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Author Topic: Marvel team-up: Moon Knight and ???? (looking for F)  (Read 652 times)

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Marvel team-up: Moon Knight and ???? (looking for F)
« on: May 14, 2014, 12:24:49 pm »

The hooded figure sat on the rooftop's edge. He looked at the traffic passing underneath.
The white figure with the cloak had an almost spectral edge.
"I do not know who the murderer might be..." he said. "Do not be absurd" he grumbled.
He twitched his head in annoyance "I'm NOT Captain America... I don't have that sort of backing."
"Oh shut it." he let out an annoyed grunt and then using a grappling hook, pulled himself across the street.
His cloak spread as if it were wings.
As he landed gracefully on the rooftop, he heard a voice inside his mask.
'No... not one of 'their' voice. Note one of 'the' voices. But the comm...' he thought.
"This is unit 13. Incident at the Grant Mills Avenue..."
He put a white gloved hand on the side of his mask. It had begun to slowly rain...
The ravenhaired woman that stood before him in the rain gave him a scoffing look. She held her sword and was clad in a biker outfit. "The vampires probably." she said softly.
"Perhaps Echo..." he said "At least the others left... I need some peace and quiet..."
"Still welcome am I? Tsss... you almost wounded me..." she faked indignation.
She remained dry. The water did not touch her.
He sighed "Not real..." he closed his eyes. "None of them ever are.".
For a splitsecond he had the image of a beam of energy piercing his 'partner'. Echo's gaze at that moment still haunted him.
"...not real" he whispered.
"I'm hurt. Want me to leave?" she raised an eyebrow with the grounded determination the deaf woman always had had throughout life.
"Never." he thought, closing his eyes. The blue white optics that always glowed as he became the servant of Konshu, the Moon God faded until he opened his eyes once more.
"Confirmed! Target ripped into a woman's neck. Pursueing unknown assaillant into Bollinksi park!" came the intercepted police transmission.
"You were right. All of you were" he said to Echo and 'others'. "I'm going in...!" he said.
"Of course you are... do what you must. Be a hero. Be an Avenger!" came Echo's voice but from a different direction.
As he used the grappling hook and swooped upwards, there was nobody on the roof.
But then there never had been anyone...

"Konshu I go forth to bestow your divine justice upon evil..." he whispered as he moved at great speed.
Running at an insane pace, he leapt and moved with the skill of a superb athlete. Each move made his cloak spread out menacingly.

Marc Spector had been many things in a past life. Heavy Weight boxer. Marine. Mercenary for hire. And his skills had become many thanks to his brutal and violent past.
A past that still haunted him. Guilt a strong motivation for the continued existence of his caped alter ego.
But when dead... the God Konshu had bestowed upon him a new life and turned him into his avenging avatar. His warrior, empowered by the size of the moon. His armored fist.
Or so he thought. He was at his peak at a full moon. Better than what seemed possible for a normal man.
But was this true? He had begun to doubt much...
All but one thing. His drive for vengeance. His drive for justice. And the struggle between both.

He landed in the park and moved stealthily. The police was nowhere to be seen. There were sirens in the distance.
"Well well well..." came a confident female voice. Who do we have here? Killer? Vigilante? Madman? Who are you and you'd better give me an answer fast or..."
One of the voices in his head. Gruff and manly muttered "Give a witty retort bub..."
"Killer? No. Vigilante? Perhaps. Mad? In a way." he said calmly, back to the woman.
"As for the who I am..." the Moon was half way. It gave an oddly comforting glow to his shattered mind. In a split second he had taken something and turned around in a fluid lethal motion... deploying a large mechanical truncheon that deployed mid movement into a large fighting staff.
He halted the staff just an inch from her forehead.
"I am Moon Knight..." he growled with a booming surreal voice then recognized the woman before him. His glowing eyes turned to slits as he took her in. Intrigued.

"She's cute" a young snappy voice said. "Date her... just ye know... don't get her killed. I mean... euhm. Sorry."
"Shut up whelp. Moon Knight gut her..." a feral voice told him.
"Don't be unreasonable." a calm voice stated.
"She's a cape like you... a heroine. Don't be a fool" a balanced taunting voice stated.

