Looking a Snow King (F for M or M character)

Started by LamentingQuill, May 29, 2014, 12:02:02 AM

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This scene popped into my head and I just felt driven to write it out, I wanted to find someone that wanted to do this, none of this needs to happen exactly like this, it just gives an example as to what I am searching for. This also provides a good example of my work :)


They were dead... they were all dead... for as much as she could tell anyway...

Gwendolyn Porter lay among the fallen of her fellow members of the Earth tribe, terribly weak with pain arcing throughout her entire body... she could feel the chill of the foreign ice dust coursing through her veins and rendering her entirely helpless... but she was not dead... why?

She contemplated the unfairness of all this as she lay there gasping for air and fighting for life, Gwen just couldn't understand why the Snow tribe felt the need to strike at them first or why they were so hungry for more power and dominance than nature intended, she suspected it had a lot to do with their coldly beautiful leader, the Snow King as he liked to be called. Chieftain obviously just wasn't good enough for his vast ego, no one knew his real name though, he made sure of that as anyone knew that names held power and the Snow King was not about to let anyone else gain the upper hand on him.

The other tribes would surely send help when they learned of this, but it would be far too late to matter, the Southern Earth would be completely wiped out before the morning's light greeted the world, this unforeseeable tragedy would leave their fellow Earth tribe villages speechless and terrified.
It was obvious to her what he had been intending to do, he had no intentions of wiping out the other elemental tribes completely, merely thin them out to make them easier to control. One needed necessary numbers to strike up any kind of resistance after all.

Tonight was supposed to be joyous celebration as they gave thanks to the Earth Goddess for another plentiful year of crops and fertility, they had enjoyed much singing and dancing... until it came time for the feast... and they began to drink the wine and water... unaware it had been tainted with a dust made from enchanted ice that came from the frozen reaches of the North, the home of the Snow Tribe... each element had their polar opposites and while the Snow Tribe was cold and unfeeling... the Earth tribe was warm and nurturing. Consuming something so native to the frigid North was dangerous for the Earth Tribe, to them it would be like one of the deadliest poisons in existence.

What she still couldn't understand then... why was she alive? She should be just as dead as the rest of the Earth tribesman that littered the village square, so why?
The sounds of boots clacking upon the stone met her ears then, everyone in the Earth Tribe wore sandals... perhaps the culprit coming to inspect his handiwork? Gwen tried desperately to hold still as death, praying that perhaps the poisoner might pass over her and just maybe, she may survive.

The footsteps came closer and closer until she felt the toe of the boots pressing against her back, her eyes went wide as saucers and her heart stilled for a moment in her chest, the culprit was right behind her... she was done for...
The individual knelt down then and she felt their knee against her back before a strong masculine hand as cold as ice slipping beneath her hair and tightly grasp the back of her neck, Gwen weakly tried to pull away from the cold grasp, but she lacked the energy to muster the strength.
“By the stars above...” A silken voice purred, lifting her up to his head level before turned her around “You are still alive...”

Silvery white hair... skin so fair it was almost white... his eyes were the shade of a clear January sky... it was him... it was the Snow King...

Gwendolyn made no attempt to say a single thing, he did not deserve to get  rise out of her, he would get nothing but a scathing stare of disdain and scorn.
“Nothing to say, pretty one?” He purred softly, a soft intrigued smile curving his sensual mouth “You are a feisty one... strong... you know who I am, you know what I can do to you, you know what I have already done to your tribesman... yet you stare me so definitely in the face... so intriguing...”
Gwen narrowed her eyes at him and suddenly with a bit of gathered courage, she hurled a good wad of spit right into his face, she glared him and murmured weakly “Go to hell...”

He tilted his head with an almost serene sort of smile “You really are something special, my dear... I like you... I think I will keep you...”
A look of alarm entered Gwendolyn's face as he said this... keep her? What the hell did he mean by that? Something told her that she did not want to know... but she suspected he wasn't going to give her that luxury...

“Will not... be willing... slave...” Gwen managed to push out despite her weakened state “Never... submit...”
The Snow King chuckled softly, his expression one of a father might give a child that asked a ridiculous question “Slave? Oh no, my dear, I have a much better idea for such a beauty as you with such a feisty spark... to top it all off, you ingested dust made from ice chipped off of my own palace... and you survived it... there is only one role for a woman as special as you...”

Gwendolyn stared at him, a strange ominous cold tingle crept up her spine “Don't care... would... rather... die...”
The Snow King grinned and brought her face closer to his, his grip on the back on her neck tightening a little bit “Oh no my dear, after all... what is a king... without a queen?”