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Author Topic: Post apoc: The Last of Us. (All genders/orientations) [Interest/Recruitment!]  (Read 706 times)

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Offline LyndseyTopic starter

Hello! I have been interested in doing a plot like this for some time, and am posting this to see if anyone else shared my interest. This plot will take place in the universe of The Last of Us, though it will take place well before the events of the game, so do not fret if you have not played the game, no prior knowledge of the lore is necessary.

If this does take off, I would ideally like to keep the group small (3-6 writers), as I have do not have the experience, nor the confidence to handle anything on a larger scale. In the (very) unlikely event that there is indeed that much interest, I seek your kind understanding in the fact that not everyone can be accepted, and decisions will be made with the best interests of the group at heart. The open ended nature of this plot also means that people can be recruited at any point in the story while at the same time mitigating the impact of any departing writers.

Feel free to register your interest, submit a character sheet, or message me with any questions you may have!

** I am also on the lookout for one or two individuals to help me run this, feel free to message me if you have an interest in doing so. If I am able to get more hands to help out, the group size might be able to be increased.

The plot

The year is 2013, and a mutated strain of the cordyceps fungus has resulted in humans being infected and attacking those who were not yet affected. Within the span of a few months, nearly half of the world's population has been infected, the WHO has failed in it's bid to produce a cure, and civilization as we know it has collapsed on itself. Whatever is left of the United States is under martial law, with the remnants of the government/military maintaining several quarrantine zones across the country. Many bulidings are weak or destroyed completely from the raging fires and fighting when chaors errupted, and running water and electricity is unheard of outside of the QZs. There is no, internet, and cell phones have stopeed working with radios being the only remaining means of long range communication. Those who live in a QZ do so under the protection of the military, but lately food has become increasingly scarce and there aren't enough rations to feed everyone. There is unrest brewing, and word has gotten around of small bands of survivors living outside of the zones, as well as reports of bandits attacking and robbing anyone who is foolish enough to leave the santuary.

This plot will central around a group of individuals in the Chicago quarrantine zone. My intention is to introduce several plot elements over time that will affect all writers. These elements are of course, up for discussion, so feelf ree to come to me with any ideas you may have.

The latest updates on this thread will go here!

Character creation

Character creation guidelines:

  • No canon characters, only original characters.

  • All genders and orientations are welcome, but your character should be 18+

    • Feel free to seek out connections with other writers, friends, siblings, etc.

    • When being created each character will be given 20 ration cards. These can be used to outfit your character with any items found in the 'gear' section, based on the multiplayer component of the game. Additional ration cards will be awarded to players every week for each new IC post, up to a maximum of 5 per week. This will be a freeform game, and I do not want to limit any writer's creative freedom. (For example, it is perfectly plausible to find a weapon or two lying around, but I reserve the right to intervene if I feel your character's finds are too unrealistic.) This aspect is mainly in place to prevent anyone from starting out as an unrealistic ass-kicking individual armed with a flamethrower and 10 pistols.

    Character sheet:

    character sheet[/list
    Code: [Select]
    [i][b]Character Picture:[/b][/i] [floatright]Picture code goes here[/floatright]
    [i][b]Gender and orientation:[/b][/i]
    [i][b]Place/Date of birth:[/b][/i]

    [b][i]Items and equipment:[/i][/b] (bear in mind that weapons and gear are limited by the 20 ration card starting limit. This has no bearing on personal effects.)

    [i][b]Physical description:[/b][/i] (One solid paragraph)

    [i][b]Personality traits:[/b][/i] (One solid paragraph)

    [i][b]Biography: [/b][/i](Two-three solid paragraphs, be sure to include how they ended up in Chicago)

    The Rules

    • Activity The expected posting rate for all players involved is at least once every three days. I understand some may be able to do multiple posts per day, while for others real life may get in the way sometimes. If you are unlikely to be available for an extended period of time, be sure to let me know. You may allow other writers to NPC your character if you wish, or simply have him/her uninvolved if you require an absence. I reserve the right to remove/kill off any character who has been inactive for an unreasonable period of time.
    • Ration cards Each player will receive 3 cards a week for food, and will also recive a ration card for each post within a week, up to a maximum of five.
    • Interested individuals should be literate and willing to share the creative load
    • While I don't think there is a reason to be strict on the posting length, please give your fellow writers enough to work with. 
    • If for any reason you need to leave the game, do inform your fellow writers. It's only polite.
    • Drama Antagonistic traits and in-game drama is always welcome. OOC drama is not. I expect everyone involved to be mature enough to work with each other.
    • No god-modding without other players' approval. You control only your character.
    • NPCs. Various NPCs are expected to be involved throughout the course of this game, and all players are expected to share the load of creation and writing as necessary.
    • Side threads. It is expected that side threads will become necessary over the course of the game, both to allow for interactions between smaller groups of characters and to keep the main plot moving along. Be sure to notify whenever a side thread is created so that it can be listed and linked.
    • Inform the GM of any major plot events (example: player deaths)
    • Keep things realistic. No individual is invincible, and this is a post-apocalyptic world with dangers around every corner. Keep in mind that ammo and food is scarce.


