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October 24, 2016, 12:21:08 AM

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Author Topic: Fun & Naughtiness - Welcome to my hell... eh heaven [F seeking M/F]  (Read 531 times)

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Offline LeandraTopic starter

~~Leandra's rp ideas and requests~~

About me - a few things you should now
- I usually replay within 7 days
- I've some rp experience, but almost none with adult roleplays.
- English is not my primary language, expect me to make some errors.
- I'm open to many ideas, but if I say no, then it's a no, no discussions, no excemptions!
- Unless stated otherwise, any roles can be taken up by any gender.
- I only play younger characters.

Simple and short
- I love beautiful and sensual sex scenes. This can be anything, short or longterm, with or without story.
- Incest: daddy/daughter, sisters, Mother daughter, or.. or? The possibilities are endless. This is great for some fun naughtiness. Again this can be anything, with or without story.
- Pet play: I'm your pet, the rest is up to you - my owner.

An arranged marriage
My role: the bride
Your role: the groom
Plot: A marraige is a consensual thing, isn't it? Not always, it's not uncommon for parents to arrange marriage for the sons and daughters. The parents of my poor girl have arranged a marraige for her. She is dutifull enough to know that her parents and society expect her to accept her fate. Which doesn't mean that she is entirely happy about the marriage, but she'll try to be a good wife for her future husband. You'll be my girls (future) husband. To spice things a little up, i'm willing to let you work out all the details about your character and their marriage. My character won't have a choice, so why should I have one?

A secret relationship
My role: A school girl
Your role: A teacher or a guardian/close relative M/F
Plot: Basically your character not only has a huge influence on the future of my girl, but also her sisters'. You use this leverage to sexually harass my girl. Starting out with sending simple message telling her how beautifull she is, to telling her what to wear to finally fuck/rape her. Basically an a bit extend version of the classic teacher/student roles. If you'd like to keep it simpler, that's fine too.

The following two ideas require you to be comfortable with playing more than one role

A sacrifice
My role: A girl/woman - the intended sacrifice to an occult's god. She can either be a volunteer, have been volunteered by a relative or been abducted
Your roles: The reincarnated god (a simple member of the occult, posing as a god), other members of the cult
Plot: My girls is the intented sacrifice to an occult's god. After the girls has been prepared for her role, the reincarnated god takes her virginity and abuses her. Finally, after she had to endure more abuse by other occult members, her life is finally taken. (If you're not comfortable with playing this out, we can fade to black)

Boy's summer camp
My role: The daughter of the camps headcoach
Your roles: Guys in the camp
Plot: For some reason my girls summer plans fall into the water and she has no choice to stay with her dad at his summer camp for the time being. Being the only girl within miles, things develop... Can be anything from sweet romance to gangbang/grouprape.

Those are just suggestions, feel free to let me knwo your suggestions. All details are up for discussion! Interested?? Don't hesitate and let me know!!
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Offline LeandraTopic starter

Re: Fun & Naughtiness - Welcome to my hell... eh heaven [F seeking M/F]
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2015, 04:16:13 PM »
It's been a while, but I'm around to rp again. Post slightly updated.