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Author Topic: Echo's Box of Dark Tales [Plots Required]  (Read 532 times)

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Echo's Box of Dark Tales [Plots Required]
« on: May 17, 2014, 01:15:35 AM »

I will ignore 1-2 linger pm's asking me to rp. - Please Think before messaging me; Thank you.
(omg, u like vampires 'n stuff, lets rp! - Just no..)

Greetings! I figured I would take a go at finding some new 1x1 Rp buddies. As such I have made a list of a few general ideas I have floating in my brain for some dark romance plots; but keep in mind these are not set in stone nor none adjustable. So don't be shy if you have an idea or adjustment to the plot you want to share. Although before we get started I would first and foremost like to point out the fact that ALL of my RPs MUST have a PLOT. So if you are here looking for cheap, one-liner smutty thrills; please leave NOW. Also to quickly cover that I currently have no interest in "slice of life" and/or "Modern" RPs; please for the love of reading; no thank you... However on the bonus side all of these plots are opened for Romance, as well as a wide mix of Dark and battle-filled stories.

Quick Overview Of Me:
  • I'm not a Grammar-Nazi
  • Romance  = ♥
  • Darker Plots = ♥
  • ♥ = Action, Drama, Horror, Thrillers, Mind Twisters, Mysteries
  • ♥♥♥ = Original Ideas.
  • I type my replies to match what is typed (but generally 3-10+ Paragraphs depending how much I have to work with)
  • I avoid modern themes (they bored me to death, rarely I play them but only if they are good)
  • Fandoms are not my cup of tea.
  • Fantasy, originality, Mythical, and Cultural themes are my weaknesses
  • I Don't Do Character Sheets, as I am a freelancer styled RP'er (I make all my characters from scratch/on the spot)
What will be required of you:
  • An Open Mind
  • Having general ideas and details when contacting me.
  • Over a paragraph when replying (I'm tired of tiny replies)
  • Attributing to the plot
  • Common scene
(I will ignore 1-2 linger pm's asking me to rp)

Plots Required; Avoiding Pointless Pure-Smut RPs
As much as I enjoy romance in my RPs I actually enjoy the story more. Even a story that may seem focused on romance I'd still like to see the plot go somewhere and find a decent closer. I've seen too many plots so sour from romance being overdone; whether it be myself or other RP'ers that got carried away. - So in a nut shell; No cheap thrills here, if thats all your looking for: please move along.

Character/Gender & Pairings:
  • You can be Male, Female, Any race you like.
  • I myself can play a male, or female or futanari or whatever!
  • As For pairings I am open to anything really. (Not much experience in MxM thou, just a warning)
  • For the record (since some of you people seem to care) I am a female in real life :P
  • Preferences: I'm fairly open minded; in fact my darker characters can be pretty messed up; but doesn't mean I focus on it all the time.
  • If something makes me or yourself weird I'll be sure to red flag it and avoid it heavily. - Other then that I'm fairly mediocre
Graphic violence: The other half of mature.
One thing I like to bring up that is often overlooked but yet is still classified as adult/mature is graphic violence. Whether it be Gore in the form of massive amounts of blood in a vampire roleplay, or something more gruesome as demons feeding off human entrails. Or perhaps just typical violence; someone getting kicked around or a massive beat down. - I am perfectly fine with these; in fact I love to beat up my characters; or even play villains. It's all just action, thriller or horror type stuff in my book. Though if it bothers you just let me know, I've done plenty of exciting yet squeaky clean RPs~

Modern / Slice of life / Futuristic RPs
I find that these Rp's are heavily overdone; and honestly if I really wanted to get my fill of these I can simply turn on my tv. However; On a rare occasion I will do one of these themes however they are usually only used as a starter for a more fantasy-like setting, or at are laced with a fantasy setting. Though there is always that very rare occasion I'll do something close to a non-fantasy Rp; but generally it would be a action-packed thriller sort of theme. - Your free to suggest it, but don't be sad if I turn away these ideas.

Plot Lists
Warning some of these plots are not faint at heart...

