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Author Topic: Quill's Inked Ideas.  (Read 3410 times)

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Quill's Inked Ideas.
« on: May 29, 2014, 09:44:10 PM »

Where to start...

I joined Elliquiy over five years ago, which is an accomplishment on its own, I suppose. Unfortunately, when I started writing here, I was in the middle of finishing my undergraduate, and then, as time went on, my graduate degrees. No matter how deeply and desperately I wanted to write, school and life in generally seemed to sap the creativity out of me and my muses, leaving me struggling to do one post, let alone five or fifteen. The trials of a hobbyist writer, I guess you'd say.

So, all that aside - where am I and who am I now?

I'm twenty-seven, a college graduate (not that that means much today), a girlfriend, a mother to one ridiculous dog, a 'housewife', a best friend, an insomniac, and a creator. Take that last one how you will. I spend most of my days bouncing between work, a cup of coffee, and trying to do something creative even when my muse has thrown in the towel. I'm an extremely casual gamer, an audiophile, and I absolutely love horror movies rating A through "Jesus, what the f*** did I just watch?"

In the last few years, not much has changed. I'm generally unendingly busy, which is why so much of what was in this thread is gone now - I'm not technically "looking", but I am open to an idea if someone wants to send me something or reach out. I've realized it's just unrealistically to try and start as many stories as I'd like when my life likes to go topsy turvy a lot. For now, my threads will be prioritized toward those who I know and speak to regularly enough that I know they'll understand when I need to step away for a bit.

I hope to hear from you soon~

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Re: Quill's Inked Ideas.
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2014, 10:32:23 PM »

Out of Character Ons

1 | Communication. It is absolutely essential that we talk. I have had way too many threads just die over things that could have been fixed with a simple, “Hey, can you…” Please, in the name of whatever god, talk to me. Additionally, if I am telling you that something you are doing/writing is making me extremely uncomfortable, please hear me. I don’t do it often, and believe me when I say, I can write some really dark shit, so please, if I’m coming to you about something, actually listen.

2| Respect. I may be a little rough around the edges, and I may cuss like a sailor, but here’s the deal: if you respect me and my wishes, I will go above and beyond to respect you and yours. It’s really that simple with me.  I like respect, especially with my writing partners, so it kind of kills the mood when I feel like I’m getting none.

3 | Compromise. I want you to have fun, so even if the original idea for a story was mine, nothing makes me happier than seeing a partner getting involved, changing plot elements, throwing in curve balls. I want our stories to be a compromise, and the more that happens, the more attention and care I’ll put into what we’re doing.

4 | Humor. This may seem like a little out of place, but I live for laughing. More than that, I love laughing with my writing partners, over our story, over something we found online. If you think I might laugh, share with me. I will love you forever.

5 | Attention to detail. Nothing will get me more into a story than a partner clearly having taken the time to respond. Whether through the use of specific language, or going so far as to look up random facts regarding the culture/time/era we’re writing in – if you show even a small attempt at adding depth to our story, I will love you long after the story ends.

6 | Playing Female Characters I prefer, by and large, writing the female characters in our threads. I will write the male lead for friends and that's about it. It's an exhausting adventure for me and I always feel as if I'm lacking in some sort of realistic context when writing them. Besides that, it's less fun for me due to the exhaust and toll on me and my muse.

 Out of Character Offs

1 | Don’t. Be. Rude. If you have a problem, if something I’m doing/not doing, writing/not writing isn’t working for you – let me know! Just, don’t be a dick about it. I’m willing to change, and more than willing to work with partners, readers, and friends, but being rude to me or berating me isn’t going to help the situation.

2 | God Modding. Now, I don’t just mean abruptly killing/damaging my character without letting me know. That we can fix. I mean writing my character for me. Don’t tell me what she’s doing, or thinking. If your character is giving her the best lay of her life, don’t write “It was easily the best sex of her life”. Let me do that. That’s why we’re writing something together. Nothing will make me drop a story faster than seeing you take control of my character repeatedly.

3 | Severe Lack of Detail. I get that some people just aren’t as good at description as others. Hell, I’m not all that great myself, but I do try. I want to know about our setting, about your character, and I need help with that. If I start to feel like I’m the only one putting in effort, and after talking with you, nothing changes, the stories going to get dropped.
4 | Regarding Smut I will not, under any circumstances, write smut for the sake of writing smut. I know, this sounds a little extreme, but I have so much trouble writing sex scenes without any real context, any real character depth. It bores the ever living hell out of me. This also includes plots that begin with and focus on sex as the main motivator behind well, everything. I need more to a story to keep me engaged, to keep me focused. Can we have a plot that starts with a one night stand and builds into something more? Sure. What I'm talking about are those threads that start with smut, lead to more smut, and are 90% about nothing but smut, making smut happen, etc. I just...There's more to life than sex and I like my writing to reflect that.

5 | Regarding BDSM. So, I normally wouldn’t do this, but I feel like it’s a necessary evil. I love BDSM scenes. I think they’re the tops in stories, but here’s the deal. I know when you don’t know the first thing about BDSM culture. I know when you don’t know the basics, and worse, I know when you’re basing your knowledge off of 50 Shades of What-the-fuck-ever. I know because your character starts treating my character like an animal to be tamed, expecting them to be easily cowed, expecting subservience. I don’t write subservient characters. I can’t, and I can’t write BDSM scenes with people not willing to even do a basic Google search. Please, do not engage in something like this, if you’re going to expect a subservient character. It’s boring for me, and I will have to drop the story.

6| Regarding Reality v. Roleplay. Just to be clear, I am not my muses. I am not my characters. I write them, I give them their voice, but I am not them and the line between reality and fiction will never cross. If you try to blur that line, if you ask me if I'm getting off to something we're writing, if you try to lay claim to me, I will give you one warning, and then our connection will be ended if the issue continues. I have a significant other (you can find him here as Falkflyer), and I am not here looking for anything more than friendship and an outlet for my creativity. Trying to cross that boundary will make me uncomfortable and chase me away. Please respect that.

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