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Author Topic: Shadows of Chicago (Supernatural Chars) (Long Term)  (Read 242 times)

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Shadows of Chicago (Supernatural Chars) (Long Term)
« on: May 12, 2014, 09:27:11 AM »
Shadows of Chicago
“Families rise and fall but never die.”
Genre/Type: Adult/Revolving Epic - Free Form Style
LGBT Friendly

#1 Velvet Tower  – A Commercial Tower located in the Downtown district. Owned and (formerly) Operated by Valerius Talon, now Operated by his benefactor Felix Talon. The Tower is comprised of Thirteen(13) Floors and hosts a Nightclub on the main floor, Five Star Restaurant on the Second, Casino on the Third Floor, and floors Four through Twelve are Hotel Rooms. The thirteenth floor is exclusive to Valerius Talon or his Benefactor.

#2 Talon Estate
– A Large Antebellum Estate spans a total of Seventy Acres, The house itself is approximately Ten Thousand SQ. Ft. featuring Six Bedrooms(Three reserved for guests), Four Baths, Large Dining Hall, Kitchen, Art Gallery, In-Ground Swimming, Hot-Tub, and Backyard Paradise. 

#3 Warehouse 66 – A Club about six blocks from the Velvet. Owned and Operated by Tiara Nevarion, home to the Shifters and Weres.

#4 North Side
– After the showdown between the powers, the North Side is now referred to as the Slums. It sits waiting for some wealthy entity to reprise its former glory. Neither The Talons nor Nevarions wish to claim this district in the aftermath.

(Already Established):
#1 Valerius Talon  - Former leader of Vampires (Vampyre) in and around Chicago. Owner of The Velvet Tower.
Age:  Appearance Suggests Twenty-Four.
Origin: Memphis, Egypt. Year of turning 2,900BC.
Species: Vampyre
Preference: M/M
Preternatural Siblings and/or Children:
Felix Talon – Found in Rome in the year 921, a poor young man living on the scraps of Bondsmen.
Nevarre – Found and Turned in Romania in the year 1,201. Presumed destroyed.
Mikhial – Once a lover to Vale and cohort. Now whereabouts unknown.
Current Status: “Sleepless Coma”

#2 Falina Summers – Lawyer and Legal Aide to the Talon Estate.
Age: 27
Species: Human
Preference: F/M
Siblings and/or Children: NONE
Current Status: Single – Residing Velvet Suites.

#3 Tiara Nevarion – Leader to the Shifters. Owner of Warehouse 66.
Age: Main Appearance – Mid-20’s, Occasionally appears older.
Species: Shifter
Preference: F/F – F/M
Siblings and/or Children:
Xavier – Adopted Shifter, appears late teens.
Christina – Sister of Tiara, appears late twenties.
Current Status: In Hiding.

Plot History:
  Chicago is filled with a large population, mostly Human. But behind the scenes the thriving blood of the Economy in Chicago is fueled by Forces unknown to man. A year before public awareness of Preternatural Beings came, Valerius Talon and a few other leaders of respective families led an onslaught against other families in a Mafia Royale** over Chicago in the North side.  The fight was over power, dominance and most of all to clear control of the city to a minimum of five families. Whereas before it was anarchy and at least twelve leaders claimed authority. 
   The battle was won eventually, but it led to the outing of the supernatural community at large. Valerius was wounded and fell into a deep sleep, but not before appointing a leader to hold his stead. Felix Talon was put in his place till such time that Vale awoke from his slumber. Falina Summers, better known as an agent of Summers and Donovan Law Firm, was put in charge of all public matters revolving around Felix or Vale.
   Most of the leaders went into hiding. After thousands of years in the shadows, they were thrust into the light. Not many enjoyed being known for what they were, and some held contempt for Vale.
Current (Revolving Plot):
 The North side is in shambles following the fight for power. Felix has been put in charge of the Talon Estate and all matters pertaining to the Velvet Tower. Falina Summers handles political and public attention on a daily basis. The public eagerly awaits the re-arrival of Valerius Talon.  Watchers** from Egypt, Rome and Indonesia have been sent to sanction and rule in the City to safeguard the integrity of the supernatural community.
  Five Families co-exist in the City and avoid the Watchers at all costs. The Families still disagree with each other, much like Mafia in the early 20’s in the modern world.
  Valerius Talon sleeps**, Felix continues as if he were not going to wake…

Other Details & Thoughts:
I’d like to invite any player who has creativity to add to the story to offer their opinion. If I were writing this, as I have in short stories, I wouldn’t need others. But since I’m taking this to a Global (So to speak) scale, I would like to share the opportunity to explore this story and universe. ((None of the plot is set entirely in stone, I can sway with other GMs in the story process. )) I would love to see this story have life, and I hope you would as well.
Details such as definitions of any foreign names or titles I’ve given will be listed and explained. If any other details are needed, feel free to ask. This story will have its Adult moments, but I do expect those moments to strengthen the depth of the story and not to sway the attention from the story itself.
There is room for Four(4) other GMs for this story.

**(Notes): Watchers are Djinn-Like beings having origins mainly starting in Egypt. They claim responsibility for creating the Supernatural, however the Jury is still out on that fact.
“Valerius Talon sleeps,” Refers to a stasis that some Vampires enter after vital wounds to avoid death.
The Term “Mafia Royale” is used lightly to convey the style of fight that happened. Also giving the backdrop for the current plot.

Thanks for considering, and taking the time to offer advice or support.

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