Incest Craving. (M For F)

Started by DarkAngel111, May 15, 2014, 12:58:03 AM

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I have been craving to try a few incest Ideas. I am not looking for something romantic but something a bit more Smutty with equal amounts of plot to keep things interesting.

Pairings in order of Interest.

Mother/Son (can be step or foster too)
Father/Daughter (Same as above)
Siblings (again step or foster go too)

I have some ideas for all of these, but then again, I also want my partner to Contribute as well.
Really looking for someone to play her. This would be a mainly smutty idea any ideas you have hit me up :)
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- Be Detailed I expect 2 good paragraphs in reply at the minimum. I will do more usually but I want at least that much.
- Use a picture for your character (A real picture of a model or celebrity, nothing animated or self made)
- Please PM me with interest.
- Do not control my character, or I will drop the Game in a heartbeat.
- Although the pairings are a bit cliche'. I am still looking for a plot that is something *different* not the usually father sneaks into the daughters room etc. Bring your imagination and creativity with you when you PM me with your ideas.

Still with me?, good, send me a PM we can discuss the details together :)