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Author Topic: Lythe's Idea Box ((Dom-leaning) M for F) [CLOSED]  (Read 407 times)

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Lythe's Idea Box ((Dom-leaning) M for F) [CLOSED]
« on: May 13, 2014, 10:29:00 AM »
Hello, and welcome to my ad! This is my first complete, tidy version, and I was greatly assisted in pulling all my disparate threads together by fellow Elliquist, and wonderful writer, Rosehip Wine! So thanks to her.

I play by both IMs (AIM, YIM or Skype) and forum. I am currently available!

My Preferences

Firstly, while I love smut and I love stories, I don't like scenes that are too reliant on one or the other. My favourite scenes are a combination of character interaction, drama/action, developing storylines and, of course, a decent helping of kink and eroticism. By default my writing is third person. By IMs I write 1-3 decent sized paragraphs per post, with more in both cases for scene transitions and descriptive prose, and less if we're in a back and forth. Description, especially physical character description, is one of my favourite things about writing. I expect similar!

Secondly I'm British and so for IM based roleplay my timezones can be a little tricky to work around for any of you non Europeans. I'm around at many different hours, but I'm at my most active during my daytime. So if you're an Aussie night owl, American early bird or Asian evening player, we might mesh best! If not... Well we can always try and see where we line up.

I only play with people I get on with. I like to chat and so on. It can be idle chat or planning our RP out, but if you're always just asking for RP and are totally mute or disinterested the rest of the time I'll probably lose interest. Sorry!

In terms of actual roleplay preferences, I almost exclusively play straight males, which is what I relate to for obvious reasons. I also strongly lean toward being the dominant partner, but I'm not against equal or switch roles. For full kinks and so on, check my o/os, but as a quick paraphrase: big into BDSM, bondage, training, size differences, transformation, outfits, spanking and other abuse style stuff, pet play and dependence. None of that is required though; I'm quite happy playing fairly vanilla, too. I'm not into anything toilet based, rape scenes (blackmail or coercion is alright, sometimes) or the like.

Right. If you're still with me you should have some idea of how we match up. I've got a bunch of prompts for ideas below. If you're interested in these, or anything else you can think up yourself, send me a pm and let's get talking! They are all totally adaptable if there's anything you want to change.

My Ideas
Disclaimer: My ads contain images, many of which are very NSFW! Hit spoiler tags with discretion! The pics aren't necessarily the inspiration for my ideas, more just ones that fit with the scene.

Taking Prisoners
Setting: Fantasy (Demons)
Suggested Kinks: D/s, Training, Non-Con beginning
Desire to Play: High
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There is a long standing war between demons and man. This is now such an established norm that the human cities stand a long way apart from the infernal gates spewing out hellspawn. My character is a large, battle scared soldier  who fights in a battle also including your, demonic character. My character gets injured, but his side win the day regardless. This is more or less where the scene would begin.

As is a somewhat growing tradition, my character is granted yours as a trophy, a reward to enjoy for fighting bravely. The idea is for him to enjoy the spoils of war, and move on. So it is something of a surprise when he keeps you alive.

No longer fit for combat he returns home. He grows used to having his own demon, and seeks to be allowed to keep you; he is refused amid much outrage. Furious that he isn't granted the one luxury he requests, he abandons the city, escaping with his prize. Filled with disillusion and rage he turns to banditry, crime and darkness, lured further by his supposedly submissive squeeze.

I do picture the demon as being submissive to him, kept in line by physical abuse and thorough training. However, as is my style, I would prefer this to gradually give way to bring consensual. She would also be able to tempt him toward darkness after he goes rogue. So submissive, yes, but spirited and naughty.

Wrath of the Mountain
Setting: Fantasy Survival
Suggested Kinks: Romance, Vanilla, Age Play, Size Difference (Though I am open to more!)
Desire to Play: Low
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
"Ain't nothin' in them mountains but danger. It's a wild place in every sense. The bears are as big as houses, an' they're the least of yer problems. Giants that'll crunch you down like a handful of oats, trolls that go berserk at the scent of anything alive, wraith that freeze your blood solid... Nah, you ain't wanting to take the mountain pass."

That's what the old man in the last village had said... But they'd ignored those warnings. Going around would take months, and could it really be that harsh? It could. Those very forces greet it, destroy it, kill it's people and horses and shred the wagons into nothing. Snow blows over what little is left. The whole thing vanishes.

