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Author Topic: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)  (Read 2799 times)

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Game of Thrones

These are one-shot inspirations that I have been fiddling around with. I apologize if it lacks a proper display. This is a work in progress that I figured I should put here so I don't lose it all hehe. Please be aware that going over these will expose you to spoilers. Thanks everyone.

Scenario: The Lion and the Rose.

Characters: Jaime Lannister, Margery Tyrell.   

Changes and alternative setup from the show: Margaery Tyrell is alive instead of (or even alongside) Olenna.

Synopsis: War has returned to the 7 kingdoms. The Lannister and Tyrell families were supposed to be united in marriage, but with a clever plot, the Tyrell family poisoned the young king and took sides with a coalition of rebellion. The Lannister army is lead by Jaime, who surprises the rebellion by not defending the Lannister stronghold of Casterly Rock, but instead marches on the wealthy Tyrell city.

The Tyrell men are no match for the Lannister army, and they are quickly subdued. High Garden was known for it's wealth and a tongue in cheek association of 'Golden Roses' since fighting was never really the forte compared to others. Raiding the wealth of the city will clear Lannister debts, and end the participation of the Tyrells in the rebellion. More than that, The beautiful young Queen Margaery can now be properly punished for her treason.

Video inspiration:

Spoiler. You've been warned.

As you may know from the clip, the Lady Olenna asks if there will be pain before taking the poison. When Jaime assures her there will be none, she takes it without hesitation, then as one final dig, she admits to being the won to kill his son. She gives him a stellar dagger of a speech, claiming she'd hate to die like he did, clawing at his neck, a pathetic sight to behold, in unimaginable pain. She is able to do this because there is no repercussion for her after the fact. It is a final act allowing her to attempt to wound with her own parting breaths.

I imagine a scenario where Jaime has tricked her. Where the poison is taken, and she decides to wound him with this reveal, only to find that she's been duped. Jaime nods, silently turns... walks away and utters the words: "Take her." to his men waiting outside.

The 'feel' of this sort of twist could be amplified if this scene is taking place with the beautiful Margaery instead of Olenna, and Jaime decides he'd like to take Margery as a prisoner.

Content: Non-con, Dub-con... feisty rebellion being put down and converted into erotic physicality. Disciplining punishment befitting of a prisoner. Perhaps blackmail or expected servitude and public obedience. To be discussed with partner. I picture mostly a one shot here where the beautiful young lady realizes that the game is lost, they are branded traitors and the only thing left for her to look forward to is a quick death as opposed to being paraded through the streets and humiliated. Jaime is a man of apparent refinement and enough of a cocky smooth tone to his voice that makes him perfectly passive aggressive. He's her conqueror, and captor, and likely her killer. How things change when, once resigned to death, she finds out that this has been an elaborate setup to get her to admit to assassinating Jaime's son. In her anger at being tricked, perhaps she lashes out at him.

A final, defiant gesture, the bastard. And instead of killing her, Jaime finds himself amused and enticed by Margery's feisty spirit. She was not much of a fighter, many people knew this about her. She was a political expert, a great flirt, she knew how to work a room. Her smile, her charm, her attraction were her weapons and she knew how to get what she wanted with them. Much like Olenna, much like High Garden itself was more flash and wealth. Gold and Roses. When contrasted by wealth and militarily proficient killers, the defenders of High Garden shriveled quickly.

Margaery's defiance here is enticing, arousing, attractive and amusing. Jaime makes some remark about a Rose with a thorn, and decides that Margery can be quite entertaining if left to live a little longer. The spoils of war don't have to be limited to the gold and wealth raided, right?

Is Margery not the most beautiful prize found in High Garden, after all?

Scenario: The Queen's Justice.
(I picture a couple of possibilities for this)

Characters: Cercei Lannister, Ellaria Sand, Tyene Sand.

Synopsis: It's rebellion on all fronts for the Lannister family, and the Queen, Cercei. In the past, it was not uncommon for families to exchange hostages and arrange marriages to solidify alliances or just keep the peace. Cercei's only daughter was sent to the land of Dorne. In anger and frustration at a treaty with the Lannisters a warrior family of women, the sand snakes arranged to poison Cercei's daughter.

They did it just before her trip home when Jaime came to bring her home by ship. Ellaria shrewdly applied poison to her lips and kissed Marcella goodbye. The Dornish were a sensual and feisty people so little seemed off. As the ship pulled away, Cercei's daughter was denied the antidote that Ellaria took as she and her daughters watched the ship leave from the shore. Ellaria was saved by the antidote, but Cercei's daughter died before she could see home after living as a leverage hostage for awhile.

Well, this act was personal, just part of the Dornish participation in the rebellion. During a fleet battle, Ellaria and Tyene find themselves taken alive and presented to the Queen as a gift from a Fleet commander looking to gain favor.

Ellaria and Tyene are absolute Dornish beauties, and Cercei has no intention of denying herself that beauty. As rebels against the crown, and the murderers of her daughter, their lives are forfeit and Cercei intends to get some amusement out of their fall from glory.

