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Author Topic: † Creations forged by an impish muse † (Seeking M & F characters)  (Read 2118 times)

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Offline impishcharmTopic starter

Not seeking new stories at this time

Explore the cravings
of darkness and whimsy

Please read my O/Os before contacting me.

Plot-heavy, story- or character-driven.  I'm not shy with erotic content as long as it has a purpose.

I am write male and female characters that are of any sexual orientation.

I post at least once a week, and would ask for the same.

At times I write out scenes that have the potential to become a complete story, I just never actually put them together in an 'idea' format.  If you are intrigued by anything that I've written here just give me a shout.

All story ideas are welcome to altering, however I am not looking to switch the roles sought at this time.

Please do not post in this thread.

Current Cravings
One Shots
Science Fiction
Visual Inspiration
Taken/Retired Plots
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Current Cravings
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2014, 07:56:45 PM »

Current Cravings

These are the stories that I'm itching to play out.

Seeking to play.

Hers was a journey of virtue, and she dedicated everything she had to preserve something so precious.  Even when she felt the dark spirit following her, no more than a whisper of temptation away.

Until the day came when she finally turned to face him.

Someone to play

The Medicine Man

After an evil force penetrated her village, a desperate soul sought aid from the dark fae by bravely entering the mysterious creature's domain to beg for his intervention.

A young, delicious soul that he would take as payment for his trouble.

Older cravings
Someone to play:

That look of adoration.

I get the impression she likes
what (who) she sees.

Darkness appeals.

So does androgyny.

And villains.

Forbidden love with a giant?

Rough around the edges, soft in the center.

Just don't ever get in his way.

For me to play:


Don't let the gray fool you.  He may have experience, but I'm sure she can teach him a thing or two.


If any ideas come to mind regarding these images, please shoot me a PM.  :-)
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One Shots
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2014, 02:41:04 PM »

One Shots

Intended to be short-term and faster-paced; extending to long-term is negotiable.

Hellfire Society

Pairing: M/F & other possibilities.
Setting/Genre: Historical and/or Fantasy.
Themes: Nobility.  Swingers.  Masquerade.  Anonymity. Historical hellfire clubs.
Looking for: Someone to play a male (or both partners play multiple roles for variety).


*Do as thou wilt*

The club is highly exclusive, it's members chosen based on their position in societal ranking and placement on the aristocratic food chain.  They are all known among the people in some way or another -- being nobility, established businessmen, or simply having more wealth than they knew what to do with.

And they all shared one dirty little secret.

Roughly every quarter the elite members will schedule a meeting to release frustrations of their stressful lives, often bringing their wives to trade for another.  Nothing is off limits; not the sex of the partner sought, nor the number of how many one can have at one time.  Even the types of debauchery are widely accepted, as long as all parties are willing.

No names are used, even if the other member is recognized behind their mask.  On those nights, they are not the people who are looked up to.  They are not constricted the laws of society.  They are free...

Some thoughts:  With this one, I think it would be interesting to put a noblewoman against someone of higher standing.  Maybe they were familiar with each other outside of the club, and it was their chance to act on that budding attraction.
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« Reply #3 on: June 27, 2015, 05:43:07 PM »


Stories intended for present day.


Pairing: M/F or F/F
Setting/Genre: Urban.
Themes: Dark humor.  Morality.
Looking for: Someone to play the demon.

After five generations of silence, the truth behind the family curse no longer had any weight, and so it merged with the other ghost stories passed around bonfires on summer nights instead of a cautionary tale between kin.  Without any evidence that such a thing ever plagued their forefathers, it was appropriately deemed just another bedtime story to scare children into bed.  Something that, later down the years, was used to capture an audience and send a tendril of fear down their spines.  Just another pretense to break the ice in conversation.  Nothing more.

But the curse was very much alive, only dormant.

It needed females born of the bloodline, and after many years of males being born, the pattern changed.

In a time where superstition and religion were on the decline, where people sought enlightenment through education instead of fables, there was no room for curses, witches, or demons.  Which was why when things started to go awry in a young woman's life, she was quick to brush off the unfortunate events as a bad batch of luck, and was determined to see it through.

