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Author Topic: Other request ideas  (Read 276 times)

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Other request ideas
« on: May 18, 2014, 07:23:12 AM »
Hello, thank you for taking the time to look at this thread, this is a thread based on ideas which are non-romantic in nature. They are M/F ideas and all of them can be changed and or edited to fit the needs of the person who I am rping with. For my rps, I rp on thread or pm, that is all. I also don't do M/M. Anyhow here are some of my ideas. As a note, is very common for me to put up new ideas. I hope you enjoy and find something you like.

Current Cravings (or things I would so love to do at the moment, which of course chances with time)
-Anything that would have some type of fighting or action especially in like a tournament setting say with a fandom crossover of games and anime
- A Fire Emblem Awakening RP
- A UC M.S Gundam RP
-A Rune Factory 4 based RP
-A Dragonball (not Z) RP
-A grand cross over adventure/quest type rp with various games/anime characters in it
Perhaps a kind of reverse monstergirl idea where the hero isn't a hero at all and goes around defeating the monstergirls and taking advantage of them.
- A rp opposite a Yukionna which could be so much fun
-  Ideas 3,4, 15,19, and 20 on this list

  1. orc invasion
The invasion of the realms of the world have started and the Orc are going wild. This rp can of two possible ways. It can be dome where we play people fighting to turn the tide of the Orc invasion, perhaps former rivals working together to achieve victory. It also can go the route of me playing a Orc as he LEDs his war band and enforces his will on the lands and it's people, especially one or more of the female leaders of the opposition.             

2. Last Train Ride 
Your character gets on a train not knowing she is being followed by someone who has his eyes on you. The train is very crowded and the man uses the chance to touch you without you being able to move. This is a very simple plot that is short and centered around smut.         

  3.Heroine Hunter:   
Ajax was a man whom loved games, but always hated how things always worked out. He kind of felt bad for the villain whom was predestined to lose all the matches. Especially the matches to some weak female whom found the right protection or protector at the right moment to save the world. He still loved to play the games though. He was pretty average other then that, till one day he discovered a new power, after a strange lightning storm, where he could go into the game worlds, and in them had unlimited power. Now he could be the villain whom defeated the heroines and made them submit to him, it was an idea that made the man smile, he just had to pick the first world he would go to, and the first heroine he would go after. As with other this has a lot of room for adjustment it can be one heroine or many, it can be a cannon character or OC would work too.           

  4. The Battle with the Queen of Demons:   

He was an adventurer with many years of experience, he had set his eyes on a great prize the glory of defeating the queen of the demons, a succubus of great power, and beauty. He went after her, set to win his fame glory and riches. Of course this wasn't such a easy taste, she has interest in him too, she has known about him as a possible threat for a while now, and she doesn't plan to go down without a fight. What will happen when these two foes class, and the battle is heated up. As I am sure you can figure this can go many different ways mattering on what is decided upon.           

    5.Demon Hunter Survival     
    Alex Johnson had worked for years as a demon hunter, he had worked most of that time with the same person, hunting down the worst of the demons to prevent them from causing any problems for humanity. He did what he had to do, nothing else nothing more. Time moved on, he grew older, wiser perhaps, and the demons grew smarter and more dangerous. He was working with his partner on a mission when the demons unleashed a new type of attack one that effected the hormones of its target, causing them to become far more lustful after they were hit, giving them to a bit over to the side of the enemy, what would happen when this happens to either Alex or his partner, will the person not affected be able to resist, will the together find a way to put a end to this and a end to the demon threat all together. Many ways this rp could go.         

   6. A demon's quest:   
   Dante was one of the most powerful demons in the whole of the realms, but he wanted more power, more power could only come with a quest that he needed for power. He needed to venture forth to the human realm and that of their realms and follow a guide as he went between the kingdoms, attacking them, and finding the chosen females from each one so that he can achieve a greater power then ever and take over the demon realm for himself.           