    All characters start with a backpack and a gas mask.

    Handgun (5 ration cards): Includes 9MM pistol, revolvers, etc. All handguns start with 4 bullets.

    Long gun (12 ration cards): Includes all rifles, sub machine guns, etc. All long guns start with 10 bullets.

    Hunting bow (8 ration cards): Comes with 4 arrows

    Melee weapon (5 ration cards): Includes knives, pipes, baseball bats etc. Melee weapons break with repeated use.

    Ammo (various) : Extra bullets for weapons. One card buys 4 handgun bullets or 4 arrows. Two cards buys 10 long gun bullets.

    Food (1 ration card): Various canned/dried food items. It is expected your character will need to consume 3 units of food per week to keep healthy.

    Medical supplies (1 ration card:): Various medical supplies used to treat illness/injury. More serious conditions may require more than one unit of supplies.

    The infection

    The infection can be transmited by two ways: Harmful spore clouds in the air, or being bitten or exposed to infected tissue/fluids through an open wound etc.

    Types of infected:

    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    Runners: Runners are the earliest stages of infection. They still look mostly human and are weak and easy to kill, but usually not alone. The are quick and identify non-infected by sight.

    Stalkers: Stalkers are at the second stage of infection. They have weaker sight and slower than runners, but have better hearing, and are harder to kill.

    Clickers: The third stage of the infection, clickers have no sense of sight, but possess actue hearing. They seek out targets by echolation, making a clicking noise. The shamble around slowly and are tougher than stalkers and runners.

    Bloaters: Relatively rare, bloaters are the worst of the infected. Large, slow and lumbering, bloaters also seek out targets by echolation, and have a thick 'skin' that is tough to penetrate. They are vulnerable to fire.

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Offline LyndseyTopic starter

Reserved for future posts.

Offline TheSilentBang

Mark me interested. I've a hankering for a post-apocalyptic game.

I'll post a character sheet once a few more people have expressed an interest.

Offline LyndseyTopic starter

Thank you for the interest, hopefully more will do the same over the course of the weekend!

Offline Garuss Vakarian

Girl, you had me at last of us. ;)

Offline Vaulera

I think I could be interested in the game, as I did quite enjoy the last of us.

Offline LyndseyTopic starter

Girl, you had me at last of us. ;)

It is a pretty awesome game, isn't it?

I think I could be interested in the game, as I did quite enjoy the last of us.

I'm glad to hear that, hopefully this catches on. Feel free to submit a character!

Offline Garuss Vakarian

Character Picture:
Name: "Kurt" Kurtis 'James' Douglas. 
Age: 40
Gender and orientation: Male. Bisexual.
Place/Date of birth: Omaha Nebraska. 1, 17, 1974.

Items and equipment:

2 can's of pineapple, 1 can of beans. 1 gallon jug of water (4 unit's of rations = 1 card a piece.)

9mm rounds: 16 : 4 from start: 12 from cards: 15 in mag, one kept on a neckless around his neck. (= 3 cards.)

Old, slightly worn recurve bow: (= 8 cards.)
4 Arrows: Double razor edged, ball point hunting heads: Much more deadly, in turn much harder to retrieve.

9mm CZ-75-p-07 Pistol: 15 round magazine. Semi auto fire.: (= 5 cards.)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Total spent: 20 cards
Total left: 0

Physical description: Kurt is a handsome man. Standing at around six foot three. With  light brown hair. and bright green eyes. He has lightly tanned skin, from once being a country bumpkin of sort's. Living in the town of Omaha, he had his fair share of city, and country exposure. He is a well built man. Not the healthiest, and this new day and age doesn't leave much for exercise. But, from his time in foot ball, and working many labor jobs. He has grown to be quite strong, despite his age. He has a flat stomach. with a small semblance of what used to be ab's. He wishes he still prominently had them, but age strikes us all. He has had a rather safe life, from real danger. But, from hunting, to working labor. A number of things can happen. Like for an example, your buddy accidentally clipping your lower right back with a shotgun spread. And this new day and age, leaves such risks as... Getting cut across the chest by a knife in hand to hand combat. Both of which, are  scars he possesses.

