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Author Topic: Trophey Wives: an all-girl shady politics game - Floating the idea for now.  (Read 491 times)

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Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Trophey Wives

The men that run things, the powers-that-be, the men with the money, the movers and shakers, the famous, the infamous, the fixers, the negotiators. Men who have power and influence. These men do not wish to be seen in public with some ageing dog-faced crone. No, these men will be seen with the young and the beautiful. They will divorce the women who gave them their heirs, and marry women who are half their age, who may actually be younger than their own children. The younger, newly rich personalities will wed those who are most attractive and best fit their image.

These men will have Trophy Wives.

The role of the trophy wife is simple. She stays at home, keeping herself fit and attractive, lest her husband tire of her and replace her. She does not do any housework - the maid does that. She cooks only if she is good at it, otherwise the cook will do that. She keeps herself amused with social circle of her peers, and she is trotted out by her husband at social events to make him look good.

But the smart trophy wife will be doing so much more.

Her husband has his network of social peers, business contacts, shady dealers, fixers and clients. And each of these men has a woman. And the women all know each other, and while the men are doing their negotiating and dealing, behind the scenes their wives are conducting their own negotiations.

There is a saying:
"Behind every great man, stands a great woman".

The Idea

So, I'm running this up the flagpole to see if anyone salutes it.

I'm borrowing the idea for this from someone else, and hoping they will say it's okay to use it as their interest check thread seems to be vanishing into the depths, and I did help her to refine the idea a bit.

What we have is a group of women, all under 30, all attractive, married to men who are rich, powerful or both. These women all know each other and all network together to keep their men in in power and in the money. After all, it's not what you know in life that matters, it's who you know.

The game will be largely sandbox, but I will throw in sub-plots to keep things interesting.

The Women

What I am after is a number of female players who would be interested in this sort of political behind-the-scenes manoeuvring.

As described above, each player character needs to be an attractive woman under 30, who is a stay-at-home house-wife. She can have numerous hobbies and interests, she can (if you like) be having an affair with a NPC, although this is not by any means a requirement. And obviously, she will be a willing or unwilling participant in lesbian activities, in order to stay within the clique. Failure to comply could result in her husband loosing influence, loosing clients, loosing backers, possibly even being arrested...

Thus the players must be bisexual or lesbian.

The Men

The male characters will all be NPCs. I have very good reasons for this.

The male characters are all going to be wealthy and powerful, they will probably all have a string of other lovers (male and/or female), they will all know each other, and will have all sorts of business dealings going on, HOWEVER, I want the game to focus on the wives NOT the husbands.  I also want the ability to use the husbands to throw sub-plots in - for example, character X's husband has just closed a deal to supply a billion widgets to the US government, and when Character Y's husband, who is a US Senator, finds out about it he is livid, because of the waste of public money, so Character X and character Y need to get together to smooth things out...

Obviously, if the husbands were player characters, then setting up such an event would constitute god-moding, or would require the cooperation of the players concerned, which obviously cannot be guaranteed.

Sex scenes between husbands and wives would probably be non-existent anyway, but if one is essential to the plot I will do my best to play it out for you.

The Moraline Checklist for Group Games
  • The game will go in either Human N/C or Extreme. It will be freeform
  • The game is open to FEMALE players Only, Please
  • The game revolves around a group of trophy wives who's machinations and relationships will directly influence their NPC husbands
  • Set in the present day in a big city somewhere in the USA, possibly called New Los FranLanta
  • The game will be sandbox, with sub-plots thrown in bty the GM to keep things interesting.
  • Character sheet will follow if I get enough interest, character guidelines are given above.
  • No resources required, except possibly Google Picture search
  • Posting once per week per player is preferred
  • Lesbian sexual activity is expected. Heterosexual activity may occur if necessary to the plot.
  • Post tagging code will be supplied when we start
Game Master Info / GM(s) Participation Level (If/where applicable)
  • I'm not expecting this to be large enough to require a co-GM
  • The game will be sandbox with GM sub-plots
  • Players will be allowed to describe the environment, keeping it as close to real life as possible.
  • The PC's husbands will be NPCs under the control of the GM. PC's lovers can be controlled by any player the owning player desires. Players may create "on-the-fly" NPCs at need for use as plot devices
  • The GM will have a player character of her own who will be the de facto leader of the group, regardless of the status of her husband within the male clique
  • There will be an OOC thread, which can be used for planning the game, arranging relationships between PCs, discussing sub-plots and making requests of the GM
  • The GM may be contacted via post in the OOC thread or via PM
  • Players need to sort out disagreements privately OOC, preferably by PM. If they cannot come to a reasonable solution, they should involve the GM who will make a decision after consulting all interested parties and considering the facts.
  • PvP as such will not be permitted, however the game is going to involve non-consent. N/C scenes MUST be by agreement between all players concerned, with the outcome already determined.
  • Players should read The Oath Of The Drake. Even if you took the oath long ago, it's worth re-reading it to remind yourself what it says!
  • Always read a players O/Os before interacting with them. If a player does not have posted O/Os I will not accept a character from them! Try to accommodate their ons, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, respect their OFFS!
  • Players must at least try to post once a week. I know this is often difficult, but please try. And if I haven't posted in five days, give me a nudge? Players who have dropped out will simply be ignored as though they never existed. If you are caught in a scene with a player who has dropped out, the GM will take over the character to complete the scene.
  • New players can be introduced easily as members of the group who have not yet been seen, or as characters being introduced to the group
  • Players may write in whatever style, person and point of view they feel most comfortable with.
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Re: Trophey Wives - Floating the idea for now.
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Hmmm this is a very interesting idea. Is there any way for a male character to get in on this? I would be very in if there could be.

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Hmmm this is a very interesting idea. Is there any way for a male character to get in on this? I would be very in if there could be.

I considered having male characters, but the problem, as I pointed out in my opening post, is that firstly the men are not the focus, but if I allowed the men folk to be player characters they would end up taking over, and secondly, I need to use the husbands as a plot device, which would require god-moding the characters.

The only thing I can suggest, really, is start a similar group for male players...

Offline CopperLily

I could potentially be interested, depending on the player mix.

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Hi Copper


If we get the right players this could turn into a really interesting game. If we don't, it'll probably not even start. So I'd say depending on the player mix is about right.

As ever I expect more submissives than dominants, but I usually try and avoid people pairing up anyway in my games. It makes it more entertaining, I think.

Offline azzmeister89

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  • show me what you got and i'll prove its not enough
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I see your point crystal. However what if said male character was not one of the big rich husbands, what if he was a intern or a young rival business man who the wives end up dealing with more then their husbands? He could even just be someone who works at a place the wives frequent like a stable hand or a barman.

He could be using the wives to find weaknesses in the husbands or the wives could be using him to get at each other, either way if it wont work then thats fine and i'll wish you luck in the game, its just an idea
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