Asian Plots

-Tea-house War Dreams- (Highly Desired!)
Time of war has stuck across the boarders of the ancient land, and more the hardest to a village who's path laid not only on the primary trade rout between the major cities, it lays directly in the center of the war land's boarders between the emperors of the north and south. Both sides of the war no doubt wish to take control of this village; but in doing so are slowly ripping it apart and driving merchants away; which is starting to heavily effecting the larger cities who depended on this smaller village to be a stopping point for merchants.. However within this chaos the village's biggest business is still growing strong and with the treat of the village getting wiped off the map isn't being taken lightly. A large and beautiful estate the Ikokufuu Chashitsu - meaning Exotic teahouse; puts up a job offering and reward to specifically Ronin warriors. (wandering Samurai) Their message states clearly that they wish for no help from ether side of the war, as they do want their establishment claimed or worse ruined by ether side. - The story would undergoing the struggles of soldiers and bandits harassing the establishment; but filled with it's own dark secretes and forbidden fruits as the tea-house is home to mostly Oiran ("Exotic" Entertainers) and Yujo (prostitutes) despite having the onward appearance as a simple entertaining tea-house, when in reality it's a gentleman's Brothel behind closed screens. Story would also focus on the head mistress (owner) of the establishment as well as any mistresses the main hired hand ends up with.

-Faceless Demon- (Extra Dark)
A spirit-like demon makes it's self known within a small village; when a strange mask is found washed on the river shore. The sightings would begin when an unfortunate soul puts the mask on and dies shortly after with the face quite literally removed; only to have sightings of that person found just a few days later... Oddly however the main human character would discover that for some reason he/she is immune to the Demons' attacks... Or so it seems.... As others see this the said character's life becomes threatened by the fellow villagers, they soon realized the demon would come to their aid; but also killing said people. The story would take off with the demon agreeing to leave the character be; but only if they would help the demon remember it's past. (Along the way a romance would spark; as well as many other demons/people attacking) [Key notes about this too would be that the Demon for the most part is a shape shifter, Able to take on any shape of anyone it had killed; including various demons.]

-Reborn Samurai-
Shortly after his village is attacked by a young man/woman discovers that they are the reincarnation of what could have been the most powerful samurai/demon slayer of all time. But with this discovery they would quickly discover many humans and demons alike are suddenly after their head for both revenge and glory. Plot could take place in the form of a demon who originally plans on killing them, but ends up having an emotional attachment to them. To something as simple as said character falling in love with a son/daughter of one of the persons/beings that is trying to kill them.

Mythical Plots
-Mermaid: Captured Storm-
A son of a captain inherits his father's fishing ship after a seemingly normal voyage goes sour when a storm hits suddenly, taking the captain and many of it's crew with it; but mysteriously the ship survives. Rumors sprout from the remaining of the crew speaking whispers that the tragedy was not a freak act of nature; but rather the curse of mermaids. Some versions of the rumor would say the father had set the ship to go netting for fish in an uncharted region and caught one of the legendary sirens within the ship's net. Another version would say that perhaps he fully intended to capture one... Regardless of the rumors by the time the son was able to rehire the ship's crew most of the crew who started the rumors had long quit or mysteriously died... Coming a year pass with the ship repaired a new year and with it the start of the fishing season would start... Though nothing would prepare the son for his first catch... Not exactly believing the rumors he would set the ship on the same path that ended his father's life, casting the nets into the uncharted waters only to pull up the exact thing of myth a living breathing mermaid. But yet no signs of storms or curses would fill the sky.. But that would leave the question; what would the young captain do with his new catch? Revenge? Fortune? Or more? After all sirens where well known for their magics...

-Sphinx: Fools Guardian-
Sphinxs in myths vs what I would see them as a magical creature with mild shape shifting abilities (as being able to turn into anything between a cat and a person, common appearances probably be a centaur-cat to and anthro cat, to the classic style of spinx.) As Sphinx already have the stereotype of having to protect something; this plays more on the idea of some kind of ritual gone wrong, as some temple followers attempt to summon and bond a Sphinx to their temple to protect it's treasures, they end up bonding the Sphinx to the sacrificial person. The sphinx being forced to protect x character, while the temple would seek out to correct this error by trying to kill said character so they could attempt to rebound the sphinx again.

