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Author Topic: Intari Veled: A Sci-Fi, Quasi-Military RP  (Read 451 times)

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Intari Veled: A Sci-Fi, Quasi-Military RP
« on: May 31, 2014, 10:50:17 PM »
Intari Veled. It sounds like the name of a person, doesn't it? Or perhaps an alien? The truth is, Intari Veled is made up not of one person or alien, but several. The are trained as if they were military, each taking the role of a soldier in various capacities. The key difference is that this group answers directly to almost no one. Soldiers have superiors, even politicians that they must keep pleased, or face the consequences.

The Intari Veled, on the other hand, answer only to themselves. They pride themselves on completing tasks when assigned. However, they do not have any limits they will go to when doing so, and have been known to creatively interpret the spirit of a task while performing it to the letter. On the field, they know that their perspective is the one that truly matters.


Basically, this RP will be mostly sandbox. There will be missions to be accomplished, which may lead to a wider story arc. However, how those missions are accomplished is entirely up to the players.

Oh, right, setting. Basically, this RP takes place in a sci-fi universe that is somewhat of a cross between Halo and Mass Effect. There are super-soldiers, similar to the SPARTANs from Halo. However, these soldiers voluntarily allowed themselves to be augmented. In addition, they chose how they are augmented. Only the truly elite are allowed this option, but anyone who qualifies for Intari Veled qualifies for augmentation.

However, this group accepts entry from all qualified candidates, no matter their origin. Essentially, think of the Spectres. If a person, or alien, qualifies for Intari Veled, they are allowed to join, on equal levels with any candidate. There is no racial separation.

So, what exactly will the Intari Veled be doing? Usually, they are assigned to the dirtier tasks. If there is a person who needs to be silenced, or a situation that has gotten embarrassing, the Intari Veled is a way to handle the problem without taking it public. The only people even aware of the Intari Veled are the ones who need to be.
Well, what kind of Sci-Fi game only has humans? Talk about boring, right?

Here, I'll list example races. These are far from all-inclusive. If you think of any other ideas, let me know. These are just to give you some idea of what kind of alien species there are in this universe.

Galle (GUH-lay): This race is reptilian. They are, on average, both taller and slimmer than humans. They are covered from head to toe with scales. Like humans, there are different "scale colors". However, these scale colors are only the "neutral" shade for the Galle, as they have the ability to shift colors based on surroundings. For this reason, many Galle have hired themselves out as scouts or infiltrators. Due to their slenderness, Galle have the ability to get into smaller spaces. However, that same size difference also makes the Galle much more vulnerable in close combat, due to a lack of natural padding to cushion blows.

Sergeivan (Sur-GUY-van): This race is similar to avians. They are much lighter than humans, and have sharp talons on their hands. Their lightness has made them the go-tos for accessing unstable environments, as they are less likely to cause the floor to collapse. On the other hand, armor is a necessity for them to wear if there is any chance of combat, as one shot can shatter their fragile bones to the point of crippling that Sergeivan, even with medical help close by.

Zalei (Za-LIE): A cat-like race, these aliens make for great snipers, due to their claws giving them great purchase for climbing almost any object for a vantage point. They are generally more muscular than humans, covered in various colored fur. The Zalei tend to enjoy combat, seeing it as a true test of worth. That said, while most squads are happy to have a Zalei on their side, they are much more nervous if they have two, especially if their fur colors don't match up. Intra-species rivalries are high with the Zalei, and with fur color generally marking their clans, Zalei have often clashed violently in the same squad, which does not help teamwork or morale.

What are the rules of this RP? First rule is simple: respect the players. If your character has personal conflicts with another, that's perfectly fine. However, don't allow yourself to get to the point where you are calling combat shots, doing everything you can to let your character "win". That's not what this RP is about.

