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April 23, 2018, 10:40:12 AM

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Author Topic: Let us craft a world, you and I. (M for F)  (Read 233 times)

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Offline DJGenXCideTopic starter

Let us craft a world, you and I. (M for F)
« on: May 17, 2014, 06:45:05 PM »
Of late I have had little in the way of creative outlets.  Playing Civilization 5's Faerun mod can only go so far.  But it has stirred within me the desire for a campaign, of sorts.  An exploration of a world of our own creation.  Perhaps it will have its basis in one or all the realms of various RPGs, or none at all.  What I'm hoping to find is a creative person like myself who, when it comes to the erotic aspects of the game, has as few limitations as myself.  If I were to offer forth my initial desires for the beginning of such a collaboration, I would begin as such.

A village or a town?  Perhaps it is the outskirts of the civilized land, on the border of some kingdom or another.  Beyond the borders of the kingdom, lawlessness rules.  The kingdom claims the land beyond its civilized border, but has little to no control over it.  And from this desire to imprint upon the land the law of the kingdom, an offer is made.  Those who can clear the lands of the brigands, monsters, and other such things that exist within it will be given the land as their own, a title under which to rule it, and immediate nobility within the kingdom.  The world of fantasy beckons to something such as this.

Or perhaps a bit more...manipulative.  Many know that the dark elves, the drow, are beings of ruthless cunning and manipulation.  A small house within a large city seeks to make a name for itself.  The house queen, knowing that she needs potent forces to assist in her climb through the ranks, seeks out a bargain with something that, with its own might and its contacts, can help bring the houses above hers to their knees.  In return, she must be his whenever he so desires in private.  However, in public, he and his forces are hers to command, an immediate and dangerous threat against all others.

Less fantasy, more modern supernatural?  She dabbles in magic, possessing a gift passed from mother to daughter, power that has run in her family for generations.  Coupling her magic with a quick wit and a nose for danger, she helps the mortal mundanes while the world slowly falls to pieces.  She is known amongst the more unfortunate folks for her kindness and ability to drive off the villains.  It just goes so bad one night when she's captured, intended to be sacrificed to a greater power within the supernatural world when she's saved by him.  Covered in runes and looking less than attractive, he displays more power than any creature she's seen before, and appears to have a heart of gold.

The above are perhaps a bit...cliche.  I realize that.  But examples tend to be the things that first come to mind, and those tend to be things we know most well.  The examples can be the basis of stories, or perhaps they inspire you to inquire about something else.  Whichever the case may be, please feel free to shoot me a message.  Perhaps one of these are not what you desire, but you have something else in mind and wish to talk about it.  If so, I would love to chat.

Regardless, thank you for your time.