It was when things couldn't possibly get worse that the curse came to fruition, and stuck her with a demon companion that hadn't touched her family for over a century.  The entity was meant to create chaos and drive her into insanity just as it was tasked to do, and had done to the women in her family years prior, but finally... finally it may have met its match.

Will she find a way to defeat the curse and save future generations, or will she succumb to its evil like those before her?

I'm searching for something with a lot of banter and wit between the two, along with a slow-build seduction.

Corporal Punishment

Pairing: M/f
Setting/Genre: Modern(ish).
Themes: Bondage. Coersion.
Looking for: Someone to play the boss.

There were three cardinal rules when joining the firm:

1) Do not bother the boss.
2) Do not transfer calls directly to the boss.
3) Never EVER take the elevator to his office without prior invitation.

He was a private person, and that only fed fuel to the rumors circulating around the office.  The elevator to his floor was in the front lobby, and still his employees had a better chance of encountering bigfoot in their travels.  He was like a phantom working behind the scenes, never coming into contact with anyone and yet he remained the most successful lawyer on the entire east coast.  It was even said that when called to the very top floor, which he claimed as his own personal sanctuary, those pitiful souls were never seen or heard from again.

The only thing that was certain was his manner of dress.  Black leather gloves, black trench coat, and a walking cane.  Those pieces were what people caught glimpses of as he turned the corner, never to be seen fully.

One night, a secretary made her way to her other job in the seedy part of town, and after a few hours of dancing and collecting tips, she was pulled into a private room by request.

And as she danced for the client who sat quietly in the shadows, she noticed a flash of something that made her heart stop.

Black leather gloves.

I'm thinking this could turn into some type of affair, including D/s play and sadism on his part.  Would love to explore options.

Transcending Time

Pairing: M/F
Setting/Genre: Versatile.  Fantasy.
Themes: Supernatural. Reincarnation. Dark romance. Possible BDSM.
Looking for: Someone to play the demon role.

Years ago, a demon fell in love with a human. It was forbidden for his kind to get attached to the very mortals they preyed upon. Such a bond could prove dangerous for his brethren, especially if other beings decided to intervene. Their role was to try to tempt the humans without getting heavily involved in their lives. The first part of his punishment for disobeying the cardinal rule intrinsic to his kind was confinement until she perished naturally. That way he could not continue his corruption. After her spirit was released would he be set free of his bondage.

As for his lover, her soul would pass on to other forms and he was forced to scour the earth in search of her. At times he came close to finally having her again, only to find she was already well into her years. Sometimes he wouldn't find her at all. It was the second part of his punishment that tormented him most. Knowing she was out there and unable to find her, having no idea of her age or appearance. The higher powers let him continue on his empty pursuit, for the chances of him ever finding her were minor.

It would all change just when he was about to give up, for the heartbreak became crippling. A young woman who has lost much already crosses his path, harboring the soul he had been searching for all those years. He would be a fool not to follow...

My thought process after this would be that he has to seduce her all over again, hoping that she might be able to recall what they once shared and rekindle those old flames.
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« Reply #4 on: June 30, 2015, 02:54:32 PM »



Pairing: M/F or F/F
Setting/Genre: Versatile.  Modern or other.
Themes: Enemies forging alliances.  Taboo pairing.
Looking for: Someone to play the werewolf.

A brief history...

After uniting to defeat an encroaching enemy some years before, the clans had, for a time, been able to look past their differences and work together so they all could live peacefully.  Some elders still held prejudiced thoughts, however, and as time went on the clans divided again, fending for themselves... and only themselves.  The wolves were ultimately oversaw all of the shifters when they were united, but the individual groups followed their own leaders during the time of peace.

The present...

For the younger generations, curiosity led to discovery, and in some cases, interaction.  The wolves and leopards always had a special brand of loathing for each other, yet it wasn't enough to stop one couple from starting a secret affair.

But what happens when members from each group start dying, with everyone labeled a suspect?

It wouldn't be long before another enemy presented themselves and the clans had to reunite, or implode.