Except one girl, one very fortunate little thing. There is a man who lives out there, a great, bearish man, made wild by his home but still carrying human decency. He came to the mountain, tormented, to die... But failed. He lives, fights and pushes on without ever knowing how or why. Perhaps this new girl will give him purpose, and a reason to be?

He may or may not be a werewolf, at the discretion of my partner!

Giant Blooded
Setting: Fantasy Survival
Suggested Kinks: Romance, Bondage, Mild BDSM, Size Difference
Desire to Play: Medium
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Grant Giantblood was, true to his name, an enormous fellow. The village rumours were thick with tales of his grandmother having ventured into the hills or whatnot, but regardless of the true story, he and his family towered among most folk. Still, they were a decent bunch and his size and strength gave him plenty of work as a labourer. Life was good, if quiet, for the brawny farmhand.

And then an evil spread across the land. It was rumours at first. Distant drunken tales of necromancy, demons, black evils. But then rumours became warnings, which in turn became first person accounts from haunted, broken refugees. Then it was the next town over and then on one cool, crisp winter's day... The evil came to his village.

Their hastily erected defences were nothing. The wraiths and twisted creatures were too many. For each that died, two more burst forth, and like a tide they swept through the rural area. Many good men, women and children died, and those that didn't fled. In the chaos, Grant forged his way out of the masses and escaped; alone and with nothing. He fled, but the darkness kept spreading through the land, consuming every possible retreat. He survived, hunted and fought alone, for a while...

So the continuation of the scene would be highly dependant on your character. My expectation would be some other survivor he bumped into; perhaps she has machinations on a fix? Or plans to get to somewhere, that he decides to tag along for? Maybe they just survive? The relationship dynamic could be interesting here.. I'm seeing a sort of co-dependence between possibly differing personalities. Bonus points for playing something slight, perhaps an elf.

Night Owl
Setting: Modern Vampires
Suggested Kinks: BDSM, Pain, Training, D/s Relationship, Vampires, Corruption
Desire to Play: Medium
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Jeremy Bookham was one of those affluent, twenty-somethings that had inherited more money than he could ever need and promptly abandoned any aspirations to earn more money. Instead he was a socialite in every sense of the word; he haunted prestigious clubs and bars citywide, cultivating friends, contacts and followers. To aid this he was silver tongued, handsome and intelligent - of course - but that was offset by his narcissism, laziness and a short temper when things didn't go to plan.

At least, that was how the human world saw him. In the true depths of night, after the mortals were staggering haphazardly to bed, he had a different and much more eventful unlife. His father - both biologically and by siring - had been the Prince of the city. That was to say, he was the figure that kept the vampires, wolves and other ghouls that prowled the night in check and more or less ran the dark side of the city. He'd done a good job too, leading for centuries before some unknown assailant had staked him, and left his torpored body to be devoured by the sun.

Just like that, the city fractured. Jeremy was to be the one to bring it back together, to unite... And to rule... The place he had rightfully inherited! Of course, there were others with the same idea... His brother, for one, along with a fierce wolf alpha and a coven of witches. While the war raged, factions formed, chaos rose and the danger of their kind becoming public increased. It was a turbulent and dangerous time.

The story, at least his part of it, would follow his attempts to control and fight over the city. The obvious pairing would be for you to pick up some new woman he turns, for some strategic use. Perhaps he sees her as a spy, perhaps she's got magical talent, or perhaps she's someone noteworthy? I picture the relationship as quite dom/subby with training themes as he corrupts her into her new life, but it could possibly take a more romantic lilt if preferred.

The Outsider
Setting: Modern Realism
Suggested Kinks: BDSM, Pain, Training, D/s Relationship, Abuse
Desire to Play: Medium
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ethan was a decidedly troubled college student. He never quite fit in, and though he had a brilliant mind his isolationist attitude prevented him from having a real shot at being anything beyond the bright, weird kid.

He was okay with this. He didn't like people and people didn't like him; it worked well. But... there was a girl... One girl who out of the hundreds he had to attend classes with, was worth his time. She was perfect and, as time passed, he wanted more and more of her.

He turned toward trying to win her. At first this was by striking up conversation, but he was already too much of an exile to be taken seriously. So he made... Other plans. Take her. Drug her. Create a dependency and nurture it, or simply break her down into giving him the relationship he deserved. He'd care for her, treat her well, but she would be his, one way or another.

So this would be the possibly slightly dark story of an almost stalkery type fellow with his eyes set on your character. It's a bit unlike anything I've tried and will probably be quite kinky and sexual. I should state, I don't want the *whole* thing to be non-con rapey stuff, so we'd have to figure our way around that.