   7.Stuck in a Game:   
You take a job at a gaming company, that writes software, Eroge games, you and your boss are in a discussion about your new job when something odd happens, and the two of you are transported actually into one of the stories, each of you taking on the persona of one of the characters in the game. You have to be able to play out the game to be able to get out of it. How will things work, how will you be able to deal with the situations that you are put in as a result of being put into the game. What type of game is up for discussion, though I would lean towards dating sims style, but it is possible to try other ones. This one as with the rest of my ideas could go a variety of ways, and could be adjusted before it starts         

   8. Konoha slaves
After a new Hokage has come to power, he finds that the village is lacking severally in people, the population is down from war, and he has a solution. He writes up a new law giving the Anbu of the village slaves, who are in fact the lower ranked females of the village. As one of these lower rank females you have to find out how to handle this new way of things. Will you accept your new place or will things be more tense between you and your assigned anbu. This could also go the opposite way, and your character can be the rare female ANBU getting the male servant. It has a lot of possibilities and could go a lot of different directions, which could be worked out before the RP starts.


    9.  In the Books: 
       People write books all the time, and toss them aside, thinking nothing of them or what happens inside the book. One of these writers, is sent a blank book, this book is suppose to be special, the writer as ever starts to write his new story, finding himself the next morning unknowingly in the world of the book he has written, and still can write, what will happen in the the writer, will they figure out they have control of the story, or just go along, and let it happen at random, will they keep hold of the book or will it be stolen from them, a lot of ways this rp could end up going. With this idea, the world ideas would be worked up, it could be a ever dynamic world, a world from some show perhaps, and it could be a ever changing world since everything could change due to the book being changed by the writer. Anyhow lots of possible ways this one could go.     

10. Super Villain:
A great evil genius, this man wants it all and now he has a plan, he is going to capture a super heroine and force her into becoming his, doing what he wants, now all he has to do is trap her and break her down to being such a servant. He is actually new on the scene, and the heroine doesn't know his mental skills, which can cause a person to feel different, having direct effects on their Libido. Will the Hero manage to find a way to counter the skills and traps of the villain or will she fall pray to the villain and loser her way forever.           

11. A young warrior
    has always trained to be the best, he has spend his whole life after the ideal of being the strongest. Yet, when he is given such an award, things seem meaningless to him, it is just a title, and means little. He decides that he needs to make something more of himself and his skills. He leave his land and goes after this quest.

 Good path- The hero finds a new land with powerful demons and helps out a group of isolated people whom are fighting, personally taking over and supporting the young princess whom he falls for as he protects her lands from powerful foes.

Dark path- He decides that the problem with the kingdom is the royals whom keep everyone down. He thus decides to take over, and captures the capital, putting to the sword the king. Yet what does he do with the queen and princess of the kingdom, perhaps he over judged and he didn't need to get rid of the royals, just take their place.         

  12.the last? 
He is the very last one of his kind(what type he is can be talked about during planning for the rp) he is alone in the world. He goes I search of someone to make sure he doesn't die the last of his race or a way to make sure that his race had a way to survive. This thus could go a lot of ways which could be planned before the start of the rp.           

13.  The Neko Uprising
   For years, and years and years, Neko have been treated as if they were some sweet and innocent group, they were given no rights and had no say in the way things worked in the city. This was about to change as Nekos stood up for the first time. My character would be one of these Neko who stands up and overthrows the humans and in turn makes them their servants. He has had his eye on one human and he plans to make her his personal servant, as he was to be her personal servant if the uprising hadn't happened.       

14. Dred Pirate Zana
  Zana is a pirate feared the world over, he has been in search of treasure, attacking merchant ships, doing whatever it takes to stay on top, but now he has his eyes on a kingdom. This kingdom had attacked his ship, and tried to send people after him, he would make them pay, by kidnapping their oldest daughter and holding her for ransom or maybe he would just keep her.           

  15.  Kunoichi Auction 
A team left Konoha on route for a meeting with a diplomatic party, little did they know it was a set up, even the group who was sent was a set up, they were targeting the group, they would ambush, and then surprise and capture the group of female leaf shinobi. They would then take them in and put them up on the black market, a female shinobi could get a serious high price, as their kids would have their own skills. Other ninja villages would pay to have these traits in their own kids thus making them far better shinobi then they were.             

  16. Demon Kingdom revival
      A powerful demon has decided to make his move on the mortal realm, he has sent his army with himself at the lead to go after and defeat all the mortal kingdoms from that of the humans to that of the elves, he has set his eyes on various targets within these kingdoms as well, the lovely leaders of each.   

