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Started by fantasygirl90, May 29, 2014, 09:50:13 PM

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These are some of my ideas. If you find something you like here please let me know through PM. Please do not reply to this thread as I'd like to keep it as clean as possible.
Thanks ;D

Any of these ideas are negotiable I am open to a number of different things and would love to hear your ideas as well.

Body Guard Roleplay
Kaycee feels as though her father is being very over protective. She sits and listens to him explain that he is going to be having one of this new, but seemingly trustworthy men, guard her. She is not happy about this at all but she knows better than to argue with him as it will do nothing but make him angry with her and she still wouldn't get her way. Her father has always doted on her but on certain things he just wouldn't bend. Apparently he feels strong about this because this man will be with her any where and everywhere until further notice.

"Does he seriously have to move in with me?" She complains, she wouldn't mind if she had someone tagging along after her when she went out. She could at least semi-ignore this person in that case. Having him in her apartment with her all the time is completely different. There are reasons why she doesn't want to live under her father's supervision, the fact that she is a twenty-three year old woman is one of them.

"Don't over think it Kaycee, he will be there to protect you. I will not be having him report your every waking move to me," he tells her. He gives her a stern look, "And yes he does. Until things settle back down, I do not want you alone for a moment. You're lucky I'm not giving you two men. I could still change my mind you know." His threat is subtle and clear. Agree to this one gracefully, or suffer have two male occupants.

Geez, the options. She schools her face to a less rebelious look towards her father, he really can be insufferable sometimes. "Alright, fine. If it means so much to you and will give you peace of mind. Where is this man at, we can get the introductions out of the way. I am assuming I will not be leaving here alone tonight." Her tone is only slightly tainted with sarcasm but her father willingly over looks that and calls through the door for someone to enter. Kaycee stands and turns towards the door, she believes strongly in first impressions.

When he comes through the door, dressed in the suit typical for her father's security detail, her eyes widen a little. 'At least he won't be insufferable to look at.' She thinks to herself as she takes him in. "I'm Kaycee, Carl's daughter. It is nice to meet you." She offers her hand for him to shake, all business as she hopes to herself he can't read her face well. She has a bad habit of thinking all over her face in some very inoportune times.

Arranged marriage Roleplay
I think this one is fairly self explanitory. I don't have it thought out too much because I would like to hash out the details with whomever I do this roleplay with. If you're interested in doing something like this PLEASE PM me! I would LOVE to do one like this!

When All Hell Breaks Loose
The world has ended in a most unexpected (for some no so unexpected) way. The dead rule the Earth like the living once did. More than three quarters of the population has turned into these Zombies that has held the imagination of some for decades. Little did they know a deadly virus would make their worst fears come alive. When things progress people's true natures come out. Survival of the fittest and the not afraid to kill to survive are the ones that make it.

So who are you?

The Trapper: This is a brutal man. He runs a slave trade and only keeps a select few women for himself. He sells the others for things he needs like food, weapons, and ammunition. He is feared by most and respected by some. He is someone one does not deal with lightly.

The Loner: This man has kept mostly to himself since things went to shit. He doesn't want to form any bonds or have anyone he has to look out for. Does this life start to get to him? Or does he find someone who he doesn't think he can live without?

The Long Lost Friend: Each thought the other was long dead so imagine their suprise when they run into each other. Do they greet each other enthusiastically or with suspicion?

The Unwilling Hero: This is a complicated guy. He has developed the survival of the fittest mind set and f-ck everyone else. If you can't look out for yourself then, well, you have what is coming to you to deal with yourself. So what happens when he hears cries for help that he can't ignore? Does he help and go his own way? Or does he demand a price for saving her ass? What if she refuses to pay the price? Will he take it from her?

My character despises weak women. Too many, in these times and before, have whored themselves out to get what they need or want. Protection and everything else she needs she can get for herself. Maya has learned to hunt, protect herself when she needs to, and find shelter every night. Who does she come across? Does she get trapped and kept or sold by the trapper? Do two loners come together and find common ground? Does she come across a long lost friend whom she may not even really know any more? Or does she get herself with her back against a wall and her unwilling hero save her and at what cost to her for his trouble?


Cleaned up and added some ideas so Bumpy! ;D