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Author Topic: The Ideas of The Conundrum Named Silver..[MUL] (01/03/11)  (Read 2883 times)

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The Ideas of The Conundrum Named Silver..[MUL] (01/03/11)
« on: September 06, 2008, 08:54:48 PM »
Welcome to The Ideas of The Conundrum Named Silver.

The Guide to Silver..

Ons and Offs: My likes and dislikes.
Story List: A list of my threads both alive and dead with no real details other than who I am writing with.
Elluiki: My place for an in depth look at games, ideas and characters. many details are given there.
Thread Ideas: You are currently here...


One thing which must be said before anyone reads on any further is that I post my ideas on other sites(That have branched from Elliquiy) that I am a member of and not Elliquiy alone. If anyone has an issue with that and dislikes the thought of myself doing more than one version of an idea at any given time then please let me know. Sometime I am willing to do an idea on just one site alone even when it has been posted to others. I just wanted that known by everyone, if that didn't turn you away then please continue reading and enjoy.

Currently I am looking to take on at least four more games, since I now only have about 2 active threads. I wish for these new threads to keep going for a long period of time unless otherwise discussed. I am open to at least three games if they are any of the following ideas below or if there is an idea that you have which you believe that I will enjoy. My current desires are to find a NC-H type of thread or F/F as I wish to explore those more in depth in ways I haven't been able to ever.


I want this stated so there will be no confusion for anyone. I prefer male parts to be written by a male, no offense to any ladies who play males out there. Please don't take offense. Also I would like for people's thoughts upon my idea to be voiced for most time I am willing to work on an idea to make it more playable, it's suppose to be something which two people create together. Also this isn't first come, first serve which people used to believe, I like to research who I will be writing with, please keep that in mind.


Ladies Of London [VAN, UN]:Open

The base for this current idea that I have within my mind came from the picture below.

In that picture you can see two women and mostly likely can tell they are very different from one another. What is the feeling gotten from the woman upon the right? Is it innocence, morals or a well up bringing? And are your feelings upon the woman upon the left? Is she a conundrum to you, mystery or even someone from a darker place? Those are the things which I wish for you to thinking long and hard upon while you continue reading.

The year would be some time between 1768 and 1868, there for placing it between the Georgian and Victorian Eras. The woman on the right in the picture would be known as Isabella (Bella), and also one of the main character within this tale.  Around the age of seventeen something odd would begin to happen to Isabella.  At first things would be forgotten which would happened during the span of a few hours, unable to remember what had been done no matter how hard she tried. Time would carry on and those forgotten hours would become longer and longer until they turned into days at a time. Next weeks would come and finally grown to a period of two months where nothing could be remembered. In this way it would happen over and over now only with weeks and months gone from memory. Unknown to Isabella those forgotten time periods being experienced were key to something important happening. Another personality was coming forth and taking over Isabella during those times where things were all but forgotten. That personality would name herself Belinda and begin to life a totally different life from the one Isabella was currently living.

Forward in time we would go about two years to when Isabella would be very close to turning nineteen. By now the switching of personalities would have been going on for quite a bit of time. Know both women would be yet no one could be able to think of them as one in the same. A good reason for this would be that Isabella has a life for herself within the higher social circles, while Belinda might be within a higher social circle that was actually knee deep within actions of the darker kind. Try to think about the mafia for an example of how they could be high and powerful while still taking care of things causing them problems, well within this case they would own a few of the cities most treasured brothels and some of those higher up women worked within them from time to time.

Now what I would like to happen within this story would be that a man comes and asks for Isabella's hand in marriage. During that period of courtship he would be a witnessed to that sudden personality switch of Isabella turns into Belinda , confused and angry this man would be wondering what was going on. This said man would have a friend who was a member of that higher up social circle which dripped its hands within taboo things. This other man would have a deep relationship with Belinda, the two would actually be engaged and planning to marry very soon. Between these two friends a dinner could be planned so they could each meet the woman the other speaks so much about, yet before that dinner takes place they would both end up witnessing that personality switch out and be left wondering what could be done. Would one be willing to give up the side they love so the other could grow to love both women, would they try to find a way to split the women into two so they no longer live within the same body.


I would like to try this out as a type of steam-punk game, I've read the background of steam-punk and would really love to give this a good effort. Also I am not sure if this could be turned into a small group game or not with other characters, but if enough people ask me about it then it can be done.

I do believe that is all of the info that I have done so far alone with a notes section if you wish to see it. If there are any other thoughts or questions which you have then please feel free to pm me. I thank you for your time.