Personality traits: Kurt is a outgoing guy, surprisingly so. In this new world, few can be trusted. His biggest fault being to trust to easily. He is a nice guy. And, despite being a ex party animal. He is still one at heart still. Finding joy in the little things he has left. Beer, if he can find it. Playing his guitar. And fucking, if a women was at all keen on doing it. Kurt is very self reliant. Relying very little on others, and only a select few. He try's his damdest to be self sufficient, and not to expose others to danger. He has an intense fear of losing anyone else he cares for. So much so, he would go to great lengths to even save a relative stranger. He has mental scars far deeper then that of his outer scars. During it all, when it started. He lost his ma, his pa, and worse of it all. His brother. Kurt tried to save him, but couldn't. And ever since then, he always felt as though he was missing a part of his soul. After all, losing an identical twin, is like loosing a part of yourself. None the less, he swore ever since. That if he can help it, he will NOT fail to protect another person again.

Biography: "Ever have those day's... Where'ye wake up. Take in a deep breath. And think. 'Today's gonna be a good day'? Well, I dont. Cuzz' Im not stupid. Who in their right Dam mind wakes up and Think's'dat? Specially These days. Between starven, thirst, and Clicker's. How are you possibly gonna have a good day? Even then. How about the worst monster of'em all? The human monster. I've seen people do som'bad bad things. An'I've done my fair share of wrong myself. I reckon... Im not to different from the monsters. Perhaps now'a days were all a bunch of fucking monsters. Well. it did'nt always have ta be like this. There was a time. Where I can sit back, watch a game of foot ball. And drink a cold beer with my brother. No clicker's, no hunger, no monsters. I reckon I was always rowdy. Now'a day's my roughness is geared more towards survival. Back then, it was sport. And rough housing. Even when I got old. I still acted like a child. Fighting, hunting, and fucking. Never planning on settling down. I use to actually be terrified of the very idea. But now, I wish I could have settled down.... I wish I could right now. They say it's the things we take for granted that we miss most. I can say that's true. But, what hit's juss'as bad as what we wont ever have again. Is the regret of what we never had in the firs'place."

"When it started. I, like most people had no idea. It happened so fast, few can react fast'nough to get out of the rising storm. Me? Well, I had a bad hangover that day. I jus'wanted to sleep until I felt like getten up. N'sleep some more after that. I kept ignoring my cell phone. Not caring one bit for the flood of call's. One of my biggest mistakes. Had I done so. Id'of been at my parents house fast enough to... At least try and save them. The first few call's were from them. The third left a voice mail, my ... Mom sending me and Jesse her... farewell..."

"I had to go. I had to see'em for myself..... I was a wreck. I didnt know what to do, or how to feel. The city was blazen, the people die'en, and as it began to rain over the chaos the Clicker's brought. I reckoned god was shedding a great big tear for his die'en son's'anduaghters. When I got there, the house was a wreck. And, I found my twin brother Jesse ... Shooten those things as they swarmed. Ma and pa were dead on the ground. And, as far as I can gather from'em. He was protecting their bodies. "They need a propa Burial" He said. I couldn't argue. They were'my mom'n dad to. So, despite the danger, I helped him gett'em in the back of my truck. After that we juss' drove for hour's. Until we were sure we'can bury our parent's prim and propper. Like a god faring couple should be. After that, me an Jess tried to survive for a while. We protected each other. We were ready to die for each other. And, one day. I failed him..."

"You see. After a while'a living in the wilderness. We came across a familly say'en that the government was try'en to keep people safe. They were hope'n that they can find safety. That, they would be let in. Me an Jess didnt believe'em at first. So we let'em go on there merry way. But, that night, as I stood watch. I shed a prayer that they make it safe, an the government would let'em in.... I stayed up as long as I could but, I drifted off, n forgot to tell jess. The next morning. I woke up to'em screaming. Frantically going around the cabin, yellen, n'curssing something fierce. His hand... He was bit. I soon realized a clicka got in. An, my brother, was trying to vent his anger from.... Knowing he would die. He calmed down. Try'en to tell me... Assure me it wasn't my fault. But I knew better. It was. N'I reckon he knew as well. At least he didnt hate me. Perhaps he juss wanted our last moments to be something better then anger, and hate. He wanted to wait as long as he could. We had a few beer's. We talked. An, within an hour. He started acting all dopey. And not from the brewski's mind you. After a deep, sad sigh. He told me it was time. An, I..... I told'em I was sorry. Before I shot him in the head."

