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Author Topic: Take a Walk on The Wild Side (Interspecies Roleplay)  (Read 941 times)

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Take a Walk on The Wild Side (Interspecies Roleplay)
« on: May 28, 2014, 01:05:36 AM »

Hello and Greetings,

I am an experienced, creative roleplayer of many years who is seeking the kind of woman who looks at the the picture above and thinks "I want to see where that goes". I specialize near-exclusively in stories involving sexual attract and non-human creatures be they anthropomorphs, intelligent animals or more wondrous beings all together like the one pictured. I tend to prefer settings that range from modern to fantasy and enjoy extensive worldbuilding and discussion of characters and motivations with a descriptive, eager partner. Please check the links in my signature for a more involved post on the kind of roleplayer I am and what I enjoy seeing from my partners.

Do you crave the touch of pale flesh on soft fur? Does cowing a beast with your feminine mystique intrigue as much as succumbing to his wild lusts? These themes and more are explored to their full and natural conclusion in the stories I intend to pen with the right luscious and wanton woman.

I'd be interested in talking with anyone who goes for this kind of play, and may return to add more specific ideas to this post in the future. For now i'm just going go ahead and raise the flag. Happy hunting!

UPDATE: Although it's not my main squeeze, I've added some M/M scenarios i'd be interested in exploring, and am open to talking about that sort of thing for the right match. I'm more interested in playing the human to someone else's anthro for same-sex rps, by the by.


I've decided to go ahead and add some addition content to this post to sum up my personal likes and dislikes, along with some ideas!

An asterisk(*) denotes a favorite.

My Kinks

Love These
Large Breasts* (A D cup at minimum, generally)
Oral, Anal* and Vaginal
Highborn Women
High Heels*
Girliness (Lipstick, Make-up, etc)
Wanton Attitudes
Excessive Cum
Interspecies Drama
Size Difference* (2-3 feet)
Corporate Dress
Intelligent Women
Lingerie*(Stockings, Thong, Corset, etc)
Multiple women, threesomes
Seduction, Romance
Age Play (Mid 40s/20s generally)
Pierced Nipples*
Taboo Affection
Feigned Innocence (Think the Car Wash scene from Cool Hand Luke)
My Limits

Dislike These
Degrading Stupidity (Stupid Whore, etc)
Whips & Chains-type BDSM
Vaginal/Anal Gaping
Petite Figures (I need hourglass curves!)
Excessive violence

Original Setting

Low Fantasy (Swords and Sorcery)

The Companions - Two characters in the style of Red Sonja and Conan, respectively, save that 'Conan' is a big, hulking beast of some sort. You could be another warrior, a dancing girl or freed pleasure slave of some sort, but the point is to be fighting and fucking all across the grim world.

The Royal Guard - This setting concerns the secret romance between a beautiful queen and her beastly Captain of Guard. Alternatively it could be the Princess and said guard or, even better, both Queen and Princess alike (though not at the same time). I quite like the last one!

The Healer - You play a human woman with a rare kind of magic who was rescued from confinement by an adventuring party of anthros and come to travel with them as a healer. A rare feature of your abilities is that you often require sex to restore your powers, and while you have a favorite among the group you regularly sleep with all of them.

The Pleasure Slave - In a world of fallen technology where intelligent beasts rule the day, you are a magically altered and enhanced woman designed to bring pleasure to the highest bidder. You come to the estate of a wealthy member of the elite, and are subject to both his lusts and those of the beasts that wander his estate.

Modern Age - Unless otherwise specified, this setting presumes a world where humans and anthros exist side by side

The Reclusive Millionaire - A wealthy and influential anthro one day eschews public life and rarely left his estate for reasons unknown. Several years later a young female aide is sent by an organization (Newspaper, Lobbying Group, etc) to try and settle some old accounts. Slowly, their business transaction begins to morph an act of seduction and more...

