The Queen of Daar

Started by Tango, September 04, 2008, 03:44:56 AM

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The One shot board where I originally posted this seems so barren so I moved it here.

Name: The Queen of Daar [EX, MUL]

Scenario: Because of the recent unrest in the Kingdom of Daar, Lord Tavius Burnes has sent his son Drazen, who happens to be one of the lord’s finest knights, to the Kingdom of Daar with an important mission: Ensure the safety of the Queen at all costs. Return her to the Lord's lands if she is no longer safe in Daar.
The Queen of Daar is the sister of Lord Burnes, so the lord is more concerned with the safety of his sister than he is with the fate of the kingdom of Daar itself.
When young Sir Drazen arrives at the capitol city of Daar he finds that revolt has spread through the city all the way to the king’s palace itself. Not long after being accepted by the royal court the young knight waits in his chambers for an audience with his aunt, the queen.
He is just being led to her parlor by the queen’s Lady when angry peasants storm the palace’s gates in revolt and make for the King’s throne room. Without even so much as an introduction to the aunt he has never met, sir Drazen is taking her by the hand and guiding her out of the palace and to safety. Of course with the king killed the new rulers are seeking the queen and a bounty has been declared on her hear. Getting her out of the palace is only the first step, Sir Drazen must lead his aunt out of the large kingdom and to the safety of his father’s strongholds in the north. To complicate matters the bold and handsome young knight is finding himself wildly attracted to his lovely and fiery aunt.

Setting:The setting will range from medieval castle, dark dungeons and throughout the villages, forests and countryside of the kingdom of Daar. Starting from the escape from the king’s palace the scene will shift to the surrounding village and into the countryside where the young knight and the queen will get to know each other more and the spark of attraction will begin to grow while they avoid bounty hunters, angry peasants looking to cash in on the queen's bounty, and the sinister Gray Legion who are under the orders of the vile Duke Savette, the man seizing control of the kingdom.

Requirements: (Partner must be female, should enjoy role playing an older woman with a younger love interest and should not mind the ideas of incest or adultery).

Other Info: The names, kingdoms and other events of this story are made up on the fly. Anyone taking part in the roleplay should feel free to insert a name to an unnamed person or place.

Somewhere in the moonlight, somewhere in the shadowed garden her whispers await me.


Sounds interesting. PM me if it is still open, so we can discuss the particulars.
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