is why it doesn't appear on any map. It might as well be the Bermuda Triangle.

While the island was created to get away from the world, and be a place to focus, concentrate, think, and practice her dark magic... the arrival of such beautiful guests was not an unpleasant surprise. Now that they're helpless on her island, having to cope without the high technology they're used to, or the powers that gave them great advantages in every day life, they're in for one hell of an adventure. Wanda was already a very powerful being, difficult for any heroines to handle in the past. Now... without their powers or technology? She might as well be a God on this island compared to them.

Gods want their fun too!

Content: This is very open to my potential partners as well in terms of who they'd like to play and what kind of scenes they'd enjoy. I'm leaning toward playful bondage, some body manipulation, erotic attention, fondling, molesting, kissing, magically enhanced orgasms and all that fun stuff. Just going a little further with things given the fantasy element of this setting.

The characters who are caught on the island could have to work together to build shelter, look out for each other, fend off some smaller predators, evade some larger ones, all while working their way toward some central temple or tower or some place that they have every reason to believe holds the key to their escape and a return to normalcy from this place. Of course, while they are on this journey to this grand place which will see them saved, they are constantly being visited, taunted, toyed with, and teased by the God of the island, the Scarlet Witch herself.

Characters: Very flexible for any number of characters in this scene as well. If the content appeals to you, it is very wide ranging and can apply to any number of characters. A variety of options exist because the content would remain fairly consistent for anyone on the island. If the idea appeals... then by all means, let me know what kind of character you may be itching to play and would like to see caught on this island?

It could be a group or it could be an individual in the event that having a multi-character scene seems off-putting.


- More of a couple picture prompt inspirations. The feel and theme are really quite spectacular.

Some older ideas. (if one of these grabs you, let me know, but these are my last batch from several months ago.
8th World Wonder

Synopsis: Wonder Woman shares an intimate and very fun evening with Kara. With kryptonite in the area, Kara finds her abilities negated which allows Wonder Woman to essentially enjoy her unimpeded and without inconvenience.

Slight alterations: Other heroines could be used in this situation as well.

Queenpin's Prize

Synopsis A: When a beautiful detective goes undercover on the case of a a notorious kingpin, she is fairly certain she can handle it. She's careful (most of the time) and she's great with people, not to mention absolutely gorgeous. What takes her by surprise however is just how much the Kingpin's wife feels the same way about her. And far from being the trophy wife that many assumed, it turns out she's incredibly cunning and shrewd. The wife of our Kingpin finds 'killing' the beautiful detective to be an absolute waste, not to mention bad for business. Instead, she looks to use blackmail or leverage in order to get what she wants out of the detective. It's not entirely one-sided of course; the detective can be thrown a bone as well. There are always figures in this world that could do with learning a lesson, or are simply better off 'out of the picture'. The detective could still make a great name for herself coming out of this with fantastic busts, even if it's not the Kingpin. And maybe it could even be... if the wife is making a power play of her own! Either way, busts of another sort inspire the wife as well, and there is just something absolutely exquisite about this beauty that she wants to tame and bring under her thumb.

Synopsis B: A wealthy, powerful and influential woman purchases a beautiful sex slave (future setting where the idea is that it's a custom norm. In order to counter-act inflation and come up with a solution to monetary woes, a deal with the devil (so to speak) was made where the ultra wealthy are given special privileges. Buying into a 'class' of citizen that pays down the national debt and contributing to its coffers, this 'class' of citizen is afforded certain rights and opportunities that the vast majority are not privy to. They can do things free of consequence that would otherwise be closer to the line of 'illegal'.

Where monsters play

Synopsis: Based heavily on inspiration from the movie (Van Helsing); the idea is that 3 of Dracula's brides enjoy beautiful prizes while raiding or simply visiting the town of Transylvania, as well as laying traps in Dracula's castle for anyone who comes by hunting for him. Verona (Pictured left) has long dark hair, elegant and cold in her approach. Marishka (center, kneeling) tends to be playful and patronizing. Aleera (pictured right) has radiant red hair and a passionate temper to boot. She wears her heart on her sleeve (so to speak). These brides are powerful, sensually provocative and playful using their abilities to enjoy prizes who stumble into their arms.

Gardening 101.

(Image isn't working properly for me, sorry!)

Synopsis: Fun in Ivy's garden. The idea here is essentially a number of beautiful women (heroines or every-day beauties) who find themselves in Ivy's 'Garden of Eden'. This game would include tentacle vines, playful spores, cuddling, teasing, etc.

The snuggle is real!

Synopsis: Harley Quinn effectively has Batgirl bound, gagged, forced to be her playful cuddle companion for awhile. Vibrators creative bindings and a good time all around!

Lady Veronica.

