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Author Topic: Arkaniel's Agora of Amazing ideas  (Read 3276 times)

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Arkaniel's Agora of Amazing ideas
« on: October 18, 2011, 07:43:14 AM »
For any of the following ideas, I am looking for heterosexual (or bi) female characters. Gender of the player is irrelevant. For all ideas, I would love a mixture of action, adventure and romance. Plot is important! Sex will happen, but it will not be the main focus of the story.

First of all, for my O/O's:


- I am open to trying anything at all in a heterosexual context.
- Touching, kissing, foreplay, naughty talking, erotic tension, ... are all a plus!
- I like vocal women!
- Detail and description, both in sexual scenes and non-sexual scenes are my favorite!
- Action and Adventure!
- Story-driven roleplaying.
- I tend to lean towards the dominant side, but this is not a must and I am open to anything in the range from extremely dominant/master to submissive/slave and everything in between, including equals.
- Creativity: Don't let me be the only one pushing the story forward. Be creative, add to the story and the setting, character-development, surprise me!
- In any existing setting, I like playing canons and Original Characters. Though in the case of superheroes, I prefer canon/canon pairings.

Offs: -as in: they make me want to quit the story immediately-

- M/M of any kind.
- Hermaphrodites.
- Reactionary writing: only writing your character's reaction to my actions in your post, without adding anything of substance to the plot. Be Creative!
- Short posts: No one liners please. In fact, anything less than three decent paragraphs is rather unappealing to me. (Exceptions can be made if agreed beforehand.)


- Gore and other grossness are not an off for me, but I prefer them more as part of the story, like violence, etc. than as a part of the sexual play.


- Superheroes
- Smallville
- Star Wars
- Stargate
- DragonballZ
- Lord of the Rings
- Dresden Files
- Harry Potter
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- Firefly
- Codex Alera

------ Crossovers

All of the above settings: I like playing in their 'canon' versions, but I also love using the setting merely as inspiration to build our own story from the ground up.

- History: Ancient Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance, World War Two, ...
- Mythology: Greek/Roman mythology
- Supernatural: I prefer demons, werewolves, angels and gods over Vampires.
- Sci Fi: Epic fantasy sci fi (a la Star Wars), or more social, futuristic Sci Fi (a la Firefly)
- Modern Times: Open for any engaging plot line from Romance to something action packed.


Codex Alera - or Original Fantasy, or based on Games of Thrones/Legend of the Seeker

I am craving an epic scaled fantasy Roleplay, preferably based on Jim Butcher's Codex Alera. Furies, politicians, marching legions and all kinds of interesting creatures. Bring it on! I am looking at Court intrigues, Assassins, political backstabbing, the Imperium Alera in turmoil and new enemies at the borders. I want some romance, but nothing fluffy. We can follow the tale of Tavi and his rise to power as Octavianus, the eight First Lord of Alera. Or we can start after the events of the books, where he is already the First Lord, leader of a broken Empire. My preference, however, would go out to a more original twist. We take the world of Alera as it was at the start of the first book and go from there with original characters. My character (either the heir of the First Lord, or a bastard son of a High Lord trying to make a name for himself) would need a strong, skilled and capable woman at his side.

PM me if interested!

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Re: Arkaniel's Wanted! Looking for F characters.
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2011, 03:09:03 AM »
Star Wars

A new beginning:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

There was a mercenary called Kyle Katarn. Son of an Imperial military commander, he joined the Storm Troopers, intent on working his own way up the ranks of the Empire. He was an Imperial in heart and soul, holding the values of his Empire and his family high. He was an exceptionally prodigious recruit and rose through the ranks swiftly, before he was eventually selected for the Dark Trooper project. Elite soldiers, commandos, for the Empire, each one selected for their tremendous skill and their Force sensitivity. Even amongst them, he was the best and most talented, the only one with a high enough midi-chlorian count to have been a Jedi.

As the Galactic Civil War started, Kyle Katarn, Lieutenant of the 302nd, Dark Trooper operative, was deployed agaisnt the rebels. He was an efficient soldier, hunting down some of the last surviving Jedi from Order 66 and taking out rebel hotspots. But when news came that his parents had been brutally murdered by the Rebels, his efficiency increased with a vengeance...