-Dryad: Valuable Herb- [Taken / Not Available]
Dryad sap and parts where well known for their magical and medicinal properties since even the beginning of ancient times; but many seaking power has drawn them to near extinction. The middle age nearly coming to an end as the rain of mankind starts to take it's rise, showing the once frail and beautiful mythical world nothing but pure brutality and cruelty. Even the high elves have seen the signs long in passing that the world has gone off to cross the seas to leave mankind to wallow in their sins, though many less fortunate do not get the chance as humanity had long enslaved them. But that is where the story begins... Five years passing since the human lord of the north had attacked and brought down one of the few remaining elven cities; leaving overgrowth and ruins but with it leaving behind a special secret. Although the ruins would soon find live once again as a group of traveling merchants and gypsies would soon come to call the ruins home. But with it the main character would come to discover a strange young tree in the ruins of the elven courtyard; and soon bare witness to it birthing a dryad before their eyes... The plot would unfold based on their choices to do with the innocent Dryad.
(Note: I play Dryads as humanoid plant creatures, not nymphs or fairies)

Anthro Plots
-Naga Witchdoctor- (Extra Dark) [Taken / Not Available]
Many have been warned about entering the bogs late at night for the darker forces within the swamps consume not only the flesh, but also the soul... Taking place in a tiny village with the bogs The main character is forced to make a drastic choice to save someone close to them as they have fallen victim to a plague that has been flooding the bogs. Stories of a Demon deep within the Bayou who has incredible magic and healing powers lead them to travel and seek the demon out. Basics of the story would build as they discovers the Demon is actually a Naga witchdoctor. To which the Nana would agree to help them, but only if they agree to become the naga's servant (slave) to do the naga's bidding. (and then some)

-Cheetah Pride- (incest)
You and your sibling are the last of your cheetah clan, hunted down by the rising powers of the loin tribe due to a Prophecy that says that one day cheetahs will not only overthrow the Loin tribe of their power, but give the land to the still young man tribes. Faced with being the last of their kind the two siblings seek out to find alleys and a new home so they can repopulate their people and also fight against the rising loin tribes.

-Madrilenial butterfly-
This idea comes from the idea of mixing a anthro-Insect race with vampires; taking place in a tribal setting (a jungle most likely) a rare tribe of Antrho butterflies not only capture, but strike fear into the hearts of the weaker tribes (mainly human tribes) around them. And not do their demon-like appearance and flying abilities but rather their taste for blood.... Story would take place as an unfortunate soul finds themselves captured by these insect people, but while the stories of their blood lust prove to be true; the Madrilenial that captured them has better use for them in mind; as human hosts often made the best hosts for their unborn young... A plot would drive when the captured victim's tribe strikes to reclaim their stolen tribe member and possible wipe out the entire whole of the Madrilenail tribe.

Demons Plots
-Sins Beyond Measure- (Twincest) (Extra Dark)
Being born as a twin always brought with it good and bad omens throughout the ages; but never would it bring such horror on this faithful night... Away from the city (or village) a dark cultist ritual would work within the dark arts to unleash a demon long forgotten by time with unspeakable credulity, bloodlust but most importantly power... Such a powerful spell that bound the demon could not be so easily broken.. But with the right magic easily bent... A ritual of twins, the most powerful of it's kind... Captured from their homes there was nothing the two could do when they where knocked out and dragged into the woods.. But the screams of the other would be clear, as one twin would be killed right away, their blood used to paint the ground and the other twin for the portal. As the second's twin would come a much crueler fate as they where the virgin sacrifice for the demon to rape and devour... However... The ritual would go sour as the demon strikes a deal with the remaining twin, becoming the demon's servant in exchange for the death of the cult. As such the twin would get their wish but at a horrible cost... As the demon could not normally exist in the world due to the curse that bound it, the demon takes residence in the twin's dead sibling twisting into a human-demon hybrid before raping the twin regardless to finish the ritual, however rather then devouring the unfortunate twin, the demon fulfills their part of the bargain by eating the cultists. - The story would unfold as the demon would take the role of the dead twin, leading everyone to believe the demon is in fact the twin in question; but naturally the still living twin would know better... Further the plot would develop and more of the originally cult would surface and various other sources would rise to try and kill the demon.