Pairing: M/F or F/F
Setting/Genre: Alternative history.
Themes: Vengeance.  Sorcery.  Redemption.
Looking for:  Someone to play the savior.

The accusations of witchcraft had never bothered her family, who had used honest means to ascend to the height of nobility.

Even if there was some truth behind the rumors.

They became complacent in their social status, and while they hid their dark secrets to the best of their ability, some members were more careless than others and somehow had been caught practicing sorcery in the public eye.

That night, while the house was asleep, a group of assassins broke in and massacred the family.  All but one.  A daughter approaching adulthood had hid herself away, unable to do anything but hear the screams of her loved ones as they were slaughtered.  Her burgeoning powers hadn't quite reached their potential at that point, but something snapped inside her, rushing to the fore.

In seconds the entire house was ablaze, trapping those who murdered her family and the corpses themselves, burning everything to the ground.  The fire that cleansed the house also stripped her of everything she had... all but her life.

When she came to, it was within the ashes of her home, and there was a stranger looming over her.

Someone who had also been wronged by the one who'd orchestrated the attack, and so he gathered her up and nursed her back to health, promising she would get her revenge.

This could be a scenario where the stranger is a sorcerer who helps harness her powers, and has the potential to develop into a romance from there.

A Touch Familiar

Pairing: F/m, M/f
Setting/Genre: High Fantasy. Versatile.
Themes: Female and male dominance. Sorcery. Shapeshifter.
Looking for: Someone to play the sorceress.

Visual Inspiration

A sorceress who rules.

A shapeshifter who serves as an animal familiar.

What she needs he supplies.  What tasks require completion, he does without question.

Her love compels him, her desires chain him.

But what happens when she is stripped of her powers?

Does he remain loyal?  Does he take advantage of his freedom and run?  ...Or do the tables turn?

This could easily turn into a quest to get her powers back, with him by her side.  I'd love to explore some power exchange with this one.


Pairing: M/F
Setting/Genre: Versatile. High fantasy.
Themes: War. Overcoming obstacles.
Looking for: Someone to play the male role.

Female lead
Male lead

Her life was never meant to be her own, which deepened the desire to claim it.

Born from a casual affair between a human woman and an orc, she belonged to neither world.  When her mother gave birth she was determined to keep the half-breed, but after her father's campaign ended, he collected the small child and took her back to his land.  Harsh, but their people were not known to be ruled by emotions and thoughts of 'fairness'.   She was his only child, and he knew the likeliness of having another was very slim, so she was his only option as an heir.

The campaign had been successful, and there was finally peace between the orcs and their neighboring kingdoms for years to come.  It was what plots forming on the inside that became the new danger.

Alliances were made as tensions built, and marriage contracts were sealed.  A new husband was sent off to prevent a civil war with the promise of returning in the future.

But his return was not exactly warm and welcoming.

And the war hadn't been completely thwarted.


“He’s staring at you like you murdered his family.”

“I know,” she says, not bothering to look up from her task. The weight of his gaze was enough.

“Do you know him?”

“Yes,” she replies, sliding the stone down the edge of her most-treasured blade, “he’s my husband.”


Pairing: M/F or F/F
Setting/Genre: Post-apocalyptic or alternate reality.
Themes: Tribes. Morality. Violence. Werewolves.
Looking for: Someone to play the male role.

Prior years had been generous to the Vohali tribe; crops flourished from fertile land, the livestock were kept healthy and strong, and the people were able to thrive from the goodwill of the gods.

I have two ideas for the Vohali:

Scenario 1: The borders of their territory expanded as their numbers increased, inevitably bringing them closer to another clan that, while half their size, somehow exceeded them in strength. Encounters with the enemy were always brutal, and survivors came back with gruesome wounds and tales that inspired the worst nightmares in the tender-hearted. Tales of men turning into beasts, men that were beasts.

Members of each tribe started getting picked off, so the Vohali sent soldiers out to hunt on the edges of their territory and protect their people. One of the hunters, a courageous female who had recently lost a brother in one of the attacks, cuts down the enemy with a fierce passion and isn’t satisfied until her blade runs with the blood of her brother’s killers. It goes on for months. Until she meets her equal on the battlefield who changes her life forever.