The Scholar
Setting: High Fantasy
Suggested Kinks: Magic (Open to others)
Desire to Play: Low
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Arden Talius had, in his younger days, been something of an adventurer. He dared claim some of the legends of the lands were about him, though considering he sowed the seeds of many of these tales, it's hardly surprising. What he had, irrefutably, done though was to find the amulet of dracos. That, in turn, was why the centuries old mortal was young, healthy, and stuffed with as much knowledge as he was reasonably able to take. 

For years he'd been studying, advising, watching the world go by. He made himself a respected, but neutral, figure... After all, he had more life to protect than anyone else! His life was good, if perhaps unremarkable for one with such valour. 

Until something happened more intriguing than all good years of studies combined. A woman descended to the mortal plane, seeking him. Mortal or otherwise, he was wise and learned and she - being new to this world - needed a guide in his work. And, well, how could he pass up such a chance?

Setting: Modern Vampire
Suggested Kinks: D/s Relationship, Vampires
Desire to Play: Unavailable
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It was a dark, wintry night. A thin sprinkling of snow reflected the orange street lights where it wasn't already churned to a brown and grey mush. To either side of the street were tall terrace houses, set back from the road by small, barren gardens. No breeze blew. No sound filled the air.

She took another step. A trick of my imagination. She thought, in spite of the clutch of her stomach insisting otherwise. Her heels clicked onto the pavement as she took careful steps through the slippery mush, avoiding the potentially icy snow either side. See? There's noone out on a night like th--

All at once her thoughts were silenced. Hands were around her stomach and mouth. There was a jacketed body behind her. Before she even had time to have her screams muffled, teeth were sinking their jagged points into her throat. Toxins stilled her. Calmed her. The urgency passed and the young girl relaxed into the right grip of death that caught her from behind. The dark night creeped in on the corners of her vision.

"Put her down, Whitman. You've had your fill." The first vampire flicked his eyes up at the sound of the lazy demand, even while sucking more of the young girl's blood from her. It was okay though. She didn't mind. She'd sleep soon, but that was okay too.

With a thwick his fangs pulled free, but he held the girl still. "James. What a pair. Truly." His drawl oozed sarcasm, but earned a measured smile anyway.

"Indeed. I feel the same, of course, but you really must drop the girl." The first vampire did, and the street rose up to meet her crumpled body.

"You really need to learn to have fun. She'll be dead by morning anyway, and even if she survives it'll only be until the Hunger grips her, drives her mad."
"Then there's no point you finishing the job." This new vampire spoke in clipped, controlled bursts of an English accent. He sauntered forward and the light illuminated a tall, black haired, be-stubbled man in a long black jacket. His eyes were keen and his features sharp and handsome.

"I suppose not." Whitman rolled his eyes. "I can always find another if my Hunger returns."
James put a cold smile to his lips. He didn't deign to answer.

"Until another night then." Whitman whined, flapping a hand as a sort of wave toward James. James himself ignored it and dropped neatly to one knee, stroking a clump of hair from the fallen girls face. He sighed.

"Let's get you somewhere warm, shall we?"

So you would play the female, and I would play James. The bite turns you, and my character teaches you to feed, hunt and thrive as a human without sacrificing human decency, as his rival above has done. Perhaps a little darker than the overall theme of the ad, but it can still be fun and sweet I think.

Street Orphan
Setting: Modern Realism
Suggested Kinks: D/s Relationship, Petplay, Dependence, Age Play, Training, BDSM, Addiction
Desire to Play: High
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The streets are a hard, cruel place. With so many orphans, runaways, and other forgotten teens it is no wander the crime rates in this part of the city is so high. Most folk take no notice of the terrible, degrading ways of life of so many. But there are a few, a very few, who take pity on the street urchins, and provide them an alternative way out...

Mark Savoy is considered a real pillar of the community. Born into wealth, he spent his life honing his charisma and then using it to promote charities, fight against injustices, and campaign for all manner of causes. He is widely regarded as something of a national treasure. His most recent campaign involves taking teenage girls from the streets, and rehabilitating them. They are taken into his home, weaned off whatever dependencies they may have, and converted into respectable, law-abiding citizens. It is said that Mr. Savoy himself takes an active role in each girls rehabilitation.

It is true that he takes an active role in the girls. It is less true that they are all released a changed and wonderful young lady. Mark, lead by delusions that his good work outweighs whatever 'petty' evils he undertakes, is not the saint he appears to be. Several women are simply... Lost in the system. These girls are turned into his playthings, kept as something between prisoners and pets, treated to a lower standard of living that his animal pets. Rehabilitation for them means adjusting from being a free, if unlawful and struggling, girl, to being a captured and bound toy of some megalomaniac.