Video inspiration:

Tree of knowledge. Spoiler clip. Duh. :D

Content: Dub-con, non-con... Lesbian teasing, spoils-of-war story, fairly straightforward. Particular cravings and interests for some light non-con, dub-con fun to be discussed with partner.

I envision a little inspiration from an old Disney favorite based on the following visual:

You know you remember it.

Despite the fact that the characters are not all alive on the show anymore, I still picture an alternate possibility where any of, or indeed 'all of' these beautiful young rebels (sand snakes?) can be captured by Cercei and used to amuse and entertain her.

Nymeria Sand

Tyene Sand
Tyene Sand

Obara Sand
Obara Sand

Effectively, a number of scenarios could apply to a mixing or matching of these Dornish captives. Whether Cercei decides to take out her wrath on them and split them up... or whether she decides she wants to personally request the starting of a Dornish Harem or brothel simply to take advantage of their beauty as part of her revenge, who knows hehe.

She can be quite creative... that Queen Cercei of ours. ;)

older idea
Hello everyone. It's really been awhile an after going so long without having a thread to put up some ideas in an organized fashion it's high time that I have. In most cases I would frequently scan the request threads and wanted section, and those places are never short of amazing writers looking for incredible plots. But every so often, you come across something that is so specific, so intricate of an idea that you haven't seen it put up yet (not that it has to be incredibly original) haha. It could be a matter of timing, taste, or interest etc. Anyway, when a pair of these ideas start to accumulate it's nice to have a little thread to put them aside.

I tend to play dominant characters in generally non consensual and dubiously consensual situations. I don't tend to venture into extreme violence or gore. Often times the characters I play are doing just that themselves... playing. Powerful, wealthy, influential or in the more fantasy related realm powerful with a magical connotation... my characters exploit the luxury of coming across someone who simply doesn't realize how far in over their head they have gotten themselves. Or, maybe they do realize, and hope that they can overcome the odds against them. Whatever the inspiration, the drive, the need or the purpose that brings the characters together in the non-con or dub-con situation, my characters have a habit of enjoying the time spent with their prize.

I will revisit my own ons and offs page eventually (I know I've been saying that forever) but feel free to visit it and as always, PM's are a great way to get in touch with me.

So without further ado...

This is an idea designed to be fleshed out a little more with a potential partner but for the time being I'll go down one possible specific route for a one shot with the possibility of expanding it to a further scene if the idea sparks interest hehe.

Family ties; Sins of the father?

(New, Non-con/Dub-con, FxF (most likely)

Synopsis: Your character lives off and on with her single father. A contrast to her stoic, organized and rule-heavy mother, your character's father seems to be 'fun' and 'dangerous'. This becomes a haunting night of intensity when her father gets in trouble with a debt he can't pay to people he can't slight. He needs to move, he's planning to take his daughter with him of course, the technicalities to be resolved as soon as possible. Your character, knowing of her father's tendency to pull the odd con or get involved with gambling is not overly surprised when she's told about his plan to get out of town with her as soon as possible.

Bags are packed, but a knock on the door brings a few men looking to settle. The maneuvers of YC's father have been anticipated by the people he owes a great deal of money to, and in order to prevent him from fleeing, they stage a 'visit' of their own where they intend to be his 'guests' until the clock runs out on his payback time.

Your character and her father become prisoners in their own home, hosting intruders including a visit from the Queenpin's sister. Your character's beauty does not go unnoticed, and the Queenpin's sister as well as the men working for her have no qualms about insisting your character play the dutiful and respectful hostess.

After all, that's what you do for guests, isn't it?

Possible content based on partner preferences. M/F and F/F... Non-con or Dub-con
Possible content:

- Modelling: (While going through the house, the men find some outfits that are downright tantalizing. Maybe they don't belong to your character but you know what, she could certainly have a modelling career ahead of her. They have time to kill... she's going to entertain them. Maybe this is also a bit of punishment for her father, watching them ogle his daughter and imply about her beauty and sexuality.

- Dancing: (You know what hasn't been packed? The bigger things like the music players, the TVs, things you can't flee with. So guess what, Carl's daughter may be trying her hand at another career tonight as well, being shared as a dancer for some of these guys.)

- Bondage: (Casual bondage, the type that comes from making sure your hostages don't get away from you. I'm not actually familiar with organized bondage, the whole thing around chains, latex, ball gags, all those specific kinks, I'm afraid to say I have no real experience or advanced knowledge with some of the rougher stuff hehe. When I mention 'bondage' I refer to it as light bondage. It's comfortable, restricting yes, but comfortable. Bound to a chair, bound to her bed, etc.

