A few more story ideas (M for F)

Started by BlueEyedBard, May 23, 2014, 06:18:07 PM

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Hello friends, I had a few plots I would like to explore with the right partner. Some are short term some longer, if you have any desire to persue any of these just shoot me a PM, also if you have any questions or ideas you want to throw my way nothing is set in stone just message me and lets talk.


The New Doctor
This is a desire for a Doctor Who plot. An all new Doctor,  freshly regenerated and exploring time and space in his trusty Tardis, and open for a new assistant.  I want this story to run episodically like the show, one crazy plot in one place (I have a few in mind already) and then zipping off to the next place. The only difference here is that things will get a bit more...dirty.This is elliquiy after all and this story will live up to that, no non-stop smut or anything like that, I feel a good story makes the dirty scenes much better. For this story we all know what the general Doctors assistant is like but I am open to your character being who or whatever you like, after all the Doctor's exploits are not limited to present day earth so there is no reason why his assistant should be.

Short Term

Bank Robbery - EX non-con
This would be a shorter story because there is really only one ending and it will come relatively shortly. In this one my character is part of a team of bank robbers who are hitting a large federal bank. Your character is a teller or bank manager or security guard, who is taken hostage and brought with my character to clean out the vault. During this process the silent alarm is tripped and the vault automatically closes, locking both our characters in together. What kind of horrors will she endure for the six hours they are trapped together. This story has the potential to get pretty dark so we will be clear on how far we want to take it and what the limits are but I have found the idea of a woman trapped with a criminal who is going to prison for life no matter what very frighteningly erotic, but maybe its just me.

More to come...
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