BellaVita's Needs [semi-lit] ~Sub F for Dom M~

Started by BellaVita, May 24, 2014, 04:02:12 PM

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Hello there! After being away for a few months, I've come back craving a roleplay and a few good partners and some good story-driven play.

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What I'm looking for:
A semi-lit partner who can handle a few paragraphs. Of course we all get writers block, and I can understand if that happens, but if I'm giving 4+ paragraphs and you consistently give me 1, I won't be sticking around for long. 
I'm also looking for someone who can contribute to the story. If I have to come up with everything it will get very boring for me.
I'd also like to say that romance is a big factor for me. Starting a story out as a relationship with lust is fine, but for a story to last there has to eventually be romance and love.

Note: I prefer dom males and I can be slightly switch, but I'm mostly going to play very submissive girls.

My ideas aren't fleshed out fully, but I would love to discuss them further and let us both shape the world that we RP in.

Some settings that I like:


The Princess and the ?
She is a princess who craves freedom, you are __________. (This can be anything here; a prince from another kingdom, a knight, a servant.. you decide!) Depending on where you want to go with your pick, the story could be she is betrothed to a man she's never met and feels trapped, or perhaps she has been in love with her knight since he was a squire and now her parents are forcing her to marry, or maybe she falls for the servant boy and they want to run away! This could go any way we decide, and perhaps some fantasy would spice things up?


A City of Nightmares
This would be fantasy in a modern setting. Vampires, werewolves, demons and angels.. All types of monsters living in the city, there's bound to be some strife between them. Which side are you on?

Random ideas that don't have plots that I'm interested in:
-School setting
-Summer camp
-Zombie apocalypse
-Fantasy/School setting