He ignored the voices and then... lowered his weapon turning the Moon Staff back into a practical cudgel.

The sirens were still sounding.
And it seemed a horde of vampiric monsters were killing people every night...
A job for heroes. Avengers. Vigilantes.
A job for the likes of them...

And Moon Knight's schizophrenic mind's many many alter ego's.

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Re: Marvel team-up: Moon Knight and ???? (looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2014, 11:21:41 am »
Name: Moon Knight

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Alter ego: Marc Spector

Foremost allies:

Marlene, ‘Frenchie’, Buck, The Avengers, Spiderman, The Punisher, Daredevil...

Foremost enemies:
Raoul Bushman, Hatchetman, Shadow Knight, Midnight Man, Stained Glass Scarlet

Team affiliations:
- Secret Avengers
- Avengers
- West Coast Avengers
- Defenders
- Marvel Knights
- Heroes for Hire

Notable aliases: Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, The Fist of Khonshu,...


-   Champion Heavy Weight Boxer
-   Superb athlete
-   Master at martial arts and hand-to-hand combatant trained in a wide variety of styles and techniques.
-   Resistance to some psychic assaults due to a schizophrenic inclination and immense willpower
-   Skilled acrobat and gymnast
-   Trained his human physique to the edge of human ability.
-   A superb detective and tactician
-   Expert aviator and marksman
-   Can handle a variety of traditional, exotic and sophisticated weaponry.
-   Occassional aid, council or reprimands from the real Khonshu, the Moon God of Justice.
-   Divine Intervention, again and again Moon Knight has returned from death thanks to his deity.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


Moon Knight is a man with an unstable mind. Haunted by the dubious actions he undertook during his violent mercenary past, he balances between being the avatar of vengeance or the avatar of justice. He has become the avatar of either aspect depending on his state of mind.
He has frequently used alter egoes to infiltrate or collect information. His many identitities have begun to lead their own life. At times a distracting curse, at others a boon.
His personality has at times mended and been stable and uniform, just to be shattered once more at later days.
The fact his personality is so heterogenous and ever evolving makes him unpredictable, dangerous but also at times a curse to his own friends and loved ones.
As a person deep down however he is heroic, brave and selfsacrificing. Because he continously struggles with a raging violent side but for the most part manages to keep it in check. He refuses to become like the Punisher or the likes, always trying to save as many as possible, taking the hard route.
But unlike more 'pure' heroes, he has also skimmed the edges of darkness at times, being tempted by unleashing violence and brutality. During certain phases of his life, this dark side of his became dominant almost turning him permanently in a murdering vigilante.
Moon Knight is also deeply devoted to his God Khonshu although not above questioning or denying him. He is also fiercely loyal to the few people he trusts such as his on-and-off girlfriend Marlene and his eternal right handman 'Frenchie'.
Above all, Moon Knight is the dark hero that defies the odds. The vengeful Fist of an ancient and all too real God that goes far, incredibly far on cunning and sheer willpower.
If Moon Knight is the ‘mere man’ among the Avengers, he is one that manages to keep up with demigods, mutants and the mightiest about.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Moon Knight has been known to use and wield a vast arsenal of weapons and vehicles. The weapons mentioned here are merely some of the best known.

Weapon-wise, Moon Knight can fire Crescent Darts from a gauntlet or take them from his belt.
He has been known to use bola’s. He has also wielded the Moon Bow, Crescent Launcher Pistols that can be used to grapple, trip or pin his enemies and silver cesti. On one occassion he has wielded a Moon Blade but due to its lethality, he rarely does so. The same goes for firearms.
To deal with the truly superpowered, he has on several occassions fired explosive Crescent Darts.
His most known weapon is probably his adamantium truncheon which can bounce from foe to foe, can extend to become the Moonstaff or slide open to turn into two clubs linked by a chain.
This truncheon is also magnetic and after being used to hit a distant foe, is easiy called back again.
At a given time, it was also upgraded using a mixture of tech belonging to Reed Richards and Doom to deactivate sensor security.
He is also known to use an energy shield emulating Captain America and gauntlets holding Wolverine-like claws and Spiderman’s webshooters.

