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May 23, 2018, 04:21:39 AM

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Author Topic: Looking for Group or 1x1 RP!  (Read 400 times)

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Looking for Group or 1x1 RP!
« on: May 22, 2014, 08:07:26 AM »
Hello All! Do not let my unapproved status scare you. I am pretty great RPer, if I do say so myself. (this is a joke. I could never be this cocky, ever. :p)

So I honestly just have a few characters I would like to get settled and figured out while I wait for approval. I want to use them in the 'other' parts of the forum as well. I mainly do fantasy. I range from all types of fantasy and have a few characters who are immortal or from certain periods of time, so they can be adapted. I wrote some quick little blurbs on them to garner interest! If you have a plot idea for them, let's talk it over. :D

My first character I have to offer up to roleplay is a man named:
Jade Varras
Jade lived on a small island that had more dead on it than living. Instead of becoming much like mexican culture and embracing the duality of life and death, the people of his island closed themselves away. The people of the island had faced a small plague before Jade was born and were beginning to recuperate their numbers. Children were often born with gifts relating to the dead. These children were ostracized along with their families so that their blood wouldn't pass along. Jade was born with red eyes and a unsettling gift to talk to the dead. Along with this, he has a club foot that improved with age, but still hinders his walking and stamina along with a shy disposition.

Jade is:
  • shy
  • Not quite sure how to talk to people
  • Feels awkward about his limp
  • has long, black hair, rich brown skin, and red eyes
  • I want him to eventually become a very reluctant necromancer
  • wears long robes most of the time to hide his foot and because all of those spirits around make him cold

Ideas of plots with Jade
Jade has to leave the island. The island is a fairly large tourist spot due to the amount of graveyards and strange local customs to keep spirits away. He makes a deal with a tourist or traveller to get him off the island. I think this would be better with a more medieval fantasy flare, but urban can work just as well.

Jade is off the island and has made somewhat of a name for himself as necromancer and medium. Someone (you?) comes to ask him to help with a strange spirit problem they're having.

Jade ends up in jail for witchcraft. You, a fellow prisoner in jail, come up with an idea for escape

Jade as your neurotic and slow travelling companion as you go to find an artifact or something.

Jade doing __!

My next character is a vampire named Casimir.Fun fact: His last name comes from the root 'Covaci' which is a surname in Romania!
Casimir Kovacs
Casimir is a casanova and has had a eternity to practice. His wife, who wanders in and out of the picture, has no problem with this. In the case of their relationship, think of the movie 'Only Lovers Left Alive' (if you haven't seen it, go do that!). Very loving, but an eternity together requires some separation and understanding. He also has two daughters who were born during the popularity of the Adams Family, so their names are Morticia and Wednesday. They never quite forgave him for this and he sees them even less than his wife.

Casimir is:
  • very pale with pink undertone
  • Has an original eyecolor of green, but vampirism has changed them to a pale, pale, purple.
  • Has dark red hair. The color never changes, but the style does
  • flirts without meaning to. He's only kind of sorry if you're offended[/i]
    • Likes men,women, and genderqueer

    Plot ideas for Casimir
    Casimir is a pretty old vamp. I am willing to stick him into just about any timeframe except for extremely barbaric settings. For a rough idea, his favorite periods of life were the rise of English literature and Charlemange's empire. He met Chaucer, partied with Lord Byron, and thought Bram Stoker was an idiot.

    You find Casimir squatting in a house. Are you a vampire hunter or a groupie? This is as open as it can possibly be.

    Throw anything at me you can think of, he's one of my newer characters so I need inspiration
My con man
Phiarin Cross
Just like the name says, he's pretty likely to double-cross you. Phiarin is a man of opportunity and leisure. He likes fine things, fine ladies, and fine wine.
Phiarin is
  • a womanizer
  • charming
  • Has flame red hair and green eyes
  • is really sarcastic.
  • somehow picks exactly the wrong women to sleep with
  • is only mildly skilled with a sword
  • Has a brother who was his partner in crime, but recently got married and retired.
  • Is the descendant of a descendant of a descendant of a fire demon. Hence the strange hair color. Aside from that, he doesn't get cold easily

Plot ideas for Phiarin
Phiarin has messed up a con and is lying passed out in an alley form some kind of wound. What do you do?

Phiarin is in jail. You are the guard are a fellow jailbird. Escape or torture?

Phiarin is conning a fellow con and a battle of wits ensues.

There is a possibly lucrative shipment coming in from a merchant. I think this could either be a trap, or something unexpected is in the shipment.

I like to consider Phiarin being alive in a more realistic fantasy world in a Venice like setting. If you have any ideas for plot, let me know!

And that's it! Let me know if you have any ideas.