Synopsis: Sent for 'attitude readjustment' and 'training' at a special facility outside of town that promises results, your character is an absolutely gorgeous girl who is used to getting what she wants and always weaseling her way out of trouble. My character's facility is renowned for its positive results, with a staggering amount of leeway when it comes to capacity for discipline and 'training' of troubled young women with attitude. My character promises the families of those she takes in that they will leave a new woman. There is also a sense of shadiness where people may have less than 'pure' intentions in sending young women to her. It could be that they're inconvenient to have around, in the way of legal proceedings, or just an inconvenience. Having them spend a few weeks or months out of town and 'out of the way' could be a motivation my character has for making a little extra on the side with the beauties she takes in.

Why don't you stay? I want to play with you.

Synopsis: Just a fun hypnosis scene here. A lovely girl can find herself unable to disobey the words of a an equally stunning captive who decides to enjoy the power her words have over the other.

The Thot and the theft.

*Credit for this inspiration goes to AlizsahTheBard where I saw the idea initially. This is an adaptation of that inspiration, going into a little more detail for a further setup.*

Synopsis: A beautiful thief has been making the rounds of her city, targeting wealthy estates. She's a very gifted cat burglar, able to get in and out without a trace, and finds ever creative ways of orchestrating masterful thefts. An experience one night, unlike any other however, sees her have to improvise as a beautiful woman happens to be home when she shouldn't be. My character carries on with her theft, tying up the other woman and happens to have leverage on the fact that that woman shouldn't be there either. Perhaps she's the mistress of a husband, etc. Either way, MC (my character) doesn't have too much to fear with a mutually assured destruction aspect of thinking. If this woman turns her in, it leads to the question of what she's doing here as well. Both women have something to gain by not letting anyone know the other was there. However, my character takes advantage and also enjoys turning on the mistress.

One thing leads to another and my character goes back to her expert burglaries, but she can't shake the experience she had with this mistress. Now, my character enjoys targeting places that she knows beautiful women will be home alone in. From there, she includes the act of seducing or turning them on into her theft. Whether this includes bondage, or simply using her physical prowess to overwhelm and tease her prize, leaving her a panting moaning hot mess depends on the situation. My character develops a reputation as something of a serial seductress and sensually provocative predator in addition to her thefts.

Model thieves.

Synopsis: Inspired by 'Taxi' (with Queen Latifa and Jimmy Fallon)... my characters are a group of talented model bank robbers. That's right. Models who are bank robbers. They are extremely efficient, plan very well, and execute to perfection. They live in their own homes but tend to share an estate between them for 'modeling shoots' as part of their overall cover. The idea for this scene is that someone investigates them, goes snooping around, and gets caught at the estate. These gorgeous models catch the 'crafty snooping sexpot' and decide to have some fun with her. Trespassing is a crime after all, but they're more than happy to call her a 'guest' for all intents and purposes. She can leave when they decide.

It's great to be Queen.

Synopsis: A warrior Queen finds herself able to enjoy her surroundings as a number of beautiful women are in her orbit. Lovely barmaids, priestesses, distant travelers, daughters of chieftains looking to gain favor, you name it.

She's back.

Synopsis: Daddy's home. A take on the return of a girl who's spent a long time away. The time away has had her harden herself, growing and maturing into an all-business sort. When a father passes, leaving his fortune not to his bickering spoiled step-daughters, but rather the black swan of the family, it's an absolute catastrophe for the girls who had plans. Figuring their estranged step-sister wouldn't return and would forfeit the inheritance to them, they are shocked when she does come. The tables have turned, and she is very much interested in putting the house in order, starting with her adorably sexy and bratty step-sisters who now 'technically' have to go through her to get the money they're so used to using. She'd never see them go without; but... she's not above enjoying the leverage this gives her!

Idea #2
Name: Bat in the Garden

Content: Light, Mind control (light touch on this, will expand later), potential bondage.

Scenario: Batgirl wanders into Poison Ivy's garden. Poison Ivy is home. Need I say more?  ::)

Setting: This would take place in Gotham, but the entire feel of this scene is away from the gritty run of the mill city scene one expects in Gotham. The idea for this scene is that Ivy's garden has grown a fair bit. It's lavish... green... almost an 'Eden' in the city. At the epicenter of it is the 'heart' of her garden. A large flower bed, a comfortable throne for the Queen of Green, and a luxurious comfortable setting for the scene to take place in.

The 'feel' of this scene: Okay, so I often play larger extensive scenes in the non-con or dub-con genre. These scenes can include big fights, multiple settings, and several posts of setup before getting to the initial inspiration of the scene. That is not what I'm looking for in this instance.

In this instance, I'm looking for a fairly light, elegant, 'quick' capture sequence. I know that superheroine stories can be dark. I know there can be a lot of gritty violence with the emphasis being on the fight in most cases. Particularly in Gotham. This scene is not going to really cater to any of those themes.