His costume has traditionally had a white glider cloak, allowing Moon Knight to ‘glide’ in the air.
His armor began as kevlar and was made from adamantium for a while. Usually it is made out of carbonadium, almost as tough as adamantium but far more flexible.
The suit traditionally came with a belt holding tools and gadgets, especially his crescent darts. His gauntlets on the other hand have held anything from a crescent dart launcher to a grapple for swimming, climbing or grappling.

Moon Knight has also had several vehicles in his arsenal, frequently repaired, upgraded, destroyed and rebuild. There is the stealthy Moon-Copter, a VTOL craft armed with vulcan cannons, hellfire missiles and diverse gadgets and upgrades. He also has the small but very fast one-man craft ‘angelwing’.
On land, Moon Knight has been known to ride a white armoured motorbike.


Marc Spector was the son of an American Rabbi. Born in Chicago, Illinois, he was raised upon his father’s wise and pacifist tales with a distinct spiritual undertone.
However he denounced his father’s teachings and embraced a life of violence. He became a heavyweight boxer, US Marine and eventually a mercenary.
During his tenure as a mercenary he befriended ‘Frenchie’, a Foreign Legion soldier that had the same adventurous spirit as he.
Eventually the duo ended up working with a psychopathic mercenary Raoul Bushman. Morally the insane Raoul forced Spector’s mercenary career to slowly steer further and further into the criminal. In Egypt the Group stumbled upon an archaelogical dig. Bushman planned to loot the place and ruthless dispatched Dr Peter Alraune, the chief archaeologist. Something snapped inside Spector and he intervened though as he could not accept the unnecessary murder of that defenceless man.
Bushman and he fought in single combat but Marc Spector lost and was left a broken man. Left near death, the sadistic Bushman planned to see Spector die a slow and horrible death at the hands of the desert and the intense cold at night.

Locals however took Spector to a statue of the Egyptian God Khonshu. Khonshu appeared before him and gave him a second chance at life. Awakening in the arms of Marlene, daught of doctor Peter Alraune, Spector became the silverclad vengeful fist of Khonshu.
He hunted down Bushman and defeated him. Afterwards he returned to America with Marlene Alraun, Frenchie and the statue of Khonshu.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

In America he donned a silver and white suit with cloak effectively becoming the caped vigilante ‘Moon Knight’.
Having been one of the best mercenaries perhaps even the absolute best of his generation, he accumulated great wealth which he wisely invested, becoming one of the richer people in the Marvel universe. Although no Tony Stark, he disposed over ample resources and his own multinational corporation, vast estates and many more resources.
This money he could use to develop his arsenal of moon-themed weapons and vehicles. It is also during this time he developped his first alternate personalities such as millionaire Steven Grant and the taxicab driver Jake Lockley.

In the early years he fought supernatural foes like werewolves and Morpheus. He also faced Midnight Man, a sort of ‘super thief’. During this period he teamed up with Daredevil, encountered the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and Doctor Strange.
During the early years he also had his first encounter with the tragic Stained Glass Scarlet.

Abandoning his alter egoes, Marc Spector casts asside the mantle of the Moon Knight his strongest alternate personality. He begins to open art galleries across the globe.
Marlene, leaves him once Spector decides to reclaim his identity ‘Moon Knight’.

Telepathically summoned to Egypt by the Cult of Khonshu, Moon Knight receives a wide variety of ancient moon themed weapons. Khonshu himself enters him for reasons beyond Spector, effectively increasing his powers.