-Succubus' Collection- (Not available/loss of interest)
In the demon wastelands there is no hope no future perhaps the true envision of hell... That is unless you are in the right kind of business... A land that is quite literally a wastelands there is few remaining patches of life that remain, but such patches are often reserved for the highest ranking demons, or for the brave souls who have banded together in large enough groups to keep the invading demons at bay... The story would start simple and sweet enough, as the rare sight of a succubus would be seen walking the streets of a slaver's market. Such a demon of lust would always have their pick of anyone she wanted.. but rarity would bring the demoness to what would normally be a normally useless scene of a slavery. There she would collect the newest edition to her collection; perhaps one of the last of their kind... But together they would travel along with the succubus during various business trips, as she proves herself to be quite the mafia queen among the demon world. Though as the plot thickens perhaps they would discover the truth of the wastelands, and perhaps survivors of the newest pet's kind?

-Arranged Marriage-
You always trusted your father's choices in such things; and being married off was nothing that you knew he wouldn't take lightly... Though the face of your suitor wasn't anything to complain about, gentle seemingly loving, perhaps there would be a be a bright future; after all father was always right... However.. Not about this... The plot would start the moment the wedding ends and together you venture off to your new home. Only to discover you are not only one of many among a mansion of a harem; but that your new beloved is anything but human.... - Story unfolds as the truth comes out that the arranged marriage was fixed and that you are now married to a demon; but why would be another question all together...

Forbidden Romance Plots
-Oracle's Dream- (Twincest)
Found and taken in by a traveling mage; a set of fraternal yet identical twins (as one is male the other female) are sent to be raised and taught the ways of the world by a well renowned guild of mages due to their high potential for greatness. However it doesn't take the mages long to discover the female twin has the gift of foresight causing the future of the magical society to change dramatically. While both twins are well studied in the ways of magic by the time they are of age, the male twin is determined to protect his sister as news of her powers become more known in the world and many attempts begin to try and kidnap her or even kill her start taking place... However what he wouldn't plan on was himself becoming one of the many that would try to do her harm... Over time he suddenly starts having vivid dreams of taking his sibling as his lover and wife, however it is said if the oracle would become unfocused, or rather deflowered she would lose her powers, which would send the world into chaos as it already weights heavily on her powers. Confused he is unsure if these are his true feelings or perhaps a darker force is at hand trying to steal away the mage's ability to see into the future to prevent darkness from taking over... Or if perhaps he is the darkness that is trying to overthrow everyone... All hew does know that he can't share his feelings with anyone for fear he may never see his sister again... While all the while his sister is oblivious to his feelings despite her powers.. until it's nearly too late...

-Queen of Spades-
The king of the north would count himself so luck to soon be married to the queen of the eastern lands; though behind closed doors what he would not know is his queen of hearts, was actually the spade digging his grave... Scorned by her father's choice to marry her to not only a man of the north, but to a man she didn't even love. Her only and true goal is to take the kingdom right out from the king, and use the power to bring her father to his knees... And at whatever the cost... Though outright poisoning or offing her husband would be too coy even for her tastes, more so as there are plenty who would do it for her gladly... A brother thirsty for power, The head knight with easily swayed loyalty, to many of her own father's men would fall at her command... But how long will her acts of betrayal and adultery last before she meets her goal, or rather before the king finds out... that is if he doesn't already know...

-Betrayal Loves Trust-  [Not Available / Mood Changed]
There is nothing worse in royal love then discovering the one you have fallen so deeply for has nothing but ill intentions towards your bloodline... But.. what if that betrayal was the one thing you always wanted? Meeting for the first time in a classic fairy tale ballroom dance there was nothing to believe they could ever do wrong... But in reality they had every intention to ruin your family, to take the throne from your father in a rain of blood and to wipe your blue blood from existence... But yet... You couldn't love them more?... But could you really betray your whole family for love? Take everything they ever gave you and in return steal the throne away?... oh yes.. yes you could...
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Re: Echo's Box of Dark Tales [Plots Required]
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2014, 11:51:24 PM »
Updated: One plot is taken - many more are currently still Available.

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Re: Echo's Box of Dark Tales [Plots Required]
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2014, 04:05:25 AM »
Updated: Some plots taken, others bailed. One retired. Reopening to some new stories too.