Scenario 2: Their broadening territory pushes them closer to the coast where a foreign people land after a rough storm. While their ships are repaired, scouts are sent to comb the woods for any food source. That is where they encounter the Vohali tribe. Intrigued by their alien tongue and strange cultural habits, the Vohali invite the handful of strangers back to their home and offer shelter for the night. The leader of the party makes friends with the Chief and inevitably one of the hunters in charge of providing food for the tribe.

Unbeknownst to the Vohali, the strangers were originally on a mission to seek land with better resources so they could relocate and repopulate their dwindling numbers, and will eventually have to fight to keep what they worked so hard to own.
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Science Fiction
« Reply #5 on: February 06, 2016, 11:35:07 AM »

Science Fiction

Exchange of Savages

Pairing: F/F
Setting/Genre: Post-Apocalyptic.
Themes: Enemies. Strife. War.
Looking for: Someone to play the role of the victor.

To play against
To play
   OR    OR

The leader of the enemy’s army, captured.

A victor announced.

An execution prepared.

His death would herald the end of the war.

As he was hauled onto the stage for their viewing pleasure, bound and beaten to within an inch of his life, and forced to his knees, the booming voice of the opposing leader presented his victory speech to the remaining numbers.  All of them cheering for their chieftain, all of them demanding to see the loser’s blood run freely.

But it wasn’t over yet.  The victor was granted one request to reward her for capturing the enemy, and as she looked out into the vast wasteland of buildings and rubble, knowing her desired audience was watching quietly among the aftermath, she made a bargain.  A trade, she promised; the sister for the brother.  An odd choice, but she couldn’t help remembering back to a particular fight when the woman bested her, moving so fluidly, so gracefully, that she became captured more thoroughly than the man at her feet.  They parried with tongues as well as weapons, baiting each other and poking fresh wounds.  The anger, the hatred, the chemistry between them had been beyond anything she’d ever experienced, and she couldn't give it up so easily.

With the offer in the air, echoing past destruction, a lone figure appeared and moved toward them.  There was nothing to consider; not consequences, not her life.  She would swap places with him if it meant he was able to live, no matter the cost.

She stopped before the stage, looking into the face of her enemy.

The look in her eyes said their fight was not over.
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« Reply #6 on: February 06, 2016, 11:36:06 AM »


Random musings that aren't full story ideas yet.

That slow drag of triumph is profoundly satisfying considering how long he's waited to collect his due.

He taunted his pursuers at every opportunity, letting them get close enough to feel the earth shuddering beneath his mount before leaving them with the echoes of his mocking laughter.

They were never quick enough, clever enough, or adequately equipped to seize the rider that they hated so.

But he couldn't run forever, and with the winter storms growing stronger, his time, and luck, were running out.

He did everything to get her...

...and he'll do anything to keep her.

"You've put up a good chase, but I think you're done running now."

"Come away with me," he tempted while guiding her deeper into the forest, "a new life awaits you."

Convinced that he could offer her a better life than the one already mapped out, she followed.

But it was not paradise she found in those woods, nor was that handsome face his true one...

"She captivated me... so I captured her.

They took her from me, and now I'm going to get her back."

Is his calm, confident exterior indicative of his true nature?
As a King, does he inspire fear, or trust?

He woke up knowing it was going to be his day, and he was going to own it.

And her.

A forbidden affair.

Maybe she's married, or belongs to a higher social class.  He could be an enemy.

Punishment would be removal of those bold hands, but it's worth the risk.
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Visual Inspiration
« Reply #7 on: August 04, 2016, 03:41:38 PM »

Visual Inspiration

(Some may be NSFW. Click to enlarge.)
Images that don't yet have a story.

To Play Against





To Play




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Offline impishcharmTopic starter

Taken/Retired Plots
« Reply #8 on: August 04, 2016, 03:42:50 PM »

Taken Plots

These are in use or have already been claimed.