"With no where left to go. N'notin left to lose. I decided to take my chances on the road. N'head to that haven in Chicago. The one that family was going to.  I found my way there after a month or so of traveling. I had seen a lot of bad things. Met a lot of bad bad people. But, some good ones along the way to... At least there were some decent people left. Any way. The government weren't juss' leten people in. They in fact, were the itchy trigger type. But, I got in. I met this scrounger. A person who risked the world, in secrecy. For trade, for smugglen. And, we made'a deal. Partners. Im the muscle, the other the brains. And through that partnership, I found my own way inside. To thiss day though, I still hope that family made it.  Perhaps, my prayer din't make it to the lord. Perhaps it did. Either way, it helped to care."
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Offline Garuss Vakarian

Note: I used both an animated pic as well as a real life pic. But, no one else has to. It's not a part of the rules to use both. Nor, does any one have to write their bio in character. These two things were merely my own added flavor.
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Offline LyndseyTopic starter

Happy to see the first character submission, and hoping to see others come forward should they be interested!

I'll also be looking at taking up a character myself, and will be posting a sheet later in the day.

Offline LyndseyTopic starter

Name: Gracie Evans
Age: 25
Gender and orientation: MtF pre-op transgender. Bisexual.
Place/Date of birth: Aspen, Colorado. 4/7/1989

Items and equipment:

3 cans of spam, 2 cans of tuna, 1 bag dried nuts, 2 bottles of water. (5 cards)

1 Wooden baseball bat. (5 cards)

Basic first aid kit (1 card)

Personal effects: Lighter, pack of candles, locket on a silver chain around her neck, framed picture of family.

Cards spent: 11.
Total remaining: 9.

Physical description: Gracie stands at Five foot ten, relatively tall in comparison to most others. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, with a fair complexion that looks like it would not do too well if exposed to the sun for too long. She's lithe and light on her feet, and would not seem to pose too much of a physical threat to any would-be assailants. The golden labrador retriever that is almost always by her side however, is another matter entirely. Gracie is often accompanied by her protective companion, Toffee, who usually is a good enough deterrent to anyone who intends to harm the girl.

Personality traits: Gracie is for the most part, a gentle soul. She tries to avoid confrontations whenever possible, something that is becoming increasingly difficult to do in these troubled times. She is quiet and reserved, and has grown to become distrusting of people and their intentions, though she still does her best to help those she deems genuinely in need. One should not mistake her calm nature for weakness however, for she is a survivor, and can be quite ferocious when pushed into a corner. She is loyal to those she trusts. She values the relationships she has, and would put her family before anything else. Gracie also suffers from bouts of insecurity and self-doubt, and struggles with difficult decisions, and generally tends to follow her gut more than anything else when confronted with such a situation. This unfortunately, also tends to result in her making rash choices from time to time.

Biography: Gracie was born the third of four children in the small tourist city of Aspen in Colorado. Pretty early on, Gracie had figured out that she had been born in the wrong body. Thankfully, she had the support of her family, with her parents and two older siblings in particular forming the pillars oif strength that she would lean on whenever things would get difficult for her growing up. Their love and support became essential to the girl, as she bagen her transition in her teens with her parents' blessing.

Growing up close to the woods, Gracie's father would often take her and her siblings out on camping trips, and as a result the girl developed and affinity for nature, picking up many useful tips and pointers for camping out in the forest. She was particularly adept at bowfishing, and quickly became quite a good shot with a bow, and a pretty decent cook to boot. Life was good and comfortable, and while Gracie still had to deal with the occasional bully or two in school, her childhood was for the most part, a happy one.

But like all good things, her childhood would have to come to an end, starting with her two older siblings going to college and eventually moving away from home, and before long it was Gracie's turn to pack up and leave, headed to the windy city where she had been accepted into the University of Chicago's medicine program. The girl had just started her residency in the university's hospital when her life was turned upside down. Working in a hospital, Gracie was about as close to ground zero as one could possibly get when the outbreak happened. It had happened so suddenly one night, one moment it was business as usual and the next the hospital had erupted into chaos.

Somehow, Gracie had managed to escape the madness of the hospital, barely avoiding getting trampled by the panicked mob fleeing the scene. Once out in the open she headed for the nearest building she could find in the form gas station, risking herself by stopping along the way to break the window of an abandoned truck to rescue a dog trapped within. The girl managed to lock herself in a storeroom while the city descended into madness. Spending the night locked in the cramped room with only her newly rescued companion for company, Gracie tried her best to ignore the sounds around her, to little avail.

The screams would eventually die down, soon replaced by bursts of gunfire, and by the time the sun rose in the morning, the military and swept in and taken control of the area, and had started shepherding the survivors into the newly created quarrantine zone in the middle of the city. The next few days quickly blurred into months, and now Gracie resides in the Chicago quarrantine zone, doing her best to keep her head down and follow the orders of the military. The hope that her family may have survived in one of the other zones, however slim it may be is the only thing keeping her going, and she has plans to escape the zone and out into the wilderness to try and look for them.
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Offline LyndseyTopic starter

Alright, got my charcter up. I am probably going to give this another week or so to see if this picks up, and I am ideally looking for another two to four writers to fill up this group, so do come forward if you are interested!  :D