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May 20, 2018, 02:58:00 PM

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Author Topic: M seeking F for various taboo,consensual, non consent and blackmail RP's  (Read 357 times)

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Offline phtlcTopic starter

I am looking for female role play partners to play mature women to my younger male partner. I have three general themes I like;

1: My younger character either blackmails or forces your older female character into submission

2:Your older female character blackmails my younger character into submission

3: We cannot stand each other. I hate what you stand for and you hate what I stand for. I think you are a ball busting bitch, and you think I am an arrogant shit who needs to be put in his place....tension, leads to awkwardness and romance

4: Generally forbidden romances (teacher vs student, parole officer vs young offender, married woman vs teen who cleans the pool and mows the lawn)

Plot 1: You are a widow with a terrible secret in your past. If anyone found out who your husband was and what he did, you would be destroyed. I am a younger guy who has stumbled upon this material and confronts you with it. In your desperation to keep me quiet, you submit to my demands, despite the fat that you have always been somewhat religious, and very conservative when it comes to sex. Initially, you are repulsed by the sexual abuse at the hands of such a young guy, but eventually I start awakening something inside you that you never knew was there.

Plot 2: I am a young guy from a very conservative religious family. My father is a local conservative politician who's publicized views on family values, traditional marriage...etc, indicate thinly veiled hate and intolerance. You are an extremely sexually liberated women, who has led rallies and protests against my father. You can see that I am starting to follow in his footsteps and will just become another hater, who imposes his values on everyone else. You find dirt on me however, that could bring terrible shame to me and my family. You use this to blackmail me into serving you sexually.

Plot 3: You are a grown woman who has worked her way up the corporate ladder the hard way, while her male counterparts had an easier ride. I am the son of someone in the company, and because of that I have been given a summer job/internship (under you) that I did not earn fair and square. To add to this, I am clearly very full of myself, I think I am owed something, and I am a sexist. You try at first to be patient because I am young and inexperienced, but quickly get very tired of my arrogance and start putting me in my place on a regular basis. We quickly start to hate each other. Under any other circumstances you would fire me for my attitude but have been asked by your superior to keep me on for the summer "as a favour". Fast party, we both have been drinking a bit too much. For whatever reason we end up chatting, and with my guard down you see some small part of me that you don't hate. I on the other hand see that you can be fun sometimes....a few more drinks and....and then a few more drinks....and suddenly, when we have a moment alone,  we are kissing passionately, our hands exploring each other but due to circumstances can only go so far, so sex does not occur.. The next day you are mortified! You made out with a young intern! You are ashamed, terrified of what would happen if people found out, and extremely uncomfortable even looking at me. The problem is, we now both feel a strong attraction to each other. We still don't like each other that much on the job, but we both are constantly thinking of each other. I look at you and think only of running my fingers through your hair, and kissing you. You look at me, and also find yourself checking me out and thinking of kissing me. The plot can develop from there.

4: You are my best friends mother and a divorcee, but my friend died a few months ago, and you are terribly depressed. You are all alone in your house, and having a hard time holding it together. My parents routinely send me over there to help you with housework (lawn, moving heavy items...etc) and in your vulnerability, you recall that you have caught me checking you out of several occasions when I thought you weren't looking...and you badly need a distraction.

5: You are a woman in a prison (late twenties to early thirties), where my father is the warden. Because your crime was not a violent one, and you have been a model inmate, you are allowed certain privileges, including doing secretarial work in my dads office. I ended up getting suspended form school for a few weeks, and my father is making me come into his office every day so I am studying and not just treating the suspension like a vacation. I end up studying at a desk right across form yours) You quickly notice that I clearly like you, and have a bit of a schoolboy crush on you. Often we are left alone in his office, and I always become very chatty with you, trying to impress you, and always checking you out. You are extremely polite towards me, but find it a bit awkward that such a young guy clearly has the hots for you and that young guy is the wardens son.  Circumstances do however lead for you to reconsider, and a steamy affair starts between us whenever we have some time alone, one that your very freedom depends on keeping secret.