**This scene is going to have a feel of a sensual, provocative, elaborate but luxurious and comfortable capture. Any fight in this sequence will be short-lived and likely a way for Batgirl to find herself entangled or held in a sense that a burst of spores, or a breath of pheromones provides this inclination to 'take it easy'. To 'slow things down'. A dizziness, a disorientation that inhibits sharp violence or brutality. And in it's place... is a vacuum swiftly filled by Poison Ivy sensually caressing, fondling, massaging, kissing, and otherwise enjoying our heroine.**

Requirements: Someone who'd be interested in playing Batgirl in this situation. Other characters are possible, but the underlying theme of the scene would remain the same no matter who the prize is.

Other info: Obviously a bit to be discussed with a potential partner, but the general idea of this scene is that it won't be anything overly long and complicated. While this is a 'heroine' pitch on the face of it, there is some flexibility for other characters who could be involved. The idea however, is the twist in the sense that there won't be any violence. It's a sensual seductress capture scene with elegance, luxury, beautiful sensuality in mind. The smut-to-story ratio for this is an antagonizing 92%-8% ratio. This is a scene that will include lavish cuddling, massaging, caressing, dancing, stripping, kissing, fondling... you name it. Mind control is not going to be an emphasis on this, and the element can certainly be discussed via PM. This can almost make the fact that it's a heroine story seem like a red herring.

An example? Instead of Batgirl, you could imagine a beautiful investigator walking into the same situation... and a lot of the same elements would apply. This is a light, short, fun scene that is flexible and won't take a lot of confusion or setup. If you feel like this is something you'd enjoy discussing, please let me know, but I can certainly understand this scene might not be for everyone hehe.

Idea #3
Idea #2: Rogue Wonder Woman

Synopsis: Similar to the above pitch, this would be a story where instead of Poison Ivy being the sultry captor, it would be Wonder Woman. The idea, given her heroic leanings is that after serving the greater good for so long, she's grown to enjoy the little things in life one wouldn't think a heroine should be indulging in. Stolen kisses... nights spent with grateful rescues and distressed damsels? Teasing encounters with villains, you name it.

Wonder Woman is a goddess, after all, and there is nothing quite like impeccable beauty that catches her eye. This would be a world where Wonder Woman doesn't think twice about enjoying the perks that come with being the city's savior.

Does your character happen to be one of those perks?

Offs: Gore, killing, snuff, excessive violence or gruesome fighting. None of those elements really have a place for this as well as it's more about Wonder Woman enjoying the physical advantages she has over her the people she generally encounters day-to-day. She doesn't 'have' to be overly rough or brutal, if that makes sense. But I will be happy to go over this in more detail via PM.

Thank you all for your time!

- Kristen -
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Sorry for coding issues. Hoping this is at least a little better for now.

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These are some really cool ideas; would you mind if I PM you about one or more of them?
Please note that Mondays and Tuesdays I tend to be dead from work. The times I am here those days are for general lurking purposes so please be patient.

Here are my Ons and Offs

Also, I have a blog too!


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Removed old ideas, placed a few little tidbits that my muse has been nibbling on lately!
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Merry Christmas everyone. Added a very basic one-shot inspiration that is flexible. I'm not looking to play multiple versions of this idea or extend it into anything over-the-top. It's really just a fun little encounter. :)

The visual inspiration for the sister, obviously, I view as portrayed by the lovely Nina Dobrev. The model for my partner's character in the story can really be based on the vision you have of the character.

- Kristen -
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I suppose better a late bump than never. :D

Very specific inspiration here based on a rather popular movie (albeit a bit older). A beautiful adventurer finding herself overwhelmed by the task of taking down the notorious Countess of Transylvania, could end up being absolutely stunning prey herself.  ::)

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Put a few ideas that my muse has been nibbling on lately up here in a place to store them. :)

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Added a new idea, simple but possibly a bit of fun heh! It's got a bit of that magical manipulation vibe to it, but looking to play a thief who goes from being down on his luck to becoming quite possibly the luckiest man alive when he acquires a magic camera with the ability to give him all the time in the world with a bevy of beauties!

It's a bare bones setting designed to be expanded upon via PM depending on a partner's craving or direction of interest. :)

- Kristen -
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You guys are fantastic. I just wanted to put here, I'm really not into the whole 'snuff' thing. It's really not a huge issue. To each their own. It's just not my cup of tea so that's one of the kinks I really don't see this seductive teasing flirt of a scene including. :)

- Kristen -
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Added Rogue Wonder Woman and tidied up presentation a bit. :)

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One Shot Inspirations has been added as the new Idea #1.

Bat in the Garden has been moved to idea #2.

Rogue Wonder Woman has been moved to idea #3.

Team trophy idea has been removed entirely.
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