The Dragon and the Wolf with Whimsical
The Dragon and the Wolf

Setting: Alternative world.
Themes: Slavery. Vengeance.
Genre: Fantasy. Horror.
Looking for: Someone to fill the dragon role.

He had been contained in the compound for what felt like ages. So long, in fact, that the solid iron bars surrounding him grew into a familiar prison. The Controllers kept him trapped in a cage of flesh so that he remained weak and broken. Such a vulnerable state allowed them to absorb his magic—his essence—to use for their own sadistic agenda. The only thing that kept him teetering just before the brink of insanity was the hope that someday he would find his freedom.

That hope grew stronger when he witnessed the first act of defiance...

She took her time winning them over. It all started with completing simple tasks to earn their trust; even when she would have rather heard their lament of pain and terror in her ears, or felt the hot rush of a crimson tide over her claws. The Controllers thought using their own against them would help keep order, so she was designated as the dragon's keeper. She was given the duty to feed him the toxin that would keep him in his form day after day.

How wrong they were to trust her.

She would be the sacrifice that would help the rest escape. By decreasing his portion and taking it into herself, she gradually became weaker as his strength returned. It wouldn't be long before he came into his full power once again and bring down the walls with fire.

Character inspiration
I am open to suggestions and idea tweaking, though I'd like to stick to the general theme. I am looking to play the female werewolf and very eager to build their world with a partner.

Forsaken Love with Renegade Vile
Forsaken Love

Setting: Alternative world.
Themes: Betrayal. Violence. Romance.
Genre: Fantasy. Horror.
Looking for: Someone to play the beast role.

On their own, they were powerful enough to be an inconvenience. When they joined together, they proved to be a force that tipped the balance to become a formidable threat. They never used their gift for malevolence against another, but it did not stop the people from fearing them, even hating them. They would find solace in each others arms and practice their arcane powers until they were left completely alone. It didn’t matter as long as they had each other. The world could crumble around them and they would still be unmoved for how strong their bond was.

It wouldn’t always be so blissful. Those very townspeople who hated them would draw their own essence to curse the lovers and destroy that which was most feared. The man would no longer be a man, but something… different. A ravenous beast who didn’t know prey from his mate. As for her, the enemy had different plans. She would get a good look at each of their faces as they took her against her will, committing every wicked detail to memory for when she got her revenge. When they were done with her, they left her broken body with the promise of revenge if she were to ever speak a word of what happened.

Oh, how wrong they were. She wasn’t as helpless as they first perceived and they would pay dearly for it.

It would take time to tame him; to be able to come close enough to actually witness the creature that he was. Fueled by her hatred, vengeance would be slow enough to savor without detection. She began to pick off those who defiled her, waiting until they were alone to strike. Their bodies would be brought to the beast to earn his trust and to ensure no evidence remained of her victim. The more power he consumed of his enemy, the more aware he became. When his eyes settled on her, she could sense the change in him. She vowed to never stop until he was once again whole.

I might be convinced to play the role of the beast depending on how negotiations go.

Wild Things with Erythrite
Wild Things

Setting: Medieval/Victorian. Alternative world.
Themes: Werewolf. Violence. Dark romance.
Genre: Fantasy. Horror.
Looking for: Someone to play the Hunter.

The hunter found himself upon the doorstep of Sagemoor, passing as a traveler just making his way through, only he was looking for his prey...

Not long after the arrival of the stranger, things were not well in the village. It started with small occurrences that only alarmed the King's Gamekeeper; half-eaten corpses of rabbits and squirrels. It was shrugged off by the villagers as the doings of a stray dog or large feline. Then there were attacks on larger game, with slash marks on the hide to indicate the impressive size of the beast responsible. The people became concerned when they found prints that were as wide as a hand's span in the soil surrounding their livestock. The deaths were indiscriminate and random and it was just a matter of time until they found one of their own slaughtered in the same way.

With the Gamekeeper trying to uphold order in the King's hunting ground as well as restoring peace of mind in his village, he dedicates all of his time to hunting the creature plaguing the people. Only he isn't alone in the endeavor. His daughter joins the hunt and it isn't long before she starts to gather the clues that lead her back to a mysterious stranger residing among them.

