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September 25, 2021, 01:26:04 am

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Author Topic: Looking to Try a Harem roleplay ( Male Looking for Female(s) )  (Read 533 times)

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So as my title suggests I am looking to try a new style of roleplay I admittedly have little experience in, I'm usually doing either multiple males to a female or just one to one and I have found this idea a bit intriguing as of late.

So a little bit about me.

First off, I am a confident heterosexual male and I do not and never will do MxM, FxF I can't do it is not my forte nor is it my cup of tea so that is a no go either. However I have in the past and am more than willing to play Futanari characters to female characters, if that is what you want and don't mind me being male ladies then go ahead and ask. I mainly do MxF as a male but as I said, if you got an idea where I play either a switch of dominant futa let me know.

To this end if you are a male wishing to play females I would politely ask that you do not reply, no offense meant but it will definitely just ruin the whole scenario for me so please I am strictly looking to play opposite female roleplayers.

Second I do roleplay in various forms, I tend to prefer threads as I can get to them easier . However I can do PMs if you are preferring PMs, I don't mind if you really want PMs I will do that I just love to roleplay! As well I got YiM and AiM for instant messenger style roleplay. However my time available to use these is sporadic, and my inspiration and muse to write varies. So it might be just as slow to do YiMs, I prefer these for shorter scenarios but if I enjoy the story a lot I can be 'convinced' to try to work a schedule for us both to roleplay but IMs I usually have a hard time feeling the want to sit down for a long while and just hash back and forth fast unless I'm really excited for it.

Now I am a literate role player for the 4 years I've been doing it, and in my own terms of judgement I think I can do well in descriptions of what is taking place. However for me to not only have the ability but desire to do so, I find it easier if I am inspired and if I'm genuinely interested in the roleplay I can do better. Also I try to emulate what I am given, but I consider myself more of a casual roleplayer than an advanced one so if you are looking for someone who is amazingly skilled at writing I don't think I can do such. However I am always willing to take advice on how to improve! Especially in terms of sexual scenarios, I yearn to learn to be able to write magic and I am always interested in advice.

Now as for what kind of roleplay I would like to do, I generally like story driven roleplay but I like it to have a good amount of smut as well.  This roleplay would feature either a futanari or a male character who has a group of women who are there for his whims, but I'd also like to find a room for a greater story as well.

To that end I would discuss it with my partners, now for some settings I'd like this to be in ranging from most interested to least so.

-Star Wars (Old Republic Era):  A Powerful sith lord who commands a large noble house and all of its vivacious women, mmmmmm!

-Dragon Age:  Any mage could have as many women he could think of, any race but not sure what to do with this one so story would need to be discussed.

-Harry Potter:  A student at Hogwarts who has numerous women throughout the school at his beck and call?  Yes please.  (I warn I have not read past the second book so if you are a Potter-head and get mad at my lack of lore knowledge I'm sorry you have been warned.)

-Original Fantasy Setting:  I'd be interested in making a D&D like world for this to take place in, I would play a sorcerer who through any means gets numerous beautifully sexy women under his power and aims for some magnificent goal.

Now I am open to other suggestions of settings, just ask I will probably say yes ;).

Now these ideas are meant not to be some light hearted harem idea, not at all in fact I intend for the main character who I play to be more corrupt than anything.  He has his more sinister goals and seeks to attain it, while bedding numerous women who have not only great bodies but become part of his plans to achieve his dark goals.  It could be a simple small term idea mimicking this premise, or it could be large scale political upheaval.  However we wish to do this, I know I don't have a whole lot to go off of at the moment but I hope whomever talks to me about this will help hash ideas together.  I look forward to having some responses! 

Oh and if you are interested, please do not post on my thread just PM me. 
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