I will add more plots as I think of them

Rules? Everyone seems to list rules, and they all seem to come down to two things. Effort (please try to be imaginative and give responses I can work with), and courtesy (if you need to be away for a week or so, just let me know).

I am very literate, and I really enjoy developing the characters and plot before getting into the smut. I don't like jumping right into the sex in the first few posts. I like developing some desire between the characters, some sexual tension until the readers are just dying for the characters to tear each others clothes off.

My opening post is usually quite long, but after that I usually post 2-4 paragraphs. I try to post at least once a day but if my job takes me away for a week or so, I will give you advanced notice.

If you are interested, or have plot ideas you would like to propose to me, please PM me.


Offline phtlcTopic starter

And a few more

6:19th century carribean, just after the emancipation act. A former slave, comes across a young guy who's now deceased father owned the largest plantation with numerous slaves. The guy remembers the girl as having been owned by his neighbor when he was just a boy, and he had always found her pretty. Now he appears to have a massive crush on her. At first she dismisses it as a typical white land owner who lusts after slaves for sexual gratification, but eventually realizes he actually is falling for her. This of course is a complete non-starter for her, as he is younger, but more importantly inter-race relationships simply did not happen in those days. She finds him to be nice, and she feels bad to hurt him by rejecting him, but she feels she just can't risk the backlash that could come to her and her family if this happens. He however is persistent, and she starts finding that she does like him....tension, awkwardness..etc, can lead to a passionate love affair that they both have to hide. She fears that the white population might react violently if they find out, and she also fears that her fellow black islanders will reject her for falling in love with a former slave owners son.

7: You are a teacher and I am a student. I am your worst student, disruptive, obnoxious and outright disrespectful. You tried to be patient, because you knew I came from a broken home, but I literally drive you nuts, and unfortunately for both of us, I keep ending up in your class each year. You go through a terrible personal tragedy (divorce or perhaps your husband dies...etc) and you are just devastated. Despite the fact that I hate you as a teacher, I can see in your face that you are struggling with great pain, and I can't help but feel compassion. One day, I see you struggling with multiple bags of groceries, and you are already visibly stressed, when one of the bags breaks, spilling groceries everywhere. It should be a trivial annoyance, but it causes you to just break down right there because of the built up emotions, at which point I rush in and help. This leads to me walking you home. You invite me in and offer me something to drink for my troubles. As we sit there awkwardly, you apologise for breaking down like that and explain your stress, and find to your amazement that I am a great listener. We spend the afternoon just talking, and enjoying each other's company, and for some reason when I leave that day, we both feel an awkward attraction by the end of the day, which leads to my coming by again asking if you need help with any housework. You start letting me come by from time to time, yet feeling awkward as you sense that I am attracted to you, and even worse you are starting to feel attracted to me. I can see this leading to a passionate affair, yet something that has to be kept secret, and will undoubtedly cause some conflict.

8: France. WW2, during the German occupation. You are a mature female  member of the French resistance, whose husband was a French officer who died fighting the Nazi's. I am a young German soldier stationed in your small town, helping to eradicate the resistance. On my day off, I come into your tavern/cafe and immediately start flirting shyly. You are polite, but regard me as nothing more than a boy, and worse the enemy. I start coming by a lot. I clearly am smitten with you, and try to be extremely polite in your presence, always trying to talk to you, and staring at you when I think you don't notice. You find me annoying as hell, yet one day when you see me with a bunch of other German soldiers in a bar that you know has a bomb that is about to go off, you feel compelled to come in and ask me take a walk with you so you can inconspicuously spare my life. I chalk it up to luck, and never realize it wasn't a coincidence that you dragged me out moments before the explosion. To avoid making it obvious, you do talk with me and start to see something more than just the enemy. I wear the uniform of your enemy, yet you see a decent guy, who isn't that different from most French soldiers who serve their country. You also see that despite my youth I am mature for my age. At some point, we start finding a mutual attraction, and an affair starts. This is problematic not only because of the age gap, but now you truly are sleeping with the enemy. You can't let your fellow resistance members know, and you also wonder what will happen when I find out who you are (which I eventually will), which leads to more tension and drama.