Urged by Khonshu, Moon Knight joins the West Coast Avenger, becoming an enigmatic and highly effective member. During this period he looses contact with Frenchie and further distances himself from Marlene. During this period he also develops a romance with Tigra, a fellow avenger.
Facing several foes and even saving the team once thanks to the fact he has schizophrenia, Moon Knight eventally ends up entangled in an attack by the invading forces of Seth, sworn enemy of Khonshu. Seth is waging war on Asgard and Khonshu leaves the body of Spector to aid the Asgardians. It is revealed that it was Khonshu who pushed him into becoming an Avenger and as a result Moon Knight leaves the team. He rejoins Frenchie and Marlene but dies, only to be resurrected by Khonshu once more… his divine purpose as the ‘Fist of Khonshu’ clearer than ever.

In the following period, Moon Knight enters an active face where he meets up the heir to the Midnight cloak. The son of Midnight Man ends up an unreliable ‘sidekick’ and eventually is seemingly killed, only to be reforged as a secret cyborg superweapon made by ‘The Secret Empire’.
Moon Knight manages to defeat him twice. He also fought the Secret Empire.
He also encounters Black Cat and teams up several times with the Punisher.
One of his great achievements was defeating the teamup of Killer Shrike, Coachwhip and the Ringer. He also greatly outwitted Silver Sable, Sandman, Paladin and their many highly trained allies.
Marc Spector torn by regret and guilt eventually willing surrendered himself to the mercenary warband to face judgement in South America. There he would find the truth regarding the matter and swear vengeance against the warcriminal who was at the cause of the tragedy he experienced firsthand.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

As his deranged brother Randal Spector fights Moon Knight under the guise of ‘Shadow Knight’, Spector beats the odds and defeats his dark alter ego. At the end, Moon Knight obtains ancient scrolls indicating that Moon Knight is the God of Justice, NOT Vengeance.

Moon Knight would end up donning adamantium armor instead of Kevlar, this to keep his body well protected due to it being infected by Demogoblin. Doctor Strange and Mister Fantastic would eventually heal him from the insidious parasite. A bold engagement with Doctor Doom in the Latverian embassy would see him seemingly end his membership when called to answer charges regarding this illegal action.
Shortly therafter, Moon Knight dies once more, sacrificing himself to save his loved ones from a computerized villain and the ‘Zero Hour Program’.

Eventuall Moon Knight would return once more to be the Fist of Khonshu in this World.
In the period after his latest ressurection, Moon Knight helps Black Panther through the Kingdom of the Dead and teams up with recurring allies Spider-Man, Daredevil and the Punisher.

An important phase in the Moon Knight saga ensues after a violent battle with Bushman. Moon Knight snaps and cuts of Bushman’s face with one of his crescent moon darts. His mind becoming more and more shattered, Moon Knight sees Khonshu more and more only with the mutilated face of Bushman.
Moon Knight becomes a darker and darker vigilante and casts asside Spider-Man during the Civil War era that raged across the Marvelverse at the time. Captain America also came by to lecture him and the two ended up quarelling. The Punisher once more resurfaces and the two seem more alike than ever.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

An important battle for Moon Knight would be his final fight against the second Midnight, which ends with the death of his enemy.
Urged by Khonshu, Moon Knight applies for registration under the registration act and succeeds by outwitting and intimidating the psychiatrist intent on bringing him down during his psychiatric exam.
Moon Knight continues to evolve into a more and more dark vigilante, killing an old enemy called Black Spectre. Tony Stark, starts more and more seeing Moon Knight like a danger to society;

After the Civil War, the Thunderbolts led by Norman Osborn try to hunt down Moon Knight. The situation escalates and Khonshu renounces Marc Spector, declaring he is no longer needed.
After fierce fighting with the Thunderbolts and only narrowly escaping Venom, Moon Knight must face with the assassin sent after him… Bullseye.
Moon Knight fakes his death through the use of explosives and becomes his old alter ego Jake Lockley, sealing away his Marc Spector identity.
To the world at large, Moon Knight seems dead.

Moon Knight’s return sees him continue his struggle against his violent nature. A birdheaded vision of Khonshu haunts him and tries to force him to kill once more.
To defy this dark side, Moon Knight once more opts for the harder path and does not kill his criminal foes effectively becoming a loved hero once more.
Sentry confronts him and tries but fails to wreck his confidence.