But as they become more acquainted, can she summon the courage to point the finger? And if she did, would her intuition be right?

Not sure if the Hunter is just that or if he is actually the culprit. It will be up to us to decide.

Destined with Erythrite

Setting: Medieval. Alternative world.
Themes: Elves/Fae. Adventure. Romance.
Genre: Fantasy.
Looking for: Someone to play the male role.

In a time where a group of barbaric raiders threaten the human kingdom, they must set their long history of conflict with the elves aside and join forces if they are to have any hope for survival. To seal the alliance a marriage contract is formed and requires the king to give up the hand of one of his four daughters. She will marry one of the elven royalty and they will soon arrive to come collect.

When the prince comes to retrieve his bride, he feels she is not the one he is fated for. The assumption was that the king had sired only normal, ungifted humans like many in his line. That is not the case, for one of the daughters can see what other humans cannot. The fae. Creatures that live in the forest surrounding half of the human land, living inside trees and under rocks. They are relatively harmless, but they aren't the only thing living in the woods.

A malignant presence lurks in the thick of it, waiting to use the human who can link both worlds together for his own vicious motives.

With the prince being drawn to the daughter with the sight, he seeks to claim her hand instead. But can he protect her once she is taken outside her fortress?

This will be my second attempt at this story. The male character can be either elf or fae; I am not leaning more toward one or the other. I'd love to brainstorm and see what ideas my partner can add/change to make this one awesome.

Devil in our Midst with Erythrite
Devil in our Midst

Setting: Versatile geographically. Major city is preferred.
Themes: Supernatural. Demons. Good vs. evil. Possible BDSM.
Genre: Dark fantasy/horror.
Looking for: Someone to play the demon role.

Welcome to Lynchaven, Asylum for the mentally damaged and frail; a place where one can find recuperation and rehabilitation by purging the demons from inside.

After the recent and sudden death of Abbey Marcus and with those who were training to one day take his place not being quite ready for the responsibility, it is almost a miracle when a competent stranger shows up to take the position. He seemed perfect for the job; devout, merciful, charming… Everyone takes a liking to him right away. Even the residents of Lynchaven can’t seem to find a reason to question his quiet dominating ways.

Sister Grace, once the loyal assistant and secretary of the late Abbey, is among the minority when she starts to suspect there is something not quite right about their new leader. Seemingly up to the challenge to put her under the same spell as everyone else, the new Abbey keeps her as his assistant and the longer she spends in his presence, the more she starts to see the real man behind the carefully crafted mask of piety and good faith.

Strange things start to happen; residents and clergy alike start to act out in horrifying ways… ungodly ways. Impulses rise to the surface that are hard to deny, even for Sister Grace. And with the Abbey’s growing influence, she starts to fear for all of their souls.

Sister Grace

Chosen with Geraint

Setting: Any.
Themes: BDSM, Dub-con, non-human.
Looking for: Someone to play the male role.

“Do not open your eyes,” a deep voice rumbled somewhere nearby; a sound that would never depart from human lips. Draped in nothing but a sheer gown to showcase the value of her sacrifice, there was nothing to fight off the damp chill of the strange room, or the hungry eyes she could feel upon her exposed form as he circled, quietly appraising. There were others moving about, likely the same servants who'd bathed her and combed out her hair in preparation. But beneath the soft patter of slippers came the unmistakable clicking of nails on stone, and the heavy breath of beast eager for what was to come next. So far he’d been gentle, even accommodating… for now.

She can feel the heat of him as he presses close, watching as hands begin to drape a cloth over her eyes and carefully secure it behind her head.

Those same hands drifted to the straps of her gown and began to slide them down her shoulders when that formidable voice halted them, "leave it." The fabric was put back in place and she felt the air of his gesture for them to leave the room. A heavy door creaked as it was closing and then they were alone.

Ready to begin.

Remember Me with VincentMacLeod
Remember Me

Setting: Modern times. Anywhere.
Themes: BDSM. Turmoil. Relationships.
Looking for: Someone to play the Dom.