Until he learned that it was the Empire itself that killed his parents, for speaking up against the Abomination that was the Death Star. At first, he refused to believe it, when the evidence was provided in a rebel transmission his unit intercepted in the base they were infiltrating. But then came the news of Alderaan's destruction, his homeworld. A world full of peaceful people, many of which loyal to the Empire. Worse... orders came down from High Command. Orders for him to destroy a Rebel Base and make an example of the nearest city for 'allowing their presence'. When his men started murdering whole families, children and all... raping everything of age that wore a skirt and torturing as they pleased, he saw the truth behind what he once believed in...

A deserter, he was called. A traitor. All because he stopped several Storm troopers from raping and killing a Twi'Lek girl. He killed them all and helped the girl to escape, reaching one of the smuggler ships that worked for the Rebel Allaince, evacuating what little they could rescue from the city and the base. He didn't go with them. Instead, he went his own way, cutting all ties with the Empire and determined to find those who killed his parents as a first step in his revenge. He felt powerful, his training in the Force with the Dark troopers helping him along, now fuelled by the overwhelming Dark Side burning strong with his lust for revenge. He collected money and information as a highly paid mercenary, his long list of skills coming in handy.

But he was just one man...

Until he was hired on by the Rebellion for a mission that would bring him close to his parents' murderers.

I am looking for someone to play: Leia Organa, Winter, Mara Jade or perhaps the young Twi'Lek girl (Or any other female canon character at the time of the Rebellion), either as the one who hires him or ends up in this adventure together with him. This mission is just the first step of a brand new beginning, an alternate story to Episode 4-5-6 and the EU, where we make the Star Wars galaxy our own, full of adventure, epic battles, an all-encompassing Galactic Civil War and more, blended with passion, romance, erotica and a deep exploration of the Force to its fullest potential...

The Torture Session - Extreme!!! (I am open to altering this 'plot' to a different setting as well, from sci fi to modern times, any setting that can be imagined. If based on fandom, I do prefer something I am at least slightly familiar with)

There are two possible starts to this story:

- A Rebel operative (Leia, Winter, Twi'lek, any other human or near-human female character, original or canon is captured by the Empire. She is delivered to a highly secured prison facility in orbit over Caridas, the military training grounds of the Empire. Here, she is assigned to Lt. Colonel Soren Dace, an Imperial loyalist. After a career as a Spec Force Stormtrooper, he made it up to the ranks, becoming an officer and now, after certain talents came to light, he is one of the Empire's most skilled interrogators. His assignment: Make her talk, using ANY means necessary. This story will be extreme, focusing on torture, rape, pain, degradation and humiliation, all aimed to make the girl break and confess all her knowledge about the rebellion, from names to locations and coordinates.

- Alternative start: A Jedi or other female related to the Old Republic (Padme, Aayla Secura, Shaak Ti, Ahsoka Tano, any human or near-human OC or other canon character) is captured by one of the Dark Jedi or Mandalorian Mercenaries working for the CIS. Assignment: same as above.

For both stories, we will discuss the limits, but I prefer them to be as few as possible. The story can either focus purely on the torture and smut, or grow to a more epic scale by either character converting to the other's faction and taking things from there... leading to an escape or a co-op.

Crossing Worlds

Star Wars and Harry Potter... an interesting mixture. I have no straight plot outline for this story, just a slew of suggestions and plot elements, depending on which era is chosen.

- The Chosen One: What if the Star Wars Prophecy of the one to bring balance to the Force was about another subject of Prophecy? What if Anakin Skywalker was destined to fall. What if the Force itself, just another manifestation of Magic (or the other way around. Who knows?) calls forth a true hero, one that once before had been Prophecised to destroy a Dark Lord. What if Padme Amidala, Aayla Secura, Ahsoka Tano, or another interesting Jedi or character of the Clone Wars Era find a young, adult Wizard by the name of Harry Potter? What effect will this Wizard with his own tragedy-filled past, yet an undeniable inner strength and courage mean for the future of Star Wars? Alternatively, this story could also take place in the Galactic Civil War, with the female lead being either Leia Organa or Mara Jade, preferably. I will take suggestions as to other canon or non-Canon/Original characters. While the characters will be based on canon characters, I am looking to take the entire story AU, so no canon knowledge required besides the basics. (This story can also be played with an OC version of a Harry Potter Wizard)

