Are you ok with no sex before page 7 or so? If yes, come in. :) (TAKEN)

Started by Chantal, May 12, 2014, 04:09:24 PM

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The story is taken, thank you for the interest!

It doesn't have to be page 7, can be 5  >:)

Now let me tell you what is it about... :)


Medievalish fantasy world, probably no magic but we can discuss it.

She is a petite, young woman, a daughter of a king or landlord or someone else important. She was promised to marry someone living far. Arranges had been made, she was about to travel there for the wedding, when something bad had happened - a war which was upon them reached the castle unexpectedly and she had to run.

He is an older knight, a kind of warrior, 10 -15 or so years older than her (maybe more?). Dying father made him to swear to protect the daughter and he managed to carry her to safety from the (burning?) castle, but it was not enough. They have to reach her future husband lands to keep her safe for good, assuming the agreement will be respected still.

There is a long travel before them, through the lands seized by war, bandits, marauders and other dangers. The man is reluctant, but he has no other choice but take the girl where she would be safe. The girl is frightened, delicate, not used to hard conditions, no matter how hard she tries. (We can adjust her character to your preferences, I am open to discussion).

They grow found of each other, despite initial roughness and maybe even hatred.

Expectations from the story:
- rich character development
- bulky, strong man against a petite woman
- two strong characters, but he will be much more dominant
- a lot of action
- characters fighting with each other, hurting each other, on purpose and involuntary, a lot of misunderstandings
- building up sexual tension and affection
- first signs of affection appear relatively early, but are bitter by various reasons
- tragic or sad ending
- setting major turning points
- posts length depending on the situation  - please check my posts to see what I mean.

Expectations from my partner:
- Enthusiasm. I you are like "this idea sounds ok" I am not looking for you. If this story tugs a string inside you, if you already have multiple ideas how to develop your character, I want you. I need you.
- Writing some intense dialogues on PM, intertwining our thoughts, and then placing the dialogue in a post of one of us.
- Invention. I don't want to introduce every new event on my own.
- Communication. Characters will fight with each other, they will try to act against the will of the other. I need to know you don't feel hurt, offended, or something else.  I need to know that you ENJOY the story and love this fight as much as I do.
- Communication. Yea, again. If you don't like something, tell me, I can change my post. Please.
- Bouncing NPCs. The fact I introduce a marauder or a witch doesn't mean you cannot lead them in your post. I love sharing NPCs. :)
- Some smiles, not necessarily as " :) "  :)

Sexual elements:
- They will appear at some point, but the story is not focused on in, but rather on the tension, teasing, later seducing and guilty explosion of passion.
- I accept everything what is in my O&Os as long as it makes sense in the story. (For example he won't rape her, but someone else may if the turn of the events will lead there. It may actually be a nice thing to make your hero to enrage maybe?)

Please ready my O&Os before answering! I don't want to ruin this story for me, so I may be picky. Please write as much in your PM as possible to convince me that you are the one I need ;)

Here are some inspirational pictures, just to point the direction :) (men seem to be a bit too young though)