The secret of invisibility MXF or FXF

Started by seeker619, May 21, 2014, 07:23:22 PM

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A man discovers one of the most useful money making tools ever, not to even begin what its main purpose would be???Sexual information, political scandal, and that is stuff we already expect.  What shocks even this jaded man and is he better or worse for knowing later.  information, thrills, power, the list is endless.   He only told his wife and half the truth at that.

He sells it for a fortune after his wife procures him a customer and promptly kills the buyer once the dead is done and he is told the secret he learned.  To let him or her live would send everyone after his hide and he would be killed for it.  What does his wife not know?  What does he find out that changes the whole world?  Who are his new friends and what about old enemies.  Half of his life was based on lies but what can't he let go of?

This could go anywhere and I would love to explore any ideas you may have.