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October 25, 2020, 08:40:22 PM

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Author Topic: reality tv's newest FXF(fairly complicated but reduces to 12 decisions)  (Read 332 times)

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Even if not interested I would love input if you have time to read it.  thanks.

Two life sentenced prisoners have a choice to go on this show with  another life sentenced prisoner to compete on this Island.  Of course ratings demand sexy clothing, but there will be challenges and there will be times to live they will have to trust each other, but do it at the wrong time and you will be injected and left at the feet of the victor unconscious.  She will have the chore of taking the loser to one of four locations.  One will end her existence without her waking, two is to send her off as a sex slave(called permanent companions) the third is to send her back to  await her execution as planned, or four is to take her to a more remote area where she will have the chance to awaken but if the woman's trust and compassion are not compromised they will both go free and get a half million each, a permanent escort of their own,  a job hosting next season and million dollar modeling careers.

Now if they trust but they are betrayed the loser simply never wakes but the same winner or new winner will get to face the one who put them in jail by either lying and setting them up or simply telling the truth.(Only inmates who have accusers who are broke and willing to participate get on the show. Five million in cash, of course a permanent escort, and a job writing the following seasons challenges.

How do they face their accuser---Well most are not going to trust them under any circumstances but on three occasions they will have to trust them to live.  One of those three times the panel offers the accuser a chance to humiliate and do as they want to their once ferrous accuser who is now a ragdoll for all intense and purposes.  Permission to enslave them for a year, At the end of the year the loser usually begs for freedom which is rarely an incentive on the show so if that fails a match which heavily favors the accuser takes place and nine times out of ten the escapee pledging unyielding ferocity passes out at their feet they are made to strip them and clean them and send them to a slave owner in Thailand where it is legal.  They rarely go looking anything but the best.

Summary---two death row inmates forced to die on death row or go on the show and have a chance at fortunes and freedom.
Left on an island where they will have to rely on each other but those three times will always come up where they will need to trust.  If they trust  and lose they will know immediately because after trusting they have to take a drink and if they wake up they did good.  If they are headed to one of four destinations not so good but off course they can plan it that way from the start so they both get the fortunes neither would get alone but the chance of being screwed is very high and very riskily.

Four of them are bound to be on the island once the accusers join so usually you see three bodies at the mercy of one. 

Detectives at the beginning are now do to legal noose's cannot free their client but all four lawyers can say who was guilty and who was not, and

I want to see based on both players thinking if the innocent or most vile prevail.

If at the beginning you are told you are guilty play it that way but that one thing you value is bound to dangle before you and we all have that one weakness, but few resist it.

An example of having to trust would be both woman having to sleep in a room for two weeks. and the producers giving the other the opportunity and motive to give that opponent a painless pin prick which makes them the loser in the end.

bonds will form too.  And do even the wicked face the truth when the accuser is brought in to prove himself or humiliate the innocent.  Won't greed for money or their week spot get them in the end?