Kidnapping cat burglars (Seeking mom and daughter) [Bon]

Started by Cerulean Dreams, May 12, 2014, 01:15:47 PM

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Cerulean Dreams

Image Inspiration (NSFW)

They were the best in the business, a real dream team, a mother and daughter effortlessly plundering homes up and down the country. All the media could do was speculate over the identity of the two mysterious females that had millionaires quaking in their boots. No security system was too sophisticated for them, no guards alert enough to catch them.

But their thieving streak could not last forever. The pair had made a mistake in trying to burgle Alexander Hallwell's mansion. He'd set up a few traps that even the cunning duo couldn't avoid... Soon he had the pair just where he wanted them.

It would have been a simple matter to call the police, but Alexander had many close friends who had been robbed by the familial female pair. The two women's punishment would not be over quickly...

An OOC from Cerulean Dreams (Please read before messaging me!)
I am looking for two people to play the cat burglars, the mother and the daughter. I am flexible in terms of kinks involved, but they obviously must be agreeable with the other partners! Please note the following:

- Being OK with bondage and non-con is a minimum requirement, but preference will be given to players who prefer extremes.
- Because this will technically be a group game I'll be looking at your past writing to make sure that you've got a good history of carrying on games.
- Your real life gender doesn't matter, but ideally male partners should be able to show some experience with writing as a female partner.
- Preference will be given to people who reply on average with 2+ paragraphs per post.

I look forward to hearing from you!