She already had the collar, now she would have the ring.

It should have been a happy time for the engaged couple, with the wedding date just around the corner. Instead it was a nightmare; living, breathing chaos. On the night before the big day, after rehearsal and dinner, they went their separate ways with the intention of following tradition - for the groom not to see his bride until she is walking down the aisle to become his by law.

Unfortunately for them, she falls asleep at the wheel and crashes her car into a tree. Having suffered substantial injuries and trauma to her head, she ends up in a coma for four weeks and when she wakes up her memories are gone. Even her fiance is a complete stranger to her.

He refuses to give up on her - his soulmate, and so, hellbent on helping her remember, he begins the process of healing. If he couldn't rely on her sight to bring back the woman he loved, then perhaps her other senses needed to be engaged. He would slowly re-introduce her to what they had before the accident, acclimating her to the world of dominance and submission, and hoping, praying that as he earned her love and trust again, she would become her old self. All he needed was time, patience, and a guiding hand.

Love Bites with GypsyRose
Love Bites

Setting/Genre: Modern.  Urban Fantasy.
Themes: Vampires.  Feeding.  Sensuality.
Looking for: Someone to play the vampire (M or F).
Vampire Inspiration

In life, everyone always yearns to find a place where they belong, where they are wanted, needed…

She’d found that place.

As she walked down that familiar red hallway, the curve of her mouth deepening as she imagined what was going on behind the rooms she passed, she knew tonight would be different.

Her relationship with the vampire had slowly been evolving into something beyond mere predator and prey.  After sharing her life’s blood, they would sit and talk for hours; reminiscing, sharing, and most importantly, connecting.

Tonight, she wanted to connect with him in a new way.  She wanted to give him something she hadn’t before.

She wanted to give him everything.

Setting Inspiration

I'm very flexible on this one.  I really just want to explore the scenario of a vampire and a willing victim spending the evening together.  I'd like to play the female victim, but the vampire can be any gender.

Trick or Treat with Le Immortelle

Name: Trick or Treat

Content: M/f – Light Human to dub con (NC) depending on discussion.

Scenario: While grumpy parents and unlucky older siblings grudgingly walk door to door in search of candy treats for the young ones, the college kids are out masquerading as ghouls and goblins, sexy kittens and sultry witches… but what if, for some, it wasn’t a costume?

Setting: Contemporary fantasy, Halloween party.

Requirements: A descriptive writer who can play a male role.  Good communication and decent grammar/spelling.

Other info: I’m looking for a fun, short-term story to get the creative juices pumping.  Open to discussion on kinks and the types of characters to be played.  Could be any type of fantasy/mythological creature, preferably something fae.  PM for details.

Visions with Le Immortelle

Setting: Medieval. Alternative world.
Themes: Adventure. Revenge. Violence. Dark romance.
Genre: Fantasy.
Looking for: Someone to play the Red Warrior.

The characters: One is a vicious warrior savage known as a scourge to her enemies. Often referred to as The Red Warrior, her reputable thirst for blood is often enough to keep the overly ambitious away. She fights as fiercely as she loves and embraces her first instinct aggressively: to protect. The other is a cunning witch who has lost nearly all sight, but not the ability to see. The two have a bond that ensures they are practically inseparable.

The dynamic: The warrior will often take charge of a situation, make decisions for the both of them and while the witch will generally yield, it is not always the case.

Some ponderings...

~ The witch's animal familiar is the raven who travels with her and will often allow her to see through his eyes.
~ The warrior's tribe lays a siege on a troublesome village and once conquered, their slaves are set free — the witch being one of them. After the triumph and intrigued by the woman, the warrior decides to 'keep' her as a companion.
~ They embark on a journey to seek revenge on the slavers who took the witch from her family, aided by the witch's visions.

This is obviously a very rough idea. Nothing is written in stone about either character or their potential story; the details I included were just what came to mind at the time.

Beyond the Darkness with Wistful Dream

Seeking a slow-build romance story based on the following plot bunny...