Guess Who - In an age where anthros and humans are just beginning to come together in racial equality, an intelligent young woman shocks her friends and family by publicly dating one of them. Everyone's minds instantly ask the most obvious question-are they having sex? And how are they managing it. This one is ostensibly a more 'realistic' treatment of how such a pairing might work.

Out of Time - The world is shocked when a tribe of hitherto undiscovered beastmen is discovered in a remote part of the world. A renowned, very attractive anthropologist is quickly assigned by the university to fly out and spend time living among them, understanding their ways, and learning to communicate. All is going quite well, until her unknowing participation in a tribal fertility ritual...

Rising Star - Pornography has hit a new boom with the popularity of the interspecies genre, and  a hit new pornstar on the scene is convinced by her agent to start working in this area. She's nervous due to her relative inexperience in the field, however, and comes under wing of one of the industry vets to 'practice' various scenes until she's ready to go on camera.

The Ambassador - A powerful creature from a distant country arrives to open up relations with the modern world. A vivacious lovely young career woman is assigned as his UN assistant with instructions to make his stay as...productive as possible.

The Date (M/M only) - An experiment in curiosity. A human and a hulking anthro connect online for a date and enjoy themselves. It's certainly their first time going interspecies, and perhaps it's a first male/male experience too. Either way, too much fun is had to end the date at the evening..

The Artist (M/M only) - A young artist arrives to capture the likeness of a powerful anthro at his estate in order to make a stone sculpture for him. In the process of interviewing and studying his patron's robust body he becomes enraptured, though not without a little encouragement..

Fandom Ideas


Final Fantasy 7

TifaxRed XIII - A classic. Tifa joins Nanaki for a night of stargazing beneath the sky of Cosmo Canyon and learns they are more like than she thinks..

Final Fantasy 10

KimahrixLulu - Both stalwart guardians of the Lady Yuna, they become separated from the group and are compelled to admit...certain things to one another.

Dragon's Crown

SorceressxAnthro - The Sorceress joins up with an anthro warrior instead of her usual adventuring crew, and finds there are certain benefits.

Guild Wars 2

Eir StegalkinxKodan - This one is highly desired. The Kodan are a race of giant anthropomorphic bears who live alongside the Norn in the cold hinterlands. Eir could find warmth and succor in that home of one of them during a bad snowstorm she was caught in, far more than she had expected.

Eir StegalkinxGarm - Can go with the first one, i'd also love to explore a sexual relationship between Eir and her giant wolf, Garm.

Soul Calibur

Ivy ValentinexStallions - Ivy is well known for her depradations, keeping a stable full of stallions on steroids at her largely vacant estate. For what purpose could she possibly need them...?

SophitiaxLizardman - Perhaps, in her quest to redeem the tragic Lizardman, Sophitia goes a bit too far...

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Jessica RabbitxA Farm - Seeking some clear country air to clear her head, the infamously voluptuous redhead takes the advice of her agent and goes to relax at a neaby farm her owns. What she finds is that the larger animals are beasts of particular tastes..

If you like any of this, or have ideas of your own, please let me know!

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Re: Exotic Opportunities for Human Females (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2014, 02:00:02 PM »

Offline ADoggett

Re: Exotic Opportunities for Human Females (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2014, 09:54:33 AM »

Hello! This seems very interesting, sensual, and right up my alley! I have been looking for this type of fantasy role play for a while now, so I am interested! I would assume that we could discuss some aspects of your story line before we'd even begin? Are you looking for a submissive, kind female character or a seductive woman full of wiles who is looking to both torridly seduce/charm the antro character? I'm willing to be any character you truly fancy! I'm looking forward to your reply ;)

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Re: Take a Walk on The Wild Side (Interspecies Roleplay)
« Reply #3 on: October 13, 2014, 08:15:46 AM »
Bump after a long stretch of idleness, with a few new ideas and some experimenting possibilities

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Re: Take a Walk on The Wild Side (Interspecies Roleplay)
« Reply #4 on: December 17, 2014, 06:38:36 PM »
Raising the flag..