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Author Topic: New Ideas Seeking Partners (M for F)  (Read 321 times)

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New Ideas Seeking Partners (M for F)
« on: May 17, 2014, 04:05:13 PM »
New Ideas:

Sci-Fi ~ My Brothers Wife
-Richard and Mark were brothers. Richard was the better of the two, joining the Federation Marines and marrying. Mark, on the other hand, was always getting into trouble but was an expert on computers - software and the hardware, he could fix it or hack it. While Richard was off being a Marine, Mark made his living breaking into companies firewalls and fixing percieved problems. It kept him on the good side of the law - he didn't advertise the illegal stuff he was into of course.

Recently, Mark had fallen on hard times - or so he told his brother. He really just needed a place to lay low for a while, so he crashes at his brothers apartment while he is deployed. Richard thinks it will be good for his wife to have some one else around too. However, Mark quickly discovers that Richards Wife has been sending him illicit holo-messages - transmitting anything pornographic to members of the military is forbidden. Jumping on the opportunity to blackmail her and sate his own desires, he agrees to help her with her messages and encoding them too.

But what happens when the neglected hosewife begins to enjoy the touch of another man?

Modern ~ The Stripping Teacher IMAGE
-Teacher salaries are nothing to gawk at. So one young, beautiful teacher has taken a second job to help supplement her income - stripping. Of course, she does it far outside of town so as not to run into any former students or parents and she certainly loves the the thrill of stripping - and lapdances. But one of her current students, a shy boy with few friends, decides to celebrate his 18th birthday by going to a strip club, hoping for some female contact. Its his first time and he is quite embarrassed by going to a strip club so goes to one far outside of town, thinking he'd never run into anyone he knows. Having saved up a lot of money, he settles for a private lap dance, and is more then shocked when it turns out to be his teacher - shocked and aroused of course.

The Teacher recovers quickly, putting on the 'mask' she wears at the strip club, but can't help but feel thrilled and aroused as she gives her student a lap dance he'll never forget. To keep him quiet, though, she promises him more free dances after school in her office. But these quickly turn into something much more, and the two embark on a very forbidden romance/affair.

Modern - Daughters Friend IMAGE
-There is nothing worse then being confronted by a sexy, teenaged girl who exudes confidence and knows exactly what she wants. And how to get it. Its summer time and she is constantly over to use the pool, wearing tight fitting bikinis and constantly flirting with him - him, a married man whose mind has wandered more often then not to the tight-bodied teen that is constantly flirting with him. First its the lotion, then the seductive poses. She was starting to really come onto him, but only when his wife wasn't around.

It all comes to a head one night, during a sleepover, when she begs him to sit next to her on the couch and pulls a blanket over them. His daughter starts to doze during the movie, but her friend does not, snuggling against his side until her hand creeps over into his lap...

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Re: New Ideas Seeking Partners (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2014, 06:48:55 PM »
Small Group Ideas: Seeking either 2-F or 1-F to play 2-roles.

Father/Daughter/Female Teacher - this idea involves an unruly student whose father has come back into her life over the summer, and now she is a smart and disciplined girl. Her young teacher - often confused with her own students, and not very respected by her students - is intrigued and discovers the reasoning after a Parent/Teacher conference (in which she is drawn to the father) - witnessing the father and daughter having sex in the parking lot. The Teacher is gradually drawn into the relationship too - a natural submissive, the father is just the sort of man she craves.

Son/Mother/Daughter - A son comforts his mother after her latest breakup, as she questions why she can't seem to keep a man. The son is very forward with his mother, recognizing her for her submissive tendencies, and proves that he is all the man she ever needs. He isn't afraid to make passing comments or grope her in front of his sister either, who has secretly been watching the sexual relationship between her brother and mother grow. She soon submits to the family fun as well - possibly even starting to film their passion for each other to produce extra income.

Father/Mother/Daughter - A father has grown feelings for his daughter and employs his wife to help seduce her into their bed, where he dominates them both.

Father/two-daughters - A Father walks in on his two daughters getting frisky with each other, thinking they had snuck a guy into the house under his nose. Both have never been with a man before so he is more then willing to show them what pleasures a man can give to them.

Brother / Two Sisters - A brother has been hanging out with his older sister who seems intent on getting him as drunk as possible every night. He gets blackout drunk but in the mornings, waking in his own bed, he has the feeling like he has been having sex at night. The next night, he pretends to get drunk to see just what has been happening to him at night. His sister helps him to bed and then leaves. He waits and is thinking that nothing is going to happen, when she suddenly returns, with their younger sister. He maintains his pretense as his older sister strips, pulls down his covers, and reveals to their younger sister just how big he truly is, getting him hard with her mouth before starting to ride him - the person who had been having sex with him was his older sister! He doesn't hold the pretense up for long, as his virgin younger sister mounts him, and is soon having sex with both sisters regularly.

Couple + Teen - A swingers Couple employ a house-sitter, a quiet girl from next door - while they go off on 'business'. They are more often going to Swingers Clubs/Events and the house-sitter soon stumbles upon the home porn collection they keep of their conquests. The couple comes home early one night and finds her in a compromising situation, but instead of getting her in trouble, they introduce her to their way of life and take her on as more then just a house sitter.

Couple + Teen - A babysitter is flirtatious with the Husband, who returns her affections while driving her home one night. She is soon at their most nights, and not to babysit.

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Re: New Ideas Seeking Partners (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2014, 12:57:51 PM »
Plot Heavy Ideas:

The Last Dwarf

Gori Ironhair wrapped the bandage tighter around his arm to stop the bleeding. His armor was dented and scratched in a dozen places and one of the straps on his pauldron flapped loosely. Blood oozed down the side of his face, mingling with his iron-red beard. His war-axe was chipped in a dozen places, its handle covered in gore and blood. He panted for breath as he leaned up against the Iron Door.

He was the last survivor. Bodies of Dwarves and Underlings lay strewn about the chamber. The gold crown of his King was smashed in half. Gori's other hand rested on the satchel the King had given him in his final moments. The Kings Guard lay dead in a circle around the King, protecting him with their very last breath. But Gori knew he only had moments to go before the final attack came. He had barricaded the sole door as best he could but he knew a Cave Troll would crush it in one blow. But Gori was about to do something no other Dwarf had done in over 500 years.

He was about to go topside!

That scared him more then facing death. With a mighty push, he opened the Iron Door and slid out, closing it behind him. It was a door that none other then a Dwarf could open - its magic was ancient and its crafting so perfect that it looked more like a mural on a wall then a door. But he didn't have time to contemplate it. He had a mission. Steady feet took him upwards - the Iron Door had opened into a tunnel of some sort - and soon he could feel the breeze on his face, ruffling his long beard.

A blinding light steadily grew as he neared the end of the tunnel and he raised an arm to shield himself from its brightness. Gori, not aware of his surroundings, was unaware that he was standing at the entrance of a mine and his next step took him down the scree pile from its discarded materials. He landed with a thud at the bottom, a little dazed, as his eyes adjust to the sunlight for the first time. He didn't know it yet, but he was in an abandoned mining settlement once run by Humans. He also wasn't aware that to the Surface Dwellers, Dwarves were the creatures of myth and legend - none had ever been seen in recent memory.
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Re: New Ideas Seeking Partners (M for F)
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2014, 12:26:28 PM »
Updated with taken plots.