The victorious sounds of her people rang through the night as they celebrated, and while their warrior queen's spirit rejoiced with them, she chose to observe the festivities in solemn resignation as she mourned.

They had taken her brother's life, and at dawn, she would get her revenge by executing what was left of the opposing army -- starting with the leader's sister.

Unless a more suitable arrangement could be decided...

The life of a queen is often a lonely one, after all.

More Info
Pairing = F/F = Queen/Captive

Seeking = Someone to play the queen

Rating = A little bit of:  [VAN], [BON], [NC]

Content = I'm looking to explore the dynamic between the above pairing, and watch their relationship progress past the typical 'captor' and 'captive' scenario.  It's meant to be a slow burn without being overwhelmed by the intimate bits.  I'm not looking for the queen to be exceptionally cruel or negligent in the handling of her captive, only practical.  She'll have to get over her hatred, and the captive will have to adjust to a new environment and situation.

Requirements = Read my O/O.  I'd like my partner to be able to post a few paragraphs at least once a week to keep the momentum going.  If something happens that may cause a delay, please just let me know; I promise to extend the same courtesy.  I pride myself on being flexible and forgiving when the lines of communication are kept open.

Homecoming with FlightlessBird

Pairing: M/f
Setting/Genre: Mythology.  Fantasy.
Themes: Potentially dub-con or reluctance.  BDSM.
Looking for: Someone to play Hades.

Other visual inspiration

Winter is coming, and it is time for Persephone to return to the Underworld and her husband, Hades.

For this story, I'd like to explore the first night of one of her homecomings, and how she immerses herself back into her life with him.  It can be at the turning point in their relationship where she comes to care for him, maybe even started to miss him during their time apart.  In any case, I want their reunion to be, at least in part, consensual, maybe with some resistance if that is what the setup calls for.

Aside from who plays what, I'm open to discussion on everything else.

Some thoughts:  Looking for someone who can build a creepy, haunted atmosphere.  I wouldn't mind taking this premise and making it into something with original characters as long as there is some tension in the setting.

Retired Plots

Older ideas that I'm no longer craving.


Pairing: M/F
Setting/Genre: Versatile. High Fantasy. Adventure.
Themes: Revenge. Magic/Sorcery. Self-discovery.
Looking for: Someone to play the naga.

Intended to play

He waited ages to be released from his stone prison, driven to madness until he all but teetered clumsily on the very edge of it. His curse kept him alive and aware in his solitude, just so he would feel every ache, every pain, and every shattering pang of longing inside, with no way to relieve himself of his discomfort.

That a woman bearing her own curse is the one to release him should have been a testament to the morbid humor of the gods, but as she slowly succumbs, he challenges anyone who would stand between them, be it the omnipresent deities, fate, or the curse itself.

While he travels with her to search for a way to reverse the insidious spell, he also must face his own horrors and put back together the shattered pieces of what was once his sanity. For both their sake.

Note: The description is a little vague because I wanted to leave the actual plot open for discussion and interpretation. This is meant to be an adventure of sorts, though I would also like to focus on developing a strong relationship between them.


Pairing: M/F
Setting/Genre: High fantasy. Versatile.
Themes: Fae.
Looking for: Someone to play the fae.

Intended female character

In those moments when she could find some leisure from a hectic life, she adopted the forest as her place for quiet reflection and solitude. She always felt welcome and safe, where she could practice her art and not be disturbed. There was a nook in an ancient tree just her size, and if the weather should sour it seemed to bend and offer a covering with its generous branches. There was a magic only she could sense because it let her. A rare gift.

In recent months she noticed a white stag lingering, usually at a distance. He stood proud and confident, as if he claimed ownership over the forest and the beings dwelling within it. Perhaps he even claimed her as his own.

She feels compelled to capture his image so she could show her family, and gradually starts to approach. Once she is close enough to see the incredible details of his body, she starts to sketch, and unbeknownst to her, he becomes just as enchanted by her spirit…

This was written with the intention that the stag shows his true self to her and express his feelings by making her his. It can be kept as a one-shot or we can develop a whole story out of it. I’m fine with either.
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