- Noncon sex: (Fairly straightforward, your character may lash out at the wrong time, or the right time. Alone, while being poked, prodded, feeling the eyes of the man (or woman) on her, she may feel like she could make a run for a hidden gun her father has stashed, or she may feel like she can dart it for the phone. Maybe an attempt to get to the phone is thwarted, and she feels forced to act out and go for the gun. She hits the captor (could be one of the men, or the Queenpin's sister herself) watching her, and it doesn't quite go as well as it should have. She finds herself caught again before she makes it to the door, and the captor determines that she is a fiery little tigress.

How positively delightful.


More in depth setup ... and how it may extend from the one shot.

Possible setup: Your beautiful character finds herself in the hands of wealthy influential individuals who look to take advantage of the fact that the laws don't really apply to them as stringently. In this case, your character's father has debts that he hoped would be forgotten. This could be the night before they're planning on leaving. Maybe your character knows about her father's habits, maybe she has a suspicion as to why they are moving, but what can she do? Fighting him on it is only going to make it worse. You can't really go to the police when you're dealing with people like this. Her father's debt is payable in 24 hours, and he's unable to make the payment.

His goal was to move, to get out of town as quick as possible and spend a short time elsewhere where he could gather the money he needed and then move back if necessary.

It's a night that goes horribly wrong however.

Your character's father has a history, and even though the bags are packed, the suitcases are ready, your character receives a visit, a knock on the door sees the arrival of one of the men associated with her father's debt. He walks in, insisting on an invitation for himself and his friends. What is her father going to say? No? Run? Hah... fat chance. One of the arrivals is a woman of raven dark hair, a family relation to the Queenpin who Carl is in debt to. They take their time looking around, at first, the woman seems to be above this entire thing. It's just beneath her to be making pickups like this. Even still... her sister can't be doing it herself, right?

"Nice place you've got Carl..." only to stop and chuckle as she eyes his daughter up and down... "Very nice..."

But then her eyes turn to some empty counters, and the packed bags.

"Planning a trip, Carl?"

It's a question that doesn't need an answer, and there's no right way to answer it. Suddenly, the woman tells her friends to make themselves at home.

Carl, your character's father stutters, his breath caught in a hitch... "No-... not... I mean... yeah... just... family emergency at..."

A man behind the woman nods seeming to take over the questioning from here as if listening to Carl's excuses is beneath her.  He hardly cares what Carl is saying. What's worse than lying? Getting caught lying. Carl has no choice but to assure him he means to pay his debts, he is not fleeing them or anything like that. He knows how this looks. It's a very dangerous time, men like Carl are the type of guys who go missing, and your character knows it!

Still... the new guests insist on visiting for the night, making sure Carl and his daughter are safe. Of course, their presence also means Carl and his daughter are not going to make that flight!

Carl has 24 hours to pay the debt, but everyone here knows he doesn't have the money. They're just going through the motions.

Carl is under watch, the house is now occupied by a handful of these 'mob guys'... and as an added treat, there's this beautiful young daughter of Carl's who just makes for a marvelous hostess?

What type of fun could they have with her?

"Would you believe your father needs a little more time to pay my sister? Debt is a funny thing, and in this business, collateral is everything.

The house... not good collateral I suspect. He's so willing to walk away from it.

His car? Laughable, no?

Makes you wonder yes... what a man like that could give as collateral? Something he can't walk away from. Something he cares enough about getting back that he's... properly motivated to get the money he needs.

How would you like to be my guest for a few days? I know that 'sounded' like an invitation you could refuse... but really... "

"Mm. We could have some fun, I think."

Thank you so much to everyone who's messaged me about this. Wow-... talk about overwhelming. I'm going to close this for now due to ongoing discussions!
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Cleaning up (finally!)
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Re: Witches, Lesbian Vampires, Curses... Oh my. (F x F)
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Sorry for coding issues. Hoping this is at least a little better for now.

- Kristen -

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Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's idea thread, F/F mostly)
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Testing... oh goody. It worked.

Please do not post on this thread, rather send me a PM.  ::)

- Kristen -
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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
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I can't seem to get coding to work haha.
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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
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Testing (bump?)

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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #6 on: September 27, 2016, 04:30:36 PM »
These are some really cool ideas; would you mind if I PM you about one or more of them?

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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #7 on: December 22, 2016, 06:56:21 PM »
Thanks dear. :)

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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #8 on: June 18, 2017, 09:38:26 PM »
Thought I should do a little tidying despite work being positively insane. Since I haven't updated this since December I'm hoping it's okay. Given some of the PM's I've received about this idea, I thought I'd clarify what I'm looking for is something more playful with the non-con element to it. I'm not picturing anything excessive and overly 'cruel' or 'nasty'. The feel of this is an entitled gangster's daughter and sister who simply has power over a man who owes money. She lucks into the fact that he has a beautiful daughter present at the time she's coming to collect and has every interest in indulging in this prize for a couple of days.

- Kristen -
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Re: Are you a prize for a masked deity? (Kristen's ideas, mostly F/F)
« Reply #9 on: August 25, 2017, 10:53:26 PM »
Added a Game of Thrones inspired pair of scenarios.