Plot Driven Romantic Taboo Roleplay [M Seeking F]

Started by darrenhx5, May 18, 2014, 03:54:58 AM

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Good day everyone.

I have a couple of months free before I get busy again . I'm seeking a detailed and creative partner for short term or a long term romantic incest themed roleplay. I prefer plot over smut although I enjoy a fair deal of smut to be present. I'm looking at exploring the Taboo Nature of the relationship where both partners know it's wrong but somehow cannot control themselves.

Please note, I prefer getting to know my partner and discussing the story before we start playing and also during the play. This helps in keeping the story interesting and active ...

A few points on my On and Off and the sort of plays I am looking forward to.

What I enjoy

  • I'm seeking a partner from the opposite sex.
  • Detailed and creative thinking is a must.
  • Should be able to converse in English well enough for me to understand.
  • I enjoy a good background story and character development.
  • I enjoy lots of flirting and teasing.
  • Visual roleplays are a big turn on.
  • I'd prefer a partner who is into long term roleplays.
  • I love  scenes/stories  that develops gradually.

Definitely a NO!

  • No one liners!!
  • I'm not into  fetishes like pissing, blackmail, rape etc. I'm ok with a little bit of force .
  • No underage.
  • No creatures/animals
  • No bondage
  • No violence

As for pairings, I'm interested in the following (In order of preference)

1. Mom/Son
2. Aunt/Nephew
3. Dad/Daughter
4. Uncle/Niece (Occasionally)
5. Step mom/Stepson (Occasionally)

If you share similar interests , please feel free to PM and we can discuss further.

I'll be posting summaries of the some stories I had in mind in the replies below

Please note, this is not the final scene and can be modified to suit both of our fantasies.I'm just posting these ideas to show you the direction I'm heading


If you RP on IM, I'd love to discuss the teacher/ student RPs





Back from the dead. Anyone interested in this, please hit me up