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May 14, 2021, 09:11:07 am

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Author Topic: Call Of Cthulhu (The rpg system. d100 %. )  (Read 627 times)

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Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Call Of Cthulhu (The rpg system. d100 %. )
« on: May 13, 2014, 02:16:14 am »
"Of such great powers or beings there may be conceivably a survival... A survival of a hugely remote period when... Consciousness was manifested, Perhap's in shapes and form's long withdrawn before the tide of advancing humanity. Form's of which poetry and legend alone  have caught a flying memory and called them god's, monster's, mythical beings of all sort's... And kinds."

Hello, and welcome. My name is Jesse. My brother, and I. Have for a long while now. Intended on role playing Call Of cthulhu again. But, have yet to do so. Never finding the right group willing to play. Or never having the time required for either to dedicate to being a keeper. (This actually applies to our luck in general of forming group's.) Well, I have the time. And, although we are both at home, taking care of our mother. He has agreed to be a keeper, as long as I can find a group. This is my attempt, to finally delve into the wonderful genre. Of Cult Horror. A genre of mystery, intrigue, and horror both Gothic and dark. A genre where you die if your lucky. Or, live long enough to either go insane, or become what you fear. Call of Cthulhu, is a game of knowledge and power. Not of combat, or brawns. But, of wit, and intrigue. A game where you play scholar's, historian's, or even private detective's. All of which are unlucky enough to stumble upon horrifying event's. A murder mystery that lead's to a sect of vampires. Maybe an ancient scroll that once read, summon's unwanted guest's. Or, maybe while Searching for a missing relative, you find a dark cult trying to summon the great and powerful Cthulhu!

Are you still interested? Does mystery excite you? Does the dark not scare you? Good. You have the makings, to enjoy this rpg. And, perhaps I may remind you. To fear not the dark, but what lurk's within it! Whuahahahaha!

So, now that I have your attention. Let's begin with a few things. First off, if you want to join in. But dont have any of the source material. My skype is xxunforgiving19xx . Go ahead and contact me. And from there, I will send you my pdf's. (Bought it online.) If you feel it is a bit shady I understand. But, I consider it the same as loaning a book to a friend. But, other wise, skype is also a good quick way to communicate.

Secondly. I am all for play by post. But if possible, I would like to use roll 20. So, I will leave it up to a vote on all of you. The players. Both have their pro's. And their con's. And, for a game, where character's come and go like a light switch flickering on and off. I feel it is better to talk, and use voice chat on the roll20 virtual board. Since, typing out every action makes loosing a character that much more frustrating.

Speaking of which......

"That is not dead, which can eternally lie
         And with strange aeons even death may die."

Whatever do I mean.... Basically. In this game, you may very well lose characterS. And allot of theM. This was a bit of flavor text from one of the source book's. I have always kept it in mind, to tell my fellow players a valuable lesson to keep in mind. I tell them Before and after a character dies. If ever they get mad, or pout, or cry out why! I say it. Not to be mean, or rub salt in fresh wounds. But to remind them. Why? Because, I must always make it clear before and after the fact. That in call of cthulhu. It is not, that you MAY die. It is that, you WILL die. Or go bat shit insane! That is the charm of the game. That is what makes Call of Cthulhu! Call of cthulhu is about mystery, Horror, and character death. It is what makes it interesting. To learn, know, and experience the different ways your characters meet their end. While trying to fight completely one sided battle's against the forces of darkness. And, to discover the truth, despite how the truth may very well be to much for their feeble human sanity to handle. Is it a gruesome death? Is it insanity? COC, is a game. Where even if you win.... You lose. The entire point of H.P love craftian horror. Is that good, even if it prevails. Only lasts for a short time. That, any victory, no matter how large. Is insignificant in the grand scheme of fate. Darkness will eventually consume the world. It is an inevitable fate that will happen... A fate That can never be stopped. Only Postponed for a very short time. The best you can do in COC is break even with the forces of darkness. And even then, your gm is probably doing it wrong. lol. The point of making this so vividly clear. Is, that if you have a problem with your character getting killed, or character death in general. This is NOT the role play for you. So, please know what your getting into.

Lastly, number of players. I will accept up to 4 or 5. Maybe 6 if the interest is high enough. My brother is not to comfortable running too large of group's. And, when there is too many players, he end's up forgetting detail's, or loosing track of one here, and one there. He hates to let people down. And, he does not mean to keep them out. Which is why he keeps it to a workable size.

For now, no character's need made. This is mainly to check on, and gather interest. So, please do post here if your interested. Or send a pm my way. If not, no hard feeling's. And, pleas do have a good day. ^^
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Offline JohnTheGreat

Re: Call Of Cthulhu (The rpg system. d100 %. )
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2014, 07:01:14 am »
Very interested, count me in.

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Re: Call Of Cthulhu (The rpg system. d100 %. )
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2014, 01:02:44 pm »
+1 Interested