- The Mad Wizard and the Magical Experiment: A wizard of Earth, exploring all kinds of magics better left untouched. An explosion. the young man, (Alex Hollowfield, half-blood, Gryffindor of 2011) waking up in strange world with no less than two moons! Will he find a way home? Will he do his Hogwarts House proud and be brave and bold, joining the fight agaisnt the Dark Side? Any Star Wars era is good, as is any female canon or original. Action, adventure, magic, the Force and amusing encounters between a wizard out of touch with technology and state of the art starfighters and droids...
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Re: Arkaniel's Wanted! Looking for F characters.
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2011, 03:59:11 AM »

An Ancient on Earth - Romance/Intrigue/Action

SG-1 has encountered many strange things over the years. They even encountered an Ancient in Antarctica. She died, however. What if shortly afterwards, they found another Ancient, one unaffected by the Plague? Meet Dace, once upon a time a an Ancient Explorer.  After bringing him to the SGC from PX-345, he is slowly integrating with the human civilization. After all, no man can stay cooped up in that mountain for so long. He is given an identity and is officially a civilian consultant to the Deep Space Telemetry in Cheyenne Mountain. Of course, originating from a civilization light years beyond anything Earth has to offer today and after a million years in stasis, he is a bit out of touch with reality. And coming from a people that looked identical to mankind, yet was socially and culturally entirely different, how will he fit in?

With his new identity, he tries to make a new life, working with the SGC against the Goa'uld, a member of SG-12, acting as both a soldier and a scientist. But he now also has a life outside the SGC.

He meets... you.

You, my partner, can be anything you desire. From Samantha Carter or Janet Fraiser, to any kind of original character you come up with. Preferably, a politician, a journalist or someone that can otherwise come into contact with the SGC or is already a part of it. This story will focus mostly on our two characters, their relationship, possible secrets that come with the job and interactions of the violent or political kind with the NID, the Trust, Goa'uld infiltrators and nosy reporters and others wanting to expose the SGC-program to the world.

Secrets - Romance/Drama/Action

Colorado Springs.

Two people meet. They date. They fall in love.

He is handsome, caring and fun to be around. She is smart, loving and enjoys life to its fullest. The relationship becomes more serious. They meet the parents.


Her dad is a military guy in heart and kidneys. He doesn't want his daughter to get serious with someone who works like a geek for 'Deep Space Telemetry'. This opens a whole can of worms...

After all, he has always been a bit secretive. He gets assigned to missions that don't fit with the Deep Space Telemetry cover he uses. After all, why would he be gone for a week at a time if all he has to do is sit at a desk and look at a blinking radar screen, scanning a corner of space? And how does he get all those scars? Why does she seldom meet his colleagues? And when she does, they all seem to share some 'inside' joke. Of course, for a bunch of geeky desk drones, they are all incredibly fit to boot...

And now, her father is inquiring into Alex Johnson's past and service record.

Things don't add up, but he definitely isn't cheating on her, is he? And then... he asks her to marry him.

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Re: Arkaniel's Agora of Amazing ideas
« Reply #3 on: October 25, 2011, 11:17:43 AM »
I like your ancient on earth one. I could play a journalist who is trusted by the SGC to put a positive spin on things, and has been working with the SGC for a while, if that works.

If not, then, your Star Wars one also excites me. I could play Mara Jade easily enough, if that works.

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Re: Arkaniel's Agora of Amazing ideas
« Reply #4 on: October 25, 2011, 12:17:35 PM »
Pm'ed you.

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Re: Arkaniel's Agora of Amazing ideas
« Reply #5 on: October 26, 2011, 04:42:49 AM »
Updated: New plot for Star Wars

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Re: Arkaniel's Agora of Amazing ideas
« Reply #6 on: November 03, 2011, 02:34:30 PM »
Replaced the Musketeer plot with a new one.

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Re: Arkaniel's Agora of Amazing ideas
« Reply #7 on: December 06, 2011, 02:58:48 AM »

There are still several roleplay spots open on my list.

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Re: Arkaniel's Agora of Amazing ideas
« Reply #8 on: June 24, 2012, 04:28:04 PM »
  Game of thrones... legend of the seeker. I'm up for such type of fantasy!!! :D

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Re: Arkaniel's Agora of Amazing ideas
« Reply #9 on: June 24, 2012, 05:07:38 PM »
I'm still up for a stargate one, perhaps a female Goa'uld system lord, trades information for protection and a life on earth, hows that sound.

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Re: Arkaniel's Agora of Amazing ideas
« Reply #10 on: June 06, 2014, 11:53:27 AM »