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Author Topic: Seeking Partners. (D/s, Modern fantasy, Vampire, Post-apoc, or fandom)  (Read 401 times)

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Offline CynadeaTopic starter

Please make sure to read my Ons & Offs before we start plotting, as they state very clearly what I am looking for in a writing partner.  Please contact me through PM if interested.


Setting: TV/Movie characters of every fandom played in an original world.
Wiki: Here
OOC: Here

Character sheet: Margaret "Maggie" Goyle
Looking for: A Goyle, in Gryffindor? Who was now studying to become an Auror. If Maggie could change her last name, she would; being a Goyle is a curse. She's very dedicated and has earned Gryffindor a lot of points through her years in school. I'm looking for either a young teacher or a young Auror to take her under his wing and help her through the last hoop so she can shed whatever stain her last name is. She's also never been with a boyfriend other than stolen kisses, so it could cause all sorts of awkward fun.

Sommerfield Private Community

Setting: A private community of supernatural creatures.
Wiki: here
OOC: here

Character sheet: Eleanor O'Connor
Looking for: She is Demisexual, heteroromantic. Basically, she is pansexual but require some deeper connection before she gets to feel sexual desire, and she has romantic feelings towards men. Complicated? Not really. I am looking for a male character or for a Futa that looks like a male (in other words, no boobs, not too feminine) wizard.
Possible plot: Eleanor is a vampire who's clan has the reputation to protect witches and wizards in exchange for blood. I am looking for a relationship between the vampire and the wizard that would grow increasingly intimate. He could be a dirt poor wizard to whom she'd offer shelter and protection, in exchange for his blood. Since she's over a thousand years old, she feeds every other week and nowhere near enough to cause him some kind of health risk.

Character sheet: Marie-Belle Wright
Looking for: a sweet 24 years old that doesn't have a clue she's half-demon. She's aware that there's something off with her: she no longer ages, her eyes are all-black, she's stronger and faster than normal people and she as a few psychic abilities. She could be a witch if she bothered, but she's not interested. She's a sweet-tempered girl who was raised by normal humans.
Possible plot: I would like her to learn about her demonic ancestry either by a pure-blood demon of the same species who would feel in her the blood of a kin or an angel (fallen angel preferred, but pure angel will do too) who will try to guide her away from her growing demonic urges.

Survival Instincts

Setting: Post-apocalyptic, social, centered of survival of a small community.
Wiki: Here
OOC: Here

Character sheet:Anastasia Papandreou
Looking for: She's a free spirit, quite laid back and never gives up hope. She tends to take the world on her shoulders and realize too late that it's too heavy for her. I'm looking for someone to share her house. She's straight, so I'd prefer a guy. I wouldn't be against a friend with benefit thing until those pesky feelings come into play...

Character sheet: Michael Jones
Looking for: Michael is the blunt, in your face kind of guy. He's a bit of a bear in a way: growls and uses sheer strength to get through stuff, but he's also quite snuggly. He's resourceful and has been at the source of the Blue Mountain settlement. He's basically the Mayor, if a reluctant one. He'd probably fall head over heels for a lady (with a lady's manner. Potty mouth women makes him want to run away) who knows her way around the woods and can handle her own against the feeders. Please note: I don't pair up as a male character with a guy playing a female character. For some reason, my inspiration gets cut short.

Vampires & Blood dolls

Setting: Vampire having humans or were-creatures as blood dolls.
Wiki: [url]Here[/url]
OOC: here

Character sheet: Falk Abendroth (Coven leader)
Looking for: Falk is the manager of a strip club on Burbon st. New Orleans. He is just about to give up on finding a companion altogether. He has turned a doll into a vampire to get her out of Vermont's basement and she turned her back on him with nothing but a voicemail. He saved a woman from what could have been rape, only to discover that she was the kind to con a man to get what she wanted. He feels loneliness creeping up on him. He would be quite hesitant to fall for a mortal, especially if she doesn't know about vampire, due to harsh events in his past.

Possible plots: She's a dancer or a barmaid, but I'd prefer the first, basically she's already a doll. Falk needs to feed and approaches her. Since he is pretty much always in his office, they wouldn't know each other much more than from the time when she took the oath of loyalty to the coven. Maybe something more happens between them that night, something that has her seek him out again and work her way through his shell.


Someone from Falk's past is dying of old age. She calls upon him for help but not for themselves. She has a granddaughter who is young and has an uncurable disease (cancer, maybe?) and ask for Falk to watch over her and help her through the terminal phase of the cancer. Falk promises, the old woman dies and he goes out to find the granddaughter to bring her to NOLA to make her last days comfortable... until he decides that he can't let her die and heals her (doesn't transform her) so she can be his doll.

Character sheet: Dominika Vinogradova
Looking for: Mischievous and daring, she's a woman with little inhibitions. She knows what she likes and doesn't like, having lived  for over a thousand years already. She loves to live first experiences through others With her empathy. She's bold, blunt, teasing and has a thing for doing inappropriate things in places where she risks getting caught. She's a part of the California coven.

Plot: Someone who is either sexually repressed or inexperienced (not necessarily a virgin) would be awesome. In both cases, she'd seek to help them explore. If she senses (through empathy) that he is refusing but deep down is turned on by what she offers, she'll go beyond his words.

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Offline CynadeaTopic starter

Added possible plots to several characters.