Again, your character is yours to invent. I'd suggest someone punkish/gothic/emo with a bad streak, and possibly some sort of addiction to be exploited, but if you want to surprise me, I'd not object.

The Puppet Queen
Setting: Fantasy/Historic
Suggested Kinks: Brainwashing, D/s Relationship, Control, Training
Desire to Play: High
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Robert was a peculiar fellow. Abandoned at a young age, and with a wiry, slight frame, any with any knowledge of the streets might've marked him down as a victim of the waves of poverty sweeping his section of town. Certainly he wasn't a particularly skilled thief, and he certainly lacked the muscle to fend for himself, and that had spelled the end for more than a few unfortunates.

But not he. He, instead of being lost to the ravages of a cruel, dog-eat-dog society, got the dogs to eat one another while he swept up the rewards. A neatly trained charisma, coupled with pleasant looks and a sharp wit, saw him flourish. When others scrounged for scraps, he talked his way into banquets with doting noble ladies willing to share their wealth with this golden boy. Of course, he soon learned not to get too attached - he was not built to be a noble proper, though he did enjoy the trappings that went with it.

As time passed as his sweet boy demeanor left him, his tact changed. His silver tongue continued to see him through, but instead of going for their heartstrings it was blackmail, utilising addictions, and trickery that got him what he want. Some might call him a conman, but he considered himself far more advanced than that.

He's used to getting his way, likely because he's so good at it, but this is bigger than anything he's tried in the past. His eyes have fallen on a powerful, but wonderful, young lady. He wants her, and, more importantly, he wants control of the power she wields.

Your character will be some sort of queen, empress, or other figurehead. Alternatively someone in charge of a large company. Or a celebrity. The idea, though, is that you've got -power-. Power that my character wants. Beyond that, I'm not picky so you can make your own damn characters. The plot idea is, as you should've noticed by now, that my character targets your character and, through various means, takes complete control of her and, crucially, her power/money/etc.

Setting: Modern (Demons)
Suggested Kinks: D/s Relationship, Corruption, Debauchery, Training, BDSM
Desire to Play: High
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It's been ten years since the portal to hell opened, and the spawn humans collectively called 'demons' came surging forth. Ten years since the day most hailed as the end of the world. Demons - beings whom revelled in all those things people consider evil, from rage and jealousy to lust, pride and gluttony - were not quite the disaster the world had initially assumed. It was true that there had been a short war, and a great deal of violence had followed their immediate arrival. But, following the failed invasion from the underworld, the overwhelming number of people on Earth restated their dominance.

Despite the humans continuing to hold precedence over the world, many demons remain living on the surface. Most of those who remain are shape-shifters, or able to remain hidden, or simply set up out of the way of humans. These remnants continue to spread their vices as best they can, to try and settle on the surface despite everything. They are hunted when they raise their heads, of course, but most of those able to elude the authorities thus far are proving just as difficult to catch now.

Of these, one demon is particularly ambitious. Dissatisfied with their loss to the mortals, Reitan is driven by his desire to claim dominion of the overworld. One of few demons blessed with blood potent enough to turn mortals toward his own race, he is building himself an army; converting the strong to demons, and using the weak as mortal pawns. Of Reitan's new zealots, however, there is one in particular he has taken something of a shine to.

I'm not in the business of describing other peoples characters, or I'd go on. But the idea is for you to play one of his newly turned demons. We'd start off with you as a mortal, play through the whole corruption dealie, and see how things are going. I think I'd enjoy it most if his chosen one enjoyed the perversion, the servitude, but also the knowledge that she is at least elevated above most of his minions. Eventually I'd rather like for her to settle as his favoured succubus, set firmly beneath him, but spoiled when it doesn't directly conflict with his needs, though if the plot goes a different way, so be it.

The Slave Ring
Setting: Sci Fi
Suggested Kinks: Slavery, BDSM, Training, Bondage
Desire to Play: Medium
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
On a large, dilapidated space station rests a large, powerful criminal cartel. Their trade? Humans, aliens, and from time to time beasts, too. There is a large - albeit illegal - market for livestock, particularly after said livestock has had their desire to escape stripped from them. This enormous space station hangs on the edge of police control, well armed and just distant enough that it is yet to attract any attention it can't deal with. Traders stop often to get cheap deals, or indeed deals on outlawed goods. Slaves are just one of the goods on offer, though they are perhaps the most valuable trade for those willing to risk it.

