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Author Topic: enslaved by female in paradise hefinds an escape seeker f switch from dom to sub  (Read 440 times)

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I headed out from the Florida Keys on my modest yet sturdy yacht with the intention of heading for the open waters of the crystal clear blue waters which surround these islands.  I  hoped to reach a desolate field of open waters to set anchor sit back and do some soul searching.  I had just broken up with my last girlfriend who was looking for a sugar daddy and that was not a role I was willing to fill.  The forecast was for sunny skies and mild temperatures perfect for my intentions.  Once I found a  suitable area to anchor up I did so eager to slowly pick at my light meal which consisted of some fruit, Italian bread, and a platter of cold cuts, along with a six pack of beer.
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising (HD Icl. Lyrics)
While I was gazing at the horizon I noticed some ominous clouds slowly heading my way.  The waters which were as flat as glass suddenly began to churn into small waves which grew choppier by the minute.  The clouds headed towards my vessel at much the same rate. I turned on the weather band and nothing but static.  I tried to call out to neighboring vessels and the same static prevented me from making contact with any of them.  By this time the waves and clouds were to foreboding to ignore.  My boat could handle them with ease at this point but the environment would prevent me from perusing my wish for peaceful contemplation.  I pulled up anchor and throttled the engine which seemed possessed by the same malfunction that both my weather band and ship to ship radio had been infected with.  The clouds were now over head and the yacht I named the Mermaid was swaying violently with the waves which had turned from completely calm to violently disturbed.  I was forced to try and steer the Mermaid with just the wheel of the vessel.  However the tide and waves prevented me from heading back and only carried the vessel further from my destination.  The boat managed the waters safely if not comfortably until about three hours of this weather forced me far East and just when I checked on my position and charts I heard a violent crunch as the Mermaid hit an underwater round of rock which pierced the bottom of the boat and water was flooding inside.  I noticed a land mass in the distance not to far and easily in swimming distance.  I took a a large knife and holstered it in my belt.  I also placed a small 22 pistol in a water proof bag and placed it in my ankle holster.  I began my short swim to land and with my wet clothes I wore during the swim and the rough waters found myself exhausted.  I rested awhile just where I swam ashore and noticed the weather turned fair as quick as it turned violent.  The sunlight seemed to help me regain my strength and I began to explore the island.

Last song fades to the sound of birds and waves crashing.  Gradually this song begins soft and gets louder as he sees the woman.

Just through a small mass of surprisingly well kept bushes I looked up a small rise in the land which reach a plateau which I easily climbed and looked around.  A short distance ahead of me I heard than saw a congregation of beautiful and well toned woman with bronze skin naked from the waist up and clothed only with loin cloth and some type of foot protection.  Their loin cloths were sturdy and held some scary knives but there was no question they were beautiful beyond compare.  I was surprised there were no men.

Suddenly one of them saw me and immediately she yelled over to another woman and a loud horn blast went out and they all ran towards me.  I was hoping for some help or at least some understanding of my position but instead the surrounded me with knives drawn.  A beautifully sculpted woman told the others in a stern voice to disarm the man stranger and bind his wrists and take him into holding.  Shocked I tried to speak to them but none of them even seemed to hear.  They took me to a line of small shacks no larger than ten feet long and possibly six feet wide.

"Excellent.  He seems an excellent male specimen for both labor and breeding.  Give him some food and water and we shall all discuss what we will do next."  They had taken my knife from my belt holster but never frisked me for my ankle holster which had my gun which was of no use to me as my wrists were bound.  I began trying to unbind them or wiggle my hands free when the woman who seemed to be in charge approached me..............
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