Norman Osborn, jealous of the glorious rebirth of the vigilante as a hero arranges for the enemies of Moon Knight to face him. Bushman is ressurected thanks to the power of the Hood. Bushman gathers an army and leads them into battle, attacking New York. Both he and Scarecrow play vitalp arts on the battlefield.
Bushman escaped but fights Moon Knight on the docks. Khonshu roars for vengeance but the Moon Knight spares his greatest nemesis.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Prior to this Moon Knight under the identity of Jake Lockley reunited with Marlene and Frenchie.
Having put order in his life, regained his sanity and proved himself righteous and just, he starts a new life with Marlene.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Sane and stable once more, Moon Knight becomes a member of the Secret Avengers. Fighting alongside Steve Rogers, War Machine, Valkyrie, Beast and Nova, he would take out dangerous missions and be eager to keep his inner demons at bay by proving himself a superhero not a vigilante.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

He only departed from the Secret Avengers when his old West Coast Avengers teamleader, Hawkeye took command of the team and reshuffled the line-up of the group.

During the Shadowland era, Moon Knight ends up fighting Profile, sent by Daredevil.
This would in turn lead into his fight with the returned ‘second avatar of Khonshu’, Shadow Knight. As he once more fights his estranged brother Randall Spector, Moon Knight comes out victorious but burdened by the return of his original identity ‘Marc Spector’.

Finally Moon Knight would move to Los Angeles and start a TV series about his own life ‘Legends of the Khonshu’. As Moon Knight he would intercept an Ultron body which would end up getting him in way over his head. He managed to keep the Ultron Head, which caused the mysterious new Kingpin of L.A. to single him out. Oddly enough during this period he had developped multiple personalities based on Spider-Man, Captain America and Wolverine. Each clearly personified another facet of his psyche. He also enlisted the aide of ex SHIELD operative ‘Buck’ who expands his arsenal with Avenger based weapons such as a webshooter, wristmounted claws and an energy shield based on that of Captain America.
Having slid slowly downhill and being aimless, Moon Knight hits a new level of insanity when dressed up as Spiderman he breaks into a strip club run by the new local kingpin. The absurd plan works as this bizarre stratagem confuses his foes.
Although he defeats Snapdragon, the right handwoman of the Kingpin, he himself is saved by former Avenger Echo.
The duo would team up against the Night Shift and romantic tension would arise between the two of them. The duo begins to rip apart the criminal Empire of the extremely powerful Kingpin ‘Count Nefaria’ and even defeat him once when Moon Knight outwits the monstrous foe.
The situation escalates though and a second encounter sees Echo sacrificing herself for Moon Knight. This sends him into a berserker rage where the Wolverine personality takes over, killing Spiderman and Captain America. And surprisingly it is Moon Knight that mauls the nemesis of the likes of Thor.
In the aftermath Moon Knight has to deal with Nefaria’s daughter Madame Masque who steals Ultron’s Head. Almost defeated, Moon Knight gains an Echo personality that urges him to keep fighting and he does indeed defeat the lethal Madame Masque.
Afterwards Count Nefaria, exposed as the criminal he is due to the evidens gathered by Moon Knight goes on a murderous rampage.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Defeating Moon Knight, he is tricked and led into a trap prepared by Marc Spector. Outside he attacked by the Avengers and Thor takes out the supervillain.
Afterwards  Spector meets up with Tony Stark and develops an Iron Man personality.
Eventually he leaves Hollywood and returns home.

During the war between the Avengers and the X-Men, Moon Knight teams up with Falcon and She-Hulk but Moon Knight is defeated by Rogue.

Recently Moon Knight has regained most of his sanity and once more is urged onwards by Khonshu to fight evil as Moon Knight. Once again he is aided by Frenchie and it is hoped that he will maintain this stability. But as the past has shown, he is rarely given the peace he needs to fully heal from his horrible past…

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
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Re: Marvel team-up: Moon Knight and ???? (looking for F)
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2014, 11:52:26 am »
Updated with a bio. Moon Knight has a long history but a little known one.