Tam originally signed on to try and free his sister, who was being processed by the group. The station is, however, an enormous place, and he stood no real chance. So while he worked, and tried to spread himself out and keep an ear to the ground, he never did find her. By now she's likely been sold and moved on, or lost to the streets... But he had no plans to leave. He has too much fun. And now that he's just starting to scrap his way up through the ranks, the perks are growing more plentiful, and gets to be the king of his own small harem.

Your character is yours, but a few suggestions:
- A trader who didn't manage to carry out her business
- His sister, as mentioned above
- An official investigating the place who gets in over her head.

Under Control
Setting: Modern Realism
Suggested Kinks: Drug-play, D/s, BDSM, Abuse, Training, Age Play
Desire to Play: High
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In every school there are troublemakers. Outlaws who refuse to obey the rules, and laugh off the usual punishment. Boys and girls who simply skip detention, ignore or mock the shouting teacher and wear suspensions or expulsions as badges of honour. It is every teacher's worst nightmare to have to control one of these uncontrollable, but that is Martin Phelps' job.

Martin would call himself a specialist. He was bought into troubled schools to improve the behaviour of the very worst pupils. He was more a tutor than a teacher - though he was certified if it came down to it - and as such was awarded special privileges and powers to deal with the problem individual. Powers such as the right to keep his tutee in with reason or excuse, and the assurance that he will never have to answer directly to the parents or governors; that he was afforded a shield from the beauracracy. And, most important of all, that so long as the student was not in any danger that people would 'look the other way' from his methods.

And Martin - the smart dressed, unassuming looking fellow - had several techniques. His very favourite, though, was Propropazyne. A special, relatively safe substance that had two key effects that made it valuable to him. First it was incredibly addictive; pupils in his charge would do anything, even behave, to get at it (and considering how hard to come by it was, they usually had to come by Martin) Secondly, it was among the most potent aphrodisiacs in the world, which might not be directly relevant to his training but made his work considerably more enjoyable.

Setting: Modern Fantasy
Suggested Kinks: DMed Scene, Abuse, Psychosis, Addiction, Public Scenes, BDSM, Monsters
Desire to Play: Low
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Subject 1 - or Lucy, and she has come to be known, though we doubt this is her real name - is the most peculiar case I've ever encountered. Through a series of interviews during her lucid periods, however, I believe I have diagnosed the symptoms of her troubles. The cause of the disease remains a mystery, however. I have broken down the progress of the disease into 4 rough stages, as follows:

Stage 1 - Subject remained unaware of her condition. Upon occasion the subject slipped into a dream-like state, seemingly without realising until she re-awoke that what was happening was imaginary. She reports these nightmares began in the real world, and diverged into fantasy - often sexual, or horrific in nature - before she awoke with a start. Sleepwalking and similar was common, and often severe.
Stage 2 - Subject begins to blur the lines between reality and her dream world. She becomes less aware of the dreams ending, often describing to me as a moment of reality as something clearly fictitious (demons, imps, her own death, etc.) By this point, continuing of her real life was nearly impossible. Subject came to be for assistance.
Stage 3 - Subject is victim to her fantasy world more often than the real one. She seems awake, much of the time, but is prone to screaming, fondling herself, or cowering in fear, and pays no heed to her surroundings. She has also unknowingly committed mild self harm - scratching at herself, or knocking into things without being aware.. The contents of her dreams are hard to discern, and she is reticent on the subject on the rare occasions she has enough sense to talk about them. No cure yet found.
Stage 4 - Utter detachment. The woman lives in another world. I have not spoken to her for nearly a week. Subject has been restrained, but continues to struggle. Inexplicable wounds and marks appear on her with increased frequency. More research needed.
This idea has been knocking around for ages, but I really really really really want someone awesome to play it out with. The idea here is of a girl effectively descending into insanity, or perhaps a dreamworld. You could compare it with Alice in Wonderland, perhaps, although at first I was thinking of blending it with reality.

The contents of the world would be... extreme. All manner of creature out to harm, rape or kill her (non-erotic, that last bit). There's a scope for so much kinkiness it hurts but, later at least, I hope to give her a slightly more sustainable existence in the twisted realm.

I won't take on a role per se, rather just DMing what happens to our hapless heroine.
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Re: Lythe's Idea Box ((Dom-leaning) M for F)
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2015, 10:38:14 AM »
I'm returning after a very busy period, and interested in striking up a new scene. Ideas are much the same as before, though I might go pruning in a bit... I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in playing!