Party Favors[UN]:Open

Two people who weren't very social would be forced to go to a party by their friends. A pretty good time would be hand until drinks were pushed upon them and things would begin happening. Now fast forward to the next morning when they wake up in bed next to one another handcuffed and naked. The quest would begin to find their clothes and a note would be attached giving directions which needed to be followed in order to get the key to unlock the cuffs, each letter would lead to a new one. How would two people who actually don't know each other deal with such a thing and there would be the lingering question of if they had gotten together the night before.


The Marriage of Lady ... (I haven't come up with a name yet):[UN] Open

This idea came from the picture below:

A young woman is forced into a marriage with a slightly older gentleman against her will, thanks to a debt that needed to be paid off by her father. While the vows are being exchanged the father dies for some unknown reason. Unwilling to see this marriage as being void, the gentleman keeps this young woman in the marriage saying that the debt still needed to be paid off.

A bit of time would go along with the woman refusing his advances and pretty much going into hiding within certain rooms of the manor. Their marriage has never been consummated and the man  first though that it was because she was grieving for her father. But the day comes when this man has had enough and finally decides to take his young bride by force.


Now from that point onwards we could have a battle of what happens during that night where she is taken. This would be a NC type of game. I want to see how the events of that night go and how their relationship would be, would it stay violent forever or after some period of time would love bloom between the two.


Unrequited Love or Quenched Desire[UN]: Open

This idea came from the picture below and from 'Neroon's Current Avatar':

During her childhood a young man would always pass underneath her bedroom window during the afternoon, many time the man could be caught just staring at the house in which no one seemed to go. This young woman's day always revolved around seeing that man come pass that window, a window which opened up her heart.

Years later the same man was still passing her window, many times a day. The pair have never met one another yet each has heard stories of the other always wondering if there were any truth to them. By this point in time the woman has fallen in love with a man who she has never actually seen up close let alone spoken too. Hidden away were pictures drawn of this man, along with words of love written out day after day.


Perhaps there is some type of social gathering which brings these two together. Will the feelings between the pair be Unrequited Love or Quenched Desired? Will it start off as one alone and turn into the other..?


New I Kissed a Girl[F/F, D/s]: Open

A young woman is at a bar one night with her friends and they have had just a bit too much to drink. In a moment of bad judgment, or perhaps on a silly dare, you walk up to a woman you don't even know and kiss her. Surprisingly, the she finds that she liked the kiss and is receptive when the  other woman invites you back to her place for a few more drinks after closing time. Back at her apartment, however, the mood begins to change as you are drawn into the woman's web of domination.


I would like to play with a bit domination/submission. I would be the submissive. Perhaps there may even be a little bit of  bondage involved.


New The Dress[UN, F/F]: Open

A young, recently engaged woman with submissive tendencies visits a dress shop suggested by her tyrannical mother-in-law. Instead of finding an old battle axe of a proprietor, as she expected, however, she finds a tall beautiful woman about her own age running the shop. But the owner finds her client so enticing that she's willing to do nearly anything to get into her pants.


The shop owner would be a lesbian who has had a bit of a break within her love life and perhaps just couldn't pass up the chance to do what she will with the young bride to be. Perhaps she has issues with the young woman's soon to be mother in law.


Other Notes

*Taken Down from Ons and Offs and placed with the character part of my Elluiki* I had a write up of a character named Rosella. I would very much like to figure out a game in which I could place her, so please pm me and asked about her. Thank you.


Here are my past ideas, currently going on and those which are dead.

Past Ideas Taken:

Timing Is Everything

From Loathing Comes Lust

The Woman With The Silver Hair(On Hold)

New York Underground

Past Ideas Done and Dead:

Office Connection: Take One; Dead


Innocence Lost: Take One; Taken once more.

Seeing What Was Never Noted: Revamp of Office Connection. Take Two; Dead.

The Claiming of Isabella Another take on Innocence Lost. Take Two Dead.

Unseen Connections 'On Hold', most likely Dead.


If there is an idea that you like but it's listed as a 'Dead' game, please feel free to send a pm and ask me about it, since I believe that something could be worked out about making the idea live once more. Please send me a pm if you like any of the ideas listed or you wish to add something more to my current ideas. Also if you have questions or thought you wished to be voiced please send a pm as well. I thank you for your time greatly.

Thank You Once Again!
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Re: The Ideas of The Conundrum Named Silver..
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2008, 09:53:58 PM »
I'll do Dreamweaver with you if youre interested.. I like the thought of the directions of where the story could go. :)
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Offline Red Dawn

Re: The Ideas of The Conundrum Named Silver..
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2008, 12:05:54 AM »
Hmmm The one called Lost Innocence sounds very interesting. I could join on that one if it's free :]

Offline Kurzyk

Re: The Ideas of The Conundrum Named Silver.. (10/2/08)
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2008, 03:58:50 PM »
I'd love to talk to you about your ideas for Office Connection. That sounds interesting!