  17. Heiress Kidnapped   
    A great theif heard that one of the great heiress of the world was coming into his town, normally he would take her stuff when she wasn't looking. Not this time, though, he aimed for her, aiming to kidnap her and then ransom her. Yet what happens when no ransom comes right away, how will he react, will he threaten to keep the woman for his own, or will he wait by till the ransom comes         

  18. Blood Elves reign
The blood elves were a group which held a lot of hatred for those who failed to live up to their side of the deal, the alliance they made. As a result they targeted the humans, one of these elves was to lead an strike team to ambush a human of importance as she traveled, afterwards what happened to her was up to him.     

  19. Superheroines Fall   
    He was a genius, an average man with no great job or title, but he had smarts. He knew of the great super heroine who save the city so many times, and it kind of annoyed him, so stranger from some other planet could come down and save the day with ungodly powers. He wondered if it was to good to be true. He figured it was, and this super heroine was  scam. He would take it upon himself to put her in her place. He used his smarts to come up with a device to take the heroines power from her making her as powerless as anyone else, he would then kidnap her and see if she was going to boast after that, and find out the truth of the matter.         

  20. Dark Tournament 
     He was a great warrior, he had trained everyday to fight in a special tournament, this tournament was great, for the winner of it got whatever they wanted. Yet if you lost, well you became a servant of the one who defeated you. He wanted to win so badly, he had his sights on one of his rivals, a beautiful woman who he so wanted to win, he would fight her in the first round win and forfeit to remove the chance from losing later on. 

21. The hunt
Every single year, they allow for a special pass to hunt in the mystic woods, to go after the beautiful nekos, kitsunes, bunnygirls and others of the forest. The pass allows for a person to go in and track and trap one of these creatures, they can then do with them as they choose many times they turn them into members of their households. This year, my character has gotten his first chance to trap, and he is on your characters trail.

22. A man and his creation
A man spends most of his life making you, as he prefects a science that has not been done yet. His desire to advance the fields of science have lead to your creation as the first true android. You were created with the most highly advanced nano-tech, and are pretty much as human as possible. Now that you are done, and the technology is done, will you help the scientist or will you escape.

23.Detective's fall
You are a great cop, you have been considered one of the best cops in the whole of the city. Yet now you have a new case, one that you want solved personally. This case involves a extremely dangerous man, who has charmed his way out of trouble many times. What will you do when this man turns the table on you, and works to destroy you.

24.The all powerful King
A young King has his wish and gets a woman to do what he wants. He sees this woman as little more then a slave for his benefit. He has the right to use her however he wants to. He doesn't think much of this simple peasant girl. Will the young lady be able to somehow change his mind over time, or will she suffer as just a girl for him to embrace lust with.

25.Target: Mage
You are a mage a powerful actually, but the king has gotten tired of mages, afraid they are a threat to his power. He has send special men to hunt you down and destroy you. The one after you, seems to have different ideas, you magic is useless on this mage hunter, will you be able to talk him into turning against his own king, or will you fall into his dark plans for you.

26.Captured Heroine
The villains have, and have taken you prisoner, you were so hopeful that you work would save your homeland. Yet it is all in vain now. One of their number has taken great interest in you, in turning you into completely his and his alone. Will you be able to escape this fate, or will you become this person's toy

27.the Lustful alchemist
A man was born with a special power to control the skill of being able to effect the emotions of humans. He was thought dead, and lost, this man can create a need for lust or hate or any other emotion inside of a person with a simple seal. He has wants and dreams, as he tries to figure out how to use his power to get everything he ever dreamed of.

28.Naruto: Fall of the Ninja
The Ninja ruled till a new force came form the ocean, this force had powers beyond what the ninja could handle, they were far overpowered, and the ninja were nothing to this new special group, the villages fell one by one as the kunoichi were enslaved by the demon king who came for the world's destruction

29.Rivalry Ended
The two of them are rivals, perhaps rivals in some academic means or sports, or even perhaps rival heirs, whatever the case, the rivalry has gone on for years and years, the dislike between them evident. Now, the time has came for the rivalry to end, this could go to ways. One, they are forced to marry and have to deal with each other, or to put a end to his rival, he kidnaps her and has his way with her, hopefully corrupting her in the process. Many ways this one could possibly go

30.All or Nothing
A big company has a different way of having its member raise though the ranks over time. They do this by having matches wrestling matches between its workers who are up for the next level of jobs. The trick to it is, that the person who loses the match becomes the winners slave, and loses everything the have to the winner. Yet if you win, you get a massive pay raise and everything the loser loses. People fight in front of a large secret crowds fighting till one person is pinned


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