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February 21, 2019, 05:51:04 PM

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Author Topic: an alternate world idea (heavy and vore , open for both F and M )  (Read 276 times)

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Offline kajal9988Topic starter

this is something that i just thought up in my free time.. please feel free to drop in your comments

 The year is the same as present ,,
A few years ago the economy crashed and food production was greatly affected too.. In light of the changes some counties
legalized slavery and cannibalism..

 The legal norms are as follows
A person can be made a slave by the following ways
1. A dependent (son/daughter) under a certain age.. Sold , converted for self use or snuffed by the legal guardian with or without
 the will of the dependent
2. A free person willingly signs over authority of self to an organization or individual for money or self wish (money could be used
 to save a member of the family maybe )
3. A person converted by order of court on criminal charges

 A person under the certain age (you decide) is called
a dependent and the parents or legal guardian has the right to sell,enslave for personal use or kill and cook that dependent .. If the
 dependent crosses that said age without being enslaved then he or she can continue to be a free person n finish their education n be a
 productive member of society

 Slaves can be used for labor , sex , maid work as milkers or breeders or as food..
 Some even enjoy hunting or using them for gambling in arenas..

Restaurants also serve girl meat
Slave shops are as common as any other shop in markets..
Butchers sell grade material meats as whole girls or cut pieces depending on choice..

 The community is very open sexually and nudity is a common site.. Slaves are walked nude or semi nude by their owners in public..
Sexual services are also provided in movie halls n restaurants like bjs under the table etc .

Even free people roam in scanty clothes.. Transparent dresses showing lingerie or the lack of it is common...

Breeding farms even use slaves to breed more slaves n train n sell them as either sex slaves or meat as per body type
 Sex slaves are priced as per training
Meat slaves are graded as per body type .. Grade C are cheap and mostly fatty meat .. Mostly used as fodder .. Grade B is average with
 decent taste n average built.. Grade A are the slender prime ... Well figured girls with tender body n good taste.. And are expensive

Meat slaves are normally fed a strict diet and a cup of human cum fresh from cum farms daily to boost protein n improve taste ..

 As per government rules every slave needs to have a government issue tag.. One is placed on the unbreakable collar and the other on
 the clit hood by piercing in case of female and ball sack in case of men... Its mandatory...
Cops roam the streets randomly checking id's of people to ensure no one is a runaway slave and at the same time to ensure that a person
 tagged as slave is a legal slave n not a forced person.. So the papers r checked carefully...

A slave has no rights n is considered as usable and disposable n consumable property only...

Incest is also common as some parents engage sexually with their dependents even without enslaving them and some enslave n use or
 kill theirs for their own use etc...

There are even breeding farms where slaves are raised n trained or prepared for sale later n

There are urinals where slaves are there and people can empty into their mouths
Slaves have no rights..
 They are considered to be usable eidable and disposable property only...
 There are even games n events
like slave hunts or hanging or gallows games where people can bet or arinas!!
 Even free people enjoy fun..
 A free person can easily volenteer for a lucky draw in the roasting events
 Or suck off men willingly in
 glory holes in the public washrooms

Cops keep a check on people for run away slaves and law n order they have the right to randomly check people for id and slave tags if they suspect something
 people over the age of Conversion are legal individuals with the right to stay free or sell or voluntarily sign themselves over to someone as slave.. that is if they arnt converted before the age of Conversion by parents or guardian
 so the cop can force her to sign the slavery form and trap her into slavery if she chooses that is

Pertaining prostitution - prostitution is legal.. but the person needs to have a license for it .. so free girls need a government issue license.. and slave owners who whore their slaves need a commercial license too
 anyone caught practicing prostitution without a license that is  can be legally prosecuted by the state.. and as per the judges orders and the girls body type and age.. either she can be put to death or made into a slave or processed as meat and livestock.. bail is mostly very very expensive..

That's it for now.. hope you enjoy reading it.. thank you..
Guys please leave ur comments
PS: i am not too much into breeding most other things i enjoy of course