Along with that rule, keep your character's abilities reasonable. I'm leaving judgment for this rule somewhat up to the players, as any hard limits or numbers would stifle creativity, and could cause other problems. Is this augment stronger than another, that sort of thing. Basically, your characters are elite soldiers (at least, mostly soldiers). Some power is to be expected. But if you have a guy that can jump up three stories and gun down people with twin BFGs that somehow never need to be reloaded, while deflecting rounds with plot armor, you may be overdoing it a bit. I will be keeping an eye on things to make sure they don't get out of control.

These are really the only two rules. This RP is supposed to be fun for the players, and it's up to the other players to allow that to happen. If any player feels that someone is causing problems in the RP, do not hesitate to let me know, and be detailed. I'll try to catch things before they get that far, but it can sometimes be difficult to see something getting out of hand. For example, if two characters are fighting, it may be a situation where one character is just attacking another without permission. However, if I don't know there was no permission given, I will assume that both players are OK with it.
Character Sheets
Ah, this is the fun part! At least, to me. Basically, this is the information I want from your character sheets.

Name: I'm sure you know what to put here.

Gender: Same here.

Race: You can be human, one of the races I listed as an example, or a race of your own. IF you are making your own race, send me some details on that race so I can update the races section.

Apparent Age: If your character were a human, what age would they appear to be?

Description: If you can find a picture you want to use, go for it. Otherwise, use text. Don't just describe your character, however. Describe their armor as well, since each person has different armor.

Specialty: What does your character specialize in? And no, "everything" and "being awesome" are not specialties.

Augments: Your character does not have to have augments, but you can have them if you want. Try to make your augments work with the specialty, or in some way with your character. It wouldn't make sense for a scout to have reinforced arms for hand to hand combat, after all.

Loadout: What does your character carry on missions? Be reasonable here. No one can carry a shotgun, a rifle, and a rocket launcher. Also, why would a scout have a rocket launcher at all? Think of what your character would carry to make them as effective as possible in their specialty.

Background Information: What was your character doing before Intari Veled? How did they get into Intari Veled? What kind of person are they? Please, don't have any Mary Sues or Gary Sues here. No one wants to play with the guy who mowed down an entire squadron with a pistol and a bandana, or who convinced an entire race end a century-long war just by smiling and/or boning the war leaders.

I hope this RP sounds good, and that I haven't sounded like a total hardass. I really am not that bad of a GM. I just want players to have fun.

Two final notes: First off, this is a freeform game. Combat will be dealt with organically, as will anything else you'd need a systems check for. I don't want this abused, of course. Secondly, this RP may get quite dark and violent, and the Intari Veled may not all be full of professional soldiers who get along. If you have limits, or concerns about them, be sure to let myself and everyone know before you join. Anything goes unless someone says otherwise.

If I haven't bored you, or made you disinterested, feel free to join or express interest!

Oh, and one real final note: While I am the GM in the sense that I am watching over things and enforcing the rules, I will be participating in the RP, and players are completely encouraged to create their own story arcs.

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Re: Intari Veled: A Sci-Fi, Quasi-Military RP
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2014, 11:28:01 PM »
I like the sound of this. What is the level of technology in the world?

Offline ArtemisHighmore

Re: Intari Veled: A Sci-Fi, Quasi-Military RP
« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2014, 11:39:42 PM »
I might also be interested in this.

Offline thebobmasterTopic starter

Re: Intari Veled: A Sci-Fi, Quasi-Military RP
« Reply #3 on: May 31, 2014, 11:50:34 PM »
The technology level is basically what you would see in Halo or Alien. Still using guns with bullets, but highly advanced guns with bullets, and spaceships. There is highly advanced healing technology, which allows soldiers to recover in minutes what would take months to recover from with modern medicine.

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Re: Intari Veled: A Sci-Fi, Quasi-Military RP
« Reply #4 on: June 01, 2014, 05:41:57 AM »

So, are all player characters meant to be augmented, or is that just an option presented to us?

Offline thebobmasterTopic starter

Re: Intari Veled: A Sci-Fi, Quasi-Military RP
« Reply #5 on: June 01, 2014, 12:32:35 PM »
It's just an option. Every character could qualify for augments, but they don't have to have them.