Sizing a picture in a post, Help?

Started by Vercile, May 18, 2014, 01:35:24 AM

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I know how to Put a picture in a post, I also know how to put it to the side. I was wondering how you post it in a forum post, altering it's size so it fits nicely. Any one?
While I'm here asking for help, I'm also a bit lost on how to make Spoilers have a name instead of just ; "Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide" as the title.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler Text Example

Any help would be appreciated.


How to name a spoiler!

[spoiler=Your text here]

What it looks like:
Your text here


How to size an image:

[img height=200][/img]

What it looks like:

(The number after "height=" is the number of pixels of the new image dimension!  Click the image to enlarge it!):-)

There are a few other ways to size an image and pad them, although I can't recall those off the top of my head just now. ^^



Thank you ever so much! By the by, your Avatar is Slammin'! Much <3 *Tosses her panties*


You can also add
padding, so
the words
stay away from
the picture.

[float=left][img width=350 padding=8][/img][/float]

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For spoilers you just add the = sign and the title you want

like this
[spoiler=like this][/spoiler]

for the image you just add within the first brackets

the size can be altered to whatever you would like.

Blythe beat me to it. Awesomeness cannot be beaten. ;)

I'll post anyways though.

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I appreciate Gals, thanks a lot. ^^